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Firefighter Elite

Performance Guide
Whether you’re hoping to compete
at the firefighter combat challenge
or just improve your training regime,
this guide will help you enhance your
fitness training routine .

Training. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Training Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Nutrition. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Firehouse Recipes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Performance Gear. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Preparation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Case Study. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28


- Derek Jeter, former New York Yankee,
aka Mr. November, Captain Clutch

Your performance is a reflection of how you optimize your training. CARDIO AT THE CORE Training starts with a solid foundation in cardio. calculated stair tread and strategic hoist is built on your conditioning and your ability to rise to the challenge. Accept nothing less than elite performance with these veteran training tips. Each precise movement. DEDICATION AND THE RIGHT KIND OF PREPARATION.TRAINING LIKE A CHAMPION TAKES GRIT. Tailor your cardio workout with these best practice exercises: • Running • Rowing • Road or stationary biking • Treadmill sprints • Stairs .

“ STRENGTH TO PUSH THROUGH BUILD STRENGTH BY REPLICATING MOVEMENTS ON THE COURSE WITH ADDED RESISTANCE: HOIST A ROPE. dumbells or barbells: • Front squats • Back squats • Deadlifts • Calf raises With your body weight: • Air squats • Box jumps • Plyometric lunges • Stairs – every other step helps build strength . Sean. With bands.your legs take a beating. PULL A HOSE AND DRAG A DUMMY TO INCREASE BOTH MUSCLE MEMORY AND POWER. Fire Captain. leg strength and endurance make or break champions. kettlebells. 7-year veteran of FCC competition As you think through the grueling two minutes of the firefighter combat challenge. From the first stair you climb to the last dummy-dragging step across the finish line. Here are the top combat challenged approved leg strengthening exercises you should consider adding to your routine. one thing is clear -.

ENDURANCE TO GO THE DISTANCE It takes discipline to build endurance: discipline in your cardio and strength training. Fire Captain. 7-year veteran of FCC competition . Cross Training: • Long distance running • Long bike rides • Rowing • Stair climber machine Speed and Agility Training: • Interval sprints • Speed ladder • Slalom sprints • Stairs – every step helps improve foot speed “ SUCCESS ON THE STAIRS IS ALL ABOUT YOUR TIMING – FROM STAIR TO STAIR AND HOW YOU PULL ON THE RAIL – AS YOU TRAIN. Sean. and discipline in your training routine. GET YOUR TIMING DOWN AND BUILD ENDURANCE SO IT BECOMES SECOND NATURE IN THE COMPETITION. Cross training with added speed and agility exercises is key to help keep workouts fresh and to help build endurance. Fuel your body and your mind by switching up your training tactics as you build endurance.


Wednesday: Rest Day / light Cardio Thursday: Cardio / Cross training Friday: Strength – Functional strength building (squats. hoist. TECHNIQUE AND STRENGTH.PHASE ONE: BUILDING FITNESS LEVEL. Tuesday: Strength – Weight training – low reps. Monday: Cardio / course preparation: competition style stairs. stairs) Saturday: Course preparation and conditioning Sunday: Cardio & Strength . high resistance. hammer and dummy drag. plyometrics. focusing on proper technique and building muscle memory. precise technique and developing a foundation of strength and cardio to complete each section. Focus on understanding the challenges of the course.

As your foundation of cardio and strength is increasing. In addition. Wednesday: Rest Day / light Cardio/ Mental Preparation Thursday: Cardio – interval and speed/agility training/course conditioning Friday: Strength – Functional strength building (squats. consider adding in mental preparation: visualize your goals and optimal performance. to build endurance. plyometrics.PHASE TWO: REFINING TECHNIQUE. low resistance. Monday: Long distance cardio / course preparation Tuesday: Strength – Weight training – higher reps. stairs) Saturday: Course preparation: Gear up and refine course technique and course specific challenges. BUILDING POWER AND ENDURANCE. Sunday: Cardio & Strength . focus on building endurance and speed.

