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The 2015 Talisman is retrospective of the creative energy that abounds within
every Mirman student. Each year, the Talisman offers an authentic look at
passionate and personal expressions from our diverse group of young artists
and writers. The remarkable progression in aptitude on display from Rooms 1
through Upper School 4 is indeed a testament to our art and writing programs,
but it also speaks volumes about the growth of character that our students
undergo during their time at Mirman.
I invite you to enjoy this honest expression of life, as witnessed through the
unique lens of childhood and adolescence.

Cover Art by Camille Borkowski, US4
Inside Cover by Edie Graber, US4
Back Cover by Kevin Shao, US4

Special thank you to Dan Vorenberg,
Sue Mathews, Noah Kaufman,
and Alec Colantonio-Ray

Project Managed by Geoffrey Gardner
Layout and Design by Karin Durup
Production and Setup by Wendy Pruitt
Proofread by Ellen Brown
Printed by ColornetPress

Art pieces for the Talisman are selected
by the Art Department and writing samples
are submitted by teachers on behalf of their

Spring is when I see sunflowers in the grass.
Spring is when I hear birds singing in their nest.
Spring is when I smell pretty flowers next to a tree.
Spring is when I taste homemade cookies.
Spring is when I feel my sister and brother hugging me.
I love spring, because I see very pretty roses.
Dakota Tooley, Room 1

Spring is when I see purple flowers on my tree.
Spring is when I hear my mom and dad cooking pasta.
Spring is when I smell sunflowers outside my house.
Spring is when I taste chocolate and vanilla cookies that my mom makes.
Spring is when I feel my toy birds chirping.
I love spring because my mom and dad give me hugs and kisses.
Saige Kumar, Room 1


Jacob Lancer, Room 4

Spring is when I feel smooth leaves.
Spring is when I taste sweet herbs.
Spring is when I see green grass.
Spring is when I hear quiet butterflies.
Spring is when I smell brown tree bark.
I love spring because there’s life.
Lucas O’Connor, Room 1

Sometime soon I will go on a trip.
Pictures of my family.
Running around and seeing the leaves.
It’s fun to play.
New things are going to happen.
Gliding through the leaves.
Aara Motakef, Room 1
James Gardner, US1

Lillian Shavelle, Room 2

Spring is when I see my mommy planting Thai chilis,
flowers, watermelons and many more that I forget.
Spring is when I hear black birds go “tweet, tweet!” at the park.
Spring is when I smell fresh mango that is yummy. The yellow type.
Spring is when I feel sunflowers blooming.
Spring is when I taste all fresh food like grapes, tangerines, and many more.
Spring is when I get to play lots of things inside and outside.
Harrison Furst, Room 1

Spring is when I see apple blossoms blooming on trees.
Spring is when I hear the laughter of kids playing.
Spring is when I smell beautiful flowers on a bush.
Spring is when I taste nectarines.
Spring is when I feel amazing.
Vivianne Arnold, Room 1


Alessandra Maresca, US2

Spring is when I hear the sweet chatter of birds making their nests.
Spring is when I see sweet apple blossoms blooming in trees.
Spring is when I smell fresh apple pie my mom made.
Spring is when I feel a cool bug crawling on my arm.
Jack Fener, Room 1

Spring is when I see blooming sunflowers hanging on a tree.
Spring is when I hear chirping birds flying everywhere.
Spring is when I smell roses blooming in my backyard.
Spring is when I taste ice cream giving me a brain freeze.
Spring is when I feel the grass on my feet.
I love spring because I can go to the beach.
Sasha Filus, Room 1

Spring is when I see bugs and lizards.
Spring is when I hear birds in the trees.
Spring is when I taste the fish that my dad buys.
Spring is when I feel Easter eggs hidden in my backyard.
Vivianne Arnold, Room 1

Xavier Takacs Csato, US1

Stuart von Firley-Butler, Room 1


Love is when I smell a pie baking in the oven,
Love is when I see heart-shaped cookies.
Love is when I feel really happy swimming in a pool.
Love is when I hear my dad kissing me.
Love is when I taste heart cookies.
Victoria Shlimovich, Room 1

Love is when I feel Jessie. She makes me happy.
Love is when I smell chocolate. It makes me warm.
Love is when I hear pitter-patter. It makes me glad.
Love is when I see my mommy. She makes me glad.
Love is when I taste chocolate. It makes me glad.
Love is when my family comes back from Virginia.
They make me joyful.
Sabrina Wuo, Room 1

Rahan Razavi, US3

Alexander Gavin, Room 1

Love is when I feel kisses from my mom and dad.
Love is when I see white doves on the trees.
Love is when I taste Hershey’s Kisses.
Love is when I hear sweet things from my mom and dad.
Love is when I smell chocolate chip cookies
that my mom makes.
Love is when my family lets me go to Saige’s birthday.
Maddex Kumar, Room 1

Love is when I feel overjoyed.
Love is when I taste red lollipops.
Love is when I see doves.
Love is when I hear my dad say hello when I get off the bus.
Love is when I hug my grandpa when I leave for school.
Brandon Davidov, US1

Molly Block, Room 2

Nikki Primiani, Room 1

Love is when I see people drawing hearts.
Love is when I smell heart-shaped marshmallows
in people’s cups of hot chocolate.
Love is when I feel heart-shaped pillows.
Love is when I taste candy hearts.
Love is when I see people giving hugs.
Devan Robinov, Room 1

Love is when I smell chocolate cookies.
It reminds me of love because they smell good.
Love is when I taste delicious cupcakes and cake.
They remind me of hearts.
Love is when I feel loved by my friends and family.
Love is when I see hearts. They are red and pink.
Love is when I hear people say,“I love you.”
Love is when I am at home.
Kelsey Wiblin, Room 1

Nicola Dadlani, Room 2

Derek Schneider, US1

Jonah Stern, US3

Cara Huang, Room 1

Love is when I see a Valentine’s card. Then I feel loved.
Love is when I taste terrific treats because
they’re so marvelous.
Love is when I hear birds sing. It makes me feel merry.
Love is when I feel my mom hug me. It gives me cheer!
Love is when I smell flowers. They smell good.
Love is when I get hugs from my family.
Zoe O’Brien, Room 1

Love is when I sit down and rest with my friends.
Love is when I hear the wonderful chirps of doves.
Love is when I see my cousins every summer.
Love is when I say good-bye to my parents when I go on
long trips without them.
Love is when I taste hot chocolate.
Love is when I feel skins of freshly picked lemons from
my lemon tree.
Love is when I smell freshly picked roses.
Dylan Trueblood, Room 1


Love is when I feel kisses from my dog, Jake.
Love is when I taste yummy chocolate treats.
Love is when I hear my mom’s nice words like,
“I love you Rares.”
Love is when I smell really lovely tulips on
the kitchen table.
Love is when I see numberless doves in the
wonderful blue sky.
Love is when my mom and dad give me two
chocolates at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner.
Rares Obreja, Room 1


Hunter Bren, US1

Love is when I see hearts.
Love is when I smell heart cookies baking.
Love is when I feel my mom kissing me.
Love is when I hear my brothers talking.
Love is when I taste love cookies.
Ashton Gravori, Room 1

Kangaroo Kira calls Kelsey.
Martha makes muffins.
Loretta leads the limes.
Robyn robs robbers.

Diba Amid, US2

Kira Ferren, Room 1

Spring is when I hear birds singing from trees.
Spring is when I feel green grass from the ground.
Spring is when I see daisies in the grass.
Spring is when I taste watermelon.
Spring is when I smell beautiful flowers from the ground.
Lauren Zaidel, Room 5

Santiago Esparza Nazemi, Room 1
Jonathan Zucker, Room 4


Asha Haley, Room 5

Fall is the sound of the
Beautiful, pretty, and peaceful wind
Smelling warm hot chocolate
People drinking it
Tasting warm soup and hot tea
Hearing children laughing and having fun
Falling leaves under my feet
And feeling warmth next to the fire
Going back to school and
Having fun in Spanish, science, music, library, and art
Trick-or-treating on Halloween
And getting candy
Jumping in the piles of
Yellow, orange, and brown leaves
Eating hot pumpkin seeds
In the dark and spooky night
Playing outside with your friends
Viktoria Ekstrand, Room 2

Paul Kurgan, Room 5

Leaves falling off trees
Jack o’ lanterns glowing bright
In the night
Hearing the wind in the trees
Trick-or-treating on Halloween night
Feeling the mist in the air outside
Hearing ghosts howl
Huddling close to the fire
Feeling the raindrops on my face
Arden Hayes, Room 2


Chloe Fribourg, Room 5

When you go outside and feel the lush grass
When you hear little children jumping into piles of leaves
When you smell the turkey in the oven
When you see the pumpkin in the yard
When you say trick or treat
When you taste hot chocolate
When you feel the candy in your mouth
When you see people trick-or-treating
When you smell gravy in the pan
When you see the leaves falling off the trees
Audrey McLeod, Room 2

Eli Friedman, US1

Earth is pretty in spring
A bear wakes up from a long nap
Robins fly from tree to tree
The trees are growing leaves
Humans are playing in the grass
Deer are running on the prairie
A baby bird chirps
Yeah, spring is here
Kaitlynn Farkas, Room 2

Devyn Rogers, Room 2

Aidan Deshong, Room 4


William Murray, US1

Sukari Frain, Room 3

Jaesan Emeret, US2

I love the Earth because it’s round
Listen to an animal and hear its sound
People are littering, and that’s not good
So come clean the Earth like we should
Some people are bad and kill the trees
They also kill a lot of plants and bees
We need bees to help bring all the honey
Like the sun makes all the world sunny
This is not a test or even a drill
We can all help the Earth still
If you aren’t going to, then shame on you
The people who do it always come through
Where would we live if we didn’t have Earth?
A baby might not even have his/her birth
So come on down to a beach if you could
Or maybe you can work in your neighborhood
To clean the Earth and grow some plants
After we’re done, we can all dance
Jaiden Mathews, Room 2

Earth is happy and joyful
Earth is our home
Earth is a planet where animals and humans live
Earth is filled with friends and families
Earth is also filled with flowers, trees, and other plants
Earth is peaceful
Earth is a place where you get to have a lot of food
Earth is where seeds can grow a lot
Earth is the best planet ever!
Jacquelyn Schneider, Room 2

The Earth is awesome
Like a possum
It’s Earth Day, so let’s say YEAH!
So keep it safe
At night, the Earth is very dark
Then my dog starts to bark
Noah Sky Kranz, Room 2

William Rosen, Room 2

Simone Parekh, Room 3

The world is just a dot
And I love the Earth a lot
I hope it doesn’t get too hot
If it does, we might all rot
I, for one, sure hope not
Xanthe Browne, Room 2

Endless supply of food
A wonderful place to live
Rushing water
Terrific landscape
Help nurture the Earth
Lilly Stobo, Room 2
Max Rice, Room 4

Henry Felts, Room 2

Don’t pollute the Earth
Keep it clean
You’ve got to chip in
And don’t be mean
Pick up trash on the road
Don’t let the trash overload
Gemma Ozturk, Room 2

Beautiful leaves
colorful, nice
crispy, damp, woody,
smells with breakable
squashy and soft
gross, moldy
oily, crunchy
Boat going on water.
Glittery and shiny
like glue and sweat
with hot and liquidy
water and air
like little pumps.

Sky Stubbeman, Room 3

Julia Yariv, Room 5

Costumes and jack o’ lanterns
sweet candy.
Feel the spooky and scary stuff.
Soft and hard candies are coming in my
Candies are dropping with scary sounds.
The sun through the trees
bees and humming birds.
Fresh grass
leaves on the trees.
Feel the soft smooth and bumpy leaves.
Taste the crispy and good pumpkins.
Kids are playing
with birds chirping
in the cool wind breeze.
Isabelle Friedlich, Room 2

Daniel Kim, Room 1

Keira Morrell, Room 4

Winter is when you hear
The beautiful sound of the wind
Winter is when you eat hot food
Winter is when you hear children snowboarding
Winter is when you see bare trees
Winter is when you drink hot chocolate
Myles McBride, Room 2

Cuddling my mom
Cuddling my dog
Watching a movie with my parents
Remi Hoffman Chande, Room 2


Mila Jones, US3

Anika Iyer, Room 5

Sloane Wiczyk, Room 1

Brandon Gravori, Room 3

A lot of orange and yellow
leaves on trees
The leaves smell
like fresh grown flowers
very smooth and soft flowers
It tastes bitter and sour
singing birds chirping in the wind.
The weather
like a very fast line in the air
like watery wet leaves.
Feeling like a little cold breeze
like fresh cold water
sounds like crushed leaves.
It looks very spooky
It smells like stinky, spooky monsters
feels very cold
like monster cookies
sounds like ghosts.
like waving orange leaves
fresh blowing air
a little cold breeze
like fresh cold water
sounds like birds chirping loudly
Remy Eknoyan, Room 2

Having fun celebrating
with a lot of fun,
which is the best time
smelling the pizza with the hot breeze.
It’s lovely
with so many super spectacular lilacs.
The cold breeze
with asparagus and tasty carrots
on Yom Kippur.

Andrew Kurgan, Room 4

in the shiny sports field
the parking lot
looks like a playground.
is drizzling in the ink.
We are planting
blueberries and strawberries.
Jewish music
is playing.
Dagem Sima, Room 2

Leaves, taste like chicken???
Sounds like the wind blowing.
Feels like a normal resting day.

Kiran Spurling, Room 1

Sounds like monsters.
Looks like flying bats.
Smells like fine fresh juicy grass.
Time to go trick-or-treating,
smells like some candy,
like the crisp cold air.
It sounds like the humming
It tastes like some SWEETS!

Marcus Pistor, Room 4

Morgan Maynard, Room 1

The weather gets hot during the day
at night it’s cold.
It seems fresh,
steamy air.
Leaves look brown, yellow, and orange.
Sounds like a nice breeze.
Sofia Capanna, Room 2

Leaves change colors
like the food flour
feels like rain but rusty
tastes like plastic
sounds like crunchy leaves
blowing wind
like crisp air
feels cold
sounds like thunder and rain.
Bats and cats
smell like dark air
feels cold
taste candy
sounds spooky
look at the trees
see bees
smell the flowers on the trees
feel the wind
taste the trees
wind sounds
loud and noisy.
Charlotte Reed, Room 2

Leaves splashing like water
in the wind or the breeze
Hot sweat on your toes
sunny dust
hands go numb, brrr!
Rainy drip drops everywhere
Scary skeletons
in the house
don’t be scared of the vampire sky
sticky sweet candy
Scary jack o’ lanterns
Smelly, messy guts
juicy hearts that sucks your hand inside.
Salty guts down your throat
Quiet like stones
Theo Nydes, Room 2

Jesse Wiczyk, Room 1

Devin Marley, Room 1

Tara Green, Room 4

Dakota Tooley, Room 1

Mateo Rissman, Room 2


Justin Goldstein, US1

Clyde Crooks, US2

Colorful red
yellow leaves
blowing around
the crisp blue air,
smells fresh
wet watery grass.
Feels fragile,
breakable and smooth.
Leaves taste gritty.
Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch.
Looks sunny,
smell the weather,
dry warm air.
Hear the birds singing.
It is Halloween!
Very spooky. Scary.
Smell the haunted scary webs,
maybe you shiver
with fear
haunted voices.
Maybe you sweat. In the night,
see the haunted people
dressed in spooky suits.
Viraj Sahi, Room 2

Theo Nydes, Room 2

Maddex Kumar, Room 1

Samaya Sayana-Manchanda, Room 2


Michael Schneider, Room 4

Avery Jamet Kuhne, Room 2

Colorful with green and yellow colors
smells like pumpkin pie
tastes a little bitter,
sounds like crumpling paper
feels rough and dry.
Gray cloudy skies,
smells like sour apples
feels cold,
warm and hot tastes
like airy tree trunks
and sounds like wind shivering.
BOO, it’s Halloween!
See people trick or treating
smell candy and pumpkin seeds
feels like soft costumes,
tastes like sour candy
sounds like whispering footsteps.
orange and yellow
smells like roses
Feels hard and smooth
tastes like sweet candy sounds
Quiet and click,
Sophie Fribourg, Room 2

Emily Shapiro, US2

Matteo Perez, US1

A color pool of leaves
that smell
like salty clouds.
Feels like a bumpy carrot
tastes like dirt.
Sounds like a soft and quiet storm.
The weather
red and yellow.
Smells like fresh air
will feel gentle like a soft breeze.
Halloween looks spooky,
smells like the breeze feels
like candy tastes
like carrots being crunched.
Brando Browse, Room 2

Annabel Murray, Room 2

Benjamin Zaidel, US2

Spiky, brown and red leaves
They smell CRISP!
And the leaves FEEL GRITTY!!!!
Oh, and they taste VERY BAD!
*RUSTLE* *Crunch* is how they sound.
It is COLD but feels HOT!!!!
It tastes DRY!
*Pitter* *Patter* is how it sounds

Vir Gargi, Room 3

And pumpkins all around!!
Smell... CANDY!!!!!
You feel a plastic handle,
Tastes YUMMY!!!!!
Candy plopping is what you hear.
Pumpkins with weird faces,
You smell WAX,
You feel lumpy stuff,
You taste pumpkin seeds
And you hear bursting flames.
Austin Washington, Room 2
Natalie Barnouw, US1

Lachlan McDermott, Room 4

Matthew Geske, US3

Sophia Goodman, US1

Graydon Greene, Room 3
Lily Sina, Room 2

Walker Uhls, US2

The beautiful colored leaves are drifting in the fresh clean air- like beautiful
flowers in the lovely fall
The lovely trees are losing their beautiful, red, orange, yellow and brown leaves
The little children are trick-or-treating on a scary street where there are creepy
haunted houses.
The small children, who are trick-or-treating, get scared by the spooky haunted
houses - AAAAAH!
When little kids trick-or-treat, they have so much fun and get so much yummy candy
When fun Thanksgiving comes, wise people eat yummy food - like delicious
turkey and tasty corn
Some wise people love cool fall - they play fun games and have fun in beautiful
When good people go outside, they will see a lot of beautiful leaves and they
will play with them - they love fun fall
Megan Yeh, Room 3
Phebe Hancock, Room 4

