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18386 Little Prairie Rd.

Prairieville, LA 70769

Publishers note: At the

beginning of August I had
communicated to Sheriff Jeff
Wiley that Id like to publish an
article supporting our officers in
Blue. As the planning started the
weather reports started coming
in. Rain, rain and more rain.
As a resident that lives in a flood
zone these reports of potential
flooding started peeking my
interest. Then the reports kept
coming in that this flood was
going to blow the flood 1983
away. I didnt get nervous
because I was 9.5 ft off the
ground and the flood of 83
would have 4 ft of water under
my house. How much worse could
it get. I actually had family come
stay with me because of my
elevation above the ground.
As the flood progressed I had
Sheriff Dept. rescue boats and the
Cajun Navy launching in my
front yard. There were citizens of
all walks of life from our parish
that were here to help. They
rescued many families at
my front door down Little
Prairie Rd..
I want to point out the pride I
had in the Parish for the kindness
and generosities put forth by our
community. When it was all said
and done I ended up with 18
inches of water in my home.
Sheriff Wiley meets with his command level staff during the flood to discuss various road closures, rescue efforts, and staffing.
In restrospect
the article that
started to be a support of the
officers in blue and ended up as

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser joined Governor John Bel Edwards to meet with leaders
in Ascension to determine needs for the parish.
Lt. Coy Daigle and Captain Donald Capello discussing rescue efforts at the command post
located in the Household of Faith Parking Lot before it flooded.

a demostration of why we need

our Sheriff Department, Police
Department, Fire Departments
and Ascension Magazine will
support you always. I want to
Thank You for all that you do!
This article is a play-by-play
following of the events beginning
August 12, 2016 with the
Ascension Parish Sheriffs

August 12, 2016, Ascension

Parish Sheriffs Office began
bracing for the flood of 2016
that heavily impacted Ascension
Parish and surrounding areas.
Our parish had been inundated
with several days of rain totaling
in some areas 10-15 inches
which caused short term
problems that rendered some
residential and business areas
very difficult to travel by

Sgt. Marc DeArmond walks through flooded waters to assess damage.

We began advising citizens to

44253 Hwy. 42

(1 mile from Port Vincent)

have a plan for this flood as

we were bracing to possibly
experience power outages and
major flooding. We began
double staffing call takers and

Debbie Comeaux, Tyler Comeaux, Eric Bailey, and Ty Parish brought a semi-truck from
Yorktown, Virginia filled with food, cleaning supplies, and everything in between!
Debbie, who is a resident of Denham Springs contacted her son, Tyler last week to say she was
displaced and needed some assistance. After speaking with her son, he decided to contact other
friends through phone calls for other donations.
In a shared effort between Tyler, Ty, Eric, and others, hundreds of people made donations through
a go-fund-me account and Wooden Shoes Trucking company out of Poquoson helped cover the cost
of the truck. The three men gathered all they could and purchased close to $5,000 in food, and
drove down to Louisiana to help our deputies who were displaced and in need of assistance.

extra patrol responders that

were at the ready for the next
several days.
The week of August 14, our

Fairhope Alabama Police Department brought supplies for deputies days following the flood.

Lt. Gerald Whealton rescues a family from high water.

Deputy Rachelle Calvit and Captain Mike Toney in the command post during the flood.

deputies, along with the fire

departments, Cajun Navy, and
other volunteers began rescuing
citizens in high water areas. At
the same time, along with parish
government, we placed a dusk
to dawn curfew for safety.
Leaders of Ascension Parish met
daily to assess the situation and
the possible damage that was
amongst us and what can be
expected in the near future.

center, located at the Venue

Hall on Highway 431 in St.
Amant, an area that was heavily
impacted, to have a more rapid
response in those areas.

The following week we switched

our focus from response mode
to a recovery mode where we
began conducting patrols to
ensure the safety of our
residents and to protect what
was left of homes and
possessions. Our deputies
increased their presence in those
areas that suffered extensive
damage to prevent any criminal
activity. At the same time, we
opened up a second command

We want to thank the citizens

of Ascension Parish for their
understanding during these
trying times. We want to thank
the community, businesses,
organizations, and any other
entities that have come to our

aid during this time, whether it

was flood donations, water,
hygiene supplies, or even search
and rescue for our citizens.
Thank you Ascension!

the Blue

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Dubois Winery,
LLC held a Ribbon
Cutting Ceremony
on Wednesday,
August 10 to
celebrate their
grand opening in
Ascension Parish.

Gonzales Mayor Barney

Arceneaux, Ascension Parish
Clerk of Court and Ascension
Chamber of Commerce
Chairwoman Bridget Hanna
and Ascension Parish Assessor
Mert Smiley. Also in attendance
were Chamber Board Members,
Chamber Ambassadors and
Dubois Winery family and
If you would like more information on Dubois Winery, LLC

Dubois Winery, LLC is a

winery and gift shop that
produces and sells red and white
Muscadine wine as well as
Strawberry, Blueberry and
Blackberry wines. They also sell
Merlot and Chardonnay.
Attending the Ribbon
Cutting for Dubois Winery
were owners Katherine Legleu
and Ricardo Dubois. Also in
attendance were State Representative Tony Bacala, City of

please call (225) 450-3120,

(229) 954-0081 or e-mail Hours of
operation are Monday- Friday
10:00am- 4:00pm and
Saturdays are by appointment
only. For more information on
the Ascension Chamber of
Commerce, please visit,
or call (225) 647-7487.

Parish President
Proclaims Sept. 2
as Lt. Col. Larry
Babin, Jr. Day in
Ascension Parish
Ascension Parish President Kenny
Matassa proclaimed Friday, Sept. 2, 2016
as Lt. Col. Larry Babin, Jr. Day in
Ascension Parish. Lt. Col. Babin was
promoted before friends, family and
military personnel on Friday in Judge
Marilyn Lamberts courtroom. Lt. Col.
Babin originally hails from Dutchtown
and had served 10 years in the Louisiana
Army National Guard from 1989 to

1999. After starting a successful law

practice in Gonzales, Lt. Col. Babin
heeded his nations call again and joined
the U.S. Army following the terrorist
attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Initially
committing to three years of service,
Lt. Col. Babin is currently serving 14
years of active duty in a career with the
Army JAG Corps that has led to locations
across the globe. He currently is
stationed at Fort Polk, near Leesville,
Louisiana. With family members present,
Lt. Col. Babin accepted the parish
proclamation from President Matassa.
With the proclamation, Lt. Col. Babin
was made honorary parish president on
Sept. 2. Shown from left to right:
Chrissie Babin, Noah Babin, Parish
President Kenny Matassa, Hannah
Babin, Gabriel Babin, Lt. Col. Larry
Babin, Jr., and Christa Babin.


