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Submitted to:
Mrs. Sonia L. Guzman
TLE Teacher
Submitted by:
Raymund Gerard D. Razon

New Look
Transforming people, changing

Sole Proprietor:
Raymund Gerard D. Razon

II. Table of Contents

Name and Description of
Institutional Purpose, Vision, Mission, and
Organizational and Management Study.
Organizational and Management
Market Study.
Production Study.
Financial Study..
Contribution to the Philippine
Acknowledgements and

III. Introduction

Rationale of the Project

This project is made because I want to have a business which is

organize regarding all its aspect and in order to make that business I will
make a business plan to be ready in times that I am already capable of
having my own business for this can help me to easily build up a business
on my own for this plan includes every detail of a business from its
description, different strategies, organization, marketing and financial. For
in this business plan everything is being inspected. In the end process of a
business plan the purpose, vision, mission, and goals must always be
implemented. This could also help the owner financially for in this
business our aim is to serve customers and have a profit.
Business plans are records used for setting up detailed information
about a/your business. The top intent of a business plan is to define what
the business is and/or what it will be in the future. This business plans
purpose is to help the would-be entrepreneur to have an idea of what s/he
will put up when the time allows her to do so. This is also made so that
there will be clarifications about the descriptions and narratives of the
business and the service or products, specifications of the products it sells
and the service it gives and a detailed report of the businesss ideal
customer.This business plan also serves as the starting point to a big race,

and we all know in a race before you finish at the ending point, youve to
get through the starting point first.


Objectives of the Project

The objectives of my business plan are generally for the purpose of profit
wherein this can give the owner a benefit in regard to finance. For this
business plan will serve as a preparation for me in the future years when I
will come in that time that I will build my own business. This business plan
could serve as my guide or better be my business in the upcoming years.
This aims to help students make their own business plan as a preparatory
stage for the life of business. This business plan aims to explain the track of
the business.
This business plan aims to magnetize future assets and financing, to bring
together investors and participants, to administer an enterprise, to work as a
proposal for developing a business, to serve as a manual during the life span
of a businesss operation.

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IV. Name and Description of the Business

A. Name of the Business
New Look is merchandising business that provides unique, creative, and
trend clothes to the people. It gives an opportunity to many people to have
the freshest and newest style of clothes in an affordable price together with
its high quality. It is a high fashion store which is full of apparels in terms of
design. The store sells ready-to-wear clothes, casual and contemporary
footwear, and fashion accessories. It provides the customers a place in which
they will bring the best outfit they can have.

B. Firm and Location

New Look
Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City
1634 Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

C. Description

This project is a guide to creating the proposed business New Look, a

fashion boutique store. It contains some details about the project, like the
financial plans, marketing plan, production plan, organization and
management plan and also the people and organization behind it. It talks
about the plan on how to start the business and it guides for an easier start
up for the business.

D. Classification of Business
Ownership: Private
Structural Form: Sole Proprietorship
Nature of Operation: Merchandise
Kind: Industry
Capital Requirement: Small Scale (6 million 15 million)

E. Organizational Structure/Chart

General Manager
Raymund Razon


Marketing Director
Camille Baron

Josh Rordriguez

Human Resource
Richard Sy


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F. Names and Position


Raymund Razon - General Manager

Camille Baron Marketing Director
Josh Rodriguez Maintenance Head
Richard Sy Human Resource Head
Samantha Tan - Customer Relations Officer
Zac Miranda Assistance and Maintenance
Suzzane Chan - Stocks Attendant
Charlie Chiu - Clerk

