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Developing CLD Professional Practice Observation Feedback

University of Aberdeen: School of Education

Programme: PG Diploma Community Learning & Development

Dawn Brown

Diane Miller

Observation 1

Observation 2

Observation 3

This feedback report should be completed on the basis of a dialogue between the
student and the mentor, drawing on evidence from an observation of practice
and the post observation reflection. (Please indicate if the report is based on
observation 1, 2 or 3). It should relate to the students development plan and
should reflect on the progress against that plan, with reference to the CLD
competences and identified development goals.
The feedback should be given to the student who is then required to respond
with their own written reflection. Both the mentors feedback report and the
reflective response should be emailed (by the student) to the Programme
Director and included in the student portfolio.

Observation Report
Preparation and planning
What practice was observed and why? Were specific areas for observation and
feedback identified in advance? How was the observation negotiated, including
with other participants? What evidence was there of purposeful preparation?

I observed Dawn carry out a community consultation day in Kemnay. This

was done to gather information to influence the development of the
community action plan for the area. Dawn had previously held a smaller
meeting and identified several people from the village to become part of a
small working group to take the consultation forward. The consultation
day had been widely advertised before the day and simple 3 question
questionnaires had been devised for people to complete if they either
couldnt manage or did not wish to attend on the day. Dawn used a
variation of Planning for Real on the day and this made it easy for people
to make comment on the day. Dawn had a commitment from some of the
working group to attend and assist on the day and they were clearly well
briefed. They were aware that I would observe on the day and were
happy with this.
Dawn and I discussed what the observation should look at before the day
and we jointly identified that the competencies that may be most relevant
Planning in Partnership with Communities, build and maintain
relationships with individuals and groups, organise and manage resources,
know and understand the community in which you work, develop and
support collaborative working.
In relation to Dawns development plan it was a good opportunity to
observe Dawns level of confidence, how she prioritised tasks and her
methods and clarity of communication.
Evidence of competent practice:
Which competences were evident in what you observed? Were particular
strengths noticed? Were any aspects of competence noted for development?
Were any relevant competences not evident? Any concerns about practice?

In my observation Dawn clearly met the following competences:

Planning in Partnership with Communities: Clear from the input and
knowledge of the working group who assisted on the day and from Dawns
discussions with people who attended on the day.
Know and Understand the community in which you work: it was clear on
the day that Dawn was knowledgeable on the layout of the village. The
use of questionnaires indicated an awareness that because of the mix of
people in Kemnay some would be more comfortable in completing and
leaving a questionnaire rather than have to feel they were exposed in the
consultation on the day. There was also an awareness of the fact that
some people would not be able to manage on that day.

Build and maintain relationships with individuals and groups: Dawn had
clearly a good relationship with the working group and they were
enthusiastic and committed on the day. Throughout the day Dawn was
approachable and chatty with individuals who attended the session and
demonstrated good listening and communication skills. She was good at
both explaining the process and engaging further with people to discuss
the issues.
Organise and manage resources: Dawn was well prepared for the day and
although the hall used wasnt a large space Dawn adapted well to the
space available. Several people that attended on the day commented on
the high visibility of both the posters and the questionnaires and boxes in
local public places and Dawn had enlisted many of the local shops and
businesses to display and host these.
Although we had identified Develop and Support Collaborative working I
do not think that the day leant itself to actually measuring that and so
that is one that is still on the radar for another observation.
I have no concerns about Dawns practice in the competences I have
listed above.
With consideration to the identified aspects of practice on which the student
sought feedback, what points were noted?

Dawn had identified a lack of confidence in her development plan but she
came across on the day as very relaxed, comfortable and confident. I feel
that Dawns confidence is growing and that she has more understanding
of the role she carries out and the possible impact this can have.
On the day Dawn was highly organised but also not phased by the fact
that she had to adapt to the space available.

Reflective summary of students development in relation to

competences and towards development goals

Given that Dawn took sole responsibility for the consultation she was well
prepared, worked well with the small group of volunteers on the day and
came across as knowing her stuff and confident of managing the day.
Nothing phased her.

Future development/actions
Did the observation highlight further learning needs and/or actions? Does the

development plan need amending? How might this practice be evidenced in the

There was a large amount of information and comments gathered on the

day plus all the comments and issues identified on the questionnaires. I
am aware that Dawn has already spoken to several of the groups that
operate in the village and she is also to visit the schools in the area to
draw issues from the perspective of children and young people in the
All of this then has to be assimilated and common and priority issues and
needs identified. This will be no easy task but I think that any report
prepared should be added to Dawns portfolio as evidence of the work.
At this point I do not see any need to amend Dawns development plan
Any additional comments?