for 180 Years
of Service
Ascension Parish President
Kenny Matassa proclaimed
Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016 as
Lemanns Day in Ascension
Parish in honor of the
Donaldsonville family-owned
companys 180 years of service
to the community. President
Matassa presented the parish
proclamation to fifth-generation
family member Charles Lemann,
Jr. and sixth-generation family
member Robert Lemann, Jr. at
the Ascension Parish Council
meeting in Donaldsonville on
Sept. 1. Lemanns began in
1836 when Jacob Lemann, a
peddler, arrived from Germany
and settled in Donaldsonville
(this area of South Louisiana was
then known as the German
Coast). Fluent in several
languages, Lemann became a
merchant at the same location of
Mississippi Street and Railroad
Avenue where Lemanns is

located today. Lemanns has

grown to be a successful
company offering agricultural
services including tractors, farm
tools, and implements. They
have retained the distinction of
being the second oldest
International Harvester dealer in
the United States. Shown from
left to right: Robert Lemann, Jr.,
Ascension Parish Councilman
Oliver Joseph, Ascension Parish
President Kenny Matassa,
Ascension Parish Councilman
Bill Dawson, and Charles
Lemann, Jr.



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chat, flirt or set up a date in a
matter of minutes.
So, does social media dating
work? What are the odds that
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And, what are the precautions
you should take to keep yourself
safe from online predators and
weirdoes in general?
Well, Ive got a first hand taste
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summer, I created a Tinder
profile, despite hearing negative
reviews on the app. I heard it
was very shallow and was
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Well, my first experience did
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first online experience lasted all
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Here are a few

top apps on the
dating scene:
Tinder Quite different
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Features nice, professional men
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indicating what exactly you are
willing to accept and your
dislikes in your profile write-up.

Bumble Known for

making it easy on the guy. No
risk for rejection, since the
woman only has 24 hours to
communicate to her match.
After 24 hours the match

POF Free app with

possible upgrades for better
profiles and message access, but
is now known as the sleaziest of
sites. Ive had friends that can
vouch for that slummy

Some rules to
play by
Keep your profile honest and
sincere. Be forth coming in
what you say youre looking for.
If you say you
put God and
family first that
should keep
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Ive heard more and more in

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New York
deliver gear to
St. Amant
This week firefighters from
New York traveled to St. Amant
to help pay some of Louisiana
back from the 9/11 event, by
donating Fire Gear and EMS
Equipment to the members of
the St. Amant Volunteer Fire
Department, stated Chief
Officer James E. LeBlanc.
New York Fire Line Officers
Jeff Dilavore and Brian Welliver

drove to St. Amant this past

week after the deva sting storm.
They stayed with us for several
days and helped us work on our
fire stations and members of our
Department homes, stated
New York delivered 23 sets of
turnout gear, 26 pairs of boots
and other assorted EMS
supplies and equipment to our
new friends in St. Amant,

Louisiana. We have met some

incredible people here in such
a short period of time. True
Southern Hospitality at its
finest, stated New York Chief
Officer Jeff Dilavore.
Our hearts are shattered, but
our faith is strong, stated
Chief LeBlanc, after losing all
three fire stations in the
St. Amant community.

teenagers gather
supplies for
St. Amant Area
This week a group of High
School Students from Cossatot
River High School in Arkansas,
gathered household items for
the St. Amant Community,
stated Chief Officer James E.
Arkansas students Jacie
Wilkerson, Abby Dallyn Taylor,
Landrie Lee Tadlock, and Haley
Warren headed up the supply
donation drive, then drove to
St. Amant and delivered the
items to the St. Amant
Volunteer Firefighters. We are
so blessed to have so many

people wanting to help our

community, stated LeBlanc.
Cossatot River High School,
CHI Hospital in Hotsprings
Arkansas, Polk County, Sevier
County, McCurtain County,
Mena High School, Acorn High
School, Umpire High School
and Smithville High School all
from Arkansas participated in
the supply drive.
While they were in St. Amant,
they instructed the 100% LSU
Tiger Fans how to properly
perform the Arkansas Razorback
cheer, stated LeBlanc.
Special thanks to Josh Tadlock
and all the Arkansas parents that
drove down here with the
students. We love you and we
are blessed to call you our
community friends.

Kenny Matassa
Assisting in
Over the course of this week and
last, Ascension Parish President
Kenny Matassa has welcomed
hundreds of volunteers from
across the country and right
here at home who are assisting
in flood clean-up, demolition
and rebuilding efforts.
The spirit of fellowship is alive
and well in this great country,
said Matassa. From Utah to
Pennsylvania and all points in
between, people have come to
offer their labor and a
comforting word to Ascension
Parish. We could not be
more grateful.

Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa and Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux visited with
volunteers from Mormon Helping Hands this past weekend at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.
Thousands of volunteers from around the country will again be arriving at Lamar-Dixon this
weekend to help residents stricken by the flood of 2016. Shown from left to right are: Becky Bluth,
Volunteer Ascension manned the public relations with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) Baton Rouge, Ascension
shelter at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Parish President Kenny Matassa, Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux, and Eric Bascom, Stake
Center for 48 hours until the
President of the Baton Rouge Stake of LDS.
Red Cross came in. They

The Solid Choice in

Ascension Parish

Baton Rouge 225.761.1117 Prairieville 225.677.7177

Alexandria 318.442.6420 Bunkie 318.346.6900


The Hall for

All Occassions!
Accommodates up
to 300 guest.
Full catering menu
Outdoor Pavillion
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Space for seminars
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Call to set up an appointment

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17425 Airline Hwy Prairieville

Catering Coordinator Jena Guidry

Members of OSHA confer with volunteers from Samaritans Purse

(in orange shirts) Wednesday morning at Lamar-Dixon after
volunteers from that organization went through orientation before
heading out to help residents affected by the flood of 2016.
managed a huge number of
supplies and groups coming to
donate their time and talent.
At any given time, there had to
be well over 100 volunteers on
the grounds at Lamar-Dixon,
said Sherry Denning, Executive
Director of Volunteer Ascension.
Just watching this community
come together is something to
witness. I am proud of Ascension
Parish, I really am.
The volunteers from Ascension
Parish have been supplemented
by volunteers from out of parish
and out of state. Several faithbased organizations brought in
crews of workers to assist with
demolition and rebuilding.
Samaritans Purse International
Relief and the Southern Baptist
Disaster Relief are each bringing
in between 150-300 people over
the next three months to assist
in recovery.
Randy Corn, Program Manager
with Samaritans Purse, said that

Lamar-Dixon has been

particularly accommodating to
their needs. Theyve provided
us a place to sleep, electricity to
cook with, and all the water we
need, said Corn.
Mormon Helping Hands has
organized thousands to come to
the Capital Region, with another
wave of volunteers arriving this
weekend at Lamar-Dixon.
The Mormon Helping Hands
program brings together
members of The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints and
their neighbors to provide
community service. These
volunteers in their trademark
yellow shirts help people whose
lives have been affected by
natural disasters and other
We are trusting in God, and
God has sent us a mighty army
of help, added Matassa. To
each and every volunteer: on
behalf of the people of Ascension
Parish, thank you so much.

