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There were in total 58 questions were 4 of them was simulations (3 troubleshooting and 1
configuration) and one drag and drop.
2. Simulations:
One of them was configuration of an ACL-list. In this configuration I couldnt write the aclThe simulation is exactly like this one(MOD 3), but with only host D:
The next simulation was about troubleshooting OSPF and was exactly like this one:
The third simulation was about troubleshooting RIPv2, but it had also questions about NTP
(the question was like: Why is there no synchronization between the client(R2) and the
master(R1)? And if I remember right it was because R2 had a different IP on its NTP
configuration (it wasnt the same IP as the master NTP, R1))
There is no simulation of this problem yet.
The fourth troubleshooting simulation was about DHCP and some questions about NAT.
There is also no simulations of this yet.
The commands I used for troubleshooting was for the most time show running-config, show ip
protocols, show ip interface brief, show ip ospf, show ip ospf interface [interface nr].

3. The drag and drop was about dragging right IP and MAC-addresses in a communication
between two hosts.
The answer to this task is to drag the source IP and the destination IP in the source and
destination field of the drop field.
The same goes for the routers source and destination MAC-address.

4. The rest of the questions was like (the questions is NOT 100% like the test, but these are the
ones I remember) :
Describing the OSI encapsulation process (choose two).

A statement about LLDP (true or false)

Whats the advantages of VLAN(choose three)?

Which command to use when you will determine if an interface is configured with HDLC?

One question about IP SLAs ICMP jitter

Which of switches interfaces has a designated port role? (there was a picture of a switch

What are the STP roles for these ports? (there was a another picture of a switch topology)

Something about duplicate DHCP(?)

Something about FIB and express forwarding

A question about searching for a IOS image

A statement about RADIUS security (true or false-question)

What will a router choose between OSPF, RIPv2 and EIGRP? (the protocols had some metric
numbers on them in the question, but they are irrelevant. They want to know if you remember
the administrative distance).
The right answer here is EIGRP.

A subnetting question find the network address for a link and a network with 120 hosts
(there is a picture of a topology).

A statement about LLDP (true or false)

A statement about IPV6 prefixes

What indicates a err-disable?

If I remember right there was a person here in 9tut who provided a zip-file with questions. It
seems like the questions in the zip-file and the ones I got is the same(?).