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Table of Contents
Author Dale Partridge


00 Turning your passion into a profession


01 Success requires us first to obsess over a problem.


02 Shift from making a million dollars, to helping a million people.


03 People don’t refer ugly.


04 The only ship that won’t sail is a partnership.


05 Don’t pray for an easy life, pray to endure a difficult one.


06 Don’t become the most successful person nobody likes.


07 A dream without action is merely a wish.


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someone will hire you to build theirs. #STARTUPCAMP .If you don’t chase your dream.

ideas. our family went over to our friend’s home for lunch with a few other families. but not me. My thoughts storm. The conversation was rolling. My feet begin to tap. people were catching up. I’m a victim of passion. I wasn’t upset. 6 . I was sitting toward the back of their living room enduring deep frustration. I wasn’t angry. But this wasn’t one of them. I live with such fierce vision. My chest burns. I can’t sleep or I chase my thinking into the night. Images so real and so important that doing anything else in that moment seems irresponsible.LESSON 00 Turning Your Passion Into A Profession Most days aren’t worth remembering. and desires that it actually hurts. On many occasions. Or my mind becomes consumed with images of what could be. I was suffering. It was a Sunday.

It’s one thing to suffer and be a victim. the word was first used in the late 12th century to describe Christ’s willingness to suffer on the cross. the twinkle in your toes.If you look up the original definition of the word “passion” in any standard dictionary. But more than that. It’s the heartbeat of our calling and the soil of which dreams are grown. submission. Interestingly. It’s an experience to be coupled with words like pain. Passion is the willingness to suffer for what you love.” But passion is so much more. Today. the word “passion” has been hijacked. preparation. and loyalty. Misused and abused. Since then. Reduced by a feel-good culture chasing simpler language and simpler definitions. readiness. passion is understood as “what excites you” or “what puts the sparkle in your eyes. you’ll find it’s defined as: To endure suffering. it’s an entirely different thing to be willing to suffer for a 7 . passion is complex.

when you’re ignored and mocked. An early start by most accounts. And if I had to credit that success to one dominant factor. Your true passion is the foundation of your life’s work. we discover our life’s mission. Critical Questions: What hurts deep inside of your soul? What problem keeps you up at night? What vivid future are your willing to suffer for? The answer to these questions will become the backbone to upcoming 7 lessons I learned while making my first million. Your true passion is what you’re willing to do event if it kills you. 8 . When we discover what we are willing to pay a price for. While I don’t believe I have some magical skill or unlearnable and become a victor. it would be passion. I was 27 years old when I made my first million. when it becomes too risky. you’ll quit doing it when it gets tough. I do think I learned some important lessons that accelerated my success. If passion is simply what makes you happy.

” 9 . and animosity toward the status quo. we will see quotes of despise. If we look behind every great man and woman of change. Not just the computer.LESSON 01 Success Requires Us First To Obsess Over A Problem. He hated PC. my personal feeling is that we are going to enter a computer Dark Age for twenty years. He often said quotes like this: “If for some reason. but their entire way of thinking. we make some big mistake and IBM wins. We saw this with Steve Jobs. Their hearts thunder desperately for a revision. Passion is almost always rooted in the hatred of a current solution. frustration.

Passion is almost always rooted in the hatred of a current solution. #STARTUPCAMP .

we must search for problems that require “musthave” products not “nice to have” products. he uses words like “wretched” and “anguish” while describing the current solution to the phone industry. Requirement 2. It was this obsession for better that caused his brilliant alterations (the iPhone. How do we know which problems to obsess over and which to leave alone? While making my first million. The foundation of a strong business is driven by an obsession of solving problems. Apple would have never been as great as they are. Products that solve deep 11 . Urgency As entrepreneurs. without problems. He needed something to suffer for. Steve needed problems to fight. etc). the iMac. But problems come in a thousand shades of red. the iPod. Ultimately.In an interview with Jobs in 2003. I learned that profitable problems are built around three factors: 1. Pain 3.