Brown squirrels gather yummy nuts for the great fall
Orange pumpkins scare nice people on a spooky Halloween night
Warm fireplace glows like the bright sun in the warm house
Busy teachers teach smart kids at hardworking schools
Clever students study hard math and tricky spelling in messy classrooms
I bake yummy pumpkin pie with my great family in our clean kitchen
Brown squirrels are cute cats when they climb good trees to stay warm
Lovely leaves change into great colors and fall on the hard ground
Lovely children wear great costumes on a scary, spooky Halloween night when they go
Trick-or-treating at scary houses
Nice people eat yummy turkey on the great Thanksgiving
with their amazing families and good friends
My great dad and I carve scary pumpkins with my happy friends
Lovely squirrels gather yummy walnuts for the cold winter
Crunch! Crunch!
Mika-Lee Osovski, Room 3

Zoe Reynolds, Room 2

Rishi Gurudevan, Room 3

Aria Ekholm, Room 2

Kylan Gould, US3

Riya Iyer, Room 1

Isabel Schwartz, Room 3
McQuaid Harkin-Goodrich, Room 3

Eva Goldrich, Room 3

I love the feeling of crisp, cool air flowing through
my straight hair as I leap across the field borderline
The rough surface of my rubber football is warm against
my tanned skin as I charge for the goal
I feel nervous as I put on my quarterback helmet in the
locker room
In the football stadium, I love watching the football soar
through the air towards the centerfield
I jog, panting toward the break area once the coach
calls time
Mina Enayati-Uzeta, US1

My muscles tense as I watch my team center get tackled
by my opponents. Crash!
After practice my mom gives me delicious treats at home.
They taste like cinnamon rolls glazed in honey
On the drive home, dad and I discuss football strategies.
Jack Daugherty, Room 3

Kendall Fisher, US3


Zachary Zelkin, Room 3
Kelsey Wiblin, Room 1


Dry leaves fall from big tall trees
Cold kids grow from warm homes
Cozy people walk from large homes to hard work
Sour yellow corn hardly harvested from big farms
In big trees brown squirrels run to their dark dens
Colorful coats warm up in the dark of a rainy day
In tiny homes red fireplaces light up and give warm air
Sweet pies bake in a huge bakery in the American country
On fun Thanksgiving loving families hug each other
On huge hills windy air blows twirling leaves
The chilly rain is like little cold drops from a leaking sink
The puffy clouds are fluffy pillows above the blue sky
At a little farm you can hear the crumbling leaves you are
stepping on, Crunch Crunch!
Adelaide Abrams, Room 3

In the bitter cold, sick students sneeze
when they catch the horrible flu
Hundreds of funny children rake colorful fallen leaves
In the valley, freezing farmers harvest tall golden corn
Cold skinny brown deer prance and eek! in fear
from the vile, black, hungry bears
Sunrise color terrified turkeys run cowering in fear
from being poached
Smart squirrels scram from brown starving eagles
into their dark and loathsome tree lairs
Scary ghosts scream at brave humans in terrifying
haunted houses
Green gardens chisel in the cold, icy breezes
when the temperature drops
During colorful fall, frigid breezes run through warm
red fires in cozy chimneys
Scary, leafless trees shiver in freezing cold weather
On porches, orange pumpkins are big monsters
with weird horns that grin with warm and icy smiles
Strong football-players tackle like angry pirates
fighting over shining gold
Avery Kim, Room 3

Zoe Marcus, Room 2

I adore carving plump, delectable orange pumpkins into
spooky jack o’ lanterns and putting them on my front
door as I see little kids trick-or treating
Bobbing for juicy red and green apples is extremely fun
because you get to try to bite the ripe, scrumptious apples
out of the cold blue water
Racking up piles of golden, red, and orange crinkly leaves
and jumping into bulky piles of them is extremely amusing

Owen O’Brien, Room 3

Scary monsters are haunting spooky houses, turning them
into their house where they feed on fat humans that once
lived in the pleasant, clean home
Polite ghosts moan quietly because they want to be
visible so the lovely people will be able to see them
Hardworking farmers harvest so many pumpkins, all
fat and ready to be eaten, and very delicious turkeys as
big as chubby elephants
Skinny black cats slowly walk across my wiggly, white,
long doorway
Clear ghosts like to scare cute children that are afraid
of even the least scary thing - the magical ghosts say,
“BOO” and the short girl screams, “AAAAAAHHHHHH!”

Madeline Aramian, Room 4
Sarina Smolev, US1

Zoe Fribourg, Room 3


Colorful leaves are red apples as they fall to the ground
as pleasant fall comes
Crunch Crunch
Orange pumpkins glow on the grey floor as spooky
trick-or-treaters gather tasty candy
Frightening Halloween burns to the white bones as
creepy Halloween comes
Sweet kids love moms in cozy houses during
pleasurable Thanksgiving
Alexander Ekstrand, Room 5

Fun dogs play cool frisbee with other furry dogs in the
green grass on a cold night
Feathery birds float in the chilly air to go to the hot South
Flying bats fly in black caves in many hours of darkness

Ian Rider, US3

Fiery fireplaces shine in the cool nighttime while amusing
kids play with their amazing friends
Smart students learn cool Mirman School math in super
math class
Fun kids play cool handball with entertaining friends
during relaxing recess
Sweet red apples wait in the scrumptious lunch line
to be eaten by excellent kids
Multi-colored jackets are worn by kids who play
amusing soccer on a sunny fall day.
Lively clouds soar like cool race cars in the blue sky
Connor Youshaei, Room 3

Analea Beckman, US3

Oliver Peterson, Room 4

Feeling worried, nauseous, excited - Oh gee, I’m going back
to school...boy am I nervous
Looking out my clear window, I gaze at the multi-colored
leaves fall while I am slowly sipping my delicious hot chocolate
with two melting marshmallows floating on top
Carving a creepy jack o’ lantern and baking the scrumptious
pumpkin seeds – Oh, and don’t forget the sea salt!
Telling spooky stories in a dark room, shivering from fright
while eating crunchy s-mores around a warm fire - Eeeek!
Stuffing a scrumptious turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner, I
love the lumpy mashed potatoes and sweetish gravy –
Going to frightening movies and gradually eating popcorn
and drinking fizzy soda This is going to be fun!
Maximilian Schaller, US1

I’m a huge couch potato - I am as lazy as a slimy slug
creeping up a steep wall
McQuaid Harkin-Goodrich, Room 3
Gianetta Fluent, Room 5

My nice grandmother, Judy, will stuff the juicy turkey,
I go find my fluffy dog some good-flavored jerky
My awesome dad, Robert, helps set the wooden table,
“I spy the meat-filled turkey,” said my cute dog Mabel
My great mom, Tracey, makes amazing mashed potatoes,
We scoop some salty gravy with a metal ladle-MMM!
Sometimes marinated turkey is as good as freshly baked cookies!
Now that the scrumptious meal is done,
We all get our flavorful slice of pumpkin pie, one by one.
Katherine Andrews, Room 3
Benjamin Spilo, US3
Ben Davidoff, US3

The gleaming gates open for the interested Legos of Toy Town...
Amazed Legos watch in fear as the glowing purple and black deadly Ender Dragon
swiftly moves from side to side
Nightmare-like Ender Dragon amazingly flings a huge block at the terrible, ripped-up cage
Horrified Legos quiver with horror when the living nightmare zombie eats a piece of
vomit - worth one little Lego - Gross!
One barfed as the other one soiled their scrunched-up pants in fear
Terrorized Legos suddenly heard an emergency announcement that all evil monsters
escaped their confinement
Fearless Steve makes a Guardian Sword and armor as the legendary giant hurls the
helpless shocked Legos everywhere - all around the perishing zoo

Sarah Schneir, Room 1


Confused Wither throws deadly skulls at the shattering gates
All of the rampaging harmful monsters hunt to find the exit and run to their golden destiny.

Graydon Greene, Room 3
Freaky pumpkins scare little kids that are trick-or-treating
Pretty leaves fall gracefully from the beautiful trees
Yummy turkey smells very delicious on a super Thanksgiving fun night
Happy children are very busy when fun school starts
The warm fireplace burns and pops as it warms the pretty house
with much happiness and love
“Pop Pop Pop POP”
Yummy nuts fall from the pretty trees as they lose lots of leaves and go into hibernation
Happy kids play in the cool, but not too cold, fall and jump in loud piles of leaves
Colorful trees get cold and lose their beautiful leaves
Cold birds migrate to the warm South in a V shape
Delicious turkeys are as yummy as sweets
Puffy jackets are hot and loud when happy kids go out to play in the beautiful leaves
Fun Thanksgiving is very loving and happy so sweet, families like to celebrate
Yummy candy is very sweet and delicious while excited children eat it
Orange pumpkins are the bright sun as they glow in a scary and spooky way
Cozy blankets are very warm and fuzzy to little kids
Colorful leaves fall from the cold trees
Red apples are picked by hardworking farmers and sold to the beautiful countryside
Yellow grass is dry and loud when you walk down a tall hill.
Crazy, exciting school starts, and cute kids and busy teachers work hard
Cute squirrels love to collect scrumptious nuts and yummy treats to survive the cold winter
Loud rakes scratch the dry leaves that have fallen from the shivering trees
Cold bears eat a lot of food so they can hibernate
Scary costumes creep along the cold streets on a dark, spooky Halloween night
Sneezing people get sick and stay home from fun school
Happy families eat scrumptious turkeys that are as delicious as candy

Isabel Schwartz, Room 3

Samuel Volokh, Room 5

Sofia Moreno, Room 1
Esmé Jones, Room 1

As the closed sign slowly turns and reads, “OPEN,” the colorful animals speedily
rush in...
Angry humans briskly swim around in their petite aquarium trying to yell loudy but can’t
because they need to stop and go to the fresh surface to breathe
Joyful animals laugh noisily at the angry people, and the wild kids get absurd and
they forget they can’t breathe underwater and scream, “STOP THAT!”
Impolite animals hastily get so scared, they run away to the next exhibit
Ill-mannered animals see different people, that look calmer than the last, and
when they just look and talk to them, the people wave back
Rude animals stay in the minute room for a long while just blabbering on for more
than an hour
Furious adults break and just start trying to smash the thick glass... and then
Glass exhibits break so suddenly the frightened visitors run out as fast as they can
Plaster walls fall apart quickly before the anxious humans can escape
Crying kids swiftly run back to their parents and hug them for a very long time
Proud humans with children walk out majestically holding hands

Ella Watkins, US1

The sweaty tamer walks over to the window and little-by-little turns the
“Open” sign to “Closed.”
Olivia Zaidel, Room 3


The chrome gates open for the anxious horses that have
been waiting all night to run out of their enormous cagesFREE!!!
Colorful ponies run around wildly for their yummy oats
Snowy polar bear visitors enjoy watching the speedy foals
while quietly relaxing in their golden cages
Quiet ponies would rather stay in their warm stalls
The jubilant guests enjoy a sunny day at the fun-filled zoo
Crazy monkeys joyfully feed the chestnut horses their
grainy hay
One little horse neighs so loudly, and it scares everyone
The optimistic visitors are happily walking home
The sleepy horses come to their cages to rest until the next
entertaining day.
Finally the silver gates slowly close as the sun quietly sets.
Meadbh Brown, Room 3

Eames Weeks Manjarres, Room 3

The orange steel gates slowly open for the eager cavemen...
Ferocious dinosaurs stomp around in their gigantic pensthey have gone mad in the humongous cages
Rampaging dinosaurs roar noisily in the frightened cavemen’s faces
Rough pterodactyls swiftly fly around, screeching wildly at
the timid cavemen
Noisy Tyrannosaurus Rexes absentmindedly munch on their
delicious dinner
Strong wooden statues of dinosaur ancestors hover over the
terrified cavemen, and the frightened cavemen cautiously
scurry away
Spiky Stegosauruses charge blindly at the titanium cage bars - Bang!
Plump Brontosauruses shaggily go trotting around their chrome
barred cages brainstorming how to brilliantly escape, even though
they may fall because of the fearless guards
The sturdy dinosaur-claw mark covered gates suddenly come to a halt....
Edwin Luhnow, Room 3


Yvette Copeland, US2

Aariz Irfan, Room 5

Arthur Delot-Vilain, US2

Oliver Puck, Room 4


The elegant silver gates slowly swing open for the many humans that come...
Annoyed Skylanders sit in their small-sized traptanium cages banging
ferociously on the beat-up bars
Envious Trap Masters clash against the sturdy bars while using a
destructive attack power at thousands
Naughty Ka-boom madly blasts painful piercing bullets wildly on the tiny
see-through lasers
Upset Snapshot enviously shoots millions of traptanium homing arrows on
the walls of his scrunched-up cage
Outraged Tread-head speeds wildly across his wrecked domain, kicking
chunks of choking dust across the dirty ground
Confused Hothead zooms across the tiny, barely destroyed walls of his
cage while in his stupendous motorcycle-mode
Annoyed Swarm accidentally stumbles in his stuffed cage banging his
fists wildly to get out
Determined Dino-rang throws dangerous boomerangs at scared humans
while furiously banging on his traptanium bars.
The beautiful gold gates swiftly close as the Skylanders get imprisoned
again for the night.
Eva Wiener, US3

Christian Stubbeman, Room 3


I am an athletic boy
I wonder about what will happen to the world in 2100
I hear spectacular children laughing to outstanding
jokes and sounds
I see wonderful projects hanging up on the huge wall
I want to go to all the same fantastic
schools as my best friends
I am 8
I pretend I am a hobbit on an exciting journey
I feel loved by the world and the giant universe
I worry that I won’t be successful in my job
I cry when I get injured badly
I am athletic and intelligent
I understand when people cry
I am good at Jiu Jitsu, soccer, and handball
I dream that the world ends
because of a horrible earthquake
I try to understand all things
I am polite

Dhilan Kumar, US2

Aiden Ahuja, Room 3

Oliver Gould, US1
Philip Shin, Room 1

Oscar Montanez-Garay, US3

I AM AS...

Quick as a fast cheetah running through the hot desert
Slow as a green turtle walking toward a wavy lake
Small as a cute bunny hopping into his dirty house
Large as a blue whale swimming in the cold Pacific Ocean
Nervous as a nice girl or mean boy about to
stand in front of a lot of excited people
Determined as a brown furious bear looking for his yummy food
Nice as a kind friend helping anyone who needs it
Mean as a horrible bully beating someone up
Cold as a freezing scientist in Antarctica who is studying hail
Hot as a burning animal in the warm desert - which is very
baffling because he doesn’t know why it’s so hot
Weak as a cute baby just being born
Strong as a panther fighting a tiny dog
Loud as a metal trumpet being played in a fun fair
Quiet as a trivial squirrel climbing a tall tree to get to its hole
Tough as a disappointed bull chasing someone through a grassy field
Gentle as a soft lamb strolling through a long field
Brave as a strong person jumping off a tall cliff
Shy as a lonely girl starting a new school
Lazy as my orange cat, Samson - he only sleeps and eats
Busy as a queen bee collecting delicious honey for its tiny hive
Loyal as an enormous bear protecting its babies from a fierce lion
Put it all together and you’ve got
Madeleine Schaller, Room 3


Brandon Lim, Room 3

I am a wonderful girl
I wonder if I’m going to be a magnificent writer with my sister when I grow up
I hear music from the bright birds in the gleaming trees and loud wolves howl
I see birds in the trees when I am outside with my sister climbing trees
I want there to be no pollution and no one cutting down trees
I am 8 years old
I pretend I am an awesome dog when I play with my dog and throw his funny
toys for him while playing tug-of-war
I feel amazing because I have everything I want
I worry that in a long time there won’t be much life, because all the interesting
trees will be cut down
I cry when I get Superb Performing Group because I have never been in an
Amazing Performing Group, and I have been in 101 for a long time
I am awesome and kind
I understand that there are some good people and some bad people everywhere
I am good at music and reading
I dream of being different kinds of brilliant animals, like birds, flying around the
world and being in different crazy lands with comical monsters
I try to do the very best I can do in everything
I am respectful
Keira Haley, Room 3

Joshua Massey, Room 1

I am a respectful boy
I wonder if fantasy is real
I hear loud cheers from the ferocious crowd at a
L.A. Galaxy game
I see my mom cleaning the house every day
I want to talk to the dead
I am eight
I pretend I am a ninja sneaking around everywhere
I feel sorry for the unlucky slaves
I worry that somebody is going to pop out at me
from around a corner
I cry when I’m really upset
I am very lucky and silly
I understand that not everyone is as fortunate as I am
I am excellent at soccer and tennis
I dream that I am in a place made of yummy candy
I try to be as cooperative as I can
I am reverent
Oliver Langley, Room 3

Anastasia Shakhidzhanova, US2

I am an energetic boy
I wonder about me being the greatest tennis player ever
I hear tennis balls being hit off of swinging rackets
I see handballs being hit on walls next to the East Garden
I want to go to high-quality schools to be highly educated
I am 7 years old
I pretend I am very strong, fighting the terrible Hulk
I feel very protected because of my cozy house and my
loving parents
I worry about dying at a young age
I cry when there is a very sad part in a fantastic movie
I am hardworking, sporty, and a good participant
I understand how to be a good citizen by helping hurt
people up when they are down
I am good at playing fun tennis on an athletic junior team
I dream about playing challenging tennis at Wimbledon
I try as hard as I can at Mirman School
I am grateful, caring, and thoughtful
Nischal Spurling, Room 3

