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Solution Brief

Player S3
Simplify content management,
connectivity and cost control
• Customize content with an enhanced and straightforward
user interface (UX).
• S
treamline content compatibility with MagicINFO™ Author
and MagicINFO™ Server.
• I ncrease device connectivity and improve content
management with MagicINFO™ Server.
• Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Leverage streamlined usage and connectivity to
convey impactful content
As today’s businesses increasingly rely on digital signage to
deliver promotional, branding and informational messaging,
the quality and delivery of content is more important than
ever. The cost and complexity of creating and distributing
immersive and impactful content can be challenging for many

In addition, MagicINFO™ Player S3 helps companies control
expenses while delivering superior digital messaging by
eliminating the requirement for an additional media player or
dedicated PC for Samsung SMART Signage.
Samsung MagicINFO™ Server simplifies connectivity to
displays, regardless of location, with a single server and
remote management. Samsung SMART Signage displays
with MagicINFO™ Player S3 are directly connected with
MagicINFO™ Server through a network, and can be remotely
managed and controlled.

Deliver enriched messaging and information in
virtually any business scenario
MagicINFO™ Player S3 offers a range of content
management, connectivity and deployment capabilities from
basic to advanced needs.

businesses, with connectivity as a key element of successful
digital messaging.
Samsung MagicINFO™ Player S3, running on the new
and powerful Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP)
3.0 reduces digital signage complexity and opens new
opportunities for creative and effective digital messaging.
MagicINFO™ Player S3 is an easy-to-use content
management solution with a straightforward UX that enables
businesses to fully customize content, readily deploy it
through various devices and take advantage of the newest
technologies for connectivity and control.

Figure 1. MagicINFO Player S3 enables prompt delivery of business messages

content and license management from content deployment. efficient and streamlined devices. customized content. and simplified display operation. a customer can easily configure a videowall without a PC. The solution installed for advanced scheduling and management of delivers easy content creation. they can Create and customize content easily with a simple UX autoplay content with USB memory or internal memory. management or an additional PC. MagicINFO™ Author’s PC-based simplified UX enables MagicINFO™ Player S3 supports simple content creation with users such as shop owners to readily create and deliver images and videos stored in the display memory.Solution Brief Revolutionize content creation. which can be simple schedule management and powerful content playback played with embedded MagicINFO™ Player S3 without the functionality. mobile management and database integration. a user can readily distribute the content to multiple video walls throughout the property. In addition. Figure 2. the server supports Wi-Fi example. SMART Signage video wall displays with MagicINFO™ Player S3 eliminate the need for additional PCs for each display because the embedded MagicINFO™ Player S3 performs the role of a video wall media player or PC. Content created in MagicINFO™ Author also can be stored and played with the USB playback function. for a central location. In addition. PC-less video wall usage MagicINFO™ Player S3 is recommended for customers with basic local management and professional central management needs. along with professional-looking. MagicINFO™ Server can be with basic standalone management needs. deployment and management Standalond management of SMART Signage Network management of SMART Signage MagicINFO™ Player S3 is recommended for customers To enhance management. By connecting each display with a DisplayPort® (DP) Daisy Chain. By simply plugging in a USB memory device with content. MagicINFO™ I Player in a SBB is recommended for customers who use video wall clients and need SMART Signage with advanced functionalities such as interactive content. Users cam create and customize content easily with templates and content scheduling feature 2 . USB content playing. customers can use a single standalone digital signage a customer can use and control an SMART Signage from display easily and efficiently without the need for network anywhere. With MagicINFO™ Player and wired remote management and network scheduling so S3. need for a PC. playlists.

video and slideshows. editing and deployment capabilities. An included data module enables content to be pulled in real time from a database source for dynamic display. A web touch feature delivers touch functionality enabling users to easily touch navigate websites with MagicINFO™ Premium Author. Various stickers and stamps are provided to simplify creating and updating promotional information and price tags. Fly-on and Reveal can be used to maximize the effects and appearance of advertising content. • NEW Pivot Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Display. • NEW Data module. • NEW Weather widget. in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) menu boards. A weather widget: AccuWeather® can be easily set up and displayed in multiple content screens to enhance viewing and provide valuable information. including PIP content. Fade. Users can select and apply multiple fonts to match unique content and usage scenarios. Zoom. ENHANCED Dynamic effects. A multi-font package enables the use of various fonts to highlight important points and enhance the impact of advertising messages. • 3 NEW Web touch. • • NEW Decoration stickers. A streamlined feature enables users to select from various portrait templates that display up to three content elements. for example. A new template with a web URL zone is provided. These elements are created in MagicINFO™ Author using a PC. No DataLink server or MagicINFO™ Server are required for usage. After creating content and applying fonts. Premium dynamic display transitions such as 3-D.Solution Brief Enrich content and innovate deployment with advanced features Gain enhanced functionality with new MagicINFO™ Author features • NEW Font package. and can then be played using MagicINFO™ Player S3 without a PC. . users can send the content and the font package from MagicINFO™ Author or Content Creator to a set of displays for attractive and immersive presentation. TV. only an MSSQL® MagicINFO™ Author includes a range of enhanced features to simplify usage and provide powerful content creation.

