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What are Ellen’s options?

What are the pros and cons of each
Ellen have following options
Fight back for account control position
The job was more oriented to financial information, the manager had more
influence on operations at the company and she can travel to other countries
to supervise staff.
There were provisions in Bahraini labor law that would permit her option in
that case
She was not familiar with the system
There were provisions in Bahraini labor law that would permit her option in
that case
Take the customer service position
New accounts were added to the company
International quality standards are met for the customers
new work and additional responsibilities
Stay in the business planning and development job
Reports directly to vice president & general manager
Involved in diverse range of activities
Managed quality assurance department,coordinated a product launch and
managed a senior management information system.
Monotones work, no new challenge
Leave the company and find new job
Qualified for many positions in financial centre in Bahrain
She can talk more new challenges

And she should continue looking for new job with in or outside the company .Cons Leaving the company will jeopardize her chances of finding work Not sure if she can get the letter of permission from her current employer What choice do you recommend she makes? Explain The choice I would recommend is to take the customer services job and continue looking for new jobs for her future. What are the potential consequences of adapting not adapting to local cultures? There are potential 4 consequences of adapting to local culture is that .if the national and central culture are both low then this will be zone of indifference and it will conforn with national culture -if there is low central culture and high national culture then it will be in the zone of discretion -if there is high central and high national culture then it is in the zone of acceptance -if there is high central and low national culture then it is in the danger zone so its always better to be in the zone of acceptance .because she was one of the remarkable students of her batch and so talented that its necessary for her career growth. Should a multinational company like this adapt its corporate culture to the local cultures? Why/why not? The multinational company should adapt its corporate culture to the local cultures and maintain there culture as well for their international reputation . To make them comfortable in the international environment it is necessary to give them international culture and to survive and run the company in other nation it also necessary to give the culture of that particular region so that they can deal with the local customers and people working for is necessary to maintain both culture because multinational companies work for the international customers\clients and hire people from different regions. This job is more challenging and it will add more responsibilities and she always wanted to take more challenges and she had the abilities and qualification for that job.