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Stage 1

Situation Analysis
Business Name: Van and sons
academic coaching

The name of the business is Van and son academic coaching and for fee
paying purposes it will be payable to Van and sons Pty Ltd. The unique
name of the business comes from a philosophy of a father in Vietnam, a
renowned mathematics teacher teaching his son with high discipline and
teaching approach to be now a highly recognisable doctor as well as a
mathematician. This allows the Centre to have a unique approach to
Mathematics, which has its basis in French methodology and operates on
traditional Eastern values of respect, humility and hard work. I believe
these values play an important role in helping students achieve their
highest academic potential

Prime Function:
The prime vision of Van and sons academic coaching is the provision of a
highly beneficial education in Maths and English for students

Vision Statement:
Van and sons academic coaching aspires to be recognised as the market
innovator as well as the top providing tutoring centres across the state. It
also looks to expand the business into many locations across the state

Mission Statement:
Van and sons academic coaching aims to provide the child with the guide
to achieving their full potential and higher academic success while
instilling a sense of responsibility and respect. The business intention is to

maximise the number of students attending, provide employee

satisfaction and student success

The three types of goals that Van and sons anticipates to achieve are
financial, personal and social goals
Financial goals:

To provide a return of 45% on the investment for the first 3 years

To meet the breakeven point after year 5
To produce a 35% profit on the initial investment yearly after the
fifth year

Personal goals:

To be self employed
Wealth satisfaction
Improved Quality of life
Build job security

Social goals:

Provide a highly and academic coaching

Provide employee satisfaction and employment
Contribute to educational learning

The objectives of Van and sons academic coaching

Increase revenue steadily over the next five years

To have Van and sons tutoring to be a well heard and known
Have at least 100 students enrolled in the first quarter
Have at least 15 professional staff hired by the first quarter- cleaner,
receptionist, teacher

Legal Structure:

The structure of Van and sons academic coaching will be a partnership

with Min van and unincorporated. This is the most suitable coaching for
Van and sons Pty Ltd

Industry Category:
Van and sons academic coaching had reviewed its industry category
allocation and the business fits into quaternary industry because of

Target Market:
The target market for Van and sons academic coaching will be centred
for male/female from yr 6 to yr 12 who are currently requiring extra
classes for Maths and English. The business also cater for those who are
severely behind with free one to one catch up class. The fast paced
students who will be more suited with other gifted and talented students
will be placed in an accelerated class which will enrich their skills in
Maths/English and challenge their understanding to a more
comprehensive level

Van and sons academic coaching aims to start at Fairfield in the area of
western Sydney

Competitor analysis:
Van and sons academic coaching has critically analysed the area of
Fairfield for existing competitors that may be a threat to the business. It
has found two competitors in this area, Major competitor- Pre Uni New
College a very popular tutoring business across the state and will be a
high threat towards van and sons. It strength are it is highly established
business, numerous customers, many locations and teaches from k-12
however its weakness is quality of the teachers are quite poor being hired
on the basis of vacancy also the prices are very high and may not be
affordable to all students . Minor competitor- James An Coaching has
similar goals to Van and sons. Its strength is it has been first situated in
Fairfield and has quite well established business and many locations but it
can be seen that the weakness the business has is it doesnt have many
teachers even though it has expanded through the growth stage and
classes are too big. It also lacks attention to struggling students who are

falling behind and doesnt offer accelerated class to gifted and talented
students which doesnt let students achieve full potential

Competitive advantage:
Van and sons academic coaching competitiveness advantage is it has
highly professional teachers such from James Ruse, top ranking selective
school in NSW and the highly flawless/ professional teaching approach
they have taken to help students reach their full potential. The centre has
a comfortable learning environment and highly successful lecture notes
for students that are revised every year for improvement. The centre also
offers accelerated class as well as catch up and homework help classes on
a daily basis

Swot Analysis:
Internal Environment
Enthusiasms and
commitment to business
Great customer serve
10 years of experience
Communication skills

External Environment
Limited capital
Leasing cost
Cash Flow constraint
Poor location

Few competitors
Expand business into any
Diversify current Subjects

Economic downturn
New competitors in the
Changing consumer

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