Ultimately. and urgent? 12 .seated issues. painful. you’ll find quick buy-in to your idea. Secondly. the level of pain dictates the level of power. problems amplified by urgency or immediate demand. are you solving a problem that is required. and a more beautiful way. Critical Questions: What problem do you obsess over? What current solution are you willing to suffer through to create revision? And lastly. bring speed to the pace of your success. a better way. painful and urgent inefficiencies. the role of the entrepreneur is to obsess over required. If your idea can bring relief to pain-points in the life of your customer. not luxury items consumers buy if they have spare cash. To locate paths to an easier way. Lastly.

“If Jesus started a company. I asked myself the question. By age 25. 13 . I was nowhere near a net worth of $1 million. I still had $15. what would it look like?”. But I began to have a sense of emptiness in my business pursuits. to helping a million people. My heart was changing.LESSON 02 Shift from making a million dollars. I was taking a $48.000 salary from my own company.00 in debt and were still renting a small apartment. After a convicting meeting with my mentor.000. The answer to this question caused a seismic shift in how I viewed success. However. Progress was being made. As if putting money in my pocket would never put meaning in my soul.

generosity. And it was this experience that wrote the manuscript of my national bestselling book and personal business philosophy. $6. caring for the orphan. It’s that 14 . I was stretched in every area of thought one could imagine. I was left with one lesson that fueled my future pursuits See money not as the primary goal but as a by-product of helping a million people. we had almost 50 employees. rescuing girls caught in sex trafficking. “People Over Profit”. In just two and a half years. Bottom line.Just three months later. And while I am no longer with the company. A company with a mission to give $7 to a worthy cause for every product we sold. Becoming a millionaire wasn’t even on my radar. and had given over $3 million to charities around the world. you’ll never become wealthy without helping people. I launched Sevenly. and most importantly building a healthy business of love. My sights were set on feeding the hungry. It was an experience for my personal record book. and respect.5 million in revenue.

See money not as the primary goal but as a by-product of helping a million people. #STARTUPCAMP .

Critical Questions: Do you believe that helping people will lead to wealth? If so.simple. but impact. So as entrepreneurs we must allow our passions to lead us toward massive problems we can get lost in. what massive problem can you get lost in? What human needs are begging for you to solve them? 16 . To lead with our hearts and to believe the reward of a great business is not simply financial success.

With social influence becoming the currency in which products and brands are shared. A wise friend once told me a simple truth.” People are naturally attracted to beauty to clarity and to creativity. But more than that. It’s woven throughout our society and it’s the expectation from today’s customers. “History tells us that people don’t want to be associated with something ugly. We live in the aesthetic generation where good design is the norm. we must recognize that opting for mediocre design will leave us in one place.LESSON 03 People Don’t Refer Ugly. exceptional design tells customers “If they care this much 17 . the back...

As an entrepreneur.” There is a reason this e-book is beautifully designed. but in the consumption of your content. that you can’t help to not only feel valued but suggest it to others. It plays a vital role in not just the credibility. design is more important than most entrepreneurs think. If your desire is to build a business of influence driven by a passionate problem. every element works in concert to produce an echo 18 . There is a cause for your ease of reading these words. From photography and logos to color choices and font spacing. Ultimately.about the smallest details. it cannot be hidden. Because the fastest way to growth is through the organic referral of something so great. then they must care that much about me. it is my duty to produce an experience so appealing and so useful to you (both in content and design). you will be hard-pressed to ignore the role of visual elements in your success. I have seen far too many leaders with sheer brilliance fall by the wayside simply because of their ignorance to aesthetics.

If they care this much about the smallest details. #STARTUPCAMP . then they must care that much about me.

and develop your website or did you settle for a low-grade amateur on the internet? 20 . A place where you become the solution to their problems. A place of beautiful growth and achievement. Critical Questions: Have you been intentional about your startup’s design or have you just thrown things together? Do people tell you how impressed they are with your brand or do you hear crickets? Did you pay professionals to take your photos. An emotion that pulls you in.chamber of eloquent emotion. design your logo. All driving the hearts of hearers closer to their destination.

Forbes says that over 80% of partnerships fail within 3 years. That’s worse than the United State’s divorce rate! It’s time to stop fooling ourselves that partnerships make running a business easier. a partnership can make a 21 . Six of them have been partnerships. partnerships don’t work in the long run. And of those six. In rare cases. unmet expectations. There was pain. hurt. and even legal issues. Statistically speaking. loss. all of them ended in ways that were not what I expected. confusion. That’s a lie.LESSON 04 The Only Ship That Won’t Sail Is A Partnership I have started seven businesses. frustrations.