G. Functions
1. General Manager
A general manager usually oversees most or all of the firm's
marketing and sales functions as well as the day-to-day operations of
the business. Frequently, the General Manager is responsible for
effective planning, delegating, coordinating, staffing, organizing, and








decision making to attain desirable profit making results for an

Marketing Director
A marketing director directly supervise and coordinate the
activities in the sales and marketing of the business. Their roles vary
according to need and are therefore very diverse. Coordinators in some
firms have entry-level responsibilities that resemble those of an office
Maintenance Head
A Mantainance Head is an employee who has authority to hire,
transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward, or
discipline other employees, or to adjust their grievances, or effectively
to recommend such action, if, in connection with the foregoing, the
exercise of such authority is not of a merely routine or clerical nature
but requires the use of independent judgment.
Human Resource Head
A Human Resource Head is a professional that is skilled in the art
of selling. He gives special attention to customer to fill their purchasing
needs in a courteous and experienced manner. This professional does
much more than push the merchandise consumers buy, but also has
keen insight to her buyers needs and wants.
Customer Relations Officer
A Customer Relations Officer is the one who deals with the
customers demands as well as their complains and their needs. He
comply with the customers in a way that they will be satisfied with the
service being rendered.
Assistance and Maintenance Officer
An Assistance Maintenance Officer is the one who is in charge of
rendering their time in sharing their ideas in a specific product. He is
also needed in getting the stocks in which the customers wants.
Stocks Attendant
A Stock Attendant is an employee that is present in the stock
room. He checks the stocks and use its list to make the stocks
coordinated. He is connected with the assistance and maintenance
officer in a way that the stock attendant is the one who gives supply to
the officer.
A Clerk is an employees that serves the customers with their
assistance in getting different sizes of clothes, shoes or whatever
garments they like. He is in charge with the

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V. Institutional Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Goals

A. Institutional Purpose
Five to ten years from now New Look will be the one of the leading
brands of merchandising clothing line for it provides people with high quality
products which are creative and unique in terms of design for different and
various apparels like clothes, garments, accessories and footwear and other
which are related to fashion.

B. Vision

A boutique that aims to be the leading and most trusted brand of

clothes and to give or even exceed the needs of the customers as well as to
make them satisfied with our high quality products and fast service.

C. Mission
To consistently give the customers the freshest styles and ideas, by
keeping up current trends and constantly educating ourselves about the best
designs and to pay attention to the details of service, high standards, and to
exceed the customers expectation and keep them from coming back.

D. Goals:
a. Long-term Goals


be able to extend many branches nationwide

get or attract investors and creditors in the business
be known and popular to people nationwide
be rated as the best and most trusted brand of clothes


b. Short-term Goals


provide customers high quality products and fast service

give and provide customers care
promote and protect the environment
strengthen our connection to people

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VI. Executive Summary

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats of the Owner
One of the owners strength is that he is good in goal setting. He always
makes sure that everything is going smoothly according to the goal made.
He is a person with persistence and a positive thinker. He usually makes
everything in plan, want his thing always organize, finishes all the task given,
and uses his time wisely in every aspect.
The owner is sometimes lack of patience, his mind is not consistent. He
doesnt settle for a thing he always thinks of something he can change. He is
straightforward and this makes him a person which people doesnt like. He is

not good in talking to people and making talks. He has a shy and timid
personality. Hes not really that good in decision making for sometimes the
things he decides fails. Failure for him is what makes him better and despite
of his weakness he is a positive thinker.
Raymund always look for possible opportunities. For him, school is an
opportunity for it gives him the chance to learn new things, widens his mind
and open it to further knowledge. He also consider technology as an
opportunity for it helps him in a way that it gives him existing ideas for the
things he do and makes it more entertaining in a way. For with the use of
technology a body of knowledge or phenomenon is can easily learned.
He as a person who lacks with self-confidence and seeing people with such
confidence gives him the feeling of being degraded. This thing same goes
when he see persons much better than him, his self-esteem suddenly goes

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats of the

The business gives the customers more than what they need. This business
is making hiqh quality products, and its products are eco-friendly and it also
gives customers fast service.
The business is a small capacity of person maybe its weakness is the space.
The budget also is one of the business for having the money to raise the
business for the capital is hard to obtain and comply with.
The business can make bizarre and sale this can be a way of obtaining profit
in a way by lowering the price using the discount. Furthermore, you will know
how to manage the business wherein it will make you independent and
prepare you for the next challenges of the said business.
The business threats are the other competitors with the same business or
having a clothing shop especially the ones who are very popular and the one
with a large space with regards to the capacity of their shop.

