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Over 9 years of experience in IT, Financial and Healthcare environments with primary skill on SQL
Server database development and administration with SQL Server 7.0 /2000/2005/2008 and.Net
Experience with SQL Server and T-SQL in constructing triggers, tables, user defined functions, views,
indexes, stored procedures, relational database models, data dictionaries, and data integrity ,BIDS
Developing custom ETL using DTS.
Extensive experience in data migration between homogenous and heterogeneous system using various
tools Data Transformation Services (DTS) , SSIS, BCP, Bulk Insert, ActiveX
Expertise in SSIS (Integration Services), SSAS (Analysis services) and SSRS.
Extensively worked on SSIS packages to transfer data from heterogeneous databases & different files
format (Text File, Spread Sheet, and XML) to SQL Server 2005.
Expert level knowledge in system analysis
Expert in optimizing database choosing appropriate indexes using index tuning wizard, SQL Profiler.
Had a major role in business requirements analysis, architecture design, physical and logical data
modeling, application development, testing, training, production support and project review with
Good ETL skills ,Data modeling, Dimensional Modeling knowledge with experience in developing data
movement, data cleansing and data integrity processes for the purposes of loading decision support
applications utilizing advanced knowledge of DTS packages and Transact SQL, design and
Experience in creating Packages and Jobs and experience in migration of data from Excel, flat file,
Oracle to MS SQL Server by using BCP and DTS utility
Extensive experience with SQL performance tuning and transactions analysis, thorough
understanding of indexes and statistics.
Expertise in providing Business Intelligence solutions in Data Warehousing using Cognos 8.0
Framework Manager, Report Studio and Query Studio.
Expertise in performing administrative tasks such as database files management, backup/restore,
security management, data integration and synchronization.
Regular overview on the performance of database queries using Profiler and Event Viewer graphs.
Good Knowledge in calculating measures and dimension members using multi dimensional expression
(MDX), mathematical formulas, and user-defined functions.
Building reports using Crystal Reports and Cognos.
Experience in developing applications with ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, XML and Web Services.
Thorough knowledge and extensive experience in using .NET Framework Common Language Runtime
(CLR) assemblies to create SQL Server objects, such as Stored procedures and triggers.
Designed and mapped using various SSIS Transformations like OLEDB Command, Conditional Split,
Aggregator, Multicast and Derived Column.
Good knowledge on Oracle 9i and Sql Server 2000/2005,MS Sharepoint Server
Experience in providing high quality application support on data integration and data management
Worked on complex data loading from FTP sites (implemented the batch data cleansing and data
Worked as Senior Developer in large-scale production environments.
Experience in the areas of design and development of client/server database applications and
Database Data modeling using Erwin 3.5.2, MS Visio.
Experience in Data Profilers
Well-versed in OOAD - UML, RUP & SDLC methodologies.
Experience in windows batch processing using CMD
Checked logical and physical integrity of database objects with DBCC commands

Technical Skills:
Operating system
DataWarehousing & BI

Programming languages
Web Designing Tools
ETL Tools
Development Tools
Version control
Reporting Tools
Data Modeling

DB Design Tools

Windows 2000/03 Servers, Windows NT/XP,UNIX

SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Oracle 9i MS Access, MYSQL.SAP.
SQLServer,BusinessIntelligence DevStudio,SSIS,SSAS,DTS
AccessManager,)SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and SQL Reporting
DTS, SSIS (SQL Server Integration services), SSAS
SQL Server Business Intelligence Development studio.
Visual Studio, WCF
Visual SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server.
Cognos Reportnet, ReportStudio and QueryStudio,Aspose
Star Schema Modeling, FACT, Dimensions Tables,
Physical and Logical Data Modeling.

UNIX Shell (Korn, Bourne, C), Java Script, VB Script.


Bachelors of science (Engineering) -2002
Master of science In Computer Engineering -2007
Certifications -Oracle Certified PL/SQL Developer
Professional Experience:
Bank Of America - Dallas, TX
SQLServer Analyst/ Developer/SSIS/SSRS

June10 - Present

HSSN is the home savers subscriber network run by investor Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae uses this to track the loan
modifications and delinquent loans. BOA home loans reports the customer loan level details to the investors like
FNMA and CITI Loans.
My work mainly involves monitoring production systems, troubleshooting stored procedures and writing
Transact SQL code, troubleshooting complex production issues and delivering high quality reports for LOBs
and Investors.
Proposed various change requests to enhance the functionality and stability of the existing system.
Created stored procedures, views, triggers, and custom user defined functions.
Designed databases, stored procedures, tables, views, SQL functions in SQL 2000 and SQL 2005
Various types of reports (Drill down, Matrix, and Navigating) with charts were created using Reporting
Services 2005.
Integrated Sql server with BI software Tableau for data analytics and business dashboards.
Reports were scheduled to be executed and sent to client via email and posted on SharePoint
Server. Created views in SharePoint modified web parts uploaded new documents and customized the
existing SharePoint site.