Because if they don’t. if you get into a partnership. A partnership takes work. you’ll likely spend 25-35% of your time managing the minutia of the partnership instead of building the business. Or more commonly known as an A-type. You think you work well with others. And A-types need to be allowed to be A-types. Second. Self-Ignorance You think you are partner material. you’re a lone wolf leader. And to be honest. 22 . their natural speed and intuition will be hindered ultimately sedating the rate of the business’s success. Here are four common reasons people use to justify partnerships: 1. they hurt people with their intense spirit. but never easier. It’s my hope this lesson will provide you the facts required to provide clear thinking on the topic of partnering up. But you don’ stronger. in an effort to take control rather than leading together. Deep inside. two things happen: First.

Over 80% of partnerships fail within three years. #STARTUPCAMP .

Ask for favors. They can make the right introductions. Instead.2. you don’t give 24 . Be content with the pace. Flawed Generosity I often hear business owners discussing employee stock option pools or giving shares to high performers or bringing in a qualified leader for “X” percent. All worthy solutions for speeding up without giving up a piece of the pie.” That’s great in the beginning. Professional Impatience We often take on partners to speed up the launch of our business. “They can help. saved more money. Bring in an intern. hire some help. if you just slowed down. But in my experience. this is coming from the guy who wrote a book called “People Over Profit”. Stop it! Don’t give up ownership of your business. They can split the cost. And don’t let the world make you feel guilty about it either. worked a little harder. Remember. and flexed your patience muscle you could responsibly produce the same results on your own. 3. We think. We can get twice as much done. Just like you would never give 10% to your landscaper for helping you take care of your home.

up ownership of your business to someone helping take care of your company. 4. more vacation days. But your lack of self-confidence in developing the skills required to succeed as a business owner does not permit giving into that fear in the form of a partnership. Entrepreneurship can be an intimidating journey.” While there might be some truth to this thinking. If you want to offer incentives give people bonuses. take them to dinner. profit share agreements. 25 . commissions. It’s smart. Lack of Business or Finance Knowledge New entrepreneurs often think. the solution is incorrect. A time where it seems easier to pair up than to learn the disciplines of making it work on our own. It’s not greedy. “I don’t know enough to start a business so I’ll have to partner with someone who does. buy them a company car. This is your property. But don’t give up ownership. It’s not stingy.

It’s not how many years you’ve spent doing it. Critical Questions: Do you really believe you could be one of the 15% of people who can make a partnership work long term? What is the core driver behind your desire for a partner? Is it valid or impatience? Is it smart or is it fear? 26 .Entrepreneurship is a lot like learning to play an instrument. Invest time and action into educating yourself on the subjects of running a business (maybe by enrolling in StartupCamp’s curriculum) and the insecurities driving you toward a parternship will fade away. but how many hours.

and fears of the organization.LESSON 05 Don’t Pray For An Easy Life. whether I was building Sevenly. Then in the midst of reading the biography of Theodore Roosevelt. Pray To Endure A Difficult One. On multiple occasions. As an entrepreneur. StartupCamp or even my Rock Climbing Gym. I was confronted with the weight of grueling responsibility. the hard news and the reality while having an unshakable vision for fulfilling our mission. I remember walking outside of my home around 2a. emotions.m. The pressure on certain days was just too heavy. To know the bad news. I came across this statement: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means 27 . to sit in the grass and weep. To bear the stresses.

there is no longer the need for leadership.” Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. The greater the uncertainty. we can afford to be uncertain. but we cannot afford to be 28 . It’s for people crazy enough to step into the pain.effort. As leaders. pain. the greater the need for leadership. To enjoy an addiction to growth few desire. But we must come to terms with the uncertainty that brings the pain. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well. To carry a courage that makes people question their sanity and a clarity that leads others to follow them. I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. It’s our responsibility to bring clarity into the midst of it. It never goes away. or difficulty. Making my first million taught me that my capacity as an entrepreneur will be determined by how well I learn to deal with uncertainty. Because uncertainty is a permanent part of the leadership landscape. But it’s not our responsibility to remove the uncertainty. Where there is no uncertainty.