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VII. Organization and Management

A. Organizational and Management Study

The business organization to be used is sole proprietorship, and Mr.
Raymund Razon will be the general manager. Mr. Raymund Razon as the
manager owns the business. He will hire a Marketing Director, Maintenance

Head, and Human Resource Head and will personally screen each one of
them to see their strengths, abilities as well as their capabilities, and to
select the best people that is allotted for the job. The Marketing Director is
responsible for hiring the Human Resource Head and the Maintenance Head
that will be approved by the managers. The Marketing Director is required to
have a college degree that is related to business, while the Human Resource
Head and the Maintenance Head must at least have a high school degree.
They will be chosen based on an interview, to choose which one will be the
perfect person to be qualified for the said position.

They, the manager, the Marketing Director, the Maintenance Head, and
the Human Resource Head, would oversee the business, even though other
people may be involved like the tailors, assistants, and future investors. The
salary will depend on the amount that has been agreed on, either 15-30 or
monthly pay basis. We also plan to give them seminars that would make
them more efficient for their job, also they would give them a talk and at the
same time to get to know one another to strengthen the bond between
New Look can be classified as a hierarchy as its type of organization
because there is a leader who is in charge of all the decisions being made
and functional structure as its organizational structure. A functional structure
is set up so that each portion of the organization is grouped according to its
purpose. Having said that, small businesses like New Look, can depend on
the knowledge, skill, and ability of the personnel and the support itself.

New Looks product schedule is arranged carefully by the owner and

manager of New Look, Mr. Raymund Razon. The project schedule is
distributed to all officers and personnel of the organization so that theyll
have knowledge about the time frame and the target schedules. Project
schedules are distributed to the workers individually but the key personnel of
every department should be the ones totally focused on the said timetable.

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To let the people know

and inform them that
our shop is having a
job opening and we are
looking for employees.
To interview and select
the person which will
be involved in our store
and this person must be
fit for the given job.
To give our employees
new ideas and function
wherein they can use it
to be efficient in their
work and service
To work and think for
the possible salary,
including the different
month pay and bonus
cash for each of the


3 Weeks

1 Week

3 Days

2 Days

Advertise our store

with the use of radio,
newspaper, putting our
online website and by
putting posters.
Testing and screening
of applicants by
interviewing them and
reading their resumes,
and bio data.
For the new employess
a seminar will be
conducted for them to
easily utilize the
facilities to be used.
Speak with them one
by one and ask them
what are their
capabilities, strengths
and the benefits they
want to receive.

General Mana
Radio Broadcas
Article Write
Advertising Ag

General Mana
Maintenance H
Human Resou

General Mana
Maintenance H
Human Resou


General Mana



A. Market Study

The market targets for New Look fashion boutique are the children up
to the adults who have the most interests in fashion especially in clothes and
footwear, any person can be the market. This business have many different
uses in market for it can give much more than it is. As a matter of fact,
everyone serves as its potential market. It also has a high demand in our
society, being in a part of computer age, and we usually search for clothes
and by online not so readily accessible to most because of its shipping fee,
and its quality is not assured. This business serves as we can consider the
gateway which will open to those people who wants to have quality products
without the doubt of having poor quality.

Although there are other competitors around the area, the business will
be the leading brand with its quality products in cheaper price plus we have
available stocks. We would also observe these other shops to see what are
their strengths and weaknesses and be able to take action from this. The
marketing program to be used is advertising by newspaper, poster, and
radio. We would distribute brochures and flyers to people around the area,
and hang posters around the village. Also, we would offer promos and
discounts to attract the potential market. The projected sales would be high,
because of a good market and location. There would be profit each deal, and
it is projected that we would be able to earn enough profit for the expansion
by the coming years.