Extensively utilized SSIS packages functionality to create complete ETL process using scripts, stored
procedure, functions, transformation of data etc.
Conversion of legacy system data (AS400 systems) ,SAP HR systems to MS SQL Server Using ETL
technologies such as DTS and SSIS
Migration from SAP HR data( 2 GB) to sql server ;converting codes to stored functions ,user defined
functions .
Upgarded sql server versions from 2005 to 2008R2 .
Updgraded to sql server 2012 PDW (Parllel Datawarehouse)
Enhanced , debugged and documented DTS system for table loading and ftp processes.
Experience in creating SSIS Package . Experience in DTS Migration and Meta data Management :
Migrating DTS to SSIS, Package Migration wizard and storage management
Experience in data migration (using tools like DTS, BULK_INSERT, BCP and Replication) between
different homogeneous and heterogeneous systems and SQL Server.
Created SQL jobs to process files, execute SSIS packages and publish data on the web server.
Retrieved data from Web service, creating an XML file and utilized it in packages for further processing.
Involved in performance tuning to optimize existing applications and processes.
Supported applications by rerunning previous files, handled queries, and created ad-hoc reports as
Reviewed and optimized SQL queries, stored procedures, views and triggers from other developers to
achieve maximum efficiency and scalability
Designed Complex reports using cascading parameters ,Drill through Reports, Parameterized reports
and adhoc reports using sql server reporting services
Matrix reports were created for the report whose columns were not predetermined.
Various user defined functions were created to reuse in reports and store procedures.
Performed database recovery at a table level using Lite Speed.
Managed database security, created and assigned appropriate roles and privileges to users.
created database backup and recovery using Lite Speed scripts and also MS-SQL scripts.
Extensively used windows batch processing for large data.
Created schema objects like attributes,facts,hierarchies ,transformations and public objects like metrics
,prompts,consolidations,custom groups with Microstrategy.
Created advanced reports using Microstrategy Desktop Designer.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008R2/ 2012 PDW, SSIS, T-SQL, SQL Reporting Services 2005, ASP.NET,
ADO.NET, Visual Studio.NET, SharePoint 2003, Qlikview ,BCP BATCH JOBS, Microsoft Dynamics AX,
CRM.DTS,Tableau,Biztalk ESB.
Results Technologies - Kennesaw, GA.
2005/2008 Developer/.Net Developer

Aug07 to May 10


Results Technologies is a call center IT Management and Reporting Company. Results generates 4000 reports
daily around the globe for outbound and inbound clients such as USRobotics,XM Radio. Generally reports in
either Microsoft Excel, flat file formats, web reports containing statistics on industry call metrics. Worked with team
of developers developing applications deployed in 2000+ user call centers and worked on Deliverable Manager
Application which was deployed corporate-wide including 4000 branch locations throughout US and also worked
with web reporting system, RNET.
Developed/Supported Intranet-based applications for call centers and corporate-wide use (extensively
used T-SQL(DDL, DML), C#,ASP.NET for webservices.
Performed Query Optimization and Performance Tuning of Stored Procedures.
Developed more than 150 Stored Procedures with complex business logics.
Migrated the DTS packages into SSIS (Integration Services).