Samaritans Purse International Relief traveled in multiple

vehicles from North Carolina to the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.
Vehicles included a mobile kitchen, a mobile shower and numerous
support vehicles.




By Linda Melancon
so: your legal documents.

Well, That Was

and Your Legal
When you hear the term
disaster preparedness, what
comes to mind? You may
think of things like stocking up
on batteries and bottled water,
laying in non-perishable food
supplies, and making sure your
first aid kit is replenished. All
of those items are essential, but
there are other items that may
be just as important in your
disaster planning, if not more

Many of us in south Louisiana

have been impacted by the
recent floods. Homes have
been damaged or destroyed.
Vehicles have floated away.
Families are scrambling to
make living arrangements for
elderly parents whose homes
are no longer livable, and who
may no longer have capacity to
sign a power of attorney to let
a family member act for them.
In many of these situations, it
is essential to have previously
executed estate planning
documents on hand to carry
out plans and begin the
process of getting lives back
on track. Here are three key
points toy keep in mind with
regard to your estate planning
and disaster planning.
Plan now, because disaster will
strike. A significant number of
people whose homes flooded
didnt live in flood zones.
They lived in areas that had
never taken on water. They
didnt have flood insurance,
because they didnt need it.
It wasnt going to happen to
them, right? Wrong. We

never know when the flood

will come, or the fire, or the
hurricane. There is peace of
mind in knowing that you
have proper planning in place
should something untoward
happen, both for you and your
family members.

contact the attorney who

prepared your documents to
have them recreated. Many
may offer this service to their
clients free of charge in a
disaster situation. But whether
replacing them is free of
charge or not, it is vital to see
your advisor and get that
taken care of at the earliest
opportunity. If the planning
was important enough to do
in the first place, its important
enough to get the originals
back into your hands if theyre
destroyed or lost.

When disaster strikes, take

your original documents with
you. All the planning in the
world does you no good if you
cant put your hands on your
documents in a time of need.
Keep the originals in a safe
place, such as a fireproof,
waterproof box in your home,
and let loved ones know the
location of that box. That will
allow you or someone whos
coming to assist you to pick up
that box quickly and carry it
with you. Its a good idea to
keep copies in other places as
well, such as the safe deposit
box at your bank, but the
originals need to be in a place
where they will be safe, where
they will be easily accessible to
you, and where they can be
transported easily.

We cant know when the

unexpected will happen, but
we can anticipate that it will.
If you have not yet had estate
planning documents prepared,
contact an attorney qualified
to advise you on which
documents will best serve
your needs. If you have your
documents in place already,
be sure to keep them
somewhere safe, accessible,
and in a form easy to transport
when a disaster occurs.
Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice of law in Louisiana

If your documents are lost in a

disaster, be sure to get them
recreated as quickly as possible.
The floodwaters have washed
away many valuable items in
this area, including original
documents. If you have lost
your documents in a disaster,

for the past 17 years. The primary focus of her practice is estate
planning, special needs planning, elder law and probate. She is
also accredited by the VA to give advice regarding veterans
benefits. For more information, please contact her at
225-744-0027. You may also visit her website

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2. No Backup! Thats right some DIY

builders do not provide your website a
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different templates and of course your

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The goal of starting a website for your

business is normally to propel your
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3. For those who are not the most tech

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1. Cost: Using a DIY platform to build a

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With the low price and good things

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2. Templates: DIY sites come with a

elatively large amount of templates.
These templates can be optimized for
your mobile devices making your site
mobile friendly. Stock photos and color
palettes are options offered with the

1.You Do Not Own Your Site! One of

the biggest cons of a DIY website is the
fact that you dont own it. With a DIY


3. Limitations: Due to the fact that

DIY websites are closed source
programs youll have restrictions on
customizations. Basically there will only
be so much you can do when it comes
to building out your website.
4. Shared Hosting: DIY websites are
hosted by the builders own server, so
that also puts limitations on what you're
able to do. To add to that your site can
be shutdown if youre found in
violation of any terms and conditions
of your provider.
Now that you know some of the pros
and cons of DIY website platforms,
maybe your decision will come a bit
easier. Whichever route you decide to
take, the selection should be carefully
chosen after taking the pros, cons, your
business goals, and budget nto
consideration. Oftentimes we
recommend if there are budget
constraints, start with a DIY website
and then develop plans to have your
own custom site built at a later date.

No Dental
No Problem!
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD

As the healthcare debate rages

nationally, Dr Calvin Bessonet
and Ascension Premier Dental
have decided to do something
tangible to help individuals and
families afford quality dental care.
Statistically speaking, more than
60% of Americans dont have
dental insurance. This means that
a large majority of people here
locally delay dental procedures,
which is not good for dental
health or overall healthcare. A
recent report by CBS News indicated dental decay as a contributing factor in many seemingly
unrelated problems... including
employment issues, heart disease
and childhood school absences.
Even here in Ascension Parish
we see kids in our practice who
are in chronic pain because a simple cavity was not caught in time.
In some circumstances that cavity
was not caught because the parents perceived that they could
not afford dental care. By the
time the pain for the child is unbearable... the cost of solving the
problem has escalated two or
three times over what it would

Dr.Bessonet is among only 1% of dentists in the world who use a

urgical microscope in his practice.

have been if caught a year earlier.

