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Relevant Legal Training and Training Contracts (Foreign Graduates)

Relevant Legal Training:

Students in their penultimate year of the LLB / LLM, from approved
universities, may apply for Relevant Legal Training beginning January 2015
with the Firm.
Training Contracts:
Foreign graduates who have completed fulfilled the Relevant Legal Training
requirements, in accordance with the Legal Profession (Qualified Persons)
Rules, may apply for Training Contracts beginning January 2016 with the Firm.
Our practice-focused training programme, Practice Trainee Programme, is
specifically tailored to meet the Singapore Institute of Legal Educations
requirements for the completion of the Practice Training Contract Checklist
set out in the Schedule to the Guidelines for Practice Training Contracts of the
Legal Professional Act (Cap. 161).
Successful applicants will be given opportunities second to none and undergo a
training regime that is broadly divided as follows:-


With your Supervising Solicitor:

He or she, a highly experienced partner and mentor, will take charge of your
training, supervising and guiding you, providing feedback on your
performance, and ensuring that you are achieving all your learning


With your practice group:

Youll have the opportunity to work with the other partners and lawyers within
the group, who may supervise your work and critique it as part of your


With the firm in general:

With us, you will get a great foundation that will serve you well for the rest of
your career. Our practice focused training programme, Raising the Bar, has
been specially designed to equip you with the insight and practical skills you
need to perform effectively in the modern legal profession.

Litigation Training
We are one of the few firms in Singapore - if not the only one - to conduct litigation
training sessions for our lawyers. Youll be given a hypothetical problem, and
challenged to argue the case on behalf of your client, in simulated live conditions;
the best way, we believe, to master the quick thinking skills involved in high
pressure Court work.
Corporate Training
Good corporate lawyers need not just sound technical knowledge, but also a firm
grasp of the intricacies of the commercial world. Our Corporate Practice Group holds
frequent training sessions in which current real-life issues are shared and discussed
by all present, from senior partners to trainees, to arrive at the best way of advising
the client.

Training Contract Package

As a trainee with Rajah & Tann, you'll enjoy an attractive package that includes:

Competitive honorarium
A sign on bonus for trainees who are retained.
Reimbursement of various fees after completion of your practice training with
us and acceptance to our offer of employment.

To find out more and to submit your formal application, please visit the Firms official
recruitment portal at: