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I will repeal it!
I say that everywhere
This debate was more centered on her attacking me for being against curriculum and attending rally. I explained
why famines should teach values and schools should teach math, science etc
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Great to hear Patrick, thanks. Did you pledge that if Wynne foists the sex curriculum on an unwilling public, you will repeal
it in 2018 as Premier?
God bless,
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Encourage all our supporters to watch Steve Paiken TVO debate
Christine went after me for sex education and I doubled down against her on it.
She then accused this as being a social conservative take over of the party. She said she specifically thinks I am
wrong for party given mine and monte's opposition to sex education.
Anyone who watches this debate will have a clear contrast. It airs tomorrow night
I called her Liberal light and we can win as Conservatives.
It is a very good contrast
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