This roadblock to dental care is a
huge problem in our community.
The solution that Dr. Bessonet
has found is very simple... and
may prove to be a model for
healthcare reform across the
board. Numbers dont lie... and
they now have a system where
families can get earlier preventative and less expensive dental
care. The program is called QDP
- Quality Dental Plan (, which is now
rolling out nationally across the
nation thanks to Dr. Bessonet
and other forwarding-thinking
Quality Dental Plan is offered
to both children and adults at an

inexpensive yearly fee and is an

alternative to dental insurance
that can cost in the thousands of
dollars for minimal benefits. Patients using Quality Dental Plan
can get two dental visits, two
teeth cleanings, exams, x-rays,
and significant procedural discounts by being a member.
These procedures include restorative care, like fillings, crowns,
root canals, implants, IV sedationeven cosmetic dentistry
and orthodontics!
I sat down with my front office team and saw how much
money was going to insurance
companies, claim forms administration and collections costs. We
also calculated how many hun-

dreds of extra dollars families

were spending by not catching
potential problems that we
could have found during a simple annual dental exam. When I
began to run these numbers
with other dentists around
America... we found that we
could offer our patients free initial exams, free exam x-rays, free
teeth cleanings and as much as
15% off other procedures simply
by creating our own in-house
dental savings plan. The result
was QDP... and Dr. Bessonet is
proud to offer it all people who
are interested. This one simple
step has allowed us to eliminate
the insurance company middleman... and those savings are
going right back into the pockets
of people here locally. Im really
proud to be part of this cost-savings movement. This is a great
system for making dental care
more affordable.
If you do not have dental insurance or you are looking for an alternative to save money on your
treatment please give Dr
Bessonet and Ascension Premier
Dental a call at 225-673-6910
and we will be happy to explain
the membership plan in detail
and answer any questions you
might have. You can also visit us
on the web at

IV Sedation
Invisalign Certified
Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
Porcelain Veneers
Wisdom Teeth


Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD

13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 Geismar, LA 70734 Call:


225.673.6910 www.

Dutchtown Physical Therapy welcomes you.

We know you have been through enough already!

We have been providing physical therapy services to the

Dutchtown and Geismar communities for almost a decade
and we would be glad to help you during your stay in this
area. We understand you are trying to pick up the pieces
after this flooding tragedy and we are here to help!

We are conveniently located on Hwy 73 across from

Dutchtown Primary School and we are here to help you
start or continue your physical therapy services in the
Dutchtown Community.

Please call us today for your appointment, we are here to

help you in anyway we can.

Stephen Jackson, PT, DPT

"Your Community Physical Therapy

Provider" for 9 years.
(225) 744-3631 fax (225) 744-3647


Monday October 10th

Pelican Point - Links Course
All Proceeds Will Benefit
EA & St. Amant High Schools
For more information on the event,
call James E. LeBlanc at (225) 445-5766, Don Hanna at (225) 802-5450,
Derek J. LeBlanc at (225) 313-5775, or Tommy Trahan at (225) 572-2426.
You can also contact Sherri Jenkins at (225) 644-4820.

For More Information Contact:

Bret Hughes (EA) 571.0807
Camile Trabeau (STA) 573-2530
Format.2 Man Team/ Best Ball or Scramble/ Match Play
Lunch and Registration.11:00 AM
Tee Time.12:00 PM Shotgun Start
Mulligans.$10.00 Each Player, 1 Per Player
Handicap Slots.Team captains will determine matches within slots.
Each match is worth 3 points, 1 for the front 9, 1 for the back 9 and
1 for the total.
Awards Ceremony and Meal Immediately Following (Beverages on Course)
Ryder Cup Entry Fee.$100.00 per player
Hole Sponsorship for Golf Tournament.$100.00 donation
Forms can be dropped off to Loyson Portas office or Hughes Insurance or mailed
to Shoutout, 510 S. Burnside Ave., Ste. C, Gonzales, LA 70737
Can also Fax Form to 644-4940 or email it to
Player____________________ HCap_____ Team(EA/STA)_____
Cell_______________ Email____________________________



East Ascension Sportsman League

56th Annual Kids Fishing Rodeo
donated by Motiva Rec Club
and Martins Sausage. The men
who prepared this food have
been doing so for many years
and love to do it for the kids.
Cajunlivinncookin was there to
take pictures during the fishing.
After fishing the kids could also
have their pictures taken with or
without their fish. Cajunlivinncookin has been joining us for
many years. These regulars really make a great day even better
for the kids.

On Saturday August 6th, there

were 162 kids registered to
fish in the East Ascension
Sportsmans League 56th
annual Kids Fishing Rodeo at
Twin Lakes in Dutchtown. The
kids were excited to sign up to
fish and get their ditty bags
along with doughnuts donated
by Riverside Barber Shop and
St. John Knights of Columbus.
These bags were filled with
items from many wonderful
sponsors as well as EASL.
There were kids lined up along
the banks of both ponds
enjoying their fishing
experience. Some were there
for the first time, others have
been returning for this event
every year.
While the children were fishing,

there were a lot of things going

on behind the scenes. There

was jambalaya being cooked as

well as hot dogs. These were

After the kids caught their fish,

they brought them to the weigh
masters. This caused lots of
oohs and aahs, and awe man I
didnt get anything, but they
laughed and had a great time.
While they were eating their
jambalaya and hot dogs, the
numbers were being tallied to
see who had the most fish and

the biggest fish in each age

group and gender.
Before we gave out awards for
the fishing trophies, we gave
away 6 bicycles donated by
Ascension Credit Union and
Academy Sports and Outdoors.
The winners of these bikes were
ages 2-5, Lucy Locicero and
Coda Babin; ages 6-10, Katelyn

were Sean Turner, biggest fish,

1.37 pounds; Emilee Kennison,
most fish girls, 23; and Beau
Rachal, most fish boys, 15.

Porta and Jake Boyd; ages

11-14, Isabelle Babin and
Cullen Boudreaux.
Overall awards went to Lance
LeBlanc, biggest fish overall,
1.69 pounds, Mikaylah Borde-

lon, most fish girls, 43; Nikolaus

Kahn, most fish boys, 49.
In the 2-4 year old category
awards went to Phoenix
Townsend, biggest fish, 1.01
pounds, Glenna Guillory, most
fish girls, 3; and Phoenix
Townsend, most fish boys, 16.
Ages 5-7 winners were Daniel
Sanchez, biggest fish 1.49
pounds; Aaylah Locicero, most
fish girls, 22; and Kace Brock,
most fish boys, 32. Ages 8-10
winners included Clay Billiot,
biggest fish, 1.52 pounds; McKayla Tregle, most fish girls, 13;
and Ayden Fatheree, most fish
boys 17. Ages 11-14 winners

Equipment Co., Pure Fishing,

Fluker Cricket Farms, Ascension
Credit Union, Academy Sports
and Outdoors, Diez Signs,
Bayou Metal Works, Mobile
Electric , Eatel, Cabelas.

I would like to thank all of the

EASL members that once again
came through to help with this
event. They are a great group
of people that have been giving
their hearts and time for this
great day for many years. We
hope that we can continue to
do this important event for
a long time.