it’s our responsibility to bring clarity into the midst of it. #STARTUPCAMP .It’s not our responsibility to remove the uncertainty.

and the difficulties. speedbumps. People will not follow you if you are unclear in your instruction. To convince those who are following you that clarity is coming and debilitating fear is not part of your equation. the fear. uncertainty exposes a lack of knowledge. The road for self-employment is riddled with bandits. To operate in sync with your dreams and to stand at the end of your existence with the confidence your life left a dent in time. Starting a business doesn’t require you to have perfect clarity. As people born to create. potholes. and accidents but the destination is even greater than one can imagine. but it does require you to express your uncertainty with strength and confidence. but on the outside where resistance and clarity do not exist? 30 . Remember. People will follow you in spite of a few bad decisions. Pretending exposes a lack of character. The entrepreneur who can communicate the clearest vision will often be perceived as the leader.unclear. Critical Questions: Are you strong enough to withstand the intense growth requirement that comes with entrepreneurship? Do you have a desire for a life not lived in the middle. we must turn toward the pain.

. People just become stepping stones to their next paycheck.. As a result.LESSON 06 Don’t Become The Most Successful Person Nobody Likes. They act with no concern for other’s feelings. Has anyone ever said to you.” People who think like this are some of the most dangerous people in our communities. 31 . “It’s not personal. It’s just business. over the past 25 years the internet has removed people’s ability to discern authentic success from pathetic counterfeits. This lesson is a bit of a wake-up call. The willful ignorance of their behavior leaves them silently hated and publicly resented. Somehow. our aspirations have fallen from respectable to underwhelming.

speaking for Fortune 500 companies. It calls for a change in behaviors that will ultimately adjust our very state of existence. I will attempt to shatter the common misconceptions of a leader and restore a healthy baseline for individual success. Because who we listen to will determine who we will become. how. Therefore. a healthy pursuit of success is my life’s mission. Our understanding of success determines why. writing a bestselling book.But before I jump in. It determines the direction of our actions. After founding and selling multiple million dollar companies. let’s talk about why this matters. It decides the life we’ll end up creating. 32 . As for me. when a generation ignorantly celebrates an immature. and shallow version of success we have a problem. unaccredited. and what leaders we follow. and being featured in almost every major business magazine… I feel qualified to observe such a topic. So in the lesson.

#STARTUPCAMP .Who we listen to will determine who we will become.

tells me a lot about their heart. 34 . and dependable version of leadership. 1. Or… what if I cheated my way to the top? You see. We must look deeper into the leaders we offer our devotion. Below. I could be a manipulative jerk. To open your eyes to the lies and find a more holistic. At what point did we believe the brand of clothes someone wears dictates their credibility? Because my experience with money tells me this: The way a person spends their money. Maybe my family fell apart because of an addiction to achievement. Most Millionaires Are Not Successful. I have attempted to get you started. success and the reasons for following a leader are multifaceted. this information alone shouldn’t qualify me as someone worth following. For all you know. At what point did we define a person worthy of following because of their ability to purchase mansions and Lamborghinis. We must raise the bar for who we give permission to speak into our lives.While my accomplishments might offer you a reason to follow my business advice. results-oriented.

It’s an effective tool to generate the opportunities and lifestyle you desire. money is a great thing. money with a history of failed relationships. 35 . many multi-millionaires are the most unsuccessful people on this planet. But no amount of money determines your degree of success. While they will surely be the wealthiest people in the graveyard. Wealth is a sign of a great mind.Have we become so shallow that the mere ability to purchase an expensive product has become the reason we decide to follow the life of another? Is this what you want? To be able to buy a nice car? If the ability to buy nice things impresses you. many come home to an empty house filled with expensive distractions attempting to fill the voids of their hearts. It’s proof of one’s ability to influence others at a higher rate than most. On the contrary. But money without a spirit of responsibility can become dangerous. And most importantly. Money for the purpose of buying extravagant items with little meaning can become empty. Let’s get real people. then you might have larger issues on your hands.