Achieved great strides on automating various manual processes through DTS Packages and Jobs,
writing code and creating jobs to automate repetitive tasks.
Used the Checksum Transformation logic for incremental updates ( incremental rows and modified
rows ).
Created DTS packages and scheduled data migration from old system to new system and verified
making different reports on new system.
Extracted the data from XML and CSV files to SQL Server 2008.
Created the Staging tables, successfully migrated old data from legacy system into SQL Server 2008
using SSIS Packages.
Extracted the data from AS400&Altitude to SQL Server 2008 using SSIS as ETL tool.
Transferred data by adding derived column transformation, count of records, merging of data while
pulling data from Source to the Target.
Created various Stored Procedures to validate the data from source and update the records and insert
them into a newly created table.
Developed several Complex Reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) using SSRS (SQL
Server Reporting Services).
Actively involved as part of team to modify or generate Store Procedure as per LOBS user requirements
Wrote some C# procedures and deployed them to the database server.
Involved in the conversion of old VBasic to C#.NET. Used ADO.NET for Database manipulations.
Worked with an offshore team of 15 junior developers.
Developed some windows based applications in C#.Net for interacting and retrieving data from SQL
Server, also made applications for entering criterion and opening reports from Crystal Reports, Created
complex reports in Crystal Reports using procedures from SQL Server by passing in stored
procedure parameters.
Enhanced the old Excel Reports to new SQL Server Reports to fit new business requirements, and
implemented into SQL Server 2005.
Performed T-SQL tuning and optimizing queries for Reports which take longer time in execution SQL
Server 2005, used pivot tables to provide structured Reports.
Used Temp Tables are to reduce the number of rows for joins and to aggregate data from different
sources for different reports.
Indexes are created on tables for new database for faster retrieval for the reports.
Created Views and Indexed Views to reduce database complexities for the reports.
Responsible for deploying reports to Report Manager and Troubleshooting for any error occurs in
Scheduled the Reports to run on daily and weekly basis in Report Manager and also email them to
director and analysts to review in Excel Sheet.
Used C#.Net for application programming.
Environment: Microsoft SQLServer 2005/2008R2 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS),
Management studio, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS),Windows 2000,Oracle goldengate replication
tool , Erwin, MS Excel 2003,Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 3.5 ,Team Foundation Server ,WPF,WCF.BIDS,Java

Progressive Insurance, Mayfield, OH .

SQL Server Analyst/ Developer/ SSIS/SSAS.

Nov06- July07

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies ranks third in the nation for auto insurance, with More than 12
million customers. It Provides Auto, Home & Business insurance
Project: SolidG Client Web
Client Web is a web-based system which is used by customers of Progressive and its partners. The primary
purpose of the Client Web System is to provide the users with a more comprehensive recovery and reporting
functionality to increase the standards of customer service and improve ease-of-use.
Evaluated Source systems, standardizing received data formats, understanding business/data
transformation rules, business structure and hierarchy relationships, data transformation through
mapping development, validation and testing of mappings.

Developed the Logical and Physical Design models as per business requirements using Sybase Power
Used intelligent pervasive sql server connectors to display all tables with full data in the viewer .
Used Dimensional Modeling Techniques to identify parameters necessary to create Dimensions and
Fact tables.
Migrated the Data from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 Using SSIS.
Wrote code for high volume batch processing
Used various Migration Wizards like Import and Export Wizard and Migration Wizard.
Developed logic for incremental updates ( incremental rows and modified rows )
Used complex queries to pull data from Excel as well as other databases to the table that has been
designed schema.
Extract the data from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 using SSIS as ETL tool.
Implemented the Package configuration using XML files.
Worked on SQL Profiler and Estimated Query plan to optimize the performance of SQL queries and
stored procedures.
Defined report layouts
Identified and defined the datasets for report generation
Wrote queries for drill down reports.
Developed a Tabular Reports using SSRS Report Designer.
Debugged reports and deploying reports on server
Created an ad-hoc reports using SSRS Report Builder.
Used complex expressions to calculate groups, filters, parameterize, and format the contents of the
Transformations of data such as adding derived column, sorting of data, merging of data has been done
while pulling data from SQL Server 2000 to the SQL Server 2005.
Used various transformations like MultiCast, Conditionalsplit, OLEDB Command, Script Component
and Lookup while loading the data into Destination.
Created various Stored Procedures to validate the data from source and update the records and insert
them into a newly created table.
Created the Indexed Views for better performance.
Hands on experience in tuning mappings, identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks in various
levels like sources, targets, mappings, and sessions.
Developed the T-SQL Statements for loading the data into Target Database.
Involved various levels of testing (Unit, Functional and Integration), with Data Profilers.
Built cubes with SSAS and written MDX scripts for generating reports on top of cubes.

Environment: SSIS, SSAS, Informix, Sybase Power Designer, SQL Server 2005, VSS 3.5, SSRS, Team
Foundation Server, BIDS
Merrill Lynch, NJ.
Dec05 - Oct 06
SSIS/SSRS Developer.
Post trade services are managing and maintaining all the data related to the trades after they are initiated in the
market. Whether a trade was settled, cancelled, postponed or never finished, all the information is collected
through Legacy systems and then reconciled in the night before the next trading day starts. Based upon this data,
various reports are generated. We developed the Production support website to monitor the nightly recon and
production issues. The development, maintenance and enhancement of this website were done by the onsite
team. I was one of the team member for Merrill Lynch Development team.The GMI GEF&S, Merrill Lynch Project
consisting of development, maintenance and enhancement of the Existing Project
Involved in a Database Design, Coding and Testing.
Involved in creation of required database, modified tables, triggers, and procedures to clean and
validate the data to meet the specifications.
Created views and indexed views as required by front end developer for easier implementation on web
Created stored procedures and functions to support efficient data storage and manipulation.

