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Camera Settings Calculator

(Filename Camera.c)

Written By James Saltmer


1.0 Introduction 1

2.0 Identification 3

3.0 Program Function 4

3.1 Main Menu

3.2 User Name
3.3 ISO Value
3.4 Aperture Value

4.0 Program Access 4

5.0 Program Environment 4

6.0 Program Input/Output 4

7.0 Diagnostics/Faults 4
The program Camera.c has been written to assist photographers of all levels
to calculate exposure time by simply entering the settings of there camera.
The program itself requires the user to input the aperture value, and ISO
value only and assumes the brightness of a ‘typical sunny day’ (f/16). Upon
entering all required values the program will output the values entered by the
user, as well as the exposure time that corresponds to the input. If at any time
the user enters an unacceptable value they will be prompt with an error

It must be acknowledge that this program was written purposely to assist
photographers of all disciplines whether expert amateur or first-timers. This
program was authored by qualified programmer James Saltmer. It is
encouraged that users who experience any difficulty contact the author at The program itself was written in the
basic computer language C, although out-dated and to an extent considered
an obsolete language it is sufficient for this sort of application.



Upon the program being compiled in the terminal the user will be
prompt with the menu, which prompts the user, and allows them to
enter in various bits of information at there discretion. If the user is
unsure of what to do, a help menu has been included, this can be
accessed by simply pressing ‘?’ and execute. This is illustrated below;

*NOTE* upon entering a listed option (i.e. 1, 2, 3, ? or Q) it must be preceded

by the execute key.

To input the User’s First Name simply selected option (1). This can be
done by simply pressing the number 1, followed by the execute key.
They will then be immediately prompt to enter their first name.

*NOTE* the user MUST enter a name with a maximum of 20 characters.


To input the ISO values simply select option (2). This is done by
entering the number 2, followed by the execute key. Upon doing so the
user will be immediately prompt with the following message;

*NOTE* if the ISO value entered is an unacceptable value, the user will be
prompt by an error message. Then the MAIN MENU will then appear below.


To enter the aperture value chooses option (3). Again this is done by
simply pressing 3, followed by the enter key. Yet again the user will be
prompt with the following;

*NOTE* the value must be entered in the correct format. User MUST include
‘f’ followed by the numerical value. Otherwise the user will be prompt with an
error message.


Upon successfully entering all the correct information, the program

itself will perform the necessary calculations. The end product will be
an output of the information entered as well as the newly calculated
exposure time in the form of the following;

This program was written using the programming language C. As this

program was written using a UNIX based operating system, naturally it
can only be compiled on such systems (EASILY). It can also be
compiled and operated using the more common operating system
Microsoft Windows, however it requires special software. For simplicity
and simple lack of knowledge, instruction on how to use this program in
a UNIX-based system will be covered.

Simply put the user must access what is known as the terminal. This
can be found on most UNIX based operating systems by clicking on
applications. Upon doing so to user must change the directory to where
the camera calculator is located (in this case Camera.c);

Then to COMPILE the program simply type;

Followed by;

The user will then be faced with the MAIN MENU (for instructions refer
to page 1 of this manual).

For the program to work, and operate correctly, the user must attempt
to use the program with the correct software. As previously mentioned
the program is compatible with UNIX-based operating systems. The
program can also be executed on a Microsoft Windows based system,
however a program known as PuTTy is required, instruction on how to
install and operate this program is available from the following URL



User Name - characters MAXIMUM 20
ISO - integer MUST be
specified value
Exposure Time Seconds Real number This is a
calculated value.
An error will arise
if incorrect INPUT

Aperture - character/real MUST include ‘f’

number before number
value, must also
be a specified


At present the program is still in its intermediate stages. That is to say it is in

the stage where it is able to accept at the user’s information, but fails to
perform the required calculations. This is identified once all information
entered; the program outputs a “segmentation fault”. This problem was unable
to be amended by the required DUE DATE of this assignment.