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SA 2010-2011

Programs and Activities Date Venue Objectives

University Acquaintance June 20, 2010 University Gym and Soccer Field Welcome new students and for

Present the Year's Strategic Plan

State Of Student Association June 25, 2010 PIC Celebrate the SA 56th Founding
Address (SOSA-A) Anniversary (June 24, 1954)

Student Association Leadership June 27, 2010 SA Conference Room/ COB Equip and Train SA Officers and Staff
Training Seminar (SALTS)

Freshmen Orientation Seminar Orient on how to be successful in their

“Quick Tips on Surviving the July 1, 2010 AVR/Finster Chapel college life.
College Life”

By-Election Officially Open July 5, 2010 AUP Campus Pursuant to SA Constitution Article X
Section 3

AICAP Council of President July 15-18, 2010 CPAC Draft and Approve the AICAP Calendar
Meeting of Events

Crushes Week July 19-23, 2010 SA Park Time of Appreciation. Fund raising as

Localized AICAP Involve students into sports. Preparation

Sports Tournament July 25 – October 3, 2010 Gym/Soccer Field for teams on intramurals and AICAP
Friendship games
Miting de Avance July 30, 2010 GYM Inform the students regarding the
(Student Convocation) candidates for by-election

Fun Run, Painting and Film Fest,

University Day Celebration July 31 – August 2, 2010 AUP Campus Cultural Night, Food Fair, Social Night
to celebrate AUP University Day

By-Election August 5, 2010 AUP Campus Elect eight (8) Senators

Participate as delegates/committee head

International Youth Day August 11-13, 2010 Manila Pavilion in the preparatory and secretariat. Elect
(Tentative) National and Regional Officers in

Equip and Train student leaders from

Student Association Leadership August 22-23, 2010 COB/Finster Chapel college student council, student
Training Seminar (SALTS) organization, student ministry, and SA

Oath -Taking of New Elected August 22-23, 2010 COB/Finster Chapel During SALTS

Student and Youth Leader’s AUP Campus/ Silang, Cavite Host and Convene the student and youth
Regional MDG Summit August 29-30, 2010 (Tentative) leaders of CALABARZON for a MDG

Get to know the foreign students and

Foreign Students Forum September 5, 2010 AVR/Finster their concerns
Host the SUTA kick-off event in
Stand Up Take Action (SUTA) September 17-19, 2010 AUP Campus CALABARZON in support of MDG
campaign in parallel with the State
Leaders High Meetings to get an update
of their respective country

Community Service September 19, 2010 Silang, Cavite In line with SUTA, there will be clean up
(Adopt a School Program) drive, repainting of school, feeding
program etc.

Malacañang and Senate of the Exposure trip for student leaders on how
SA Lakbay Aral September 23-24, 2010 Philippines government works focusing on the
executive and legislative branch

Ratification of new SA September 30, 2010 AUP Campus Amend and revise the SA Constitution

Voice of Youth October 2010 TBA Share and preach the gospel
(during Semestral break)

Host a Drug-Abuse Awareness and

Drug-Abuse Prevention Forum November 14, 2010 AUP Campus Prevention Forum in CALABARZON
Pursuant to 3rd week of November To promote public awareness against the
Presidential Proclamation 124, (Drug Abuse Prevention evil effects of illegal drug use as well as
dated November 26, 2001. and Control Week) encourage public cooperation in the
government’s anti-drug campaign.

AICAP North Philippine

Regional Friendship Games/Camp November 26-29, 2010 AUP Campus
AUP, MAMC, NVAC (Tentative)
World AIDS Day December 1, 2010 AUP Campus AIDS-awareness and prevention drive in
(In -Charge: PIC Midweek) support of the worldwide campaign

Host an AIDS-awareness and prevention

Youth Forum on AIDS/RH Bill December 3, 2010 AUP Campus drive in support of the worldwide
(Tentative) campaign and forum in CALABARZON

International Volunteers Day December 5, 2010 AUP Campus Showcase the volunteerism effort of
National Volunteers Month: various student groups in the campus

Environment Camp December 2010 AUP Campus


Juvenile Justice Program December 2010 TBA


Christmas Party December 12, 2010 AUP Campus

Dental Mission December 12, 2010 AUP Campus Provide free dental services for AUP
Working Students (WSA)

Student Leaders Meet for Sharing of

AICAP National Congress December 21-24, 2010 CPAC Activities, reporting of
(tentative) Accomplishments, and proposed
programs and project

AICAP Joint Voice of Youth December 19, 2010 – Brgy. Jerusalem, Cadiz City Share and preach the gospels
(Tentative) January 1, 2011
One week sports event for undergraduate
College Intramurals January 16-21, 2011 AUP Campus and faculty and staff

General Election Officially Open January 17, 2010 AUP Campus Pursuant to SA Constitution Article X
Section 3

AICAP National January 30, 2011 AUP Campus Gather the participants from AICAP
Bible Quiz Bee National Bible Week (Tentative) members school
(Tentative) (every last week of January)
Proclamation no. 44 in 1986 National Bible Sunday
(every last Sunday of the

Workers' and Students' Week of January 31 – PIC Spiritual Revival and Refreshment
Prayer February 5, 2011

Miting de Avance February 11, 2011 GYM Inform the students regarding the
(Student Convocation) candidates for general election

Crushes Week February 11-15, 2011 SA Park Time of Appreciation. Fund raising as

Inspire AUP couples with the right

University Banquet with Seminar February 13, 2011 Gym perspective and concept of relationship

General Election February 17, 2011 AUP Campus Elect President, Vice President and eight
(8) Senators

Student Association Summit on February 27, 2011 AVR/Finster Chapel Environmental awareness drive and to
Climate Change adopt the University Environmental
Agenda of Actions
Model Student/Teachers Award Excellence award for model
Oath-Taking of New SA officers March 4, 2011 PIC students/teachers to be more inspired and
SY 2011-2012 to inspire others too

Seniors Night March 20, 2011 Gym/Cafeteria Thanksgiving and farewell party for all