Involved in metadata modeling, creating a project, creating and publishing the package.
Converted the DTS Packages into SSIS using Migration Wizards.
Used complex queries to pull data from excel as well as other databases to the table that has been
designed schema.
Optimized the performance of various stored procedures by redesigning T-SQL queries and changing
connection and server level settings.
Involved in Testing and Debugging the Stored Procedures and T-SQL.
Worked on Client/Server tools like SQL Server Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer to Administer
SQL Server.
Extracted the data from SQL Server 2000 to the SQL Server 2005 using SSIS as ETL tool.
Created Database Maintenance Planner for the Performance of SQL Server, which covers Database
Integrity Checks, Update Database Statistics and Re-indexing.
Developed a Tabular Reports using SSRS Report Designer.
Implemented the Package configuration using XML files.
Designed models in Framework Manager and worked with parameter maps.
Involved in metadata modeling, creating a project, creating and publishing the package.
Used custom queries in certain reports.
Used Script Component to generating the Surrogate key values in Dimensional Tables.
Involved in query tuning for increasing the query performance.
Created Database Maintenance Planner for the Performance of SQL Server, which covers Database
Integrity Checks, Update Database Statistics and Re-indexing.
Designed and implemented critical system recovery plan through different stages of backup and
Transformations of data such as adding derived column, sorting of data, merging of data has been done
while pulling data from SQL Server 2000 to the SQL Server 2005.
Used various transformations like Multicast, Slowly Changing Dimensions and Conditional split,
OLEDB Command, Script Component and Lookup while loading the data into Destination.
Created various Stored Procedures to validate the data from Source and update the records and insert
them into a newly created table.
Build test scenarios and test cases (negative / positive) to validate expected outcome

Migrated tables to the Data Warehouse using DTS for reporting purpose.

Created OLAP Cubes using Star Schema and Snowflake Schema.

Created OLAP Databases and generated reports Using COGNOS and MS Excel.

Created various report types like simple report, cross tab, sub report and drill through that cover the
entire range of enterprise reporting requirements and distributed to users.
Created and Modified Catalogs for different applications by using Impromptu Administrator.

Environment: SSIS,SSAS Business Intelligence Development studio (BIDS),SSRS DTS, HL7,BIDS

Visio, Windows XP,IIS,SQL Server 2000/2005 and Cognos7 series.
Medical Services Company
Aug 05 Dec 05
SQL Developer/SSAS
MSC - Medical Services Company is a Nationwide Leader in the delivery of medical products and pharmacy
services to the workers' compensation industry. MSC serves both the workers' compensation insurance carrier as
well as the injured worker.Leaded the web based reporting team. Responsible for development, test, and Production
database environments for the companys web-based applications and Managed user security, roles, profiles and
assignment of privileges. Perform data modeling, design, code review, debugging. More than 200 reports for various
insurance carriers like Liberty Mutual, Safeco, and Cambridge etc.
Responsible for re-designing database models for various MSC applications and tools.
Responsible for developing and implementing database objects like Stored Procedure, Triggers, Indexes,
functions etc for all the MSC applications and tools.
Responsible for conversion of data from Data Ease (heterogeneous source) to MSC database, from
Fastrack database to MSC database using DTS scripts / Stored Procedures .