stairs) Saturday: Course preparation.Gear up and refine course technique and course specific challenges. Sunday: Cardio & Strength . Wednesday: Rest Day / light cardio / mental preparation Thursday: Cardio – interval and speed training / course conditioning Friday: Strength – Functional strength building (squats.PHASE THREE: BUILD SPEED AND COURSE SPECIFIC SKILLS. Final preparations include maintaining strength and cardio while building power and speed as you perfect your course technique. plyometrics. Monday: Long distance cardio / cross training / course preparation Tuesday: Strength – Weight training – strength maintenance.


No matter how much conditioning you do to build strength. WHEN THEY’RE FIGHTING FIRES. Consider the simple changes you can make to your eating regimen to enhance your firefighter training and physique. you need to fuel your body from the inside to see true results. FIREFIGHTERS BURN ANYWHERE FROM 540 TO 800 CALORIES AN HOUR .Men’s Fitness . endurance and power.

fruits. on the course and on the rig. blueberries. • Berries: Studies show that berries -. vegetables. As easy.1. • Spinach: Channel your inner Popeye and build stronger bones with vitamin K. NUTRIENTS : VEGETABLES AND FRUIT Vegetables and fruit are full of nutrients to help keep your body healthy and improve your immune system. citrus fruits can help keep your immune system in top shape and hold colds and sickness at bay. which can help reduce inflammation. many vegetables and fruits are full of potassium. • Quinoa: Incorporate this high protein food into any meal of the day to keep you feeling full and satisfied. • Sweet Potatoes and Yams: Enhance your training and sustain high energy levels with the complex carbs found in sweet potatoes and yams. brown rice and wholewheat pasta can provide the fuel you need to perform at your highest level. • Citrus Fruits: Packed with vitamin C. including whole grains. FUEL: COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES & WHOLE GRAINS A diet rich in complex carbohydrates.pack a healthy dose of antioxidants. on-the-go snacks. 2. cabbage. all of which are high in fiber to help keep you feeling full for long stretches on the job. .including raspberries. blackberries and cranberries -. dietary fiber. strawberries. folate and other essential vitamins and minerals. • Cruciferous Vegetables: Fuel your body at the firehouse with broccoli. cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

• Lean Meats: Chicken. • Nuts: Reduce inflammation with the healthy fats found in many nut varieties. • Lentils: Low in calories and perfect for an extra protein boost. • Fatty Fish: Salmon. . eggs contain high levels of protein. a ‘good’ fat that helps lower bad cholesterol. lean cuts of pork and beef. B vitamins and small amounts of almost every vitamin your body requires to stay healthy. garbanzo beans and black beans are rich in vitamins and minerals to support your work and fitness schedule. mackerel. STRENGTH : PROTEIN Studies show that greater protein consumption is associated with superior body composition and muscle growth. antioxidants.3. Pack the protein into your firehouse meals to see improved tone and conditioning results. turkey. • Avocados: Full of fiber and high in monounsaturated fat. • Whole Eggs: Touted as nature’s multivitamin. tuna. sardines and anchovies. • Beans: Kidney beans.


Check out the rest of their Fire House recipes at the Sequim Gazette. Anchorage. 1. ALASKA BREAKFAST BURROS Breakfast Burros from senior captain Dan Tucker. Well. from the Eagle River Fire Station . Alaska. CANADA TURKEY AND QUINOA MEATLOAF “I always found turkey meatloaf to be quite disappointing. I have developed this version that has a great texture and a surprisingly good flavor. Recipe Courtesy of AllRecipes. Recipe Courtesy of Sequim Gazette FIRE DEPARTMENT: BELLEVILLE. ONTARIO.FIRE DEPARTMENT: ANCHORAGE.” Recipe by Andrew Benoit. The flavor is usually lacking as well as the texture.

