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Salafi Vs Sunni

Definition of Salafi and Sunni:
Salafi/Salafiyyah its to
follow the prophets Sunnah
according to the
understanding of the Sahaba,
Tabioon and Atbaa Tabioon.

Salafi Vs Sunni
Other Synonyms of Ahlu Sunnah
Other names
Al-Jama &
Hadith narrated by imam Ahmed
Ahlu- Hadith
and ibn Majah that the prophet
pbuh said ... My ummah will
split into seventy-three: seventytwo in Hell and one in Paradise.
It was asked who is this O
prophet then he said it is the

Sunnah The path of the

prophet pbuh and the sahaba

When Imam Ahmed was

explaining this hadith: he said
If this Jamaaah is not the
Ahlul-Hadith then I dont know
who it is

The prophet pbuh said "There

shall not cease to remain a
single group (Taaifah) from my
community upon the Truth,
victorious; they are unharmed
by those who abandon them
and those who oppose them.
They will remain (in my
community and in such a state)
until they fight the liar (i.e. the
Anti-Christ (Dajjal)." [Reported in
Sahih Muslim]

This Hadith was explained by

Imam Ahmed, Abdallah ibn
Mubarak, Ali ibn Madeni and
Imam al-Bukari and they all said
if this is not the Ahlul- Hadith
then I dont know who it is

Sheikh ibn Baz said Firqatul

Naajiyah (saved sect) and
Taaifatul Mansoora are the
same, their description is that
they follow the salaf and
Sahaba...... (3rd Volume of his
Fatawa p.g. 136)


synonyms for each other.


(Saved Sect)

(The people of the text)

Ibn Taymiyyah brings the

believe of Ahlu-Sunnah in his
book Aqeedatul wasidiyyah, at
the beginning of that book he
mentions in this book is the
believe firqatun Najiyyah (saved
sect) and Taaifatul
mansoora(Victorious Group)

Imam Al-Akae Taaifatul

Masoora (Vicotious Group),
Firqatul Naajiyyah (saved sect) ,
Usbatul hadiyah (those who
guide), Jamaatul Adilah (the
group that is just); they all hold
on to the Sunnah (usool
Itiqaad Ahlu-Sunnah walJamaah)

Imam al-barbaharee said Fear

Allah in yourselves, upon you is
the athar (text) and the people
of the athar (Sharh sunnah

1. The names of Ahlu- Sunnah Wal-Jamaaah are many e.g. Salafiyoon, Ahlul-Hadith/ As-haabul
Hadith, Firqatun Najiyah, Taaifatul Mansoora etc
2. Taaifatul Mansoora (The victorious Group) and Firqatun Najiiyah (saved sect) are the Same
3. Firqatun Najiyah (saved sect) refers to Ahlu-Sunnah in hereafter because they are saved
from the hell-fire
Taaifatul Mansoora (they will get victory from Allah) refers to Ahlu Sunnah in this dunyah
because Allah is going to give them Victory in this dunyah and they are saved in hereafter
4. The claim of trying to distinguish between any of these names is false