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How do I download a map? Zoom in until «Download Map» appears Find a map in the list of the countries (Menu-Download Maps) Type the name of the country into the search box. tap it and start zooming in on the map .

additional data is required for each country/region. don’t forget to download the routing files for all the countries you need. Please note that maps with routing take up more memory on your device. but if you’re going to create routes.ME. 4 . you can just download the map. If you don’t need the routing feature.How do I download a map? To create routes in MAPS.

Maps can be saved to your SD card Tap the menu bar and go to Settings You can also change the units of measurement here Save maps to SD .

Once you have downloaded a map. you can access it offline Find the map in the list of countries and tap “Zoom to the country” Or simply start zooming from the main screen .

Settings) .Discover map details • Use your fingers to zoom • Double tap the screen • Click on + icon (you can make it visible in Menu .

just tap the compass icon This may happen if you rotate map 8 .Discover map details If the map is upside down.

How do I determine my current location? To determine your current location. tap the Geolocation button again once the arrow appears. tap the Geolocation button To activate auto-follow mode. This means that map will rotate as you move .

To activate GPS. please enable Location services on your device 10 .

If you have difficulty determining your location. enable Google Location Reporting 11 .

then restart your device 12 .If you have difficulty determining your location. if enabled) “Use Google Play Services” in app settings. enable (disable.

Discover and save places • Tap anywhere on the map to see info about it. • Tap the white banner to get more details. • Tap the star icon to save to bookmarks. .

tap and hold to copy them .Place Page A direction arrow with the distance to your chosen destination will be displayed (if your location is known) Tap coordinates to change their format.

How do I create a route? Tap the Geolocation button and wait for the app to determine your location Choose your destination (on the map or using search). tap on it. then tap the car icon at the top of the screen 15 .

How do I create a route? To start following the route tap “Go!” The distance to your destination will be displayed. If you want to stop following the route. tap the cross icon 16 .

17 . or choose the one of the categories.How do I search? Tap the Search icon Type the name of your destination into the search bar.

18 . 15. house number) Please note that search is only available for the area displayed on the screen (if you want to search in Florida. street.3854 or 43°58′38″N 15°23′07.44″E format) *address (city.How do I search? You can search using any of the following: *name of the place *keyword *coordinates (43.9775. the screen should be showing Florida).

Bookmarks Tap the white banner to change the name of the bookmark. and add notes. choose or add a new set. To change the colour of the bookmark tap the red dot and choose your own colour .

You can change the name. make them invisible.Bookmark sets To change the bookmark set. delete the whole set or just certain pins (bookmarks). tap “Bookmarks” on the main screen (star icon). and share them Tap the eye icon to make the set invisible on the map (but not in the Bookmarks menu) 20 .

ME 21 . made in Google Maps) and open it in MAPS.Bookmarks/lines import Send yourself an e-mail with the KML/KMZ file attached (e.g.

choose a set and tap “Share” Choose how you would like to share it 22 .kmz files) Android Choose the bookmark on the map and tap “Share” Tap Bookmarks on the main screen.Bookmarks export (.

kmz files) iOS Open bookmark info and tap “Share” You can send your bookmark via text message. or copy and paste the link in another app. Dropbox Tap “Bookmarks” on the main screen. email. e.Bookmarks export (.g. choose a set and tap “Share by email” 23 .

and tap the name of the country Choose your option from the pop-up window .Downloaded.How can I delete or update a map? Go to Download Maps .

please contact us via e-mail: .me/en/help If you can’t find what you’re looking for.Still have questions? You can find answers to frequently asked question here: http://maps.