Pair it with some mashed potatoes for the perfect comfort . KENTUCKY BACON CHEESEBURGER MEATLOAF This is not a boring meatloaf. with the rich taste of mushrooms and spinach over a tender piece of chicken. Adding the chili sauce and cheese really make this recipe a winner. WISCONSIN LOW TIDE CHICKEN A recipe full of decadent flavor. 1986 FIRE DEPARTMENT: FRANKFURT. Recipe Courtesy of John Sineno.FIRE DEPARTMENT: WEST ALLIS. Recipe Courtesy of MyRecipes. The Firefighter’s Cookbook.


even just seconds. How does your gear stack up? . but this is not always the case. Circle the number that best represents the features of your current turnout gear. but does your turnout gear offer you the flexibility and maneuverability to perform at your best? What flaws in your turnout gear design slow you down and reduce your efficiency? Design features that improve performance and increase your efficiency should naturally be included in your turnout gear. Evaluate the 5 critical aspects for movement and maneuverability of firefighter turnout gear.SAVING TIME You understand the importance of saving time.

mask and vest. Consider the benefits of selecting turnout gear designed to be more than 10 percent lighter than standard issued. LIGHTWEIGHT GEAR 1– Very Lightweight 2 – Pretty Good 4 – Somewhat Heavy 5– 3 – Just Right Very Heavy When you gear up. Lightweight turnout gear can be the difference between finesse and fatigue on the course. . it often means adding 50 or more pounds in the form of turnout gear.1. SBCA. boots. off-the-shelf gear.

. before a firefighter can climb stairs or drag a hose. high-performance design and small details become the difference between success and failure. Instead. they’ll be required to waste precious time hoisting up their pants. opt for a turnout pant designed to optimize performance on the job. A turnout pant designed with a dynamic knee expansion pleat located above each knee. Not only does the clumsy design and extra material cause knee knocking. movement and flexibility. Traditional turnout gear includes a static knee construction. HIGH PERFORMANCE KNEE CONSTRUCTION 1– Excellent 2 – Pretty Good 4 – Somewhat Bulky 5– 3 – Just Right Very Bulky When seconds are critical.2. with a fully extended pleat below the knee. as opposed to below the knee. allows for improved maneuverability.

will allow a firefighter to lift and extend their arms with freedom and without causing their coats to rise or pull up. with the shoulder seam located on top of the shoulder and closer to the neck. FLEXIBLE SHOULDER CONSTRUCTION 1 – Excellent Movement 2 – Pretty Good 4 – Somewhat Stiff and Confided 5– 3 – Just Right Very Stiff and Confined A properly constructed jacket shoulder should include both back pleats and large underarm gussets to allow for maximum movement. . the shoulder should be set into the coat. In addition.3. A correctly placed shoulder seam. near the neck.

but when movement causes suspenders to slip off the shoulder.4. but poorly constructed suspenders can distract and disrupt a firefighter in moments when focus and attention are essential. it can be both distracting and dangerous. is ideal. SUSPENDERS THAT STAY PUT 1– Excellent Fit 2 – Pretty Good 4 – Somewhat Annoying 3 – Just Right 5 – Constantly Slipping Freedom to move with ease is one of the essential requirements of turnout gear. . Suspenders certainly won’t save a life in an emergency. A suspender system that is designed to move and constructed in a way that makes adjustment simple.

“ LAKELAND STEALTH TURNOUT GEAR IS SIGNIFICANTLY LIGHTER THAN MY OLD GEAR. with design features intended to optimize performance and shave valuable seconds from your task at hand. High performance turnout gear is a reality. I NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MY PANTS MOVING AROUND OR SLIDING DOWN. combined with cutting edge materials. The advanced ergonomics of high performance turnout gear. you might want to consider a turnout gear upgrade.HOW DOES YOUR FIREFIGHTER TURNOUT GEAR STACK UP? When you add up your score. if it exceeds 12 points. NOT ONLY THAT. Sean. 7-year veteran of FCC competition . Fire Captain. faster and how you can join an elite class of firefighters in high performance turnout gear. can give you superior protection with maximum freedom of movement. Learn more about how you can #GearUp lighter.


