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Módulo 7 – Semana 2 – Unidad 3

Actividad 1 – What happened?
Claudia Mayela Bender Canales

My dog Tencha
Last year, we bought a house. We moved to this house 10 months ago.
When we arrived here, we found an abandoned dog outside the house. We
gave her water and food and she was very happy. She is very small and
afraid of big noises.
We named her Tencha. We built her a house and bought her some toys.
One day, she escaped because she got scared of fireworks. We looked for
her for 3 days, and one afternoon she arrived with another dog, her
boyfriend!! We named him Tribi, like Tribilin.
Three months later, we saw that she was a little fat and took her to the
doctor. He gave us good news, she was pregnant. She had 7 puppies! 2
females and 5 males. We looked for good families to adopt them but two
puppies didn´t find family and I thought to keep them. Last week we found a
family for them, together. That was better.