Alyssa Kim, Room 5

I am a hilarious boy
I wonder about what the world will look like in 1,000 years
I hear the handball hit the ground during recess with my friends
I see the long words in the amazing Rick Riordan books I read
I want my dad to lose ALS
I have been alive for 8 years
I pretend I am an archer shooting arrows in a battlefield
I feel challenged by my homework
I worry that I will be a homeless person when I grow up
I cry about my dad
I am cooperative and a person who always goes by the rules
I understand that life is unfair
I am good at math, handball, and games
I try to do all my work
I am friendly
Jacob Massey, Room 3

Marlo Beckman, Room 3

Arya Fattahi, Room 3

I am a cooperative girl
I wonder how I’m going to take care of all those lovely animals
at my farm when I grow up
I hear beautiful green leaves on a tree blowing in the wind
I see kindness in my amazing family and me
I want there to be no horrible robbers on earth
I am 8 years old
I pretend I am a wonderful teacher who teaches participating children
I feel happy when I play games with my guests and family
I worry that I will break my pinky toe
I cry when I fall off of a two-wheeler bike
I am creative and very flexible
I understand that I need to get up for school faster
I am incredible at golf, and I won first place last year
I dream of a candy land where I live in the gingerbread house
I try hard not to cry a lot when I’m feeling sad
I am a very creative student, and I love to draw houses, people, candy, and igloos

Gianna Tehrani, Room 2

Jeremiah Francis, US2


Eva Gaha, Room 3

I am a thoughtful boy
I wonder about soft animals that run super fast, like the
awesome cheetah
I hear my mom’s cheerful footsteps when she comes in our
protected home from her tiring work time
I see my mom’s very happy smile every day when she sees my
happy smile
I want my mom to absolutely never die
I am 8
I pretend I am a great basketball player
I feel terribly sad when my mom is super sad
I worry when my mom and dad cook the hot eggs and hashbrowns
that they will burn themselves terribly
I cry a little bit of happiness when my thoughtful mom hugs me
I am very special to my mom and dad and very thoughtful of
other nice people
I understand that I do not get every bit of the attention from my
cute sister
I am good at basketball, soccer, and football
I dream about my amazing mom, dad, and sister
I try my very hardest to make my mom, dad, and teachers happy
I am polite, respectful, and trustworthy
Jacob Futterman, US2

Nathaniel Moreno, Room 3

Jai Rhee, US2

Katherine Oh, Room 4

Daniel Maresca, Room 5
Emily Malkan, Room 5

Alec Ahuja, US2

Ryan Motakef, Room 4

Marco Belciano, Room 4

Miles Rovenger, US3

Victoria Peng, Room 5

The Caterpillar goes around town
changing people’s really sad frowns
She caters parties
and she loves to eat Smarties
The legends are true
that she wears a tutu
Her pastries are so good
and as red as the cape of
Little Red Riding Hood
People always know where she is
and she hired a cook named Liz
She makes everything like cakes and cookies
and she never hires first time rookies
She never wears ba-bling
and her money always goes cha-ching
She knows how to bake
but she never makes steak

Maxwell Rovenger, US1


Her best customer’s name is Maddie
and she loves Caterpillar’s sugar daddies
When the health inspector comes
he never eats the plums
Because he thinks they are disgusting
but he is still adjusting
The Caterpillar’s croissants are so yummy
that they feel so good in everybody’s tummy
She has no free time, just ask
because she always has a little tiny task
She may be small
but she can do it all
If you want her attention, just call
but know you will never find her in a mall
She may like to play
but she can do it all day
Clarissa Brown, Room 4


The Treemu runs along the grass
as her flowers start to bloom.
She now looks very pretty,
even prettier than the shining moon.
She cannot be out at night,
for her flowers will start to mold.
She will grow, grow and grow,
and look very old.
The Treemu’s best friend is Emusic,
the prettiest emu in town.
She is proud to have a friend like Treemu
who always wears big flower gowns.
They have a lot in common,
both are the same type.
Emusic lulls Treemu to sleep
Goodnight, Treemu, goodnight.
Mischa Davidov, Room 4

Sebastian Costache, Room 1

The Goatmeal is part goat.
He always wears a giant coat.
His stomach is made of oatmeal.
He likes to eat cooked eel.
The Goatmeal doesn’t have any friends.
Despite the emails and texts he sends.
He wants a buddy who will run and play.
To find one who would soon make his day.
He talks to a tree.
He talks to a bee.
The tree just wants to stay there.
The bee just flies straight through the air.
He talks to a river.
When he went in, he shivered.
He blabbered to Bob the beaver.
He was just the achiever.
The Goatmeal then played and played
with Bob.
Together they ate corn on the cob.
Together they lived until they died.
When Bob died, the Goatmeal cried.
Dashiell Filus, Room 4



The Snocelot is half snow, half ocelot.
Who wants to trot, but runs a lot.
On his way to school one day.
He met a spider monkey on stacks of hay.
The Snocelot greeted him with “Hello.”
The spider monkey said, “Oh no.”
The Snocelot felt confused and sad.
Oh how he wished he had his dad.
His dad was far away at home.
And now he’s so, so alone.
But then he saw a special hero
Not like the infamous Emperor Nero
He jumped for joy like dynamite
He even felt the power of flight!
So on their way they went to school
They had some fun and played it cool
And so that’s the story of the Snocelot
Who is half snow, and half ocelot.
James Peace, Room 4

Bearell the bear, round as a ball.
He lives in the wild, and never misses his call.
Though he can’t go to the mall,
He’s so round, he won’t ever fall.
That friendly bear, he’s so fun.
He likes to say old puns.
Always eating sweet cinnamon buns,
Watch out! Here he comes!
Bearell the bear is eating some pies.
Some flies came by in front of his eyes.
The flies decided to devour the pies.
Bearell rolled around, squishing the flies.
Amazed by the sight of a bear on his back.
The zoo locked and caged Bearell afraid he
would attack.
Oh what does this crazy old bear lack?
The zookeeper said, “Oh, who cares, let’s send
him back.”
Bearell the bear is finishing some cake.
Bearell had just learned how to bake.
A snake slithered over to steal the stellar cake.
Uh oh! What will become of this snake’s mistake?
Bearell shaped the snake into a gull.
All that snake could do is twist, shake, and pull,
so that snake was mad, mad as a bull.
It bit and bit Bearell while he was still full.
Bearell the bear was devouring his jar of honey.
A bunny came by, and thought it was funny.
That bunny was so hungry, he could have eaten money.
He wanted some of that delicious honey.
The bunny made a plan.
He hopped, grabbed, and ran.
Bearell saw a white fluffy ball like a flash in a pan.
“A marshmallow,” he thought, “Oh man!”
Bearell the bear, eating his bread.
An ant snuck up with a very big head.
This ant that usually stays in bed,
Thinks this bread is more worthy
than his morsel of thread.
The ant crept right up,
Straight into Bearell’s cup.
Bearell screamed, just like a pup.
Oh yes he did - yup!
Dillon Ring, Room 4

Bugatti Veyronagers go very fast
they have the legs of a donkey
but won’t come in at last
because their hind legs are stronger than
a grizzly bear’s mom
there is no way I am wrong
When their legs touch the ground
They make a very great sound
people don’t know that they exist
and he’s not on any lists
He has no help
And he doesn’t like to yelp
His ears face back
and they are black
He drives fast around Asia
he also lives in Malaysia
when he speeds off into the distance
it looks like he has no resistance
Rex Gavsie, Room 4

Brandon Morrell, Room 2

Josephine White, US1

Oh sneaky, scaly Laptopodile
Your teeth so sharp, your tongue so vile
The hunt begins on the darkest night
Giving prey a deadly bite
The Socktopus breathes its final breath
As it paddles towards its death.
After it has eaten for today
We jump up and shout, “Hooray!”
For the Laptopodile is no longer near
And we don’t have to live in fear.
Milo Moffitt, Room 4

Breya Dietrich, Room 4

Luke Francis Villarama, Room 4



The Mirmanimal is part Mirman gates
and part animal
Don’t hurt him because he is valuable
His soccer skills are undeniable
He goes to the pool
After the pool, he goes to school
His school is very cool
Through his head is an arrow
He has killed a crow
He has a TV show
He does not like his growing
He thinks it is boring
When it comes to soccer, he is scoring
He has one friend
He does not like books that finish
with The End
He likes to lend
He does not like to fight
But he does like light
He likes to fly his kite
He is nocturnal
He has a secret journal
He has been through a nether portal
Aman Sima, Room 4

The Roctopus is quite a sight
For this creature doesn’t bite
Bubbles fill it with delight
Bubbles are its favorite sight
It possesses a head of gray
Birds are usually its prey
But the Rocktopus does not delay
As it travels one mile every day
For its prey tastes like souffle
In their own delicious, feathery way
It is not very clean
And in a way, slightly mean
It is found only in Chile
Unless you are a dilly
Do not be so silly
Even though its head is a rock
It can still hardly talk
Using lots of tiny bubbles
And going through many troubles
It manages to make a few chuckles
It is always found on land
for it will sink to the sand
If you keep it as a pet
I can assure you, we can bet
It won’t even last a single trip to the vet
Sydney Maslow, Room 4


Ava Fattahi, Room 5

The Socktopus is plump and nice
She eats all the crazy sea mice
But when the Laptopodile comes for revenge
The Socktopus releases a fearful scent,
so you better hope you are her friend.

The Pencillama draws wherever it goes
It erases all its foes
It gets sharpened at the sharpener’s tree
So everybody can look sharp and happy.

You shall never see her near or far
Her color blends in no matter where you are
She lives at the very bottom of the deep blue sea
In the treacherous valley of the dreadful Red Bee

It lives in a notebook
Where there’s lots of white paper
But it’s very unstable
Because its feet are tapered.

She slips in people’s shoes
She is not as shy and precious too
There is only one that has ever been seen
She was seen in the shoe of a queen
Though she is very rare
she is mythical most everywhere

When The Pencillama’s bored
It draws all of its friends
until the very end.
Maximo Arellano, Room 4
Erica Ekstrand, US2

Sarah Brown, Room 4

Pencileopard, Pencileopard
Always is sketching
Pencileopard, Pencileopard
Never is stretching
Pencileopard, Pencileopard
Next to the fresh, blue sky
Pencileopard, Pencileopard
In the deep, green jungle
Pencileopard, Pencileopard
Standing in a fresh, green field
The spotted Pencileopard
Drawing animals
Things, places
Like a monarch
On tough, brown tree bark
And at the dawn of light
He searches for prey
That is in his sight
And runs in the dark shade
Of the twilight
Isabella Roque, Room 4

Aidan Deshong, Room 4

Emerson Oertel, US2

We spied a Snissor looking for dinner
While he sneakily snuck up on a Squaper
he stopped and stared at a Pird
and thought it was absurb
he found the perfect dinner
The Squaper quickly skipped
as the Snissor slithered
As soon as the Pird got the word
he preferred to fly away
and not to be overheard
In disguise as a Squaper,
the Snissor snuck up the tree
just as the Squaper scampered away
Aviva Browne, Room 4


Alexander Trajanovich, US2

The Cuck loves to drink a color pink
When there is no pink, he starts to think
That it is time to go
To the ice skating rink
When he is done his mouth
Is again thirsty for a drink
And that is why his body
Is half a cup and a duck
And that is what you call a Cuck

Dylan Trueblood, Room 1

To go and buy pink lemonade
And enjoying it out of the cup
The Cuck has a truck
And has good luck.
He hates a Honda
And likes the Zonda.
When the Cuck is bored
He takes his time
When he is done putting
Pink lemonade in his cup
He goes in the tub
He goes out to the path
To get more drinks!
After his bath

Lilah Weisman, US2

Russell Fisher, Room 4

Joseph Zeltser, Room 4

You hear loud buzzes
you don’t know where
You see a propellar and some wings
you need no more to know what’s in store
You know it’s coming from a big loud
They are in every bush,
you see them everywhere!
You swat it
but it goes high above reach
They fly so delicately in the morning to your
nice new house and eat all your fruit:
all your juice
Then with a buzz and a wiz
they go home to their very own
launching pad.
They will forever be high
and always be part fly

Juliet Colitre, US2

Sophia Shabani, Room 4

The roar of the Footballion
is heard in the colorful jungle
It sounds like this, “Rumble, rumble”
Every single game it causes a crucial fumble
When the Footballion stumbles
he goes to the muddy ground
And still the Footballion
can’t be tied down

George Rosen, Room 1

The roar of the Footballion
is heard in the colorful jungle
There it stays waiting for a football play
He stays there until the wonderful season of May
It’s in the dangerous jungle, day after day
The roar of the Footballion
is heard in the colorful jungle
The football is slippery and goes out of his hands
Footballs of every different kind of brand
You can hear the brown Footballion
all over the land
Oz R., Room 4

Mason Lee, Room 5

Joy-Elle Osovski, Room 1

The Antelopedal goes with great speed
keeps on going, though there is no need
his legs pedal, his horns are bars
he’s faster than a rocket flying to Mars!
This Antelopedal is very rare
It’s also endangered and never found anywhere
But if you want to find him, get your bike
he’ll come and ask you for a ride if you’d like!
Once you’re on he won’t stop
until you give him a lollipop
then he’ll stop and bow down to eat
his nice yummy treat.
He’s fast, not slow
he hates any big bow
the Antelopedal is a nice fellow,
but his enemies will be bitten and will bellow.

Takamaro Kajino, Room 5

Finneas Weeks Manjarres, US3

The Antelopedal has a great sense of smell,
he can even smell a cowbell!
But, unluckily, his feeling senses are bad,
put him in a fire and his pain won’t go mad!
The Antelopedal has great sight,
he can even see black things in the night!
The stars at day that we cannot see,
the Antelopedal can see them, but not you and me.
Zac Nydes, Room 4

The Firog hops around as happy as can be,
It might be scary but he lives in a tree,
As happy as he may be, he’s still sneaky,
He is always on fire, as quick as can be
so don’t you ever doubt that he will flee
The Firog might be small
but he is very good at scaring,
Anybody who goes near him
would be very, very daring,
Nobody next to him is ever very happy,
Because living in a tree makes him very sappy
India Robinov, Room 4

Vaughn Eknoyan, Room 3

Ethan Moon, Room 2

Oh, the hilarious Houseahorse, as crazy as a jester
Cruises through the water in his bright polyester
Why does it don clothes? Only the Houseahorse knows.
Perhaps to inspire laughter, I propose.
The hilarious Houseahorse is a very fine swimmer
Swimming through the water to catch fish for his dinner
Dinner for guests, who live inside his chest,
Who fall down laughing with every Houseahorse jest.
The furniture in the amazing house is extremely big,
It is always clean and it wouldn’t have a chance of
smelling like a pig
The house’s quality is very high and has a beautiful
view of sea and sky
Though, most unfortunately, the Houseahorse cannot fly.
The Houseahorse cruises under water like a submarine
Always revealing to its guests deep sea ravines.
The Houseahorse puts on a great show,
to let everyone know,
Riding on the Houseahorse is the way to go!
Sage Shurman, Room 4

Lily Stambouli, Room 4

Viraj Sahi, Room 2

Loyalty forges like an army fighting for independence.
Loyalty is as strong as a tsunami tearing up the coast.
Loyalty is a bit of hope when times are tough.
Loyalty lights the way in a dark cave.
Loyalty dominates likes a winning sports team.
Loyalty is as powerful as Genghis Khan marching through Asia.
Loyalty is a vast ocean of courage.
Loyalty passes evil without hesitating.
Loyalty runs like Usain Bolt breaking his own record.
Loyalty is as brave as a dragon fighting an evil lord.
Loyalty is a shield that will protect you no matter what hits it.
Loyalty crushes even the toughest of all boulders.
Loyalty mends like a doctor saving one’s life.
Loyalty is as delightful as a loving family caring for you.
Loyalty is a smart brain filled with possibilities.
Loyalty laughs at your jokes.

Emilynne Newsom, US3

Drake Ekholm, Room 5

Owen Huang, Room 4


Friendship dances like a peaceful dancer on stage.
Friendship is as fast as a rocket ship flying to the moon.
Friendship is a dot spreading around the world.
Friendship destroys dislike.
Friendship gives like an ice cream truck giving out free ice cream.
Friendship is as tough as a football player getting tackled.
Friendship is a fungi spreading.
Friendship kills hatred.
Friendship hits like a baseball player hitting a baseball.
Friendship is as strong as a weight being lifted by a boxer.
Friendship is a soul that has a lot of love.
Friendship devours loathing.

Dylan Wuo, Room 3
Yuma Saito, Room 2

Marco Belciano, Room 4

Friendship stands like a doctor who just healed a heart.
Friendship is as amazing as someone giving to the unfortunate.
Friendship is a sturdy metal, but it will never break even if you try to break it.
Friendship makes sad faces into happy faces.
Friendship flies like Santa Claus giving presents on Christmas Eve.
Friendship is as beautiful as an orphan getting parents.
Friendship is a surprise just waiting to happen.
Friendship gives people a better personality.
Friendship sings in a perfect harmony that’s better than any of the other groups.
Friendship is as cool as the popular girl in school who everybody admires.
Friendship is a flower about to bloom bigger than the world.
Friendship inspires people so much that they believe so many more possibilities.
Friendship marches like Martin Luther King did when he fought for his rights.
Friendship is as great as spending time with your family.
Friendship is a plane but it will never land.
Friendship guides everybody into happiness.
Phebe Hancock, Room 4

Friendship bequeaths like someone giving to charity.
Friendship is as powerful as a stampede of elephants.
Friendship is a crayon box that is full of things
for everyone to discover.
Friendship demolishes loneliness.

