We are the next generation.

What can we do to lead/influence the climate change challenge to ensure a sustainable future for the country and the planet?
The third planet from the sun. The only planet that supports life. Just a planet? No, something much more, our home… If anyone is asked, “would you be ready to destroy your home just for your comfort?” people would think the person asking this needs to be escorted to the nearest mental institution. Our homes are the ultimate comfort that we can have. But then why are we ready to destroy this blessing called planet earth? Why are we putting at stake the futures of millions of children just for a few “creature comforts”? The choice is after all upon the governing heads of states and their colleagues, that either they can go on with the “march of progress” and leave a world that won’t have water enough for everyone to drink… Or You can slow down the march and look around at what it has caused. It is not about “let’s all live like hermits…” the time is not so bad… It is just being considerate about the surroundings and the future.

The problem
Many people have asked this but the only answer they get is, “It is not our problem because we are not affected by it”/ “It is not our problem because we did not start it...” The time for the blame game is long past. If people are ready to give a destroyed world, mangled by their greed to their children, then please let me not stop the blame game… For others, let’s see what we are dealing with. When the temperature rises, we feel uncomfortable, to say the least. But over here we are not talking about the heat of the summer months, which can be forgotten by going into your room and switching on your A.C.’s. No, this is about the average temperature which will affect you throughout the year. You were worried about the economic meltdown? Take a look at the global meltdown. The daily variation in temperature can be as much as 5° Celsius. But in this, we are looking at variations of not more than 0.05° Celsius. If there is an anomaly in this, even as small as that, it can cause hurricanes, the likes of which were seen in New Orleans. But these years, the variation is going above 1.33° Celsius. This would be bad for our health, at the very least. With warmer temperatures, there will be more evaporation, leading to less water in the soil which can only mean one very ominous thing, drought. If there is more water vapour in the air, it means that there is more heat absorbing material ready in the air, other than what we humans already release. That would lead to more rise in temperature. And this would go on until either we do something about it or we end up fried, and that is putting it lightly.

What my generation has to say
We have been called the generation next, have-money-will-spend, the young ones. But there is one main thing that everybody forgets, that the work we have to do, we will do and get it done. Time is money and that is what we are not ready to waste. We have seen our elders, those dogged by the bureaucracy, those who did not have bureaucracy and those who did not even have freedom. We might not understand the courage it takes to die for what we believe in, but we are not ready to suffer for someone else’s mistakes, especially when they were done in pure ignorance and arrogance. Just a few cutbacks in our daily life would get us so much. Getting a car with better mileage, watching our consumption and not taking any more excuses from people who are wasting the environment would get us far. After all, we have only this one planet, why waste it? A stupid fact that I came across over the internet: The United States is the largest consumer of oil, using 20.4 million barrels per day. In his debate with former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney, during the 2000 Presidential campaign, Senator Joseph Lieberman said, "If we can get 3 miles more per gallon from our cars, we'll save 1 million barrels of oil a day”. If car manufacturers were to increase their fleets' average gas mileage about 3 miles per gallon, the country could save a million barrels of oil every day, while US drivers would save $25 billion in fuel costs annually. When I say take no excuses, it is meant literally. With the amount of greenhouse gases that USA puts in the atmosphere, it has to only suffer a fraction of the consequences. The brunt is taken by the countries at the equator like Congo which have nearly no role in greenhouse emissions. On top of that, it is the USA which goes around saying, ”we are not in agreement with any of the protocols as they would affect our growth”. An excuse based on growth coming from a country due to which the entire global economy was paralysed is a bit of an irony. What we have to do is either they come in agreement with a treaty on environment which is definite in its goals and how to achieve them or sanctions are laid on them. The economy of other countries would sustain very little set back due to the fact that most of the companies in this age are MNC’s and can easily shift their base to any other country. This would be true for any other country which does not agree. After all, it is the future of your children at stake, not just the scenery. In closing, I would like to say that this issue is a very hot topic, not because of the new discoveries, but because of its far reaching impacts and consequences. The true way to solve this problem is by educating the masses, even the very educated ones. Scientist want to find how the universe started, the planet would end in the same way, a big, gigantic oven of heavenly proportions.

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