Developing Web Forms using ASP.NET and Code behind using VB.NET.
Developed Business logic components using interfaces in C#.
Prepared and updated the Functional Specification Document.
Developed User Controls to enhance the UI functionality.
Managed and maintained the Safeco Letters Project with full control.
Responsible for the design and development of the MSC Rx Database structure to implement the
Hierarchical structure of the customers. The structure is modeled to provide a universal structure to
accommodate customers with complex hierarchical business models.
Responsible for planning, developing and implementing security model for MSCs web reporting system.
Responsible for creation & maintenance of database, table spaces, users, tables, indexes, store
procedures, roles, profiles, partitions and other schema objects.
Maintaining and creating replication (Merge, Transaction, and Snapshot) and cluster (Active/Passive)
environment with fast problem solving capacity.
Extensively used Microsoft Dynamics CRM for sales planning and management,
Responsible for the production database performance, index tuning, query
dead Lock, resource utilization by sessions, package caching, buffer pool hit-ratios, Capturing long running
SQL/runaway queries using SQL Server.
Tuning Queries and Database performance using tools like SQL PROFILER, SET IO, QUERY EXECUTION
Responsible for scheduling and managing jobs on MS SQL Server.
Responsible for designing and writing DSS queries and reports.
Worked throughout the projects to support the areas of 1) data quality and standardization, 2) data
definition, 3) data modeling, 4) metadata repository management functions, and 5) data replication.
Researched and defined the use of SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and SQL Reporting services.
Designed Logical and Physical data models of the data warehouse, report repository and report
access security database.
Designed cubes for the OLAP database.
Load, transform and extract data from different sources such as production database, flat files, excel
files into staging database for cleanup using DTS.
Nightly jobs to load data from staging database to the OLAP database.
Defined measures and various dimensions to analyze the measures of the cube.
Used Data Profilers for EDI testing.

Environment: SqlServer 2000/2005,DTS, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, XML, Visual Source Safe, Active Reports 2.0,
Windows Server 2003,Oracle 9i.EDI,ICD 9.
Aug03 to Sept04
MS SQL Server Developer/DTS
Customer Loan processing System
Design/Build Extract Transform Load procedures in SQL Server 2000 using DTS packages and import/export
data feeds to/from data warehouse and loan systems.
Created new database objects like Sequences, Procedures, Functions, PackageTriggers, Indexes and Views
using T-SQL in Development and Production environment for SQL Server 2000.
Worked with Client/Business Analysts to define data requirements for reporting Warehouse and loan systems to
import data feeds.
Wrote DTS ActiveX scripts that extract data from database tables and write the data to text files.
Configured product meta-data tables to support client data reporting needs.
Developed a multi-dimensional database (MDDB) and OLAP cube using SQL Server 2000 that stored and
maintained the banks financial data.
Written complex SQL statements using joins, sub queries and correlated sub queries.
Worked on Stored Procedures and Database Triggers. Worked on large number of business analytical
Fine-tuned the logic in Procedures, Functions and Triggers for optimum performance.

Created SQL reports, data extraction and data loading scripts for different databases and schemas.
Used SQL Profiler and Query Analyzer to optimize DTS package queries and Stored Procedures.
Environment: MS SQL Server Analysis Service 2000, Visual Studio 2003 VB 6, Transact-SQL,VBScript,
Erwin,Crystal Reports, Microsoft Visio 2000, .Net, ASP, MSExcel ,Windows2000/NT,Oracle .
Apollo Hospitals, India
Jan03 to July03
.NET/SQL Server Developer
Project: Medical Inventory Management System (MIMS) is a web-based application developed for Doctors
and Small Hospitals to maintain the Inventory of the drugs.
Actively involved in analyzing the old database system and mapping tables, relationships, columns to
SQL Server 2000.Efficiently worked in installation, configuration, design, implementation of staging database
for data migration and data entry.
Developed SQL scripts to Insert, Update and Delete data in MSSQL database tables in OLTP environment.
Successfully managed Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) process by pulling large volume of
data from various data sources using DTS, BCP.
Assisted in designing and creating website utilizing ASP and .Net technologies for the system using
ADO.Net, HTML, XML in designing form, validating inputs and connecting to backend database
Performed data consistency and performance tuning effectively with SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard
Performed rigorous Performance Tuning of queries written in middle layer and backend to gain huge
performance gain of webpage loading.
Involved in testing and debugging business logic in Store Procedures with Application Development Team.
Prepared scripts to upgrade the software from one version to another and make sure the clients production
data has been correctly populated after the up gradation.
Data migration (import & export BCP) from Text to SQL Server.
Used Crystal Reports to generate ad-hoc reports Filtered bad data from legacy system using complex TSQL statements, and implemented various constraint and triggers for data consistency. Wrote complex stored
procedures to process drivers record and balanced the processing load between front end and back
end.Developed and created data dictionary, stored procedures, advanced queries, triggers, views, indices,
and functions for databases.
Developed windows based applications in C#.Net for interacting and retrieving data from SQL Server,
also made applications for entering criterion and opening reports from Crystal Reports Created complex
reports in Crystal Reports using procedures from SQL Server by passing in stored procedure
Environment: MS SQL server 2000, DTS, Oracle, ASP, C#.Net, Windows2000/NT, Crystal Reports,