Beckett Ledahl, Room 5


Dandelions are a unique combination, they’re one of a kind.
Dandelions have a great mind.
A Dandelion’s mane looks like a flower so pretty and bright
And Dandelions don’t bite like a real lion might.
Dandelions can make a good pet
When you see a field of flowers, it will remind you of the one you met
They are majestic and walk lovely and graceful
Dandelions are thoughtful and never wasteful
They are the kings of all the animals and plants
Dandelions are so sweet and gentle they even play with ants
The mane of the Dandelion is outrageous
And the heart of the Dandelion is very courageous
Dandelions love daisies and dizzy lazy days
And birds that they chase
Dandelions daydream during daylight-savings
Creating chocolate chip cravings
A Dandelion grows a new mane every spring
This makes them purr, which is how they sing
Like flowers, the sun makes their mane grow
You see, there is much about Dandelions that you now know
Madeline Milam, Room 4

Charlotte Reynolds, US2

Love spreads like the fall breeze, carrying the orange and gold
leaves across the rich, soiled land
Love is as beautiful as the pink, purple, and blue sunset from a window’s view
Love’s an open door, leading to a bright, colorful, and new world
Love is bright horses, running through fields
Love soars, like the sound of a girl singing on Christmas Day
Love is as sweet as creamy vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day
Love’s a caring mother, waiting for her loving child to arrive, from school
Love transforms simple caterpillars into amazing butterflies,
fluttering from each red rose to the next to get the sweet nectar
Love is bright, like the sun, shining down from the clear, blue sky
Love is as calm as a hardworking father, sleeping calmly in a comfy and warm bed
Love warms your heart, when drinking hot chocolate on the coldest day of winter
Love is a warm mitten on a child’s soft hand
Love is like a happy child, counting days until Christmas
Love is as helpful as a teacher, helping her students make progress to their future
Love is...
Rohan Madhogarhia, US1

Madeline Aramian, Room 4




I’m from biscuits and books,
From cards and Christmahannukwanzaa,
I’m from Pann’s and IHOP, shortcakes and soft bacon
I am from Music D.O.G. Cespedes, whose bark was
silenced by the needle
I remember as if he were still here,
A trusted companion whose cuddles comforted
I’m from anime and Red Vines,
From my dinosaur bed, unmade and comfortable

I come from lasagna and steaks,
from chlorine and trampolines
From Italy and Ireland, the origins of my family
Singing in front of my mirror, racing downstairs to play with
My little black pug, Smudgie
and soft, sweet guinea pig, Muffin
From little brothers that adore video games and football
From laughing and crying, sadness and happiness
Parents who love me more than anything
From a dad who works hard all day,
but comes home ready to play
and a loving and funny mom who believes my words
From a family whose happiness is enough for all

I’m from teachers and students, basketball, and Boo Tag,
From Alec, Sersio, Ezra, and the Musks,
Our distance only makes our friendship more special
I am from decadently devilish desserts every single day,
one just as delicious as the other
From silly songs as weird memorization techniques
that help me be the best speller I can be
I am from words and stories, getting wrapped up in a
good book, lost to the world
I’m from old traditions come and gone,
some changed over time, some exactly the same
Dancing with the memories of everyone

Charlotte Massey, Room 5

I’m from the big ears and the huge feet,
And from poet laureates Grandpa Baraka and Grandma
Diane, the only grandparents I have ever known
From recipes that still remain for 51 years in their
original form, a part of our family identity
that will never perish

I’m from brown and white doors and hidden cupboards
Wandering through the backyard
and pretending that I’m in a forest
The dog run is a secret chamber
and the playhouse is a fort,
Hiding us from the threats of the world
I’m from pupusas and Cadillacs, Chevrolets and fried rice
From cooking dinner to baking treats for dessert
Concerts with friends and mini fashion shows
Birthday parties and pool parties

From “99 lives” and 14 aunts and uncles
I’m from Raimundos and poets, hippies and beatniks,
people of all professions
Different skills, but same passion
From Italy and Cuba, America and Africa,
a mixture of my family’s heritage
Smiling on the times that will never be lost
As a deep thinker, jokester, athlete
serious and messy,
I contain contradictions,
but I’m still me
Maceo Cespedes, Room 5

I’m from erasers and pencil shavings
Bouncing from person to person
like a ray of sunshine,
for anyone who could use a smiling face
to brighten up their day
From acting and music, art and science,
technology and Spanish
Loving every bit of it even if it’s a blur
From being tired and exhausted to
having the time of my life
Because when one door closes, a new one opens
Moving from one school to another
finding the better fit, expanding my mind

My passion for life guides me
on the journey that is continuing to unfold
Charlie Belciano, Room 5
Maria-Ifigenia Oxyzolou, Room 5



I am from my small peaceful house,
the only home I’ve ever known
From my first personal laptop,
a gift from my parents for my birthday last year
to my first time visiting the Magic Castle
and the inspirational live performances
I am from my bedroom, a special place filled with toys and books
From my father playing jazz on the piano echoing through the house
and from baroque and classical, I play almost daily
I am from the generations upon generations of people leading up to me,
those that fought and died in war,
those that traveled over the seas for a better
life, and those that kept the traditions of Judaism,
some of which I enjoy today
I am from courageous and kind people,
some I only know through black and white images
and others I know through their loving hugs
From my supporting parents who taught me to be passionately curious

I am from the cold wind,
sharp as knives against my face
The hard ice below my feet
As I land my first axel
From the monstrous truck
That came to pick up our garbage
While I cried behind the window
In my grandmother’s arms.
From eighth notes and sixteenth notes
Floating through the air.
The musk of cat hair and dust
And long, bony fingers
Placing mine on the fingerboard.
From gymnastics with Elizabeth
On the soft grass in the field.
I am from coming home after a long day
To the smell of slowcooker beef.
From my grandmother’s chicken
soup and kimbap
Carefully prepared in a red-lidded container.
From Chili’s on Fridays
And leftovers on weekends.
From pasta with olive oil and garlic
And lone Craisins stuck to the bottom
of the box.
I am from books stuffed into the shelves
Strewn across the floor
Piled high on the table.
Sunny, Clay, Tsunami, Glory, and Starflight
Make-believe but feeling real
From Build-A-Bear and American Girl,
From Blankie, old and ragged
Rough but somehow
Still as soft as if it was new.
I am from the outdated TV
Shows are “formatted to fit the screen.”

I am from my first years of school,
neon pink excitement radiating throughout my body
because I was so happy to make new friends
From the many years of public and private school
and the fun projects and assignments I passed and failed,
From the pride I felt and the lessons I learned
I am from my imaginary, elaborate colony on Mars
and the innovative problem solving skills that made it possible
I am from creative stories and detailed writing
that allow me to build new worlds
I am from magic, big or small, cards or sponge balls.
From the crowd’s satisfying reaction of “oos” and “ahs.”
From their amazed “Do it again!” to “How did you do that?”
and knowing only I hold the secret
I am from equations, formulas, and proofs,
Math is my native language
I am from the piano pieces I played, long or short, fast or slow.
From “Bravo!” and applause
These are the constants in the equation of my life
The variables are what is yet to come
August Deer, Room 5

I am from Fluffy and Jumpy
Chasing each other across the telephone wire
Their tails bouncing happily behind them.
From Flappy, Flippy, and Hummy

Nathaniel Arnold, Room 3
With wings so fast I can barely see them.
From Longtail and Darkstripe
Flying together over my roof.
The sharp nip of Kiwi’s teeth
Her furry paws batting at my fingers.
And my family, both Korean and American
With love wrapped around me
Never letting go.
Olivia Chung, Room 5



I am from the jokes my dad tells me to cheer me up
and from my sister playing piano, the song flowing
through my ears when I wake
I am from staring out the window with my
caring grandpa, waiting for my mom to get home
and the relieving sight of her pulling into the musty driveway
From baking sweet cookies together and learning her recipes
I am from playing dolls with my little sister,
imagining they were elegant royalty
I am going to work with my dad,
discovering different houses and seeing new parts of the city.

I am from the excitement of opening a new, blank coloring book,
And the chemical smell of fresh markers
From the satisfying accomplishment of learning a piano piece,
And the smile that spread across my face after scoring my first basket
I’m from staying up late to study
and take nerve-wracking test and quizzes
From using my fanciful imagination that writes stories
that I’ll treasure forever
And bring a blank canvas to life with vibrant colors
Learning from paintings by the greats
I’m from costumes, acting, dancing, and music,
And the dizzying combination of excitement and nervousness
before stepping onto the stage
I’m from trying my hardest in all aspects, pushing myself
to reach my goals

I am from the white of fencing uniforms, the scratch of the
épée across the strip, agile bodies lunging in fierce combat
From excitement, like fireworks, at big tournaments,
hoping to do my best
I am from the comforting feeling of painting, my imagination
recorded on canvas
The vibrant paint colors make me feel relaxed if I had
a hard day
I am from scoring the first goal in my first soccer game
The determined feeling in my brain made me focused.
I am from the family gathering on all the holidays
The comforting tradition of the delicious turkey
that my grandpa brings for Thanksgiving
I am from the happy times reuniting with relatives
after long periods of time,
Even though we are often apart, I know they are thinking
about me
The festive feeling of finding the afikomen
with my cousins and sister,
My dad saying, “I’ll give you ONE hint...”
I am the spinning dreidel, lighting the beautiful menorah,
and opening exciting gifts
the victorious smell of chocolate gelt reminding me
of family rituals.

Noah Sky Kranz, Room 2

I’m from Europe, the land of my ancestors.
From the ancient artwork of Greece, the rich food of France,
The beautiful castles of Ireland, the intricate cathedrals of England,
The green stretches of Scotland, maple leaves in Canada.
I’m from many places,
All woven together to make the tapestry of my family

I am from these amazing memories
united to shape my life,
forever in my heart.
Daniella Goldrich, Room 5

Austin Washington, Room 2

I’m from singing songs for my encouraging family,
The joy of my hyper and playful dogs,
And trading presents with people on holidays
I’m from my parents sharing wisdom for life,
Valuing the qualities of kindness, perseverance, and self-discipline
I’m from warm and cozy feeling of Christmas,
the sharp smell of pine needles on the tree,
The excitement of green and red packages with ribbons,
containing delightful surprises
I’m from the pastel walls of my bedroom, filled with rays of light
I’m from Amy’s frozen spinach pockets
and from Shutter’s bread sticks,
And chicken coated with delicious bread crumbs
I’m from moonlit nights at the beach, breathing
in the fresh, clean sea air
The calming rhythm of soft crashing waves,
reliable, beautiful, and strong
I’m from taking family trips filled with wonder,
The tropical world of Hawaii to busy, congested streets of New York

These aspects of my life, like a brilliant mosaic,
make me who I am today
Violet Jean, Room 5

I am from an adventurous heart that seeks out thrills.
From Cedar Point where I went on some of the craziest
roller coasters in the world,
And from sitting on the beach, hoping for high tide
I am from football and basketball and the challenge of the game
From dewy grass and cool morning air before a match
My iPad and the quiet, endless tap of my fingers on a screen,
trying to succeed again and again

I am from white rice
and tasty spaghetti.
From pieces of bread,
stuffed with juicy meat.
I am from yogurt, cheeses,
and the sweetness of soy milk.
I am from golden fish
swimming around tanks.
From fuzzy parakeets,
chirping all the time.
From Hannah and Morgan and Ava,
friends that are better-than-ever.
I am from Angie and Eddie,
loving me no matter what.
From inside jokes and whispered secrets
that only my friends and I know.

I am from lively parties, loud and fun,
and special days, like Yom Kippur,
Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Hanukkah
These traditions with my family bring me joy
and connect me to my ancestors

Robert Rosen, Room 4

I am from sleepaway camp in rustic Maine with all my friends,
Going to the camp carnival and constantly fighting off the
persistent mosquitoes
After six years, I won’t be able to go to camp anymore,
So I cherish the time I have now
I am from important bonds with loved ones,
celebrating birthdays and other events together
I am from my messy, wonderful room and all the toys;
The ladder and the pull-up bar, broken but there
The K’nex, incomplete and scattered everywhere,
just waiting for a cool purpose

I am from pianos and their 88 keys,
52 white and 36 black.
From paperback books,
pages filled with stories.
I am from programming languages C#, Python, all pretty neat.
From math contest practice,
number-crunching for hours on end.
From “Quiet!” and “Study!”
And “Always triple-check.”

And summer family trips all over the continent,
Reuniting with relatives after sleepaway camp,
I am from my wild siblings and all their noise
Always energetic and moving
their loud giggles and screams echoing in my ears,
inspiring me to play
I am from broken bones, scars, and surgery,
Learning to be brave and overcome anything
From my kind and gentle mother, who would do anything for me
And from my fun-loving father who gives the best hugs
They have taught me to understand how lucky I am
and to treasure the good times
I am always proud to be a Wiczyk

I am from
my happiness, my sadness, my love,
my hate, my smiles, my tears.
And I am me,
and it will forever stay like that.
Jocelyn Shek, Room 5

Julianna Ross, US1

All of these experiences are unique to me
I hold them close because they are my identity
Jacob Wiczyk, Room 5



I am from jumping on the bed with my caring sister
Laughing, talking, having a giggle fit, cheering each other up
From my lovely mom who gave me a gold locket
So that I will always cherish and think of her
From the strength my dad instills in me when I get hurt
And the support from my funny and kind brother
I am from trying on my mom’s stylish high heels,
Strutting through the house pretending to be
a fashionable adult
From visiting my mom’s energetic family in tiny,
beautiful Monaco
Smelling my grandma’s sweet perfume and recalling
I am from her smile, a glimmer of yellow light in my life
From my dog Caesar, running wild, leaping and playing.
But later, snuggling soft and cozy
I am from my passion for fashion
And imagining gracefully walking on runways
Feeling like a glamorous princess or even a shining celebrity
From wearing stylish wigs with a face full of color
And taking on the cool persona of an enchanting superstar
I am from dancing and singing, making a grand entrance
down the stairs
And writing creative songs that reflect what I love
From unique designs of colorful clothing,
putting my imagination on paper
Taking a dull look and making it sparkle
I am from my nanny’s luscious and delectable shrimp
Warm, comforting, and slightly spicy
From celebratory birthday cakes,
Their sugary scent wafting through the house,
Enhancing the mood of excitement
From my tidy and soothing room
Where I do tricks and flips on my bed
And choreograph dance routines with my sister
I am from loud bouncing balls and playful screams and laughs
Within a house full of entertainment and joy
I am grateful for these adventures
With more to come in my future
Kendra Ross, Room 5

I am from crowded cities,
tall and shady palm trees,
and slow moving traffic jams.
From the crisp and dry air,
the cool wind blowing around,
the sound of car horns honking.
The children playing games,
the adults chatting and eating.
Warm sand between my toes
making me feel as warm as a sauna.
In a quiet corner, curled up reading.
My brother playing piano
while Mom and I cook dinner.
Board games and word games
and being together.
I am from love in my family.
I am from rocky European soil,
and European islands,
and from the very birth
of the United States.
From humid, southern summers
and the smell of sea salt in the air.
From tall skycrapers and chilly winters.
From the sound of mariachis
and the taste of spicy tamales.
I am from Bibles
and the sight of farmland for miles.
The smell of strong coffee,
and the taste of juicy strawberries.
These are the pieces that make me.
This is where I’m from.
August Luhnow, Room 5

I am from a community in the jagged mountains,
from fresh air and croaking frogs at dusk.
I am from sand between my toes and rolling hills
that never stop.
From freezing winters and scorching summers.
I am from cars, freeways, and traffic jams.
I am from beautiful scenery.
I watch funny films and movies,
From soccer fields where the ball rolls on the grass
to the showcases at the museum,
to Mickey Mouse and roller coasters,
I am from telling myself, “Snap it!”
when times get tough.
I am from good friends and family,
from a Taiwanese mom and an American dad.
I am from comforting arms when I get sad,
to warm and joyful hugs when I win a game
I am from technology
from laptops, iPads, and iPhones.
Exciting and fun apps and programs that I play.
My family is who I am and where I’m from.
Danielle Copeland, Room 5


I am from scrubs,
from scalpels and masks.
I am from cheerful homes and fresh cut grass,
from the smell of hot sweet tea.
I’m from loud music and rose water.
I am from suits and dress shoes,
from hard workers and kind relatives.
I’m from tallits and kippahs,
from Bahar and Ramin.
I am from Shabbat dinners
and Thanksgiving lunches,
from going to temple every Saturday morning.
I’m from bar and bat mitzvahs,
from soft challah bread and glistening candles.
I am from Hashem,
And that makes me who I am.
Evan Davidoff, Room 5



I am from wooden walls and white carpets,
my comforting room where I can relax and be myself
From the aromas in the kitchen that make my mouth water,
My nanny baking a rich, cheesy, delectable lasagna - my favorite
I am from doing my homework
In a study among a myriad of books,
Their inviting covers share many fantastic worlds
yet to be discovered
A black grand piano sits gracefully in the corner
Patiently waiting for my fingers to gently tap the keys,
playing Fur Elise
The sound of slow, steady, familiar music filling the house with joy
From my first piano class with my hands magically gliding
over the keys,
immediately at home with the elegant instrument

I am from the scratch of pencils on paper
and homework forcing me to think hard
From pastels to watercolor to sketches in my worn drawing book
Multiplication, fractions, and C.M.L.’s
complicated and mind bending, but I always try my hardest anyway
From the click of the keys on the keyboards,
creative writing, essays, and poems that flow from my active mind
I am from joyful friends that make me laugh every day,
Teachers that keep me on my toes, learning new things
and sharpening my wits
From “Play B three times!” to winter programs and pop concerts
My nerves jumping and my heart racing before performances
I am from “I pledge allegiance...” and Wednesday assemblies each week
From doing the best I can, always proud of my efforts
I am from falling books,
Bringing me to magical places I never could have imagined
From the rhythmic bounce of the ball going down the court,
and the satisfying swish when I get it in the basket
Frantically hitting the yellow ball with my racket, playing burn
Reading music notes, trying again and again to get them right,
And getting up on stage, singing my heart out
Swimming in my pool, diving and playing games
The cold water splashing around me as I sink to the bottom
I am from summer adventures at sleep-away camp
with Keely and Maddie,
Flying on the zipline, the wind hitting my face.
Vacationing in Hawaii and seeing manta rays, sea turtles, and whales,
Realizing the massive size of the ocean
Visiting my cousins and grandparents in Toronto,
Playing in their gingerbread-man-shaped pool for my sister’s birthday