The demand potential of New Look will increase to a maximum level

because of the target market of the business. The street where New Look can
be found is a place where people enjoy the traditional ways of living despite
of their upscale life rather than the up-to-date path of life.. Regarding its
supply aspect, we know that a business couldnt go on without a continuous
supply. New Lookss supply ranges from 80-100 clothes on normal seasons
and 120-150 on picked seasons, the seasons depends on the demand of the

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To know where the
biggest markets
attention is or its main
purpose and interest. To
have knowledge about
what people likes
To have information
about the potential
market to have a
knowledge of the
capability and possibility
of the business.
To make an inventory of
the products that have
been bought, sold and
been purchased in order
or a business to be in an
organized way.
To develop and enhance
regarding the products,
advertisement, ambiance,
assistance, and the
service offered by the
store to the customers.


2 weeks

2 weeks

2 days

1 week

See the daily activities
to know the biggest
market and how to
advertise to that market.
To observe what do the
consumers usually buy.
Regarding the
customers observe what
catches their attention in
the different shop if the
designs do affect and
get their attention.
Review the list of
receipt of the supplies
bought and receipt of
sold products. In this
way we aim to track the
sales of the store.
Trying to look over the
new and innovative
designs which I think
will be a trend to the
people for its unique
and new features.



General Ma
Marketing D

General Ma
Marketing D

Human Res

General Ma

IX. Production

A. Production Study

New Look is a merchandising business, the supplies we need are

mostly used. So we need tools that are used to wear like clothing,
footwear, garments and etc. The tops and bottoms are first and
foremost, will be our top priority since it is my major product and hard
to find. Finding a cheap but efficient source of clothes would be crucial
in saving. The best way to find a good source is to research for it and
to ask question from the experts or people who already had experience
in a business like this.

Also we need some of pre-operating supplies such as air

conditioners, cctvs, lights, etc. We also need computers to make our
operations successful and Wireless fidelity or internet would be
important for our transactions. I can get these things in a trusted and
has a quality standard appliance shop. We also need operating supplies
such as paper and ink for printed documents. Another are snack bars
for break hours of employees and cleaning supplies to keep our facility
clean. Lastly, the production materials should be upgraded from time
to time because of fast growth of technology.

The clothes that are supplied to New Looks are delivered from different
places to the city of Taguig where New Look is located.. Clothes deliveries are
from 1st Mondays and 3rd Saturdays of the month while coffee bean deliveries
are four times a month. There are no machine and equipment necessary for
the clothes part except for the cash register and bookkeeping/accounting
programs but as for the coffee nook there are equipments that can be
enumerated like the machines used for making coffee and other baking
materials for sweets.
The different suppliers that supply clothes to New Look are located
within the range of Philippines. The factories practices biodegradable and
non-biodegradable system. The wastes of New Look are deposited to the
legal waste disposals near the area and the ones that still can be recycled
are being reutilized at its very usage.

10 | P a g e



To find sources which

can supply us clothes,
garments, footwear and
other fashion apparels.
To have a deal with the
supplier that they will
give supplies in times
that we need the given
orders and apparels.

To start the business by

ordering the starting
materials needed like
some tops, bottoms,
shoes and accessories.

3 weeks

1 Week

4 Days


Search for the current
trends, freshest style
and quality products.
Ask for some sources
of good clothes.
Have a business talk
with the supplier that
our store will regularly
get supplies from them
so we shall have
receive a discount.

Check the list of the

materials which are
needed to start the
business and the l to be
organize and in order.


