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FS 4

Exploring the Curriculum

Episode 5


Name of FS Student Jolina V. Macaranas
Course Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics

Year & Section Math 4-1

Cooperating School Dalandanan National High School

Your Target
At the end of this episode, you should be able to explain the importance of the
curriculum through reflections from the observations made about it as used by the

Your Map
In your observation, please do the following steps:
Ramp 1: Revisit a school and request the teacher to show
you a syllabus of a particular subject.
Ramp 2: Analyze the syllabus in terms of the following:
a. Topic
b. Learning Activities
c. Assessment of Learning
Ramp 3: Interview a teacher on the process of preparing
the syllabus, giving attention to the following:
a. Challenges
b. Resources needed
c. Planning strategies
Ramp 4: Examine the assessment tools used by critiquing
whether or not it is a product-based or performance-

Your Tools
For this episode, please use the Activity Forms provided for you below.
My Analysis Report
Name: Jolina V. Macaranas

Date of Observation: August 30, 2016

School: Dalandanan National High School

The Topic


Assessment of

Multiplication of Fraction

Oral recitation

Seat work

Your Tools
My Interview Report
(Analysis of the topic, Learning Activities, and Assessment used in relation to Curriculum Elements)

Date: August 30, 2016

School: Dalandanan National High School
Grade/Year Level & Section of Class Handled: 7-Reverence

The students find
difficulties on:
Multiplying two or more
digits by one or more
digits and
Lowest term of the

Flashcards with numbers

For this episode, please use the Activity

Your Analysis

Planned activities such as:
The students will write
multiplication table on their
notebook from 1-12 without
looking at multiplication
Group activity

How important is it for teachers and curriculum planners to anchor their curricular plans
to specific theories and principles of curriculum development?
Planning or designing a curriculum is not a game rather it must to be done seriously
for the future of the learners lies on here for the reason that what they will learn to be
considered as their weapon to battle for a good future.It is very important to anchor it with
theories in order to have guidelines and the preparation of the whole curriculum. Theories are
facts that are very useful in any representation and organizing research. They are used as
models and guides not only in curriculum making but in many aspects.

Aside from the teachers, who else should be involved in the curriculum planning?
Explain our thoughts.
The performance of students is also involved because thats the main factor why
DepEd implement new programs for the students to become globally competent and
competitive. The school administrator is also involved. They are knowledgeable about the
equipments, the structural part of the school, the need of the school and school population.
Professionals study this kind of field. They are the expert when it comes to curriculum parts,
history and functions.

Your Reflections
From your FS experience, take a look into your significant learning and personal
reflection. Express it in a simple poem. Then share it with your classmates and FS
Whenever youre not around I feel so down
Whenever youre there It feels like heaven
You are the light when everything seems so dark
You are still the light when everything is starred
Thanks to your light and heaven feels like
Thanks to you, Ive have a better wings to fly.