• Drag a hose 75 feet. an exercise physiologist and former firefighter. spray water. the Combat Challenge is an obstacle course that includes real-life firefighter performance challenges where two firefighters compete head to head wearing full bunker gear. beam a distance of 5 feet. • Climb a 5-story tower with a high-rise pack. ‘victim’ . • 100-foot rescue and drag of life-sized.FIREFIGHTER COMBAT CHALLENGE Founded in 1991 by Paul Davis. Ph. Hammer a 160 lb. • Hoist a 42-pound weight.. D. • Forcible entry simulator. • Hydrant agility run. 175 lb.

in downtown Montgomery. Alabama. Competitors will race against the clock during the Wildcard days to earn a spot in the championship rounds. MONDAY – 10/19 TUESDAY – 10/20 WEDNESDAY – 10/21 THURSDAY – 10/22 FRIDAY – 10/23 SATURDAY – 10/24 TUNE IN TO THE ACTION! The Firefighter Combat Challenge will be broadcast on ESPN! 7-9 am Competitor Check-In – Monday Only 10 am – 5 pm Wildcard Playoffs 4 -7 pm Competitor Check-In Evening Practice Time 7-9 am Competitor Check-In – Tuesday Only 9 AM – 5 pn Wildcard Playoffs 4 -7 pm Competitor Check-In Evening Practice Time 7-9 am Competitor Check-In – Wednesday Only 9 am – 5 pm Wildcard Playoffs 4 -7 pm Competitor Check-In Evening Practice Time 7-9 am Competitor Check-In – Thursday Only 9 am – 5 pm Wildcard Playoffs 7 pm Lion’s Den Reception 7:30 – 9 am Competitor Check-In 10 am Tandem Championship Immediately Following Tandem Scott Awards Ceremony 1:30 – 3 pm Competitor Check-In 3:40 pm Dignitaries Assemble 4 pm Individual/Team Championship Immediately Following Individual/Team Scott Awards Ceremony 6 – 7:30 am Competitor Check-In 8 am Opening Ceremony & Competitor Walk-On 8:30 am Relay Championship Immediately Following Relay Scott Awards Ceremony . 2015.WORLD CHALLENGE XXIV SCHEDULE OF EVENTS World Challenge XXIV will be held from October 19 to 24.

140.750 FIREFIGHTERS PROTECT THE UNITED STATES.ELITE: CASE STUDY OVER 1. 2013 . National Fire Protection Association.

The Challenge course is based on activities performed at a normal fire ground. Many different brands of gear have belts in them to help keep your pants up and in place. The Stealth gear has never given me any issues with movement.SEAN SULLIVAN Position: Captain Fire/Rescue Department: Frankfort. Kentucky Fire / EMS Interesting Hobby: Jiu jitsu Years in Fire/EMS: 18 Turnout Gear: Lakeland Stealth The material of Lakeland Stealth Turnout Gear is soft and moves well while running all parts of the course. but everything is done so much faster. The side seam construction makes it easier for me to move on the course and not get in a bind with the gear. The design of the knee makes movement up the stairs so much easier. but whenever you kneel down to do anything the pants bind up or slide down just enough to require adjusting. The knee pleats and dynamic knee construction of Stealth gear helps to eliminate adjustments and makes it easy to move on the course and on the job. binding up. The knee design is the most beneficial and unique aspect of Stealth gear when I compare it to the other turnout gear I have worn. or restriction of my movements the way the brand of gear I wear on duty has in the past. . but they don’t move with every step as well as the Stealth gear does. I can’t stop and adjust my pants or my coat during a race the way I can on the fire ground. I train in an older pair of pants.

you’ll be hard to beat.Herschel Walker. former NFL / USFL football player .“ IF YOU train hard. you’ll not only be hard. .

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