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Research Methodology

Research Design
This study used a descriptive research design employing the
qualitative approach. The phenomenology strategy described and
investigated the perception of STEC Senior High Math Wizards. We are
pointing one’s intelligences when it comes in problem-solving or
mathematics. Since we are dealing about the math wizards, we will examine
and ask their ways in studying math.
This used an in-depth interview guide to the key informants at STEC.
Research Environment
This study focuses in Lapu-Lapu City STEC located in Sitio Iba, Basak
Lapu-Lapu City. The school is composed of approximately 15 rooms
governed by one principal. Currently, it educates a maximum of 170
Research Participants
The researcher utilized the non-probability sampling specifically of 5
key informants. The researcher selected the 5 key informants using the
following criteria: 1.) She works there. 2.) She must be 18 years old and
above; 3.) Must consent to undergo the interview.
Research Instruments
The study used the interview guide for the in-depth face-to-face
interview which has 3 sub-problems namely: 1.) What are the mathematical
ability/ intelligence of every STEC students? 2.) What are their struggles in
learning mathematics? 3.) Why do every student of STEC are widely known
as mathematically competent?
It also presents the consents which are the Transmittal letters;
Parental consent; and Informed consent form.

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