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Tewodros Bezabih


Topic: Labeling of foods that contain genetically modified organism (GMO)
Position: Labelling of genetically modified foods should be mandatory in Minnesota
Recipient: Senator Amy Klobuchar
I chose Senator Amy Klobuchar because she is a member of democratic farmer labor party of
Minnesota and she is also against the GMO ingredient labelling idea. Moreover, she mentioned
on her web site that “Consumers deserve products that have been tested and meet strong health
and safety standards” and she is mostly known for her solid stance regarding consumer right
advocacy. Conversely, her stance on GMO containing food labeling is contrasting to her own
motto. In fact, she even voted NO, on the farm bill amendment process, held in 2013, that
permits states to have their own rule that require labelling of food containing GM ingredients.
Therefore, I am writing my CV letter to senator Klobuchar to reconsider her stance against GM
ingredient labelling and address the 90% of Minnesotan consumer’s voice that support labelling
of GM foods.
Currently, the GMO labeling bill has been introduced in Minnesota to both the house and senate
and it an ongoing process for approval and is currently referred to the agricultural policy and
commerce committee.

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