After handing out these awards

we got to the best part of the
day, especially for those who
I would like to send a special
didnt get a trophy or a bike.
thank you to Acadian
We called each childs name to
Ambulance for staying on sight
win a door prize. The prizes
while the fishing was going on.
range from
fishing rods
and reels to
and lots of
toys they can
enjoy. We
had footballs,
back packs,
baby dolls,
and lots of
water guns.
The kids
really love to
TAGS & TITLES, LLC - 644-1512 11296 HWY. 431, ST. AMANT, LA
hear their
names called
and get
excited about
Well we are here to help you replace your lost vehicle, ORV or trailer titles and
their prizes.
We would
like to thank
our sponsors
for their
sponsors have
been helping
with this
event for
many years
and we hope
to keep them
with us for
many more
to come.
Thank you to

registrations. Dont know where the registration problem. Bring in your
drivers license or the license plate and we can look it up for you. At this time,
DMV is still allowing FREE titles and registrations for flood victims.@@

**Remember, all license plates need to be cancelled in the DMV system

& with your receipt you can cancel your insurance.
We are still offering the same services,
same location and same hours.
Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-3







Wildlife & Fisheries Processing for Boats/Motors


@@- OMV Convenience fee & processing fees apply

Martin McConnell is the

new Public Information
Officer for
Ascension Parish
Beginning September 12th,
I am happy to announce
that Martin McConnell is
the new Public Information
Officer for Ascension Parish
Government. For our media
colleagues and PIOs from
other agencies, Martin
will now be your initial
point of contact with
parish government.
Lester Kenyon, who has
served capably as PIO for
10 1/2 years, will be
returning to Ascension21
TV channel as a Video
Production Specialist.
Before his most recent stint
as PIO, Lester was Video
Programming Manager
for Ascension21.

Im sure many of you know

Martin from his long service
to the Ascension Parish
community. He is a former
two term parish councilman,
TV presenter with Louisiana
Public Broadcasting,
longtime financial services
sales tyexecutive, and most
recently, Sales & Marketing
Director at the LamarDixon Expo Center.
Martins role as PIO will be
expanded to include serving
as a presenter/host on
Martins contact
Phone (225) 450-1138


Holiday dinners include

the turkey, cornbread
dressing, casserole,
dinner rolls, pie &
cranberry sauce.
Now taking orders at
both locations.
Try one now.




Whole dinner

225.673.8876 17425 Airline Hwy Prairieville


For more than 19 years, we have developed, owned and

managed senior housing communities throughout
Louisiana and Georgia that provide alternative living
arrangements for seniors combining wellness, independence
and personal care in a warm dignified setting with over
100 years of personal and professional experience.



2305 S. Purpera Avenu,
Gonzales, LA 70737


Pelican Point
Ladies Golf


Overall Gross
Aaron Bourque

1st Karen Snell
2nd Chris Crow

First Flight
1st Alice Pierson
2nd Diane Clouatre

The Long Dreaded Wait

By the time our deer season
finally comes to a close, I've
usually copped an attitude that
I don't care
if I ever
deer hunt
again. For
a hunter of
species of
there's still
a couple of
months of
hunting left
after deer
for those
who pursue squirrels, rabbits
and turkeys. I'm one of those
that generally stay in the woods
until the end of April. The last
of the seasons along with a few
quality fishing trips keep me
pacified for the wait until a new
season comes about. For a
hunter of basically all seasons
the wait from the end of turkey
to the beginning of September
dove and teal really aren't that
far apart. But on the other hand
four months, from May to
September can feel like an
I really enjoy the beginning
of summer. Louisiana fishing,
fresh and saltwater, is usually in
its prime as the rivers begin their
annual fall. Crawfishing,
shrimping, frogging and crabbing all begin to fall in place as
the summer continues on.
About halfway through the
stretch things begin to change
for me. It's all of a sudden hot
and humid, and I've about
caught all of the fish I care to
catch! Unless you're a NASCAR
fan there's not much to look at
on T.V. with college baseball

being done and football a good

ways off from getting its start.
At about this time it finally
hits me. I
start to
kinda like
deer hunting
again. That
reminds me
that to be
able to enjoy
deer hunting
I probably
need to start
working on
old and new
stands, etc.,
so I can be
finished for the first weekend of
dove season. Couple working
on my own stuff and a few club
work days and I'm back to
waiting again.
Now, with the disastrous
effects of the Great Flood of
2016 affecting us all in one way
or another, the anticipation of
this year's opening day has been
lessened in many ways.
Time passes slojywly but
surely and a lot of water passes
under the bridge until finally the
first day of hunting season
arrives. At that point I reset the
clock and the waiting for the
beginning of next year's season
has just begun...

$100 off Termite Treatment

$25 off Initial Pest Control
Pest Prevention Programs Real Estate Certificates
Pre-Construction Soil / Borate Treatment
Termite Treatment Programs Mosquito Suppression Services

Local Licensed Insured Bonded

225-644-7466 Ascension 225-924-7096 Baton Rouge



Spotless Auto Mobile Detailing is a self contained

portable car wash and detail service.

Makes a Great Birthday Gift

Professional Reliable Experienced

Until Next Time,

Still Waiting,
James "Goosie" Guice
Ascension Outdoors Air Times
SAT. - 9:00 - A.M.
SUN. - 7:30 - P.M.
MON. - 9:00 - P.M.
SAT. - 6:30 A.M. & 1:30 P.M.
SUN. - 1:30 P.M.
WED. - 10:00 P.M.
FRI. - 8 - P.M.


Make an appointment by
calling Gucci at 504.417.5633

Cheers, Jeers and Beers for the Summer of 16

by Bill Delaune

When those surfers went

looking for an Endless
Summer back in the 60s,
they certainly couldnt have
envisioned a summer like the
one we just endured in South
To paraphrase the late, great
Braves announcer Skip Carey,
The best thing for this summer
to do is end.
Now we did have the Summer
Olympics to distract us for a
while. And, for better or worse,
football has finally started at all
levels to provide some form of
entertainment. In fact, the Rio
Olympics and our topsy-turvy
gridiron teams have a few things
in common with the recent
events that plagued South
Obviously, there was the
contaminated water issue and
some heart-breaking defeats.
But there were also some
gallant performances from
unexpected sources in both the
sporting and local venues. So,
just as the Olympians do, its
time to hand out some gold
medals-and unfortunately some
disqualifications-to some who
deserve cheers and others jeers
from Delaunes hot summer
Gold Medal for ServiceA real no-brainer as this award
goes to every policeman,
firefighter, National Guardsman
and-of course,-every member of
the Cajun Navy-who assisted in
the rescue effort during the
flood. Their tens of thousands
of stories are far too numerous
to be recounted in this humble
column but the sacrifice they
made to help their fellow man

will long be remembered.

