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Running head: ASSIGNMENT 4


Emotional Intelligence
Interpersonal Communications
Prof. Katherine Tracy
September 18, 2016

. Now that I’m thinking about this I really need to get myself check. I guess I have to say yes. they found that 90% of top performers are also high in emotional intelligence. Do you agree with the results? Explain. designed to boost your emotional intelligence. However. Sometime is really hard for me to think. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 2 What were the outcomes of your emotional intelligence quizzes? The outcome of the emotional intelligence quizzes to me is to let us know in what level of emotional and intelligence the people are in. Based on what you learned. I really don’t know. just 20% of bottom performers are high in emotional intelligence. they say that I don't have to worry: The research suggests that the people can improve their emotion recognition skills with some practice. I’ll probably will go to the doctor to see was is going on with me.ASSIGNMENT 4. Were you surprised at the outcomes? Explain. On the flip side. I found that all the people they studied at work. So according to the quizzes I just have to keep an eye out for our forthcoming empathy training tool. because sometimes I feels that I’m not all the way in my feet’s. Knowing myself I will get worry with my results for a little while but then I will forget. My score places me well below average at reading expressions. What did you learn about your emotional intelligence from each survey? So according of my quizzes results I have work to do. is there anything you would like to improve on and how would you go about doing this? Explain.

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