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Home Assignment-1
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Illumination Technology

Ms. Neeraj Kanwar and Mr. Divya Rishi Shrivastava

Q1. Write S.I. Units of Fundamental Photometric Quantities and Radiometric Quantities.
Q2. Explain the working of Human Eye.
Q3. Define Lambert’s cosine law. Hence, write its significance.
Q4. What you can interpret from Steafan- Boltzman’s Law and Wien displacement law?
Q5. What are the three types of vision?
Q6. How does eye communicate with the brain?
Q7. What is MSLI?
Q9. What is the standard procedure to measure luminosity?
Q10. Derive the relation to find the illumination at any point on the plane surface due to light source
suspended at height h from the plane surface.
Q11. The candle power of a lamp is 120. A plane surface is placed at a distance of 2.5m from this
Lamp. Calculate the illumination of the surface when it is



Inclined to 45o and


Parallel to rays.

Q12. Consider a class room, consisting of two lamps: L 1, L2 with luminous intensity in their respective
downward direction is in 1:2 ratio and held at same altitude from ground. You as a design engineer are
required to illuminate a point directly downward of Lamp L 2 at 3m distance, with 30 lux. The distance
between L1 and L2 is 3m. What are their Luminous Intensities in their respective downward direction
for desired objective? Assume both lamps are held at same height.
Q13. What is a Polar Curve? What is its significance?
Q14. Explain Rousseau’s construction for calculating M.S.C.P of a lamp?