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: 8th September 2006 (Monday)


: Year 4 Dahlia

Number of Pupils

: 36 / 36


: 10.50 am – 11.50 am


: Come Rain Or Shine – Four Seasons

Main Skills

: Reading

Integrated Skills

: Listening, Speaking and Writing

Curriculum Specification

: World of Knowledge – Level 3
1.2.3 Listen to and repeat simple rhymes and
songs paying attention to pronunciation,
stress and intonation correctly.
3.3.3 Read and understand simple paragraphs
4.3.3 Match words to other words

Learning Outcomes/

look for patterns Multiple Intelligences : Bodily-kinesthetic.Objectives : By the end of the lesson. visual-spatial. flash cards. stress and intonation ii) Read and interpret simple paragraphs iii) Rearrange words to form questions and answers based on the poem read Previous Knowledge : Pupils have seen and heard about the four seasons Language Input : Simple Wh . predict. interpersonal. paper strips Moral Values : Gratitude and love for the environment Educational Emphasis / Thinking Skills : Classify. verbal-linguistic . worksheet. pupils will be able to: i) Read simple rhymes with correct pronunciation.questions Teaching Aids : Graphic organizer.

teacher discusses the text with students. Teacher asked students to make various sounds of animals. Teacher explains that some animals use sounds to communicate and others used sign language like bees. fish. Resources: Textbook Multiple Intelligences Visual-spatial Moral Value: Respecting differences and be grateful for the animals. dog. bees. Teacher asks students at random to read the text. Teacher introduces the topic. Waggle 4. Teacher would throw some questions that would help the discussion to flow and help students to think critically. After reading. Nectar 3.Stage / Time Set Induction Content Video (5 minutes) Teaching and Learning Activities 1. Presentation Remarks Thinking skill – relationship To widen pupils’ knowledge on the ways bees communicate and use their reading skills to read the text and questions that follows. snail) 2. . Teacher asks the students to refer the text on their textbook page 107. (eg: cat. 2. Teacher asks students to answer the Unique Resources: None Multiple Intelligences: Audio 3. teacher will explain the meaning of certain words to help students understand the text. Rationale To allow pupils to think out of the box and apply their thinking by relating to their knowledge of animals. cow. Reading text: (25 minutes) Dancing with the Bees Focused words: 1. For each of the sentences.

They also have to make props to shows what animals they are implying to. other props. CCTS: 3. (Reinforcement) 5. 4. 2. etc. scissors. the students need to make some research and do a presentation on the animals chosen. Teacher discusses the answer with students after they have done the work. Other than that. Make a research. Teacher divides the students into groups. Co-operation Moral Value: Multiple Intelligence: Bodily-kinesthetic . Stage / Time Content Production Group work: (20 minutes) Role play Teaching and Learning Activities 1. Remarks Resources Manila cards. Rationale To let pupils make their own research and explains their findings.Vigorous questions about the text on page 108. marker pen. Teacher explains that each group has to choose one animal and does a role play of how the animal chosen interact with one another.

Stage / Time Content Teaching and Learning Activities Closure Song: 1. Teacher shows a video of a song. bodily-kinesthetic CCTS: Predicting . (10 minutes) Walking In The Jungle 2. Rationale To have fun while learning about other animals Remarks Resources: Worksheet Multiple Intelligence: Verbal-linguistic. Teacher asks the students to do the action and sing the song together. 3. Teacher asks the students to guess what animals that hides in the song based on their sounds.