The irony of the situation is
that those who serve are often
the ones most criticized until a
devastating disaster occurs.
Reminds me a little of the
Kipling poem about a soldier
who gets no respect until war
breaks out.
The final line goes,For its
Tommy this and its Tommy
that and Chuck him out, the
brute, But its Savior of the
Country when the guns begin
to shoot
Think about it.
Disqualified- Wet carpet is
bad enough, but as far as the
gentleman who invented the
padding that goes under it,
may he rot in the lowest region
of hell.
2. Gold Medal for Best
Tribute- During a summer
football camp, Nebraska punter
Sam Foltz and Michigan State
punter Mike Sadler were killed
in a tragic auto accident that
miraculously spared the life of
LSU placekicker Colby Delahoussaye.
In the first punting situation
of the season opener, the
Huskers lined up with only 10
players with the punters spot
empty and waited for the play
clock to expire to honor their
absent teammate. The missing
man formation drew a huge
roar from the crowd-perhaps
the loudest ovation for a penalty
ever. By the way, their
opponent Fresno State refused
to accept the delay of game
yardage in a classy move.
This is not the first time
Cornhusker fans have paid an

emotional tribute to
one of their own
although the event in
1990 was a lot quieter.
Kenny Wayne Walker
starred at Nebraska at
defensive tackle
despite being deaf. At
his final home game,
the capacity crowd
stood and signed
Applause (raising
both arms and
wiggling fingers) in
unison in an eerily
silent salute when he
was introduced.
This sounds of silence
echoed all the way to the NFL
when Walker was selected by
the Denver Broncos to become
only the second deaf player in
the leagues history.
Disqualified-LSU had nine
men on the field to punt against
Wisconsin and they werent paying tribute to anyone.
3. Gold Medal for
More Exposure Than the
Fernwood Flasher- Just like
one of those too close to call
Olympic swimming events, this
one ended in a tie.
Forget Trump, Obama and all
those other self-centered selfies.
If you didnt see St. Amants
Dustin Clouatres smiling visage
someplace during the flood,
your power must have been off.
Whether it was Facebook, WWL
TV or Fox National News,
Clouatre was like Santa Claus in
the Ray Stevens novelty
song-Hes everywhere, hes
everywhere-and it wasnt just a
photo-op. Not seeking any
self-promotion, Dustin just
ended up being an active
member and reluctant
spokesperson for the thousands
of unsung heroes who served in
the Cajun Navy. Oh, and did I
mention he also appeared in an
Aaron Neville You-Tube
production of Louisiana-1927with his Love is all you
need sign.
More on him later.
Not to be outdone by their
male counterparts, Galvez
Middle Principal Michelle
Bourque and teacher Betsy
Baldwin appeared on the Ellen


DeGeneres show to accept a

monster donation of 1.5 million
dollars from Walmart. Since I
have always preferred women to
men, Ive decided to award gold
medals to Michelle and Betsy
and give Dustin one of those
gold jerseys LSU will wear
against Miss State.
Besides, as a pioneer of the
Equal Rights Movement, I
named Betsy the first female
sports editor of the St. Amant
school newspaper-the Gata
Data-back in the 90s. Also because she threatened to put a
javelin in my heart.
Man, the next thing you
know well have a woman
Gold medals also go out to
Parish Councilwoman Teri
Casso of Dutchtown and Fire
Chief James LeBlanc of St.
Amant for their plethora of
information on Facebook for
their constant updates.
Disqualified- Louisiana
Senator Jonathan Perry who
decided during the height of
the flood that it might be a
good idea to license all the
volunteer members of the
Cajun Navy before they were
allowed to rescue anyone.
Apparently, his thinking was
that then rescue operations
would then run as smoothly as
other state agencies-say, the
Louisiana Legislature.
Clouatre, who spent some
time in my speech class (Never
on my roll-but attempting to
get him out of the hall before
an assistant principal came by.),
countered with a pair of
rebuttals that would have scored
serious points in any debate.
How do you license people
helping people? Dustin asked a
New Orleans reporter. And on
Perrys liability issues,
Wouldnt have been more of a
liability factor if we had let
those people die?
Advantage-Cajun Navy.
DQed 2-Anybody here seen
my old friend Kip? Can you tell
me where hes gone.?
4. Red, White and Blue
Medal for Look What
Theyve Done to My SongPity poor Francis Scott Key. All

he was trying to do during the

War of 1812 was negotiate a
prisoner release when he was
held captive overnight on a
British ship. During the
evening of September 13 and
the morning of the 14th, 1814,
all he could do was watch the
bombardment of Fort McHenry
during the Battle of Baltimore.
But at dawn, Key was able to
see the American flag still
waving. Back in Baltimore, he
was inspired to write a poem
about his experience called
Defence of Fort MHenry
which began, Oh say,
can you see
Keys stirring, patriotic lyrics
were put to the music of an old
English drinking song and that
seems to be where the trouble
began. For one thing, the tune
was very, very British and was
too hard for most people to
sing. In fact, most people
preferred Hail, Columbia as
the national song.
Why am I telling you this?
Because a) I thought we could
all use a history lesson and b)
Ill probably be called a leftist
Pinko Communist before this
column is over. But bear with
me for a second.

Throughout history, notable

celebrities have blundered
trying to cover the octave and a
half range of the song.
Olympics champion Carl Lewis
botched his 1993 effort so
badly that ESPNs Charley
Steiner described it as being
written by Francis Scott
Off-Key. Pop singer Robert
Goulet forgot the words at an
Ali heavyweight fight perhaps
because he was a Native
Canadian. Jose Feliciano was
widely criticized for a folksy
Anthem at the 68 World
Series and Roseanne Barr
grabbed her crotch after a
forgettable performance in San
Diego that got her booed off
the field.
Even sports fans have taken
liberties with the National
Anthem such as Oriole
fans-from Keys home town of
Baltimore-shouting Os at the
beginning of the final stanza
and Atlanta fans pluralizing the
final brave at Braves games.
So it should come as no
surprise that right at 202 years
to the day when the poem was
written, that some sorts of
protests are still happening
during the playing of the song.