smartphone or other mobile device such as a tablet. including full support for typical PC compatibility. SSSP 3. A sync play function enables content file synchronization so that the playback of identical or different video files can be synced on multiple devices on the same network. but in response to numerous MagicINFO™ Express 2. This specialized software was originally developed for customers’ requests for MagicINFO™ Player S3 support. This feature eliminates the need for a user to be in the same physical location as the Samsung SMART Signage. Experience hassle-free content deployment through various devices NEW Sync play. MagicINFO™ Player S3 utilizes SSSP's upgraded performance to divide. MagicINFO™ Player S3 is compatible with multiple devices. enabling central management of multiple displays in various locations. such as PCs and tablets. Samsung SMART Signage can be monitored and controlled remotely over a network anywhere in the world through the MagicINFO™ Server. 4 . The content can be deployed using a conventional USB.Solution Brief Experience enhanced functionality while controlling costs • • ENHANCED Backup play.0 is a separate software program that enables easy content creation and distribution through a PC. Easily and intuitively create content with pre-made templates standalone and video wall usage for simplified display management. Backup content on the shared network automatically plays on the main screen if the content source of the main screen encounters any issues such as an error or an unfindable signal.0 provides superior convenience compared with conventional signage usage. PIM or PC. as long as the user is online. partial support for other brand displays with a SBB. sync and distribute output directly from the embedded media player. SSSP 3. Samsung SMART Signage TVs. the software now enables customers to easily and intuitively create content from pre-made templates or blank templates and distribute the created content simply over Wi-Fi or USB Increase device connectivity and extend content management memory. Users can simply link Samsung SMART Signage displays with a DisplayPort® (DP) connection and configure the content to be replicated on each display or enlarged over an entire video wall. Reduce TCO by lowering installation costs and enabling network-based management Powered by robust System-on-Chip (SoC) technology and an embedded media player. A unified server handles Figure 3.0 enables multiple displays to be configured into a video wall or network without any additional SBBs or PCs. A backup play option is set up on the MagicINFO™ Server to ensure vital content is constantly delivered even in the event of a display malfunction. and soon-to-be released Android™ device compatibility.

RTSP. RTSP Streaming via MagicINFO Author MMS MMS. X X O Direct Play Selected Play Audience Measurement Firmware Update Download and Update O O O (I Player update) Main Firmware Seamless (OTN-like) Update X O O (I Player update) Micom Firmware Download and Update O O O (I Player update) X O N/A MagicINFO Server O O O (I Player update) USB Disk O O O (I Player un/reinstalled) Unified MDC O O N/A X O O O O O Tap. Stretch. HLS MMS.Solution Brief Samsung MagicINFO™ Player S3 Samsung MagicINFO™ Player Function Comparison MagicINFO S2 MagicINFO S3 MagicINFO I Remarks Maximum 50 each Maximum 50 each N/A MagicINFO I All display in the same network Sync Play between the Same Video files O O O Sync Play between the different Video files X O O Sync + Back-up Play X O O Font File Packaging via MagicINFO Author X O O Streaming via MagicINFO Server X MMS. Pinch.M. RTP. RTP. Stretch. RTP. Drag Tap. O Detailed touch gestures are explained in other guide documents. MagicINFO Server Cloning Remote Controller Interactive Device On Playing Content Touch Flash Interaction O O 5 . RTP. RTSP. Stretch.M. HLS MMS. RTSP O O O Sync Number Sync Play Font Streaming USB Instant Play AutoPlay USB O O N/A Internal Memory O O N/A USB O O N/A Internal Memory O O N/A A. Drag Tap. Update Main Firmware and Micom Firmware simultaneously Update via MDC Cloning. Data transfer to MagicINFO Server X O O Dynamic Content Play based on A. Flick. Flick. Pinch. Pinch. Flick. Drag Detailed touch gestures are explained in other guide documents.

VRO. MTS. MOV. BMP. TS. MPEG. MOV. MOV. DIVX AVI. JPEG. MKV.. PNG JPG. MTS. BMP. M2TS. FLV. MOV. MKV. PNG JPG. VOB.Solution Brief Samsung MagicINFO™ Player S3 Samsung MagicINFO™ Player Function Comparison Supported PC/Mobile Software for Content Deployment Services MagicINFO S2 MagicINFO S3 MagicINFO I MagicINFO Premium Author O O O MagicINFO Scheduler O O O Web Author O O MagicINFO Express Content Creator II X O X Remarks Same with SSTV app MagicINFO Mobile Content Creator (1'st) O O X Same with SSTV app MagicINFO Mobile Content Creator (2'nd) X O X Same with SSTV app MagicINFO Tablet Content Creator (2'nd) X O X Same with SSTV app DataLink O O O DataLink Indicator X O O SNMP O O X Crestron O O X Maximum 50 each Maximum 50 each Maximum 250 each Video AVI. VRO. TP. 3GP. MPG.MP4. FLV. ASF. ASF.. SVI. M2TS. TS. 3GP. TRP. SVI. TP. MPEG. WMV. MPG. MP2. VOB. MP4 and more Image JPG. JPEG. BMP. TRP.MP4. JPEG. WMV. PNG Input Source O O O Ticker Message O O O External Source O O NA Video O O NA Image O O NA X X O Sync Number Video wall DP Loop out Video wall Content Content Daisy chain video wall control 6 . DIVX MagicINFO I player can play some of the most popular video formats by default including: WMV.