General Manager


General Manager

P450 000



There are suppliers
which will give us
sources for our needs
and they will give us
the material we need.
We will have a supplier
that will give us
supplier for our shop
which is regular as we
give them our orders.
They will give us the
materials needed.
The materials we need
will be completed as
well as then supplies
that the shop needs will
be given in order to
start the business.

To always keep the

business active in trend,
supply the needs of the
consumers as well as to
keep the store visited
by people.


Have a consistent and

constant supplier for
each operating
materials that are
needed for the business.

General Manager


Smooth and steady

flow of the run of the
business, for
everything is in
constant and consistent
state which is assured.

X. Finance

A. Financial Study

The total project costs would include pre-operating costs, operating

cost, and some major expenses. The pre-operating costs are the tools for the
business and other starting materials. This is where most of the capital would
come out. The operating costs include electricity, internet, paper, and ink.
These do not cost much so they will not be much of a problem. We will also
spend some money from taxes, and fees from legalizing and advertising of
the business, and much more fees that is not expected to come.

The estimated capital requirement for the business would be 15 million

upward, to start the business and keep it operating for up to one year. This
also includes all payments that will be coming throughout the year. A year
from now, the business would grow and therefore all the cost would also
increase. We assume that the demand would increase as the business gets
more popular, and more money will be needed to expand by then. We also
assume that there would be malfunctions in some pre-operating materials, in
which we need to hire specialists if necessary.

In a business, you can never avoid spending. Spending is basically a

part of everything in this world but most especially business. Yes, you can
purchase some things for free but you have to spend most of the time. Its a
two way street, you get what you give, you cant always get, you have to
sacrifice some to earn some.

The total project costs would contain pre-operating costs, operating

costs, post-operating costs and major overheads. The pre-operating costs are
the equipments that are needed for the business and other setting up
supplies. The operating costs include electricity, programs, bond papers,
writing materials, and ink. These actually dont cause to much headache but
taxes and fees for advertising and legal forms cause some headache.



To see and observe the

trends and what the
demands of the
consumers are and to
have an overlook about
the income and profit of
the store I build up.
To assess and budget
the money in the
business for there are
supplies which are
always needed to be
regularly paid for the
business to continue.
To plan for the financial
requirements and this
includes the fixed
capital, working capital,
and pre-operating
capital. Each one must
be observed made and


12 | P a g e


2 years

3 days

1 Week


Make financial
statement, charts, list and
projections every month
of the sales for the first
of operation, assessing
the income and profit.
Prepare a budget
structure in order for the
money to be wisely used
to include it to
marketing, production,
general and
administrative expenses
Make the list of cost and
expenses of the business
as well as to determine
the different financial
requirement need for the
said plan.


General Man

General Man

General Man

XI. Contribution to the Philippine Economy

New Look will have contributions to the economy first and foremost it
is a legal business, it pays taxes to the government based on the income,
and for the payment that will be coming from the business. We will follow the
Philippine system, we will be registered from BIR and DTI because every
business is required to have this. We will also give jobs to the unemployed;
therefore we will be able to increase the rate of the labor force of our
economy. In every expansion, employment also increases.
New Look can contribute to the Philippine economy through its success and triumph. Its
volume of sales and rise of status can be a reason why it will expand and grow to a much higher
standard of business. A small business like New Look can also contribute to the economic
development of the country by bringing progress and innovation which will help the country
because itll be known for good and advanced businesses like New Look. Another contribution
would be to help the stimulation and prompt economic growth by providing and giving
employment openings to people who may not be qualified for large companies. New Look gives
light, help, and change to people and to the country.
Also it helps the economy in such way of transportation, delivery, and
other things that helps many people in their everyday living. New Look would
give the Philippines credits if it becomes a successful and large firm in the
future. We could also experiment on our product and make new lines of
vehicles that could attract the attention of other countries and spread the
culture of our country.

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XII. Exhibits
Business Address:
New Look
Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City
1634 Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

New Looks Floor Plan

15 | P a g e

nNew Look

New Look
Boifacio High Street,Bonifacio Global City,
Metro Manila, Philippines

RRRaymund Gerard D.