I am from my devoted mom and dad
Their rules are values that teach me to be polite, kind,
and always try my best,
From an orderly life that accommodates my hectic schedule
I am from their everlasting love for me
and from Kaitlyn and Lilly, my wonderful sisters
Mature Kaitlyn in pointe shoes and sweet, little Lilly with her dolls
I adore them, and they adore me back
I am from Little, Jeff, and Mickey, my two cats and dog,
four-legged playmates always at my side
I am from a family that is beyond compare,
representing many distant lands,
Russia, Dominica, Italy, and Germany
I am from sweat, tights, and ballet shoes
Leaping across the dance floor like a shooting star
From exhausting rehearsals to exhilarating performances
And from the cues to the counts - perfection is the key
The first Nutcracker,
From the months of preparation,
the first nervous moments on stage to the final bow
and the relief
Ballet is worth blood, sweat, and tears,
Hard work every day is the price,
But I love it no matter the challenges
These moments are the notes of a song
The steps of a dance
That is my life
Michael Shavelle, Room 5

Marlo Beckman, Room 3

I am from Chanukah, looking for my presents and lighting
the glowing menorah
Celebrating Chinese New Year and getting a red envelope with money
Moving from cold Chicago, to rainy Vancouver, to sunny Los Angeles
Waking up one exciting morning to my adorable brother being born,
From watching him grow and feeling his love for me
From the smell of pancakes, crêpes, and waffles on the weekends,
Sitting all together as one happy family
Watching movies all together on the couch with a blanket
and a pillow in hand,
A simple pleasure that we all enjoy.
I am from these memories, irreplaceable and clear. Mine.
Casey Landecker, Room 5



I am from the sweet smell of grandma’s perfume,
from the rusticness of my own dwelling.
I am from the big, milky white cushions,
from the fuzzy gray mat covering my mother’s floor,
which I step upon every night for a kiss and a hug. Where I come from,
there are ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’
which sometimes get lost floating around my brain.
I am from the smell of dad’s bacon, the sound of morning chatter.
From the cold pressed juice that glides neatly down my throat.
I am from the smoking hot meal, fresh off the grill.
From the warm slice of bananas baked into crumbly bread that is so yummy,
fresh out of the oven.
I am from the juicy fruits that my Halmeoni and Hal-abeoji bring every Saturday.
I am from Korea and Massachusetts.
From the harsh traveling and hard learning
and playing quick ice hockey on the icy lake.
In my parents’ past, there were hard times
Language you learned is never used.
My dad tried harder and harder to improve, and after all of that work,
he was rewarded with success and a healthy family.
I am from a time after two cats and a dog were a part of the family.
I am from the splashing waves beneath my board,
from the swing of the racket to the slam of the ball
to the “Score! 15 love!”
From the scaly fish in the coral and the deep sea turtles swimming by,
from the endless scribble, scrabble, doodle, erase.
I am from the memories wafting through my head,
swirling with pictures, loved ones, lost ones.
I am from those memories that will stay with me forever.
In the dark and in the light, in the day and in the night,
Always and forever.
Taryn Lee, Room 5


I am from a supportive family always telling me to do my best
My giving, thoughtful mom reminding me to follow my heart and not the crowd
To be a leader, do my own work, and never ever give up, despite the challenges
I am from painting every weekend and art supplies all over the house,
markers with no caps, glitter that is frustratingly impossible to contain,
The sour smell of acrylic paint oozing out of the tube, burning my nose,
Everything is worth it when I give my family my creation and see their happy smiles
From the terror of putting my feet on the floor next to my bed
because there is a monster underneath,
I know it’s not there, but I run across the room and leap onto my bed - just in case
From my fantastic family that will always support me
My sister’s unsolicited fashion advice and my brother’s pretend spy games
From loving parents who teach me to be kind, caring, and passionate about life
I know I always have a warm home and a warm family to return to
I am from the tradition of Friday nights at Saba’s house,
Watching intently as he leads the Seder,
the prayers so familiar I could say them in my sleep
From recipes passed down generation to generation, made lovingly by my grandma
Chicken schnitzel, meatballs, chicken patties, and mashed potatoes
My mouth waters just thinking about them
From watching the Eagles game with my fervent father,
He shouts and jumps up and down if they win or falls into depressed silence if they lose
Exciting trips to France, Italy, and London
From my mom’s insistence that we visit every “world famous” zoo,
the animals remarkably similar in each country
Honestly, how many times do I need to see a penguin?
From honking the horn and getting Baskin Robbins
only when the Dodgers or Phillies win the World Series,
Chocolate brownie ice cream tasting like victory
I am from endless homework and the satisfaction of finishing it all
Terrific teachers who shape me into the student I am
Difficult presentations when my face blooms tomato red
Though I always end up getting through them
Loyal friends who make me feel valued and understood,
Always there to pick me up when I fall down, bringing laughter to each day
Brilliant basketball games making me feel alive and aching arms after volleyball,
From transforming into characters with musical theater,
productions that produce a mixture of anxiety and exhilaration
These moments, like pillars,
are the foundation of my identity
Now, the future is up to me
Kyra Goldstein, Room 5

I’m from a quirky and close-knit family,
always there for each other,
From Sunday night dinners filled with laughter
and stories about the week
From the peaceful 2:00 P.M. naps I took as a little boy
To the warm turkey and cheese sandwiches that were all I would eat
I’m from the home that felt colossal to the tiny boy that lived inside
Who was the benevolent king of his own hill
I’m from the wind hitting my face as I fly down the court
To the slow and pensive car rides home from school
From the funky, bright pop music that blasts through my house
and the encouraging words from my family after a defeat

Darya Ghassemieh, Room 1

William Lake, US2

I am from ref’s whistle blow, sharper than the edge of a knife
The supportive cheers of my team, like a second family,
pumping me up to play as hard as I can during a game
We are like gears in a machine, and we work together to win
I am from the salty sweat dripping into my mouth
The relief of watching my shot swish through the net,
the overwhelming sound of the crowd’s cheers
I am from exploring the world of mathematics,
and discovering it is all around me
At Mirman, I am an athlete, an actor, and a scholar
From growing taller, stronger, and wiser every year,
I admire the older kids who are kind to me
and help the younger kids who look up to me
We are a community
From gathering together for delicious Thursday morning breakfasts
and from my leather backpack, damp, stale and dry,
the vessel for supplies, homework, and books
Don’t leave home without it
These are the parts of my life
that I love with all my heart
Terence Mathews, Room 5

Jaime Marley, US1

I am from calm roads,
and birds singing every morning to wake me.
I am from big changes of weather, like burning to freezing,
and day to night.
I am from splashing and water guns, kicking, punching, and loud voices.
I am from big comfortable beds and many stuffed animals.
I am from a fun sister, who is so cute,
and my entertaining dad who gets us to try new things.
I am from my caring mom,
who always helps me and takes care of me when I need someone there.
I am from the loud music to the delicious cake, and big kisses and loving hugs.
I am from glasses to delicious dark chocolate that my family adores.
I am from Shabbat dinners at my family members’ house with marvelous Persian food
that I die for, and amazing tarchine that my grandma makes with extra cranberries.
I am from Trader Joe’s with my dad.
I am from my mom’s crazy love talk, and busy weeks to fun weekends.
I am from thanking God at the start and end of our day.
Deziree Tehrani, Room 5

I am from humid, hot summer days,
To breezy, cold winter nights.
From swimming in salty, painted blue water.
To sitting by a smoky, burning fireplace.
I’m from riding my bike by the sea,
To caroling on Christmas Eve.


I’m from the pine moving in the breeze to the rose petals drifting by.
The smell of roses, to the sight of fruit trees.
From feeling the hot rays to seeing the trees swaying in the wind
From the pictures of life and death
From an old wooden desk, to the memories already framed.

I am from family fleeing a communist country.
Hearing “Wens are early, Wangs are late”
I am from “The early bird catches the worm,
The second mouse gets the cheese,
And the third child gets left out of the family portrait.”
From siblings laughing at your joke
To telling a story to comfort you.
The feel of fluffy fur running by.

I am from God.
From going to church every Sunday and holiday,
To cracking red eggs every Easter.
I’m from finding wrapped-up surprises under a green, fir tree.

Maria-Ifigenia Oxyzolou, Room 5


From my family gathered around eating dumplings and noodles
To red envelopes being handed out.
I am from everyone sitting around the ornaments of our childhood,
Listening to the ripping sound of paper.
From the jingling sound of bells,
The smell of Peking duck being served on a plate.

I am from holding a pencil in my hand,
And moving it over a paper to make a symphony of colors.
I’m from black and white keys,
And making beautiful melodies.

I am from the smell of my mom’s fresh,
roasted potatoes coming out of the oven.
From the delicious taste of creamy bougatsa
on a summer morning,
To parties that fill the house with chatter and tasty smells.
I am from my family.

Soraya Rastegar, Room 3

Gemma Lippman, US1

I am from tumbling and moving gracefully,
Flipping and spinning on bars,
Balancing on the beam.
I am from Grace and John
To the family surrounding me.
Elizabeth Wang, Room 5

I am from scented candles,
burnt firewood
and ocean breezes.
I am from city streets,
barbecued meat, and early morning dew.

I am from that incredible smell of rosemary.
The sound of eggs hatching and a new life starting.
From the cute fluffy dog who has many names,
from Fluffy to Chutzy.
I am from tweets, buzzes, and woofs.
I am from that lovely taste of the food Mom is always making.

I am from fluffy pancakes,
toasted bagels,
and instant waffles.
I am from sizzling, crispy bacon,
chocolate muffins,
and cinnamon-flavored cereal.

I am from the amazing place named Kakaya. We eat delicious
food there and we also go there to celebrate my mom’s birthday.
I am from giving my dog cookies every time it’s his birthday.
I am from the gift or party on mine and my sister’s birthday

I am from pineapple pizza to
spicy cabbage, and lots of noodles.

I am from the little island near Japan named Taiwan.
I am from the marvelous lion puppet fights
and the dragon dances.

I am from a grass field with one lonely tree,
swaying with the wind,
with a swing hanging down
from one of its arms.
Eric Yoon, Room 5


Mason Shurman, US1

I am from the stage where people glide, day and night.
I am from the splatter on the canvas, bright and colorful.
From skiing and sledding in all types of cold weather.
Baking sweets to bring joy to others.
I am from cold nights and rainy days at my grandma’s house.
The mountains covered in white and blue sky.
From sunshine and humidity, like the world is on fire.
From the cacti and trees in front, to all of the flowers blooming in back.
All of their colors stand out from the bland colored prickly plants.

I am from that yummy round pizza from Palmari.
From our wonderful pet, Fluffy. We will always remember
the day we got him because of his extreme cuteness.
I am from winning prizes at arcades, from candy to video games.
My dad keeps jabbering “Fluffy says” and “What’s going on.”
I am from my caring family and they show me that they care
because of all the love they give me.
I am from the tree of life.
From Megan,
one of the best sisters out there for all the love she gives me,
to Chrissy, a great mom who I will never forget ’cause of all the
wonderful memories she has given me.
To Howard, a dad who loves me with all his heart,
and Great Grandfather, the 106-year-old grandfather
I hope will last forever.
I am from the two wonderful pets Fluffy, the black and white fur
ball and Watermelon, the red and blue animal with fins.
I am from my Family Tree,
with all the members I’ll never fail to remember.

I am from gift wrapping, Starbucks, lunches, and smiles.
From vacations, driving, and walking.
I am from soccer cleats, messy rooms, and teasing.
From the barks of my dog, Romeo, and his short fur that is so soft.
I am from memories of eating latkes and lemon cake with my family.
I am from the smell of the burning candles during Hanukkah.
I am from spring break in Palm Springs.
From family dinners for big holidays and the aroma from the food.
I am from jacuzzing late at night when you can always see the
bright shining stars.
From a fire pit while we all make s’mores together.
Julia Yariv, Room 5

I am from my caring grandma and grandpa .
I am from animal Kaiser.
The animal video game where animals fight.

Preston Yeh, Room 5

Markus Ekstrand, Room 5

I am from occasional lemonade stands.
I am from a gradient purple and orange in the air.
I am from breezy winds and weekend offense and defense. I am from SNL at 11:30 P.M.
I am from the burning yellow circle in the middle of the sky and Adderall each morning.
I am from the excitement of my dad’s taxi driving into the driveway.
I am from the delicious odor and sizzles of eggs and toast each morning
From the daily kicks and scratches with Shahrzad and video games with Joaquin.
I am from essays and help from my mom and sister.
I am from French onion dip on New Year’s Eve.
I am from annual four questions.
I am from the immigration of my mom and my grandmother,
and all the states my dad has lived in.
I am from phrases in Unbroken and Captain Philips.
I am from the trip to Iran and all of the culture and lifestyle there.
I am from beautiful days and boiling hot days.
I am from Airsoft and getting shot with BBs and weekly birthday celebrations.
I am from strolls in Runyon Canyon.
From cold evening soccer practices.
I am from cooking golden grilled cheeses for my family members.
I am from wasting countless hours with video games.
I am from my big, wide, tall, and old family tree.
Cyrus Mojtabai-Townsend, Room 5

Sabrina Narayan, Room 1

I am from Laser tag and Airsoft, Jiu Jitsu
and tennis, the racket grip feeling rubbery and sticky.
I am from the raccoons and squirrels on our roof,
their thumping waking us up every morning,
the caterpillars and tall green grass which smelled like morning dew.
I am from Kirby Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, and King Dedede.
From Nugget and Biscuit, Leo and Jezabell, my pets.
I am from Pork Fried Rice and Mud Pie that tasted like coffee.
I am from the fun Nerf wars and birthday parties,
and the video games with my friends.
I am from Pirate Fluxx and Minecraft.
From the Xbox and the Wii.
I am from Domino’s Pizza and In-N-Out.
From my friends from school.
From games with my family.
I am from the holidays at my grandma’s house

Alexandra Landecker, US1

I am from Jill and Tom.
I am from the television and the fragrant kitchen,
the books on the shelves.
I am from my messy bedroom with my brother.
From my home on the mountain.
Mason Demko, Room 5

I am from the quiet and friendly neighborhood.
From playing water tag in the community swimming pool.
I smell fresh air
It feels like pillows.
I am from the chairs of softness
From the couch of relaxation
From my brother and my mother,
My baby brother and my dad
From my annual celebration
Like trick-or-treating and eating all the candy
To candy canes and Santa
and myths about creation
I am from my family food kimchi
I am from the coldness of Korea
From wearing cozy jackets all the time
Jace Rhee, Room 5

Kyan Kumar, Room 2

William Murray, US1

One dream is still present, and that dream is the dream of equality
There are still many who believe in this dream
Dreams start as a thought but turn into a fight and a compassion
Black, white, male, female, they are all equal
They are human
They are civilized
It’s not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside that counts
Leaders will keep struggling for this dream
If you bring them down, they will stay as sturdy as a rock
As Mr. King famously said,
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
Love is powerful
Love is the most powerful thing in the world
It is also the most powerful feeling in the world
People risk their lives because they love their family
Soldiers risk their lives for the country that they love
Continue to hope
Continue to be an optimist
Continue to dream
Gabriel Eidelman, Room 4

William Sherwood, Room 5




There I was
All alone, except for my drum by my side
Watching every breaking wave
Thinking about breaking every rule
Suddenly, I stood up
Staring out upon the water
I started beating my drum
I almost felt as if the wind
was trying to tell me something
Or guide me to a strange-looking place
Something popped out from behind a rock
It was a fox
A hand then took off the mask
Underneath was a beautiful girl
For a moment we just stood there
Smiling at each other
I started beating my drum again
She ran out and started to follow me
as I walked on
Following the wind
As we walked along, more children
started to follow us
Eventually, everyone gathered together
For a moment, silence reigned
I started beating my drum
Everyone then started to cheer
People started to dance
It was a celebration of freedom
No adults
From now on it was just us
Complete anarchy

A boy sits alone staring at the ocean
A rocky beach; dark, dreary, and desolate
He picks up his drum and heads inland
On a journey heading to where only he knows
A curious girl and her sister follow
Among the rocks and fog yet another joins their cause
Others stop their pointless actions, now following with purpose
Continuing, the group grows until they reach the sleeping rock
Where they find a boy asleep
Feeling safe and secure, the group rests
A bright, warm, and yellow dream world
The group at the bottom of a cliffside hill
An intense stillness broken by the beat of the drum
They charge up the hill responding to the ocean’s call
Leaving their past behind
With a leap of faith, all but one jump off the cliff
Swimming joyfully through the air
Soaring over the ocean
The last boy hesitates, then takes his leap of faith

Jonah Shapiro, Room 3

Munching, ambling along with a swinging stride
The Earth their green and friendly world
Mammals still tiny, fuzzy, scuttling in the dirt
Every leaf and blossom dripping with lush opportunity
The future bright in the light of the morning sun
One day it all changed, nothing was the same
Good things can’t stay another single day
An attack from too far above to fathom
Smashed into the Earth’s welcoming shell
Shadows wrap around, fade away
A terrible chain, whose end only comes
When the last of a glorious race returns to Earth, forever
Maybe that catastrophe won’t be the end of the story
Plants come back, new life grows
Those fuzzy creatures, reaching out to claim their own
Covering the Earth, at first just watching and knowing
Perhaps they want more, more than the Earth could give
Was that the last catastrophe we’ll have to face?
Nothing can stay, especially not peace

Celene Agahi, US1

Finding freedom from afar,
Uncovering hidden hopes,
The beating rhythm in all of their hearts,
But living in the darkness of an evil shadow,
Still the rising sun gives brightness,
And new hopes arise,
As the shadow looms over again,
Find light from within,
Until evil will no longer cast its shadow,
And all the people shall be free.
Ayden Chi, US1

