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The process of creative inquiry leads to self discovery and social awareness.

Summative Assessment

Visual: Photography- Madeleine
A. Students will present one of their photographs to the class and contextualize it in relation to
popular culture
B. Students will present a complete series of photographs that in both portfolio format and
through class critique.
C. Students will write a personal artist statement for both a single image and the series as a
D. Students will develop a collage project combining images from mass media with their own
photographs and will articulate their intentions in an artist statement.

Performance: Music-Chuck
A. Students will identify key signatures, time signatures, dynamics, harmonic scales and music
intonation of given sheet music.
B. Students will, with their main instrument, demonstrate major and minor skills in all keys
demonstrate different articulation methods and varying dynamics.
C. Students will improvise an eight measure melody in a major or minor key at their discretion at
their own tempo.
D. Students will listen to a short musical melody and identify key characteristics such as
dynamic, tempo, major or minor key, and instrumentation.