Deliverance/Schizophrenia/MPD Pat Holliday, Ph.D.

New Book This book is look at another viewpoint concerning the problem of Schizophrenic ~ Double Minded. Is it a chemical imbalance, physical, mental or spiritual problems? The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes! Dr. Pat Holliday's new book discloses encounters with satanic supernatural forces that are real and sometimes more than mental problems; this book, "Deliverance/Schizophrenia/MPD" opens the option that spiritual restoration and deliverance could be another healing tool for schizophrenics. The consequences of these powerful mind controlling demons are explosive. They bring about devastate the spirit, soul and body of the victim; wreak havoc on the mind and destroys millions marriages. Spirits of divorce, separation, physical, verbal, sexual, and psychological abuse (involving actions such as rejection, constant verbal criticism, demeaning comments, or even ignoring one's mate completely) are breaking up marriages. Deliverance ministers have answers through the release of the enslaved captives and the teaching of Christian character. However, the Church of Jesus must have spiritual eyes to discern the spirits involved in a person's life. Ministers must ask the Lord to let them see which spirit is operating. Is it a devil? Is the human spirit controlling the person' flesh? Is it an emotional spirit controlling the nervous system? Is it a mental spirit in control of the mind? Is it

brain damage? Is the Spirit of the Holy Spirit in control or is it a religious kundalini spirit of the Devil? The following E mail is being used by permission. “Since the year 2004 . . . I was struggling with MPD. I searched for help at my home church and other ministries, but they had no idea how to help me and some gave me false counsels ("integrating alters into my personality"). I thought that I must stay in this situation till the end of my life, but our Lord has another plan.” “Some month ago the Lord led me to your ministry homepage and in your newsletters I found a confirmation that "alters" is demonic. Through your teaching God begins to give me a revelation about MPD on the spiritual level I purchased yesterday your E-book Deliverance from Schizophrenia and MPD" and as soon I downloaded it on my memory stick the demons inside of me start to attack my whole body with heat and cold shocks, trembling unclean words and growling inside my mind. Through the grace of God I got to my house, start the praise and worship music and began under the direction of the Holy Spirit to cast out all different, type of alters/demons that you mentioned in your book. With choking, after the deliverance prayer the demons left my mind and I give all praise, honor and glory to Jesus for his grace to shut this door of my life go begin a new season with me. God bless you and your ministry and as you say on your homepage God leads the persons to you that you can help them through your Holy Spirit-inspired teachings. G. R. Germany.” Have you seen our television program on Jacksonville, Fla. Comcast, Channel 29? Miracle Outreach Ministries, Sunday night at 10:30.

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