Owen Coyne, US1

Madison Hill, Room 4

Emerson Lee, US1

the s erspective

Nicholas Song, US4

My body shakes and shivers
Like an eerily twitching mouse
What’s left of me is a memory now
As my funds are drying out.
Suddenly the sweet scent of hope
Sings its scintillating song,
“Philanthropy is here!
He’s come to save us all!”
His mission is clear as crystal
He promotes the welfare of all
His generosity is like no other
For his riches he does not hoard.
Kindness, he shares like a gentle river
Sweeter than the softest drink.
His actions are noble in the extreme,
For of himself, he does not think.
Alas, prepare for Philanthropy’s return,
His happy tune has been long awaited.
Our world will finally suffer no more
And a utopia will be created.
Anthony Karambelas, US4


In a certain time in someone’s life
He feels alone and dazed
Instead of digging a deep, cold grave
He turns on the radio to flush out the knife-stabbing pain
It doesn’t matter what the music sounds like
It all has a way to get teen hearts beating fast
Music has saved billions of lives
Dragging people out of a pit that’s as dark as death
But some music is black in a sea of pink
So the parents start to judge
All the kids wanted was to find help in music
But in the end they’re all just terrified teens
with untrusting parents
The band members are guardian angels for the teens
Music makes miracles happen every day
It grips teens tightly, helping them stand
Saving scarred souls one song at a time
It helps the teens know that light can conquer the darkness
This is their way to cope with loss, and all they think is:
“So excuse us while we sing to the sky”
*Quote from the song “Screen” by Twenty-One Pilots

Camille Borkowski, US4


The dog
Brilliant, brave, benevolent beast
Related to the vicious wolf,
yet evolved into a trusty partner
At heart, a wild creature
At home, a loyal companion
You fall through a trapdoor of happiness
with the dog by your side
Passionate, playful partner
Protects you from all your worries
Putting itself before you
The dog is like a shadow of its owner,
never leaving his side,
From tall to short, fluffy to rough,
The dog will never leave you behind
Snarling with a broad voice and sharp teeth
Keeping back ones who wish to harm
Happy, huggable hound
Rushing to you to say hello once you’ve
come home
So brave, the dog could take on the highest of
tight ropes, over the tallest of mountains
Trustworthy enough to depend your life on,
For he wishes to defend it
The dog will always stand with you,
By your side.
Colin Picker, US4


Humanity turns a deaf ear to the wild-eyed taunts and threats
Of tyrants and tormentors, cruel kings and merciless masters
Who strike with iron fists and shackle with heavy chains
Who bomb and blast and burn
Like Gaea, Humanity is wise and loving
She wraps her strong protective arms around
her Children of the Earth
She suckles the silent and suffering
Her warm milk soothes their hungry cries
Humanity is the eldest sister of Compassion and Kindness
She is vigilant, valiant, and virtuous
Unwavering in her quest to guide her Children through
The darkest, tangled jungles of human history
Humanity opens her hands, palms uplifted
She touches, comforts, and embraces
Her fingertips far outreach the limits of her own grasp
Humanity joins together the hands of the Human Race
David Duncan, US4


Gaius Octavianus Augustus
Harbinger of the Golden Age,
founder of Rome’s empirical stage
Attacked Antony at Actium
With the strength of a thousand men
The water glistened, and the waves crashed down
Each droplet whispering his fate as if a soothsayer
Augustus emerged through the gates of victory
Then returned to Rome
Ready to rise to the top
Ready to rule a nation
Ready for a life of hard work dedicated to Rome
Ready to build an empire
The expanded empire stretched across
the harsh deserts and green hills
An auspicious start to a new era of prosperity
He built roads, passed laws, forged cities
Erected arches, statues, monuments
Hosted gladiator fights, animal hunts, chariot races
Set up a mail service to connect the empire
To connect his empire
He found a city of brick
Transformed it to marble
Gaius Octavianus Augustus
Harbinger of the Golden Age,
founder of Rome’s empirical stage
Primus inter pares; first among equals
Emma Wang, US4


When you’re down, defeated, and demoralized
and feel like calling it quits
Perseverance is a helping hand that brings you back up
Perseverance speaks to you and makes you believe
you can do the unbelievable
When your legs can’t take one more step,
your arms can’t lift one more weight
Perseverance inspires you immensely to dig deep down
Perseverance squeezes out every last drop of energy
until you have nothing left
When you’ve worked for what seems like a never-ending
eternity of hell
Perseverance lets you make one more push
to get to where you need to be
Perseverance gives you a glimmer of hope that you will
one day achieve your goal
When the mountain you have to climb to reach your goal
is taller than Everest
Perseverance allows you to scale your way to the top
Perseverance is like gas when you are the car
In a brave, brutal battle vs. HIV that lasts for as long as he lives
Earvin “Magic” Johnson offers hope to a community that needs
all he can give
After being diagnosed with the affliction in 1991
Magic managed a miracle by surviving many dawns
At first, it was thought he was like a dead man walking
The buzz about his inevitable demise had everyone talking
About his undying courage
Joseph Meyerson, US4


Yesterday, man struggled for survival, an ant in the world
Today, Mother Earth trembles before the might of man
Tomorrow, man dominates the galaxy like a god
Where did this transformation come from?
What turned the toddler into the king of the world?
How did we emerge from the monstrous wild?
Unscathed, unshaken, and unwavering
Man is neither stronger, nor faster
But now, man is smarter
Even harnessing the power of the radiant, blazing sun
From spears to swords to shotguns
Then finally the ultimate
A flash of intense, brilliant light
The result of a decade of research
As we build upon the knowledge of our ancestors
We ascend higher and higher
Soon, we will touch the stars!
Truly, we are defined by what we know
Kevin Shao, US4


Silence, a sanctuary within your mind
Guarding those who enter from the bustling,
blaring world around
Within this serene temple, one is at peace
Liberated from the troubles of humanity
When the world is quiet, your soul can rest
And you are calmed, untroubled by the beasts
surrounding your oasis
Cackling like hyenas, while you are a lion,
lazily lounging in the sun
Now you are reclining on a sleeping cloud,
softer than the softest pillow
Watching the fiery oranges and calming
purples of sunset
The solace of silence is always there when needed
Ready to take you in and encase you in warmth
As if encased by a massive blanket of soft, wool
and the smoothest of silks
When the toils of your world become too much to bear
You can always seek refuge in silence and inner peace
Our saviors from insanity
Nathan Tausik, US4


Warm, gentle fingers of silk reach out to you,
the mourners of the world
Comforting the souls of those left behind,
the lonely, and the lost
Bearing your pain, a heavy anvil that burns
the shoulders and back
Feeling for you the sorrows that would make
you toss and turn tensely
Like the nagging uneasiness of a forgotten love
Compassion, like a soft breeze,
glides toward you solemn few
To offer a comforting shield, a cocoon of fabric
And infinite mugs of steaming,
mouthwatering hot cocoa
Compassion smiles like a loving companion
and sings soothing songs
She sings of a time when burdens are lifted
and love is plentiful
But for now, she says, I will carry your burdens
and love you deeply
And suffer with you whenever I can
Sinclaire Ledahl, US4


Thomas Edison, inventor of the incandescent light bulb
He made invaluable contributions to the world
with his imagination and innovations
Day and night he spent in his lab
Determined as a beaver building a dam
He worked until his hair was as white as snow
Often he wouldn’t be seen for days on end
It is almost as if his inventions were talking to him
Telling Thomas to keep tooling around
and tinkering with new ideas
His mind was an open book; he would try anything
Awarded a staggering number
of patents
Over 1,900 in fact
After experimenting with countless materials
he had finally found
A new filament that would burn nearly 200 hours a round
In 1882 with just the flip of one switch
85 homes in New York had light pouring out their windows
Intelligent, ingenious, inspiring. Thomas Edison.
Nicholas Barnouw, US4


For the purpose of fortune and success
We hope it does not cause too much distress
To attend our banquet, honoring the king
And his wife. We hope that you will bring
Your dear family. Many Thanes shall come.
Food shall be served, including wine and rum.
At the seventh hour we shall begin
Our party, which we hope will make you grin
In delight. Be sure to wear your best clothes.
We wish you will attend, and not oppose
Our idea of fun. In King’s domain
We shall drink ‘til the sun rises again.
Do send a servant to tell us your choice.
We hope to see you there soon. Now, rejoice!
Cooper Gower-Samples, US4


God’s glorious gift granted
Is it the mother or the child?
Some would say a loving mother
From the first time she smiled
Looking at her unborn child
Who looked like a tiny pea
Her little pea in the pod
Mothers would say that this statement is odd
For to them the world is their precious fetus
Who they will carry around in their “pouches”
After birth and through child rearing
Through tears of triumph and tragedy
Between holding back and letting go
The child has to learn what the mother already knows
When she scolds, your whole world is at an end
Humiliation, heart, and then hope
With her you will always be playing tug-of-war
with their emotions’ rope
When she praises you, her hugs
soothingly blanket you with warmth
When she helps you heal, the aroma of fresh fruits
and home-cooked meals wake you
More than just a mom
She is your first provider,
your main protector, your loving creator
Ming Lee Simmons, US4


The mind is the driving force behind us
it constantly creates crown achievements
which then furthers us as people and a society
The mind is an egress from the iron fist of conformity
without it we would still live a barbaric life
always wandering as Neanderthals without purpose
The mind is a guardian gently pushing us forward
it feeds us with comprehension and new ideas
with it we’ll never be done dreaming about innovations
The mind is like a tree growing under the sun of inspiration
gnarled roots spread into the moist brown
soil of understanding
long branches clad in green spread into the endless
sky of creativity
The mind: a tool with limitless uses if correctly applied
where daunting dangers are surmounted
and the impossible can be carried out
Aaron Willard, US4


Greatness speaks to you, it shows you the gate
Pushing to the top, despite all the weight
Like an escaping dog, you’re out the crate
Now you’re free, trotting to home plate
At first you were far down in the gutters
The only thing you heard were the mutters
Of people doubting, saying you wouldn’t make it
But you saw an open opportunity,
you decided to take it
Now you’re starting to work hard, not looking back
And the others start to notice, now they want to act
Like they’re your friends, they say
they’ll be with you all the way
But you know it’s all as fake as the flowers on a cake
You’re coming up now, out of that dark, dirty place
Beating everyone else, you ran and won your race
The taste of sweet success shows on your face
You strove for greatness, and now you’re great
Alaman Diadhiou, US4


Slaves once toiled for hours on end, all for the profit of others
Under the blistering sun they worked,
fearing disobedience would end in a whipping
At night they lay their heads on a hard wooden floor
for a few meager hours of sleep
But this lamentable life had only one possibility for amelioration
Freedom was the only thing to save them,
the only source of hope
It hides in the shadows of despair,
then blossoms like a flower in spring
Its seeds are made of hope, its roots of appreciation
The form that it takes is different for each individual
Freedom is rarely earned, more often it is given by chance
The privileged receivers often do not realize their fortune
When it has never been at risk,
its importance is seldom recognized
Only those who do not have it can fully comprehend its beauty
Freedom fulfills dreams that were once light years away
With it, thoughts can roam without restraint
through fields of imagination
It supplies nutrients for those deprived,
helping them through times of trouble
With it, hopes are more easily met; worries more easily relieved
All the restraints that make things grim disappear
Now it is up to you to fulfill your potential
Free the slave within you
Ava Stills, US4


Questions arise like a bird from its nest,
On a journey to conceive new ideas.
Rosa can sit wherever she pleases,
Color can’t compromise Jackie’s swing.
Challenge the dogma of the day!
A gaze into the distance, hand under chin
Asking a simple why or why not
Removes the confining shackles of assumption.
Creative desire, a prisoner of conventional wisdom
Becoming free to fly.
The smallest questions lead to the greatest moments.
Time is not constant
Natural selection is not simply godly creation
Voting is a right for all
Albert, Charles, and Susan understood.
Question authority!
Those who change the world
Refuse to accept what is assumed to be true.
Edie Graber, US4


Here was a man, not a god
Plagued with an insatiable thirst for power
But foremost, a voice for those unheard,
a representative for all he ruled
Providing inspiration for young and old
Lifting their spirits as high as the clouds
Promoting peace in a place of turmoil
And forging on through times of trouble
Breaking away from the expected
A fierce lion in a clowder of docile cats
Roaring with jaws snapping and yet,
still standing proud
Encouraging others to revel in his splendor
and cherish but a look
Even the trees bowing down about him
Dropping their leaves
and bending their gnarled and stiff trunks
Fearing and delighting in his word
until his final hour
Felled by a friend-formed foe
jealous of his power
Impaled by knives from all around,
this man came to his end
Yet, his memory lives on
For any and all to learn from and aspire to
Here was a god, not a man
Gillian Quinto, US4


It began without warning
Then six long years of disastrous bloodshed
smoke of gunfire, lifeless bodies of gunfire
For those years, no one slept
Over 60 million lives lost
As if a swarm swept everyone
Countries fighting for their people and homelands
They fought through treacherous weather conditions
From the icy mountains of Norway
to the sweltering deserts of Liberia
As the war continued, many were traumatized
Years of people dying, the countries could take no more
One last resort, nuclear weapons
Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The bombs ate everything
Swiftly, Japan would surrender,
They had lost too much
Total death toll was 135,000
The war was over
Women became more recognized
Rosie the Riveter was inspiration
They were as strong as men
Women built ships, planes, and guns during the war
So strong some people couldn’t believe
Men thought of them as equal
The victory brought justice to countless people
If the war was lost, all would be gone
A ruler under one person
Some races wiped out
Everyone would be with terror
Luckily strength and bravery helped us win
Jacob Rivas, US4


Glistening spires of vibrant color pierce the air
Dancing in a timeless flutter
Leading the way through a moonless night
On a torch in the grasp of a wanderer
Sparking creation with an ever-warm glow
Spreading its smoke as a message for always
Protection from beast as a mother for child
Fending off fiends with its mighty blaze
Cauterizing tender wounds to cease
the endless bleeding
A fiery sear to save a million lives
The steady flow of heat, a constant cascade of joy
In sickness and sadness, the warmth still thrives
An instrument for survival
in a world filled with darkness
Mankind succored by its perpetual power
The pungent and oaky odor of smoke
sends a clear sign of sanctuary
By the thunderous blaze, all fears are devoured
Jason Goodman, US4


It turns a heart of stone into one of gold, guaranteed
It puts a radiant sparkle in the eye,
as confidence is freed
An invisible energy, jolly as a carol
Like a contagious disease lacking the peril
Bright thoughts that flood the brain, creating a spark
Transforming “This might work” to “This will work”
Beaming white smiles with confidence that kisses
the sky
Even the impossible seems easy as pie!
Positivity, a puissant power,
makes the most fatalistic men guffaw
Overconfidence may be its fatal flaw
But above all,
The sanguine student succeeds as the pessimist falls
Jameson McMullen, US4


Oppression reigns with a gag in its hand
Silencing opponents who challenge its egocentric agenda
Tyrants are those who claim to be the voice of the people
But manipulate their ideas for their own selfish gain
The human soul smells of oak and pine,
not metal and concrete
It is a caged wolf with fire in its eyes
The retaliation starts small, a hostile bark and a lunge
But soon its fangs drip with the blood of its repressor
The despots now feel the fear their subjects once knew
And swiftly fight back with bullets laced with terror
But the human spirit is like a metal spring,
The harder it is pushed, the stronger it fights back
The battle is over, and the people have won
Expelled are the rulers who flee with trepidation
All people are free and have joy in their hearts
What was once a land of fear is now a land of hope.
Nicholas Song, US4


Robin Williams was a legend
A man who could teach us all a lesson
A housekeeper, a genie, a teacher, and a dad
All of Robin’s roles routinely rendered us glad
He started in stand-up to make people whoop
And seamlessly transformed into a DJ
representing a troop
The microphone becoming his only friend
Joyful from beginning to end
He would work through his issues alone or with his spouse
Never showing how hurt he became inside,
he was quiet as a mouse
All those bright and lively characters would thrive within him
He could switch persuasive personalities on a whim
He could light up a room as calm as a millpond
Without laughter and happiness he would not have gone
to the Oscars and beyond
Kindness fueled his soul,
and passion filled him with motivation
He had enough humility to fill a nation
When he walked through a room
there were millions of lovely, beaming smiles
He was loved anywhere he went for miles and miles
He made fast, faithful friends anywhere he went
From Damon to Crystal, he left everyone content
The question is, could he ever be himself
Through so many struggles he could have used some help
He made people laugh and he made people cry
So it was very hard for everyone to say goodbye
Ryan Norris, US4


Victory can come at a costly price
A pursuit, long enough to lose empathy, sympathy
It comes with work and will
The need to be the best
Pride ringing deafeningly loud in the ears of victors
Satisfaction singing soundly in the mind
Inspiration permeating through a crowd
Perseverance is a golden light as bright as the sun
A silver medal, ridiculing, taunting, jeering
The win simply so much sweeter after prior losses
The smallest success, fueling the hot, white,
fiery inferno of attainment
Praise, yet another trophy to collect
Victory, a feeling unmatched
Powerful, aggressive, and gratifying
Medals and trophies award the simplest of achievements
For the slightest victories are just as phenomenal as
the brilliant ones
Victory, the end game of pushed limits and struggle
Chloe Freitas, US4


The quietest yellow, painted upon the petals of daffodils
Delicate as the fragility of joy
The cerulean eye of a softly singing child
Twinkling so as to make the very stars envious
The blushing pink of your mother’s endless strand of pearls
Comforting as her gentle voice
The emerald design of chipped china cups
Unveiling striking thoughts of a long-forgotten garden
The seductive red of a perfectly painted lip
Bring indulgence in the vulnerability of a secret
shared by mouth
Colors appear with the sun as she glides overhead
Bringing with her golden gaze a wave of inspiration
As the shadows envelop the bewitching hues
And the life seeps from the trees
As colors slink into coat pockets and caves
Waiting for the morn
Dreaming of when they can rise again with the sun
And then we, brought together as one, await them as well
Ava Dobbs, US4


