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GTA Vice City Savegame by Laino 100% complete.

Thanks for downloading my savegame!

To activate this savegame, first extract the file called savegame3.db to your de
After extracted, copy savegame3.db to C://My Documents/GTA Vice City User Files.
If asked to replace the file, click YES(you can also click no,but than you will
have to rename the file to savegame4 or savegame5...)
Now load game called "Keep your friends..." and you start playing!
You have 999.999.999 cash, 100/100 hidden packages collected, cop outfit, all mi
ssions passed, and lots of weapons on different locations :
-Ocean Beach Hotel
-Hyman Condo
-Vercetti Estate

You also have SUPER CARS(Sabre Turbo,Deluxo,Sandmaster and Hotring) in Sunshine

All assets and safehouses are already bought.
Hope that you like it!