Now heres where the namecalling starts. As a staunch

defender of the First Amendment, I support the rights of the
protestors to do what they think
is right. I also support the
publics right to boycott any
event where a protest is taking
place. But I also stand ready to
compromise on a couple of
controversial points.
I propose giving Francis Scott
Key a few years off and change
the National Anthem to
something easier to sing. Even
British soccer hooligans stand
and sing God Save the Queen
because they all know the
words, it takes about 30 seconds
to sing and even a drunk
doesnt have to strain his
voice to sing it.
At my church on September
11, we sang America the
Beautiful at the end of mass.
Everyone stood and sang and
according to my watch, it took
about 40 seconds. Now here is
the coup de gras-make the
signature version of the song a
national anthem sung by a
blind, black man. Anyone who
wants to not honor Ray Charles,
we turn them over to my
Second Amendment friends for

Hey Dr. Rob,

The cat wont stop
licking me.

Let Us Help You Get Back
in Your Home.

But it feels
so good.

Personal Loans Auto Title Loans

Confidential Loans Pay Day Loans

$50 - $300


No Credit


disgracing a disabled minority.

Disqualified- Any of the
protestors loses all credibility if
he/she does not know Francis
Scott Key. Some of them
probably dont know what year
the War of 1812 started.
5. Gold Medal for Do as I
Say, Not as I Do- On September 20, my youngest son Brian
turns 40 years old. Despite
having three feet of water in his
house in Baton Rouge, he and
his wife Claire have remained
upbeat and positive throughout
the whole ordeal. The problem
is my oldest son Jeff is also 40
for another month and since I
honestly believe that Im only
47 (Baby Boomers get to knock
20 years off their chronological
age for surviving the 60s.), it is
impossible for me to have two
40-year old sons.
Seriously, they have been the
joys of my life-along with my
five grandsons- (and you too,
Macy) and thank God they
didnt inherit any of my
degenerate genes.
Someday, Ill have to get
my wife to introduce me to
their father.


For Loan Information Call 647-7422



Deer & Hog

Deboning Ground Meat
Fresh Sausage
Smoked Sausage
Green Onion Sausage
Italian Sausage
Cajun Sausage
Breakfast Sausage
Jalapeno & Cheese
Vacuum Packed

Custom Cuts
Available with

Tee Wayne's
Cajun Cooking
still offers

For all your catering needs

call 225.806.FOOD

Come See Us at
Tee Wayne's Cajun Cooking
Now a Restaurant, too!!


39087 Hwy. 621, Gonzales,

La. 225.644.FOOD
225.644.3065 (fax)
Monday & Tuesday:
Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday & Saturday:

Tee Wayne


My Life is a
Country Song
and New Single
Open a Vein
Exclusively on
Airplay Direct

The songs I didn't write,

touched my soul," says Dennis
Ledbetter, Independent Artist.
"Special thanks to Lynda
Weingartz with AirPlay Direct
and Robert Weingartz with
Collective Evolution for sharing
their exceptional talents with
me. Because of their efforts I
am able to share my music

with the world. And it is

unapologetically country." If
you miss the heart and soul of
real country music in voices like
George Jones, Merle Haggard,
and even Charlie Daniels, John
Conlee and Hank, Jr., youre
going to love Dennis Ledbetter.
Dennis sophomore CD shows
a real life snapshot of Dennis

We have patiently waited for a

while, but Dennis Ledbetters
sophomore CD My Life Is A
Country Song has finally
arrived and it was worth the
wait. Dont you just really miss
country music, sometimes? The
shuffles, twosteps and blue
yodels, the twin fiddles and
sobbing steel guitar. Unadorned
and direct, country voices that
sing heartfelt songs about real
peoplesongs that soar with
hope, with laughter, or just
profoundly and completely
break your heart. "The heart of
country music is in the lyrics.
The lyrics come from the heart
and deep down in the soul. I
opened my heart and shared my
pain. I opened a vein. The songs
I wrote came from there.

life over the past few years. It

also shows a lot of growth in an
artist from album to album,"
said Robert Weingartz, AirPlay
Direct / Collective Evolution.
"If you like real, stone cold
country, you are going to love
this albumI do. The first
single off of this CD is Open
A Vein. It was written a few
years back by a friend of
Dennis, Martin Flanagan, and
was a song Dennis fell in love
with instantly. You can certainly
hear it in the truthfulness of the
song and in Dennis honest
vocal delivery. The full CD and
new single are currently
available to radio world at ,
and is available for digital
download from CD Baby,
ITunes, and Amazon. The
physical CD will be available
by September 30, 2016.
Business Contact:
Dennis Ledbetter
Saint and Sinner Records
(225) 978-3072


If youre going to have a pool,

it might as well look cool .
Our classes are free
with your membership..

My company is large enough to do the job right.

Its also small enough to treat you right!

Ryan "Shake" Schexnayder


Classes include
Cross training
Circuit training

Prairieville, La 70769 225.715.4594



with Kellie


Monday Night

Useless Random Facts


In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more energy

than all the world's nuclear weapons combined.

$4 Bombs
$2.50 Blue Moon Drafts

Table tennis balls have been known to travel off the paddle
at speeds up to 160 km/hr.



"Thirsty Thursday"


$5 Double Wells! 2 for 1 Bomb Shots Sp ecial $5 Bombs Coors Draft Combos

The volume of the earth's moon is the same as the volume

of the Pacific Ocean.

Your Choice Beer, Wine, Cocktails!!!

$3 from 8-11pm!!!

When you tie a noose, the rope is wrapped twelve times

around because it's the same length as a persons head.

The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds. (What can be so

tasty on the bottom of the pond?)



9/23 ... Will Vance & Kinfolk

10/7 ... TBA

Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.

There are only four words in the English language

which end in "dous": tremendous, horrendous,
stupendous, and hazardous.

10/14 .. FASTLANE


10/8 ... JAM CRACKER

The number of possible ways of playing the first four moves

per side in a game of chess is 318,979,564,000.

The phrase "rule of thumb" is derived from an old English

law which stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb.

10/15 ... TBA

10/22 .... TBA
10/29.. SOFA KINGS

Every Sunday


DJ MUSIC & KARAOKE ... $2.50 Domestics!!

Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before they go into

space because passing wind in a space suit damages them.
(The suits or the astronauts?)

Come Enjoy Golden Tee and Ms. Packman


The first automobile race ever seen in the

United States was held in Chicago in 1895.
The track ran from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois.
The winner was J. Frank Duryea, whose average
speed was 71/2 miles per hour.

E V E R Y D AY A T H A P P Y H O U R ,
T R Y Y O U R L U C K A T R O L L - A - D AY !