Time, the all-encompassing force
Time is not a pawn in the world,
It is the king, the controller, the crowned monarch
that controls us all
It chooses weather to move swiftly,
or slow to the wobbly crawl of a newborn baby
We are at the liberty of Time,
yet people together will make an impact
Time roars with the power of the universe behind it
We are like stones thrown into a clear, cascading river,
We create ripples, but the river always moves in one direction
Time controls our growth, our decay, our demise
Time is the force driving change
The same force that can hold us back
Time is the factor that divides us all, yet makes us all equal
None can accomplish dominance over time,
yet we can all change the future
Time is not tangible, yet it steers us through
the windy, cliffed, coastal road of life
Some hate Time for its power, its position, its pagan,
and blatant disregard for His will
But Time embraces us all, even those with wills wanting
what Time cannot give
Time is forgiving, Time is strong, Time is everything
William Turner, US4


Edie Graber, US4

The breathtaking walls were built tall
Standing boldly, baring their teeth
Layer after layer
More powerful than anything
Yet more feeble than a snow white blossom on a dandelion
There was something different about this spiraling infinity
It would call your name, whisper in your ear

Silent shoes on soft earth
We say goodbye to our old life
Freedom lets us go
Freedom is on our side
Our will of eternal rocks
Still standing there
Reminding people
that you can do anything

Despite the baffling beauty in this radiant tower
If looked upon it too long, it would have you running in fear
With nowhere to escape
Unable to understand the daunting monster inside
Just lost in an oblivious blur

The historic drum
Lets us know that it is time
To let our feet gently lose touch
with the edge of the cliff
The wind picks us up
We float out to the ocean
In a moment of zen
And fly away from our old life
The dark, distant dock
Waiting for 11 new children
For 11 new lives
One lonely boy
Still standing
Waiting for his call
He jumps off
But this time the wind
cannot save him
Plummeting down, down, down
And then the wind, heroic as it is,
rescues him again
He floats out with us
Closer than ever, we are
And that is our story
Grace Kosten, US1


You look upon your gleaming tower
You wonder why you must pay the ghastly price
Deep inside your heart you will always know
The gleaming tower was just a wall of soot
Gavin Goldsmith, Room 5

The power of our titans makes them who they are
The force of their own identity was self-interest
Innovative and persistent, they never backed down
Reaching the tipping point yet surviving the fall
Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan alike
These power-driven titans taking America far

You find a shooting crack in your tower
A thousand bricks begin to shake
It crumbles to pieces in the blink of an eye
You didn’t know the dangers of your wall of lies
Olivia Gubel, US1


Power walks among the human race
Changing the world with just a word
Now driving each of us to become a superior race
It elevates the love of friend, family, stranger, self
And messengers to the world
Jefferson, Mr. King, Ghandi
Lead the world to be a benevolent place

Children disappear, marching with a drum beat
The leader has the drum, the Pied Piper
Left right, left right, never stopping
Until dusk has almost fallen
The trees bend backwards to let them pass
The rocks shift to make their beds
And there lies a little boy, dreaming
In the morning they awake, eager to venture
Onwards and upwards, to leave behind their pasts
Traveling through the barren lands,
Wandering over scorched deserts
Finally reaching where the earth meets the sky
They throw away their pasts, leaving fear behind them
As they soar into the sky, forever free of their bindings

William Moore, US1

Kendall McDermott, US1

Power possesses the mind and massacres perspective
Driving the soul past the tipping point
Power abused in absolute adversity
Not caring about the tortured lives they left behind
Kublai Khan, Hitler
Scarring the world in its submission

Ebony darkness shrouds the desolate world around me
Clouding my mind, obfuscating my thoughts and revelations
I feel a desperate desire to break free of this same cycle
It endlessly repeats, forever the same
I traverse destitute streets,
Catching glimpses of the depression surrounding this place
The decrepit door of the library swings open,
Beckoning me to enter
Each book contains infinite knowledge
I flip through the archaic pages,
Reminiscing about the time when scientific thought thrived
Pondering now,
Wondering if there is a way
to regain humanity’s technological throne
I exit the library, leaving behind the once-sacred testament
to our accomplishments
Walking again down the cracked cobblestone on this algid evening,
Hope buzzing throughout my head,
hope of a new day, of a better time to come
Deeply and soundly I sleep
Oppressive ignorance vanquished by the night
A light that tells us to prevail in times of uncertainty,
the light that brings us salvation
Conor Brown, US1

A dull skirt with dainty detail
With a blouse as puffy as a cloud, showing no skin
High maturity and elegance
As the 1900’s came to a close, daring ankle was to be seen
Elegant hats and droopy sleeves flying into fashion
Belts were now added as an accessory
Design and detail become just the thing
Then the dresses and skirts got even shorter
Clothing was much more colorful, much more fun
Now fashion is neon and luminosity
A disco party on the streets,
Shoes changing into long slim boots
Denim’s the trend and so are low-key colors,
Now we are in a stage of mix-match, combining the eras
With straightened hair and thick makeup
It’s the people’s decision now
and they get to choose what they wear
Rhea Madhogarhia, US1


London Maslow, Room 2

We will flight
We will fly
We will soar high and through the sky
The fears that once destroyed me
Will never consume my soul
With all my companions close by
Nothing can scare me
The drum of opportunity beats, taps, and roars
The wind picks me up in its arms as I run to the end of the cliff
And as I jump off
My fears fade and fly away
The wind erases those memories
When I jump I feel the wind landing a cold slap across my face
And then I fall and drop down to the water
Thinking of my past and how horrible it was
And so...
I will fly
I will fly as high as the doves and the new hope waiting for me
Brandon Yoo, US1

the beat of the drum speaks
to their hearts
the beat that I am creating
I lead the way
starting my journey
the journey that will last me a lifetime
as I start walking
they start following
the two lovers
the ones that keep the world buoyant
the ones holding this world together
as we keep marching to the beat
of the drum
we are all alone
except for each other
staying together
now we are approaching the rock
where we find a boy
all alone
as we lie down on the rocks
the earth speaks to us
telling us that we are almost
where we want to be
a place where we can be free
the sun rises
our world is changing
we journey to the cliff
the cliff that will change our lives
we listen to the beat of the drum
the beat that holds us together
one last beat
letting go of my drum
I let go of my past
and jump off the cliff
into a land that has no rules
Lily Saada, US1




Stars shimmer brightly in the moonlight
As the lost ones stumble upon a little boy
Sleeping dreamily on the rocks
The children quietly join him in his slumber
From child to child, the sandman gives them dreams
After their dreams they awaken
A hill in the distance is calling them
The children run swiftly up
The boy stops
He looks down
Lost in the eerie depths below
He stumbles
Watching the others fly free
He doesn’t believe
Yet still he tries to jump
He doesn’t want to let go
His past is valuable
He was good
He said please and thank you
But one day, that ended
Drowning in these memories
As the sky forbids his flight
Jenna Lewis, US1

A gleaming spear and shield rest in my hands
My towering chariot, a symbol of defiance
Four golden stallions trample through the bronze gates
Of an eminent empire
The king praises me in the distance
Cries of triumph ring in my ears
As I charge off to battle
A formation behind me
Triumph appearing before me
Glory embodies my soul
I am a hero, born to be, and will be for eternity
Severing heads as I stampede through the marsh
I stare at their king,
One moment, foreseeing his death,
The next, a chill quivers down my back
And, suddenly, I am overwhelmed
On the verge of death
I have failed my empire, my king, my god
Failed all of humanity
I can only witness my death in great despair,
I die with no glory, no triumph
Praise for me in a distant past,
All that is left of me is my rotting corpse
And my failure to become the hero I was destined to be

There was once a company at the top of its game
The Blackberry cell phone was its name
It could call and text from just about anywhere
But then something came along
and made this device stop and stare!
Another company, Apple, had made a new cell phone
It could connect to the internet on its own!
Apple phones had a smooth touch screen,
They were incredible, unbelievable,
they even had a nice sheen!
Just like a small computer, this Apple phone was,
And it left poor Blackberry lying in the dust!
This brand new phone was taking over the store,
And old-fashioned Blackberry was a real snore!
Amazing Apple made people’s lives complete,
While boring Blackberries became obsolete!
Sydney Fener, US1

Sara Broukhim, US2


Siji Smolev, US1

The glowing of the sun
Guides the children to their destination
In the darkness of the dreadful nights
The hard gray rocks comfort them
They hide in silence
Joy competing with Doubt
Never knowing what they’ll find next
Coming into a new world with nothing
They are poor and thin
Yet they are brave
The time finally comes
when they can fly far forever
Going further and further
Until the end of time


Sarina Smolev, US1

Paisley Kandler, US1

We were not strong, and we
Acted as though we did not belong
But all along
We had the same rights as man
Freedom called our names
Freedom from these frequent chains
People have equal claims
On admittance to act the same
Sacrifices were made
So that gender inequalities would fade
Each woman is more than a maiden, and
No girl is less than a man



if not for the brave women who fought for their rights
who believed men and women should be equal
the world would be a place where men ruled
while women sat, helpless
to men they were worthless
but laws can change, and so, too, can people
it doesn’t happen overnight
it takes time, effort, courage
with great courage comes great pain
your wounds might tell you to stop
but your heart keeps pounding, saying go
and after many years of hurt, patience, and bravery
justice will overcome
people will see what is right
with power to do and light to see
we can change the world together
as equals, waving our flag together
and women and men will together make
the world as it is meant to be
Talia Tepper, US1

One man with an idea
Eight others soon join the game
Five fingers sticking out from the padded pocket
The rough white leather and faded red seams stitched on the ball
Crudely put together, but they still play
In a field of dry grass and uneven dirt
With stony sandbags serving as bases
Playing just for the sake of play
Now large stadiums scrape the sky
The piercing roar of the overwrought crowd as the teams walk on
Players taking the neatly trimmed field, initially, one color: white
The colored crowd that stands at the top are the lucky ones
The others stand outside with only the sounds of the stadium
to keep them company
The batter steps to the plate
Only a tarnished cap protecting him from that unbreakable sphere
of red and white
Now electronic billboards cover the stadiums from all sides
A rainbow of players take the field
Tarnished bats gleam as golden sunlight spills
over the lacquered exterior
The light white ball perfectly stitched,
soars from the pitcher’s hand
The hard helmet protecting the hitter’s head
glints from the bright light
The batter walks toward the batter’s box
Hearing the umpires cry, “Batter up!”

Paul Trajanovich, Room 4

One day everything was lost
And so we began
A journey
For freedom and happiness
It started with the beating of a drum
Creating unbeatable unity and collaboration
The whistling wind blowing on our faces
We kept the rhythm and maintained the beat
Gaining more and more mass
A kiss of perfection and a kiss of renewal
to show that all was well
Then a dream of the ocean, the final destination
Then we jumped, and all of what was lost was regained
Flying with accomplishment and freedom
With two white doves helping us on our way down
Except for one
A boy, who hesitated and then jumped
He smiled but fell hard and sank to the bottom
Then he rose back up, all he could see was
An island out in the distance
Naalah Cohen, Room 4
An island of new hope
Justin Yassinger, US1

Richard Rosen, US1

Out of emptiness, the leader came
A lonely, courageous male
As the darkness faded
The beat of the drum called to others
Footsteps followed the beat of the drum
Humans emerging from rocks
The sunset filled the sky with beautiful colors as the moon rose
The wind brushed against their faces
The dauntless drumming driving them towards freedom
Fluttering, flying forward for eternity
Jason Gravori, US1


Erica Ekstrand, US2

A seed is planted in fertile ground
Rain splatters the soil
Nourishing the growing communication
A sprout slowly stretching up from its birthplace
Beginning with the life of Proto Indo-European
The father, the grandfather of many languages
Throughout the years, the decades, it grows taller
A branch originating from the main trunk
Signifying the horsemen conquering another place and time

They slept on the rocks
The landscape was yellow when he awoke
A gargantuan rock lay ahead
They stopped
The drum was calling them
It started beating
Then stopped
They all rapidly ran
The drum rolled down the hill
The drum screaming, the little boy hearing
He was the last one to reach the end
Everybody else was flying
But he stopped to look down
He did not have faith?
Was he scared?
Was he happy?
They were soaring
Serenely swimming with the sky
Did he fly or die?
Did they see him again?
Lennox White, US1

Loran Baxter-Mercado, US2

Deep and dark,
Vast and stark
A whirlpool of intenseness,
Frustrating, unbreakable madness
The feeling makes you shiver,
Your legs start to quiver,
From deep within your heart,
You know a pain’s about to start
As if you are lost,
And are paying the cost
To enter the world of reality,
A place with another mentality,
That ice-water bucket dumped on your head,
Revealing the definition of light,
For here, in the dark, it is always night

A bough laden with leaves of dialects
Their own seeds and spores travel up the trunk
Creating a new tree limb tongue
It’s giving parturition to new foliage
Its own leaves a new patois
When trimmed, a pidgen
After many centuries, millennia, the tree stands tall
Some branches dying, withering, dismemberedthe extinction of a language
Branches living - a language still living
And at the top of the tree
A tributary of the Germanic arm
English is the branch, it is strong, its bark will never crack
And it won’t fall
Benjamin Volokh, US1

Charlotte Newman, Room 4

Elizabeth Shlimovich, US2

I wonder why I feel like this
I feel that I have doubts for everything
I am made up of question marks
I feel as if I am running after the answer
that completes me
But it always EVADES ME
And yet, this feeling
It makes me feel like I have a purpose
I’m not just a person in the crowd
Having no answer lets me wander around
Wandering makes me feel like my life
is never ending, ever traveling
With the cold, diamond stars as my guide,
Always seeking
Looking through the dusty, candlelit libraries
My life is like a flickering candle
Wondering forever
Until the day I burn out
Trying to find answers
To all these unanswered questions

Smearing colors upon the canvas
Ideas come to life
Imagination leading the way
Scaly dragons emerge, spewing flames
Thick smoke swirls up into the night,
a silver mist shrouded in smell
Princesses take shape
With gowns as puffy as clouds
Battling knights appear
Their swords clashing as they fight
Fairies flutter about,
their wings beating out a melody
Wizened wizards wave wands
Clothed in their cloaks of constellations
A wishing star, a golden hope, shining
and singing a joyous song
A frenzy of fantasy, a flurry of make-believe
The paintbrush is a magic tool
Allowing thoughts to pass through.
But remember reality
Don’t get too caught up
Truth can be stranger than fiction

Katarina Cheng, US2

Greta Zumbrunnen, US2

When lost, trust dances away like falling petals
Trust sends out seeds
SOIL PUSHES them into the turquoise sky
The sky is complemented with clouds,
like cotton balls in a pool of water
Eventually, the seeds grow into flowers
Each of these flowers has its own unique color scheme
However, these flowers only show their true colors in certain seasons
Some men find trust beautiful so they watch it grow
Some rip trust from the ground,
in an attempt to keep it for themselves
This greed is a bee; it stings but hurts itself more in the end
Trust gives this greed strength, turning a bee into a blood red wasp
And, so, in many ways, trust is a flower
Samuel Anderson, US2

Samantha Morris, US2

Monika Ekstrand, Room 2

I look in the mirror
And see a little girl
One who used to believe
The tooth fairy was her best friend
Santa gave her presents
And the Easter bunny brought her eggs
The mirror now displays
What I thought was growing up
Was really growing down
Imaginations used to soar,
In the classroom I called home
We thought about some silly things,
We saw reflected years untold
The mirror of creativity,
Like love, and hope, and dreams,
Has now shattered to the ground,
The rainbow’s gold now melted
Mirrors tell adults
What they wear and how they look,
Who and what they want to be
Oh, if I could but recapture
The mirror of my youth
When freedom to think, to act, to be
Was all that I could see
Madeleine Massey, US2

We stand before a wall of blackness
The dark walls covered with deep cracks
The CRYSTALS DANCING on the ceiling
Tiny gray pebbles poking like knives into our shoes
The aqua blue sky fills with clouds that pour forth waterfalls.
Into the darkness we must believe
The sharp crystals will stay on the dark, collapsing ceiling
The cracks in the walls will not get deeper
The pebbles will not get larger
Trust the cave
Into the darkness we go
Jacob Graber, US2

Brian Malkan, US2



It protects you from your past
You can feel safe and calm at last
You can be whoever you want to be
It gives you power to be free
When the moon’s vivid white rays grasp the sleeping city
The chameleon is prowling like a panther,
and for no one he feels pity
He is a watchful hawk, way up in the sky
Transformations are easy, if you take some time to try
Because masks change you, make you a new being
They discard your true self, so no one is really seeing
The slender curves of the white mask
reflect the morning light
The mask gives another chance,
it makes one’s hope shine bright
A mask is separation, it rids one from his past,
And, oh, how nice it is, to be free at last

A door, an opportunity
An entrance, a possibility
Anything could be beyond that door
The DOOR BEGGING to be opened
And what could be behind it
A boundary of polished gold coins emitting
a metallic odor upon the room
A happy family welcoming you home
A ferocious three-headed dog
Whose fur is spiky as thorns
A mysterious bog that seems to take you by the ankle
None of these things can be seen
Only you have the key to unlock the door.
One must be creative
You make what you see
And see what you make
All of this is beyond the door of imagination

Benjamin Weinberg, US2

Duke Fluent, US2



I let it rest within my fingertips
Allowing my thoughts to flow through me
Letting it loose onto the flat, cloud white paper
Crafting a new design every time
My pencil becomes a part of me
Giving me the opportunity to enter a place
where no one else has been before
As it brushes along the paper like the bursts of wind
through the green tree leaves
A paintbrush for the black and white mind
Although my pencil may not always be with me
It holds a special place within
Always letting my IMAGINATION SOAR

Looking into my reflection, I see my best friend
A beautiful flower smiling at me from inside the mirror
She is as tall as a beanstalk
Spiraling up towards the floating, puffy white clouds
She is always with me
She looks like my twin
We play games
And she copies what I do
She never goes outside
Our mirror is plated with a glistening pale gold hue
I know that we will be best friends forever
As long as I have my mirror
I will have a friendship with her

Abigail Kirchmeier, US2

Kayla Levine, US2

Angela Lee, US2


Everything else is silent
It runs through the mountains and up the tallest trees
It flies through the air like a bird flies south in the winter
It is free
It can go anywhere and SINGS ITS SONG without hesitation
No one can stop it and no one will try
Where it comes from is a mystery
It’s louder than a lion but softer than a mouse
It carries leaves and voices, frees kites in the sky
The emblem of freedom
The strongest power

Blossoming in the filth
The jewel of the pond
Love’s dropped honey
Like a gem in the grime
An endless, growing beauty
Unaffected by the crackling slush
Through the murk and the darkness
Pure and delicate, confident and bold
Rising from the shadows
The lotus flower grows

Madison Wolf, US2

Bianca Garfinkle, US2


When your rope suspends by a thread
The FABRIC OF FRIENDSHIP no longer sewn together
With no chance of mending the tear
Your bond shredded
Yet when you’re torn apart
Cohesive dreams and promises cast aside
Pity cannot be the key
The antidote may just be to advance
So move on with peace, and understand
You’re encouraged to let go
You’ve seized the cord so tightly as it unravels in your hands
When the final strand splits, distance is what you need
Davis Ouriel, US2


Jonas Shladovsky, US2

You see land in the distance
It is mysterious, yet powerful
You approach it and feel the ocean’s current
The waves, rising from the horizon,
wash sea foam onto the warm sand
The waves cling onto the land like a child to a mother
Then, the current pulls itself back, in silence and mystery
The secrets are safe, with the sea of humanity
Never permitting the truth to escape
The beach, a sun-drenched mystery
Allyson Oh, US2




The part of me I always have,
That never leaves my body,
It blossoms like a flower,
Whenever I use its power.
Its creamy, blank, white pages,
Filled with jet-black ink,
That flow and flow with glory,
Like a never-ending story.
It opens up and closes,
But I always know it’s there,
It fills me up with hope,
The hope that I will cope.
For in my house, a wood of faith,
I have no need to fret,
My book, I always have with me,
Will help me to be free.
It will bring me to a perfect place,
A place that has no grim or greed
A world where I can write and read.