. 3GP. M2TS.920 x 1. DOC. FLV. HLS JPG. ASF.280 x 720 Input Source Element Maximum number Landscape Portrait 1 1.Solution Brief Samsung MagicINFO™ Player S3 Samsung MagicINFO™ Player S3 Specification MagicINFO S3 General Compatibility between SMART Signage and Template Resolution Background Music Graphics Font File Packaging O 1. VOB.920 x 1. BMP. WMV.080 1. TRP.) 1. TS. JPEG.080 x 1. MPG.160 Author Packaging Only Maximum Number Video Element Remarks 62 each 14 each 11 each O O O X X X O O O Effect The Number of Effects Network Scheduling Local Scheduling MagicINFO Scheduler Single Channel 243 each (26 each . MOV.920 MP3 Vector Graphics Image Element Supported content (file extensions) Unusual Resolution Support Streaming Video Supported content Supported resolution Supported resolution 2 It depends on SBB (PC) hardware performance AVI. RTSP. PPTX.080 x 1. SWF v13 It depends on SBB (PC) hardware regarding performance User should install Codec (for example: Ac3) It depends on SBB (PC) hardware regarding performance .080 / 1. MKV.072 x 720 Sound Element Supported content MP3 PDF Element Maximum number Supported content 1 PDF Office Element Maximum number 1 Supported content PPT. MOV. PNG 1. TP. RTP. My-SQL Element Widget Weather Element Up to 3. MTS.840 x 2. Air v3. DOCX Maximum number 1 HTML4 video tag support Touch/Mouse/Keyboard Interactive O X Web Element Shape Elements WordArt Elements Chart Elements Table Element Analog Clock Element Digital Clock Element Camera Device Element Timer Element Weather Element Sticker (Stamp) Element Data Module MS-SQL. MPEG.will be enhanced) O Multi-Channel O Single Channel O Multi-Channel O Single Channel O Multi-Channel O 7 Flash Player v11.MP4.0. DIVX (Supported Codec and resolution is explained in Codec Tables.920 MMS. VRO. SVI.0.

https://v3. 8 . The customer can download a server patch program from the SLM website. 2013 Server version: Older than 2004 version should be patched to 2005 Brief Samsung MagicINFO™ Player S3 MagicINFO™ Server Compatibility 2013 Server MagicINFO S 2012 (B Model) SOC Player 2013 (C Model) MagicINFO S3 2014 Server (300x) 2015 Server (310x) MagicINFO I Remarks Lite O* O* O* Lite O O* O* Premium S O O* O* O O* O* VideoWall S 2014 (D Model) S2 O* O* O O* 2015 (D Model) S3 O* O* O* O Premium i O Need upgrade to 2015 Player I Need upgrade to 2015 Player I O Need upgrade to 2015 Player I Need upgrade to 2015 Player I ~ 2013 SBB Player VideoWall i 2014 Player I O* O* O Need upgrade to 2015 Player I 2015 Player I O* O* O* O O* Supported. but the feature is limited to a previous version Player or Server. or Samsung Electronics Co. medical Android is a trademark of Google Inc. cameras. Samsung is not liable for errors or omissions. All rights reserved.. Ltd.samsungtomorrow.. Gyeonggi-do 443-742. Suwon-si. Samsung is a registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co. Copyright © 2015 Samsung Electronics Microsoft SQL (MS. please visit our official website at www. www. Korea www. tablets. visit www. network systems and semiconductors. For more information For more information about Samsung MagicINFO™ Player S3.Solution Brief Legal and additional information About Samsung Electronics Co. To discover more. We are also leading in the Internet of Things space through. employ 307.. 2015-07 9 . Ltd. and our official blog at global. our Digital Health and Smart Home initiatives. Ltd. We DisplayPort is a registered trademark of the Video Electronics Standards Association. Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. others. wearable devices.. 129 Samsung-ro. Yeongtong-gu. digital appliances.000 people across 84 countries. Ltd. All brand. among AccuWeather is a registered trademark of AccuWeather. redefining the worlds of TVs. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. smartphones. All data were deemed correct at time of creation. product.SQL) is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. service names and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby recognized and Samsung Electronics Co.