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Thoughts from Bully

HI G H .
There is nothing
funny about a flood.
Give me a hurricane any day
over a flood. I live in a flood
zone 9.5 ft. off the ground.
When the flood headed our way
I actually had family coming to
my house because there is no
way I would flood that high up.
I went to bed with water under
my house and woke to find it
almost in the house. I boated
my family out to safety and
came back to see if it really was
going to rise another foot and
enter my house.
As I sat in my computer chair
I could see water edging ever so
close to the breach point. I now
really understand a No Wake
Zone and its purpose. As I sat
there I noticed a big bug
entering my home through the
air vent in the floor. Then
another 2 bugs came in and
then a bunch came running in
the house. I looked like Jimmy
Durante doing a tap dance
crunching critters left and
right.They stopped coming in
because the water had filled the
air ducts and any slower moving
bugs just didnt make it and like
Luca Brazzi they were

placed that thing? I held it to

the light and was pretty
convincing looking. My fortune
may have changed until I
flipped it over. It had small
writing in the margin. It was a
test to determine if I would
make it to heaven. It read,
Have you ever lied, stole
anything or used the Lords
name in vein? I didnt read

During the clean up I realized

I had not removed the clothes
from the bottom drawers from
my chester drawers. As I started
removing cloths that had not
seen the light of day for many
years I pulled out a pair of my
most favorite drawers of all
time. My Superman underwear
were wet and needed to be
destroyed or thrown out. I

anymore because the flood was

depressing enough and I wasnt
quit ready to determine my

started reminiscing of when I

wore those drawers last. I first
thought maybe 5 or 6. Then I
had a senior moment and
thought did I say 5 or 6 or 56.
I hope it was 56 because it
meant I was having some real
fun that night modeling the
underwear that may be known
as faster than a speeding
bullet. Maybe I should stick
with 5 or 6 years old so people
dont get the wrong idea.

swimming with the fishes.

There can be good

fortune in a flood or
maybe not?
After the water subsided the
clean up began. As I was
rummaging through piles of
stuff to throw out I found a
million dollar bill. Wow, I
wondered where I had miss

When the flood

waters are flowing
you better hold on
to your drawers!

Lessons learned
about a flood.
There are many lessons to
learn during a flood most of
them I wish I still didnt know.
I learned when you are
wading in 5 ft of water, at night,
every living critter is in survival
mode. They get to high ground.
I reached out to retrieve a table
of mine that was floating away.
When I grabbed the table top
ants, spiders, frogs and any
other creepy crawly thing
possible started running up my
arm. I dipped my arm in the
flood water only to have some
slick feeling critter slither by it.
I got out of that water as fast as
possible never to return.
I also learned that when
having lunch in your home with
flood silt stuck to the floor. If
you drop food on the floor the
30 second rule is not in affect. I
was hungry and dropped my
only hot piece of my favorite
fried chicken on the floor. I just
stared at it. Any other day I
would have picked it up, blew it
off and claimed 3 second rule.
My nephew and his buddies
went help get a friends stuff out
of his trailer. They arrived only
to fine the front door had come
open. They closed the door and

were walking in 12 inches of

water. One of the boys felt
something slide across the top
of his foot. Then another guy
felt it. Then one of them yeld,
Shark! It was a 40lb catfish
stuck in the kitchen. After about
30 minutes of trying to catch it
they were finally successful. At
least they had enough fish for a
fish fry to serve to all the
I learned that when you clean
your refrigerator out everything
must go with the exception of
moonshine. Dont get rid of the
moonshine. It can be used to
sterilize cuts, cut the mold dust
in your throat or be used as an
antidepressant and help you
forget about your troubles for
several hours. Take dosage as

Just think a month ago we

were living our life with a steady
schedule in our homes of many
years. We had memories of
family and our life growing in
these homes. We survived
Katrina, Rita and Gustav. We
finally are settled in our ways
and looking forward to the
golden years in our homes with
a life long storage of heirlooms.
I came across some heirlooms
that I didnt know I had. My
mother had placed historic news

papers in my
sisters hope
chest. I found
papers that the
headlines read,
Historic times
and a time
suffered for the cause of
freedom back in 1945.
When you think about those
times these days are relatively
Im sorry for those who lost
everything and pray for a good
recovery that was better than
before. I pray I never see a flood
again because unlike a hurricane
it hits some folks and some
skate by. In a flood it destroys
everything in its way.



Be thankful for your



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Say it aint so, Hubby? You cant quit. Whos gonna read my putts?


1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 S T. A M A N T

24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service

All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery

All brands to fit autos, trucks and
18 wheelers, including tractor/
construction equipment tires

Emergency road service

assistance-Commercial Only
Locally owned and operated since 2004
New used and retreads
Great prices!


Locally Owned & Operated by

Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
Call for Appointment 225.644.8473

Kicking It Around

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros

and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

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Kicking It Around

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros

and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

18562 HIGHLAND DRIVE, BATON ROUGE, 225-751-8473

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


Kicking It Around

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros

and their Five locations is a solid community.

Our Heritage at its Best

18562 HIGHLAND DRIVE, BATON ROUGE, 225-751-8473

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


15 jalapeno peppers (cut in half
length wise seeds and pith
1 cup small diced white onion
cup small diced red bell pepper
cup green onions (sliced)
8 ounces cream cheese (softened)
10 ounces pepper jack cheese (shredded)
1 lb baby boiled shrimp rough chopped (90/110)
15 slices of bacon (chopped)
15 slices of bacon (cut in )
1 tsp fresh minced garlic
cup bread crumbs
Salt, Red Pepper, Black Pepper to Taste

In a pot, bring water to a rapid boil and blanch the jalapeno halves for approx. 2 minutes then immediately scoop them and place them in an ice bath
to cool. While the peppers are cooling, in a large mixing bowl, add your
cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, garlic, green onions and shrimp. Saut the
onion and red bell pepper until tender then add to the cheese mixture. Next,
saut your chopped bacon until crispy and add to the cheese mixture.
(Grease too YUM) Add the bread crumbs to the cheese mixture and mix
well. Generously stuff the peppers with cheese mixture then wrap the pepper
with a slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick.

Cajun Stuffed Peppers

Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau

Prep Time:
30 Minutes
Cook Time:
6 Minutes

Now decide how you want to serve them.. Grilled, fried, baked.?????
If frying, pre heat oil to 350 degrees. Dust the peppers in flour then into
and egg wash, then back into the flour and fry for about 5 minutes or until
golden brown.
If grilling or baking, cook peppers for about 8 minutes or until bacon is to
your desired doneness.

Airline Hwy at Hwy 74 in Gonzales


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Its Easy to Advertise in Ascension Magazine.

A whole lot easier than catching 30 bass
Mike Strong