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Strictly Private and Confidential

Richard Head dba MANAGER for CORPORATION, and
All Other Actors dba CORPORATION, and
Corporation dba CORPORATION
c/o 1 Any Street
Any Town
Any County
[AB1 1BA]
All Rights Reserved.
A Notice to one is a Notice to All. Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. Notice to Principal is Notice to
Unlimited-Commercial-Liability-Self-Authenticating-Private-Contract Ref# SS-SAC-1107
Dear Richard and All Other Actors and Corporation,
Thank you for your letter [dated XYZ] mailed to the legal fiction MR S SPANIARD for which I am the
Authorised Representative. I do not understand the contents.
I am happy to accept everything you claim on condition that you now prove what you claim; presenting the
following documents to the location so herein detailed, for my inspection, at any time during the ten (10)
days from the day of your receipt of this Unlimited-Commercial-Liability-Self-Authenticating-Contract,
upon which I am happy to provide you with commercial performance.

Documentary proof that a Bilateral Contract, bearing my wet mark, authorising you to do anything
with or to me, without my consent, need not exist.


Proof that you have not already disposed, sold or negotiated the Original Contract (promissory note).
In other words, return the Original Contract, and I will provide you with commercial redemption. The
Contract must be free from all stamps, endorsements, seals, marks and autographs, and must not have
been, or be, the subject of any liens, claims, mortgages, charges or such like; this fact being attested


Proof that you ever gave equal and lawful consideration


Proof that you have not benefited from unjust enrichment [fraud], together with proof that you ever
incurred a financial loss.


Proof that a contract authorising you to do anything with or to me without my consent need not exist.

If you cannot, will not or simply fail to prove that which you have claimed, then you concede and admit that
your claims are false, frivolous and fraudulent. In light of the fact that you did not bring a remedy for such an
eventuality, I am entitled to dictate the remedy, in accordance with International Commercial Law.

You agree via tacit procuration that you will honour damages in the sum of (3+1) times your Claim; therefore
£10,000.00 x 3 = £30,000.00 + £10,000.00 equating to £40,000.00, FORTY THOUSAND POUNDS in
functional currency of the UK.
You further agree that this matter can be heard in any arbitration court of my choice, that you should be
criminally prosecuted for all and any of your fraudulent activities, and that this matter should be
reported/recorded with Dun & Bradstreet, Companies House, the Land Registry, The London Stock
Exchange, your Bankers and all Credit Reference Agencies – list not exhaustive.
You further agree that the Damages should be increased four (4) fold for each and every subsequent claim
and or communication, regarding this very same instant matter, and you also agree that I may, at my own
discretion, amend the terms of this contract (final decision always to be made by me).
You further agree that where you cannot prove your claim, and where you refuse to honour the damages
within the deadline so herein stated above, that I should commence an Administrative Process to be recorded
against the operational/commercial bond(s) of
Richard Head and successors dba MANAGER for CORPORATION, and All Other Actors dba
If the Bond(s) is(are) insufficient for coverage of the payment, then you agree that all your real and moveable
property and bank and savings accounts except wedding rings, keep sakes, family photographs, diaries,
journals, etc & the property normally exempted in the process (includes survival provisions), are to be used
as surety
Your self authenticating actions shall and will demonstrate your agreement to enter and be bound by the
terms of this self authenticating contractual agreement, in other words, simply fail to prove that which you
have claimed within the time frame so detailed herein to demonstrate your agreement and or send me any
other letter and or demand and or contact me by way of telephone and or face to face visit without showing
up any proof of your claim(s).
Until then I remain ……..
Yours truly,
Simon Spaniard
Beneficiary of the Trust Estate
Returned From Beyond the Seas
All Rights Reserved
c/o 1 Sion Street,
Nr Sion
On Essex, England
non domestic without the UK

by pre-paid UKPS;

(Optional for all rabbits: – this document can be turned into an Affidavit by adding the commercial oath &
two verifiers/witnesses)

Proof of Contents Mailed and of Mailing Caused
By the undersigned’s full commercial liability, the undersigned hereby certifies that the following statement
is true, correct, complete, certain and not misleading to the best of the Undersigned’s knowledge and belief.
That the undersigned is a man upon the land on the County of Sion, England, over the age of twenty-one (21)
years and competent to be a witness.
That the undersigned, did cause a true, correct and complete original copy of this Unlimited-CommercialLiability-Self-Authenticating-Contract, to be mailed to
Richard Head dba MANAGER for CORPORATION,
c/o 1 Any Street, Any Town, Any County, [AB1 1BA]
By: Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, Cert. No. # BR-1234-1234-7GB prepaid this 26th day of
January AD, 2010, at Essex, England.

By: _______________________________
Simon Spaniard/Declarant (if using as an Affidavit)
Rabbits can use two verifiers here also – your choice xx