They find themselves on the other side of 40 wealthy. You Can’t Lead Me A mentor once told me. but for those who are. tells me something much deeper. Friendships. known. marriage. “The greatest tragedy is a person too busy making a living. 36 . the #1 regret was not spending more time with family. In a 2010 survey of people on their death bed. The lesson is this: Don’t follow millionaires because of what they can buy. or career they have forgotten the most important part of life. and divorces is a sign of a person who has a financial ability that outweighs their emotional maturity. #2 (for women) was not having more children. a lack of relational commitment and/ or the desire to avoid children.lawsuits. and children. they forgot to make a life. There is nothing intrinsically impressive with a person who needs to buy products to make themselves happy.” The internet is riddled with so-called “life coaches” or “leaders” who are so focused on building their brand. If You Can’t Lead A Family. and alone. 2. business. Now I’m not saying every person is meant to be a parent.

we were made for another. Contrary to popular belief. and biology scream for commitment. But someone who lacks these areas should come with an appropriate level of screening.Science would agree. the fastest way to wisdom and maturity is not through education but through the commitment to another in marriage and the willingness to lead. love. For the ones who can balance their careerdriven pursuit with the relational pursuits of others tells me something as well. Our souls. and raise a child. brains. And a spirit of independence in the face of a pursuit of a professional accomplishment is almost always linked to a history of hurt. The lesson is this: A successful marriage and well-raised children are a more accurate reflection of a leader than almost anything else. Because these people know one thing: Who you go home to will always beat what you come home to. “Broke people giving financial advice is like a 37 . 3. Credibility Commands Results Dave Ramsey once said. But for those who can heal.

Consistent positive results over long periods of time will always outpace a phony attempt of “fake it until you make it. spend 5 minutes reviewing not only their credentials but their history. Be careful what you believe. Sounds fishy.” Every day I see a new “social media guru” touting their ability to guide people toward making a teacher with missing fingers. And then I’ve met people who create businesses to fuel their passion. 4. But then I click… A social media expert with no social media following. They Don’t Work For Money I’ve met too many people who create businesses to make money.” The lesson is this: Verify leaders by what they’ve done. People are looking for a shortcut to credibility. One hit wonders and early successes lack the depths to be called proven. Before you click the follow button. 38 . not by why what they say they’ll do. Results require both time and consistency. They want the respect without earning it.

You can see it in their eyes and feel in their presence. the more money they make. I think Walt Disney might have said it best. the more things they make. The lesson is this: There is a purity associated with a leader who works from passion. The motives of someone chasing a solution offer more 39 . Problems are their addiction. We make money to make more movies. A leader worth following is deeper than the dollar. What they make doesn’t really matter that much to them – they’ll make anything as long as it pays.There is a major difference here.” The greatest leaders of our time have never been in the business of making money. “We don’t make movies to make money. One makes things because they want to make money. And their ability to bring solutions to the world is the drive in their soul. The other wants to make money because it allows them to make more things. Money is the furthest thing on their mind.

is impressive. Critical Questions: How are you defining success? Is it holistic or one-sided? Are you so busy making a living that you forget to make a life? What behaviors will change with your new interpretation of success? 40 . it puts their integrity at risk. But those who can build a business while maintaining a thriving family.confidence than those who just chase a payout. Buying nice things on credit is painless. are worthy. And those who earn their results through years of hard work. Because these people know one thing… If one area falls apart. is their commitment to balance without compromise. And faking credibility through hype is common. Balancing a business while you’re single is easy. But what’s most impressive about those who are truly worth following. Those who have the discipline to only buy what they can afford. are wise.

360 hours to be exact. We spend most of our lives working. nonprofit. An average of 90. or product idea are worth the fight. I’ve spent the past several years developing a realistic and affordable step-by-step curriculum on how to create the business and life you love in less than one year. It’s simply not true. I believe we’ve been told a lie. I believe your business. And I’m here to help. the day you’re living at this moment. 41 .LESSON 07 A Dream Without Action Is Merely A Wish. isn’t rehearsal. A prison sentence for those who do it without meaning. I believe dreams are worth chasing. blog. But we can pull the wool from our eyes and recognize that today. A lie that we must become smarter before we can become a starter.

com 42 . Then consider joining us at With a heart for your success.If you’re ready to be more than a dreamer. If you’re ready to take action and create the life you want. StartupCamp. simply visit StartupCamp. To enroll. Dale Partridge Founder & CEO.

DALE PARTRIDGE .com .I believe dreams are worth chasing. Start catching yours by enrolling in our curriculum at StartupCamp.