16 | P a g e

Camille Baron

245 West 37 Street Mckinley Hills, Taguig City
To obtain an employment as a cashier in a reputed company with possible future opportunities in
the allied customer service areas.
Qualification Highlights
Excellent communication skills both written and spoken English.
Efficient sorting out all the services and products related complaints quickly.
Non stop working ability.
Professional Experience
Bulaklakan Flower Shop
Managed all transactions via phone and in person for the upscale clothing line.
Handled high volume sales successfully.
University of the Philippines Diliman
B.A. Accountancy
Customer Relations, Managing Email

Billing and Filling

Records Management, Regulating Report
Letter of Intent
Josh Andrew P. Rodriguez
Balibago Primero, Tarlac City
December 10, 2014
Mr. Raymund Razon
New Look Fashion Boutique
Taguig City, Metro Manila
Dear Mr. Razon,
Good Morning! Im Josh Rodriguez and I found out that you are open for job and I want to apply
as you Maintenance Head. Im 23 years old a graduate from Ateneo De Manila with the course
of Bachelor of Arts Major in Business Advertising.
We have heard comments about your opening so, I took the opportunity to apply and comply
with your requirements. Im always free anytime you will conduct an interview and thank you
for your kind consideration..
This letter of intent is not the official transaction, we are hoping for your response about this
Respectfully Yours,
Josh Andrew P. Rodriguez
17 | P a g e

18 | P a g e

XIII. Acknowledgements
This business plan wouldnt be possible without the help of the people
to whom I look up to. I am grateful for a number of friends and colleagues
who encouraged and pushed me to start the work, persevere, and finally
make it.
God, I am grateful that you gave an unlimited strength and power to
do this business plan. I owe all this to You and because it is Your grace that
protected and guided me through the sleepless and restless nights.
My parents, I am grateful that you were with me all the way, this is a
stepping stone to one of the biggest challenge in my life. Thank you for
enduring the nights of complaints and rants. Thank you for the comforting
and encouraging words which helped me to finish this project.
Lian Angara, Alex Ramos, Elfren Delenela, Rico Zarraga, Lumina
Aquino, Kenneth Aquino and my classmates, I am grateful for having friends
who are my source of positivity and optimism. I couldnt have gone through
the stressful days and nights without your uplifting words and endless
support. I thank you for being there when I needed you the most.
Finally, I would like to acknowledge with my deepest gratitude, the
support and guidance of my dear teacher in TLE, Mrs. Sonia Lucban Guzman.
She who guided and steered us to the right way for this project. She who was
so calm and approachable regarding our questions. You kept us going, you
are our inspiration, and this business plan would not have been possible
without you.

XIV. Reactions
At first my reaction was The stressful days are coming and it was
really true. The sleepless nights came for how many days but after finishing
everything from the single detail of the plan. It was like all my efforts are
paid off.
Nobody said it was easy, I just never thought that this would be this
hard. I wasnt prepared for it, I thought itll just like be any projects that are
difficult at first but becomes easy in the process but this business plan sort of
didnt go that way. I can say that the sleepless and restless nights were
worth it because I definitely learned tons like time management and
managing my priorities. Now, I cant use this business plan yet but soon for
sure, I will look back and see this business plan as the greatest and bestest
decision I made in my high school life.
The making of this business plan made me realize so many things
about myself for example, I can do multiple tasks in a moment which I didnt
know then and also that I can sleep later than 10 pm and still feel alive
afterwards. Overall, this project served as my eye opener to most things that
I fail to see. To all things that I fail to recognize. To all things I take for
This is one of the best things that Ive ever done. It is difficult,
definitely but in the end youll realize the lesson you gain from making this

business plan. This became one of the memorable project ever. I still cant
believe that I finished it. Im really glad that every effort that I put in is
19 | P a g e