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MindsMapped Consulting - Online Business Analysis (BA) Training

Business AnalysisTraining
Duration: 50 Hours (15 Sessions)
Pre-requisites: Knowledge of Computer, Windows OS, MS Office.
Session 1 - Introduction to Business Analysis
Introduction to Projects
Relationship between Operations and Projects
Who is a Project Manager?
What is Business Analysis?
Who is a BA?BA Roles and Responsibilities
Competencies of a Business Analyst
Relationship between a BA and PM
Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
Career Path for a Business Analyst
Whats the goal? What is being analyzed?
Current Trends in Business Analysis
Session 2 The practice of Business Analysts
Differentiating Business Analysis and other Analyst
Customer Needs & IT Needs
The Skill Set Of A BA
The BAs Core Knowledge Set
What the BA does not do!
The Dark side of Business Analysis
Organization Structure and Reporting Relationships
Tailoring the business analyst role for different projects

Session 7 Stakeholder Analysis & Management

Who are Stakeholders?
Stakeholder categories and Profiles
Internal & External Stakeholders
Stakeholder Roles & Responsibilities
Conducting Stakeholder Analysis & Elicitation Plan
Session 8 Requirements Gathering
Requirements Elicitation
Challenges with Elicitation
Requirements Elicitation Techniques
Focus Groups
Facilitated Work Shops
Group Creativity Techniques
Group Decision Making Techniques
Questionnaires & Surveys
Selecting the appropriate technique
Session 9 Mockup Interview Session
Session 10 Requirements Analysis

Session 3 - SDLC
Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)
Various stages of SDLC
SDLC Methodologies
Waterfall Model
Iterative and Incremental approach
Session 4 SDLC Continued
Agile Model
Rational Unified Approach
Session 5 - Enterprise Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Feasibility Study & Analysis
Problem Statement & Goal Statement
Business Case
Project Scope Statement & Vision Document
AS IS (current state) and TO BE (future state)
Root Cause Analysis Fish Bone Diagram
Session 6 Landscape of Requirements
Requirements - Features And Constraints
Types Of Requirements
Business, User and System Requirements
Functional & Non-functional Requirements
Requirements Source, Audience And Approval

Evaluating, Selecting and Prioritizing Requirements

Assess alternatives
Building a Model of the Solution Business Process &
Data Process Flow
Understanding & Developing Story Boards
Developing output mockups or prototypes
Obtaining Stakeholder confirmation
Identifying appropriate detail level
Data Requirements
Decision Trees and Decision Tables
Session 11 - Requirements Documentation
Requirements Development Plan
Selecting Requirements Development templates
Organizing the Facts
Business Rules
User Attributes
Session 12 - Use Case & Unified Modeling Language
Use Case Diagrams
Basic Flow, Alternate Flows & Exception Flows
How Use Case Diagrams Show Relationships
Paths and Scenarios
Class Diagrams
Sequence Diagrams
Activity Diagrams

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MindsMapped Consulting - Online Business Analysis (BA) Training

Session 13 Resume Preparation

Session 14 - Requirements Management
An examination of why people resist change
Change Management
BAs role in managing change
How Requirements become Un-Managed
Requirements Traceability & Change Control
When Requirements Collide: Alternative DecisionMaking Approaches
How much time should be spent on Requirements
Implementing Just enough Requirements
Basics of SQL
Session 15 Requirements Communication
Preparing and making the presentation
Description of solution
Establishing your objective
Doing audience analysis
Organizing your ideas
Using visuals
Session 16 - Supporting Downstream Development
Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Business Analysts Role in Testing
Use Case vs Test Case
Requirements Validation Techniques
Unit Testing,
System Testing,
Integration Testing,
Regression Testing
Session 17 - Getting Ready for the Real World
BA Resume Preparation
Interview Questions & Preparation
Domains Discussion
Project Work
Session 18 Mockup Interview Session
Course Highlights:

Hands on Assignments from each session

Instructor led learning sessions
Interactive sessions & Hands on Practice
Lifetime access to Knowledge Base
Interview and Job perspectives

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