The flower’s cycle is much like man’s
first, a little green sprout, an infant
cradled by a cushion of soil, as soft as a cat’s fur
as it matures, the flower turns into a bud, a toddler
that is about to change into a fragrant young flower,
almost like a child,
as beautiful as a sherbet-painted sunset
filling the sky with vibrant colors
the flower soaks up water, aging into a teenager,
and then becomes an older flower, an adult
as the sun sprinkles its lemon yellow rays upon it,
the flower becomes old,
shrivels up and turns brown like an elderly person,
the flower only has a little time left to live, then, it is gone,
it has lived its life to the fullest.

Sophia Ekstrand, US2


Rachel Brown, US2

Morgan Johnson, US2

Ensconced in your formidable castle
Protected by ash-covered walls speckled with dull, red blood
Dark, gloomy TOWERS STALKING your conversation
A never opening drawbridge, hanging over the idle moat
like a cliff hangs over the sea
Loquacious, egocentric nobles discounting the lives
of those inferior to theirs
Those in the castle, ruling over all,
yet knowing the hardships of none
Receiving crumbs, when they ask for bountiful bread
Seeking only power, caring for little else
Keeping their power, by protecting themselves with walls
A mighty castle, in the AVARICIOUS HANDS of the powerful
Seldom peeking out of their castle walls
Looking down upon their subjects as if they’re animals
Using their castle to abuse their power
Life comes to an end, power lasts forever
Amaan Irfan, US2

Olivia Gubel, US1

A flicker of flame, an ignition of hope
As the spark of life is lit
A timid fire providing little warmth for those around it
Growing slowly, it crackles and burns
Wisps of smoke tentatively drift upwards
The small blaze feebly burns
Through its tender and timid young life
But, alas, a CRUEL WIND sweeps low,
Blowing out life with its harsh drafts
The blaze sputters and coughs
Its glimmering flame reduced to a glowing ember
A last light shines from the dying fire
But still it persists, determined to struggle and fight to the end
Finally the little glow ignites
Boldly, without timidity, it leaps into flame
Growing quicker than ever, determined to make up for its loss of time
Soon a crimson glow lights up the starry midnight
like thousands of diamonds in the sky
Long gray ribbons spiral from the fire
Harsh winds sweep low, but they only feed the fire now
And all take joy in the feverish warmth of the blazing flame
That could never be had the wind not come
Christina Lee, US2



Worried; wonder what could be ahead
Never looking back; never regretting
My fear is like an evil ball of sludge
Must get to the end of the maze
Black widow waiting in its own web
Big, black bat flies by
Moss oozing out of the gray stone brick wall
Dripping ceiling, low enough to touch
My night vision goggles running low on power
Bad sulfur smell nauseating me
All that exists is the end of the tunnel
I can finally see the bright white flash of light
It is heaven

The perfect life
Ideal ruler
One who included all
No matter their roots
Where they came from
Or what they believe in
All you needed
All in one place
The one place
You were forced to leave
Your life and your legacy
Left behind you
In one quick flash
Engraved in your mind
Until the end of your time
Your people
Will never forget
What you had left behind
In that one place

Joel Zachary, US2

A drop of water
Gives a sweet taste in your mouth
And the feeling of fulfillment
As water flows through you

Adam Sina, US3

It is hard to leave the game
But no one is to blame
I have done well in my prime
But playing now
Would be an uphill climb
It is not because I want to
But to myself I must be true
This game takes a toll
No longer can I contribute
No longer am I on a roll

Jacob Graber, US2

When the clouds have no stars
you go to her
to share your rough day
though you know at the end
she will say it will be all right

The problems of the day
Weigh heavily on your shoulder
Get washed away
As crystal water surrounds you

Earth’s beauties come from her
all the flowers and trees
the source of
all the oxygen we breathe

The azure sea spreads before you
Jagged coral and radiant fish dwelling inside
Silently living underneath
The waves that bow against the rocks

You go to war for her
and fight for your pride
taking your hat off for the flag
singing her anthem from the inside

Whether it’s a lake or a puddle
Formed in cracked cement
You look down to see your reflection
As it watches the world above

When we hit the motherlode
we may lose our minds
spending it on foolish luxury
instead of being kind

Or the deep, blue ocean
So mysteriously deep
Deep enough to hold a thousand secrets
Hidden within the obscure waters

When her child was born
Mary had to keep it quiet
for God’s miracle
transcended beyond all knowledge

Sabina Yampolsky, US3

Elena Saviano, US3

Once I was like Cronus
Greatness then lowness
Once on top of it all
The greatest there was
But now I fall
I had good days
Where I made all the plays
MVPs, rings
But now I have to
Find other wings
Playing games in the sun
Day in and day out
Scoring runs
But now I must be off
My time here is done
I just want to say goodbye
I hope you see me eye to eye
For I am not upset
And neither should you be
Those good days we won’t forget
Nicholas Williams, US3

Farid Adibi, US3

Lachlan McDermott, Room 4

Eli Friedman, US1

Charlotte Newman, Room 4

Jonah Shapiro, Room 3





Stress relieved through the ink of the pen
Nobody else telling you how you are feeling
You are expressing yourself truly
Gratifying your heart.
Letting yourself be free
No longer an introvert, no longer alone
The Bible is a book of lessons
Stories are told, morals are taught
Faith is given to the downtrodden
The weary who fear nothingness
in the future
Learning about heaven and hell.
Dumbstruck of what to do
And a book of lies beside you
No longer apparent of the world
surrounding you
Cured of boredom
Life’s struggles overcome you
Nowhere to hide
Except in a different life
One who reads does not live just one life
But rather a thousand
Whereas the one who does not read,
Lives just one.
Grace Zucker, US3

A train,
taking you to joy
taking you to serenity
taking you to your dreams
A track,
yet to be created
an adventure,
yet to be discovered
Where you are
and where you want to be
from Earth to space,
this train can take you any place
from the Rocky Mountains,
to the Star Wars base
you can be on Mars
or among the stars
When you are
and when you want to be
the clock is not yet set
in this world
watching dinosaurs
or gawking at flying cars
observing World War III
or the very first bee
A story yet to be written,
for you
only for you
Joshua Levine, US3

I remember you smiling
wrapping the thick pastel braid
around my wrist
the bracelet
that wove us together
tore as you left
the strings began to fray
as they hit the ground
leaving me with a sense of longing
I wanted, needed to laugh
with you again
outside of my mind
I was hopeful that you would return
and try to forget
but the memories circling in my mind
a hurricane of thoughts
with winds that refused to slow down
so I touched my wrist
now bare and vulnerable
where the braid once lived
Isadora Kleiman, US3

a wave of darkness surrounds you
a lighthouse shines in the murky water,
a beacon
moonlight overhead
a sense of serenity overwhelms you
as the waves gently crash
against your body
calming, chilling
the stillness of the sea
the waves hypnotizing you
the crashing sound lures you farther
the sea takes many lives
you wish you weren’t alone
stranded in your rowboat
against merciless waves
the water surrounds you
yet you can’t drink
sea salt wafts through the air
yet you can’t taste
a burden overcoming you
you row but your arms become weak
tides tumble towards you
silently approaching you
rushing yet soundless
the anticipation of the wave recedes
and crashes before your eyes
stars glimmer above
an unfathomable vastness
Natasha Kotzubei, US3





A way to clear your head
The notes rushing through your body,
Clearing the deepest thoughts in your mind

Master, for a while I thought I knew all about you
Your closest family, friends, and hobbies
We would play ‘til the skies turned dark blue
As the warm light of the fire burned on and on

I worked all my life
Only to fade into the night
But I look back on
The hours spent on that hard surface
The green ball soaring over the net
The Richmond sun beating down on me
Back and forth, back and forth
And then I would walk back to my house
Watching the white boys on their bikes
Laughing at me as they sped into the distance
But still
In that Southern state I overcame adversity
Conquering what was considered unconquerable
Making it to the top of my profession
But then falling to the bottom
My heart had become weak
And the blood that once sustained me now
only constrained me
Then I think back on the days
the fans were screaming on centre court
And I would be playing
I could have gone on forever
But certain things are impossible

Something that makes children suffer,
As they struggle to learn new music,
failing over and over again
Something to help you lose control,
when you listen, when you start moving
Feel your feet shuffling on the ground,
as your arms flail in all directions
Everything sad fading away
An art form, spreading joy through communities,
brings peace to all who listen
Spanning from old pieces
played in the most ancient concert halls,
to the new auto tuned music on the radio
A category
that houses harmonic instruments and singing
It holds all sound beneath its wings
From all music that you hate
to all that you love
Weston Kerekes, US3

Charlotte Massey, Room 5

Now those times, they have come and gone,
No more playing, warmth, or treats
I know I really must try to move on
But without a way, I am an aimless, wandering soul
You left me alone without warning
All I had disappearing in a flash
Who will take care of me, feed me, love me?
The only thing left of the fire was the ash
It is about time, Master, that I let you go
Made my last leap to leave here forever
To depart from a feeling of being so low
Comforted in a small home, now lost in a large world
My master, still I hope you will come back
I will sit on our doorstep waiting, waiting
For so many days the sky has been black
Giving up hope when your shadow left to fly the skies
Alyssa Kam, US3

Corey Marley, US3

Beckett Ledahl, Room 5

Alexandra Landecker, US1

Mischa Davidov, Room 4

Christina Lee, US2



What can a diamond do?
Oh yes, it can sparkle
Make many a nice gift
Bringing smiles to many lips

The first, second, and third dimensions
Are all familiar to us
But what’s the deal
With the fourth dimension?

What can a diamond spawn?
Now that is a wonder
Men give it much value
Yet often it tears them asunder

The fourth dimension takes
The third dimension
And places it as a point
In the line of the fourth dimension.

The diamond is small, in its actuality
But given its value, it has a certain lethality
Its shimmering surface
Bringing out the worst in
Those who seek to profit
From this rare amenity

The fourth dimension is a line
A line is made of time
We humans travel forward in time
While antimatter travels back.

The diamond strikes fear into the hearts
of many men
Slaving away to find it in the heart
of the devil’s den
Far from sunlight, they remain
Hands aching, feet in pain

The fourth dimension blows the mind
Impossible to totally fathom
But even more mind blowing is
That two lines of time make a plane.
The fourth dimension draws a line
From the third dimension to itself
But not exactly itself because
It is a version that is from the future.

For along with much admiration
This pretty diamond brings devastation
The destruction of coalition and
The snake’s bite of suspicion

So the fourth dimension really is
Just a line of third dimensions
So it’s safe to say that we can call it
The dimension of duration

Aoki Lee Simmons, US3

Yu-Kai Ni, US3


Katherine Oh, Room 4


Dashiell Filus, Room 4


the backdrop of Britain
houses what we know
of our home.
for home is where the heart lies

A lone star
Contrasted in a dark, night sky
It gleamed there flickering
A tear on a velvet face
I miss you, my baby

wands and spells
are not just placed inside
the story,
but instead propel it along

Always there to look at,
but never to be touched
Once, time moved so slowly,
now, it doesn’t stop

we learn how to be valiant.
fighting a magical creature
standing up to our enemies
or standing directly in the light
of death

Your presence is absent
Each moment without you feels empty
You’re happy now, up there with daddy
I miss you my baby

the death of loved ones
the death of enemies
caused by one solitary individual
breaking the courage of many
yet, weaving in and weaving out
through the aging of characters,
are real themes of friendship,
of love,
of hope.
“It does not do to dwell on dreams
and forget to live.”
Elle Nicoletti, US3

The days are difficult
Nights, even harder
I’ll walk into your room hoping to find you,
sitting in a princess dress,
playing with your dolls
Instead, I find an empty room and boxes
Each night I gaze
At the lone star
Waiting and wanting for something to change
Waiting to hear your sweet laugh
one last time
I’ll find you one day my baby,
And we’ll flicker side by side
Tessa Gordon, US3

Daniel Kim, Room 1

I’m afraid I’ll have to say goodbye soon
It’s almost time to part
My time has come to an end here
Forever you will remain in my heart
Every day I’ve spent on your campus
has been filled entirely with joy
And even if I tried,
those memories cannot be destroyed

Samantha Morris, US2

Sarah Schneir, Room 1


Too soon I have to leave
Already it’s time to part
Though now my time has come to an end
Forever, you will remain in my heart

The sorrow of tomorrow
Not knowing whether I’ll live to greet the moon
In this thick jungle of vitriolic Vietnam
Or whether I’ll be met by a bullet
Because here, no one’s life is safe
No one knows if they will be
the next one in dark, cold soil
Or if they’ll be one of the lucky few to make it home
Is “stopping the spread of communism” worth dying for?
Is it worth seeing the shadow of the reaper
behind you every minute?
Gunshots ring out across an open battlefield
People dropping like flies
One by one, my brothers falling
A river of bodies as far as the eye can see
I am dead already
Not in body, but in mind
Once you’ve seen what I’ve seen, felt what I’ve felt
There is no going back
And my body waits until it can join my heart
On this long journey into the grave

Aiden Tepper, US3

Christopher Pollack, US3

The fantastic friendships I’ve forged
will always continue on
But the time we spend together
Soon, I fear, will be gone
Talking at recess and lunch
Laughing hysterically with one another
Pick-up games on a black topped court
I must leave these now,
one after another
We’ve had some grim times
Late projects, missed homework,
and tough friendships
But always we worked through them
Even when the tables appeared
to be flipped

A cool liquid
Wetting the throats of the beasts
Romping through the wild
Quenching the everlasting thirst of the living
Water hydrates the body to carry out tasks of the mind
Those in need of salvation
Seek the waters of God to correct their sins
Baptism cannot be without water
For water is key to baptisms symbolizing rebirth
Cleansing the filth from surfaces
Rushing over grime and ripping it from its anchor
Whittling jagged rocks to smooth stones
Purifies what is, to what should be
A boat lost at sea, waters churning vigorously
The lives of the sailors, floating obliviously
Hoping to survive, miles away from those who will see
Symbolic of fatality
Waves as tall as twenty men
Rolling up beaches and unearthing everything in its path
Trees, houses, people, sucked up in its wake
With high ground being the only safe place
Violent rain slapping ground
Pouring water faster than drains can down
Flooding the streets with roaring currents
Kyle Oppenheim, US3


City of Angels
Angels of purple and gold


Once I was a king of the angels
Five rings of pure gold
You gave me, your king
And I won them for you

The hardest time of the year,
When you leave your family.
The time for departure
But it’s better to have known and lost
Than to never have known at all.

At 17 you called for me
Taking me in, when others threw me out
To fight for you, to play for you
To win for you

The day is near, my friends
Soon, we will part
But for now, let us not mourn over losses,
But, instead, celebrate what we have gained.

On game day I showed
Sweating, working, pushing myself
beyond my max
I was a hunter, the basket my prey,
the court my jungle
Nothing could stop me, I was
You called me the Black Mamba

You will all be missed,
But I must move on with my life.
Some of you were liked,
Some I did not know.
But that matters not,
For you all earned special memories within me.

Haters said I was selfish,
fame would make me soft,
I made them eat their words
Always outworking, always fighting
Relentless, striking with venom

Chloe Fribourg, Room 5

I have said this once,
And I will say it again:
Goodbye, to all of you.
Tomorrow is the day we part,
The day we start our separate paths.

Not selfish! Not soft!
My body, my heart, I gave
to the City of Angels
Like a true king

Oh, how I wish I could restart
The days I’ve been here,
To regain the experiences,
To bring back the feeling
Of the Mirman Way

Now, my body is too old
So many scars from brutal battles,
I can fight no more
The angels deserve a new king,
the jungle deserves a new hunter
So I give you back
Your crown

Stanford Fram, US3

Jacob Schneir, US3
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But for all of this,
I thank the one who started it all:
the presence that holds this community together,
The institution that will continue
to bring children together
For a common purpose.

Victoria Peng, Room 5

Alexis Kam, US2
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