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1. Rina: Hi, Talia, ...!
Talia: Thank you.
I am sorry to hear that
c. Congrats for your baby girl
Congratulation on your winning
d. I am not proud of you
Ria: Hi, Anti! tomorrow afternoon I will celebrate my graduation in my house. Would you like
to come?
Anti: Absolutely. I don’t have anything to do tomorrow.
Ria: Great!
From the conversation, we know that Anti....
Invites Ria
c. Congratulates Ria
Declines Ria’s invitation
d. Accepts Ria’s invitation
o : All Department Managers
The meeting will be held to discuss the customer’s complaints.
This afternoon Jan , 4th 2010 at 01 p.m. in the meeting room.
Please bring the documents needed.
Thank You
Secretary Director
3. What will be discussed in the meeting?
a. The customer’s order. c. The customer’s documents
b. The customer’s needed. d. The customer’s complaints
4. Who will attend the meeting?
a. Customers.
c. Secretary director and all managers.
b. All managers.
d. Director, secretary and all managers
5. “… the meeting to discuss the customer’s complaints.”
The underlined word means … .
a. to speak with

b. to say something

c. to talk about

d. to tell somebody

Dear Kartika,
Our sincere Congratulations on your success as The Best Washington City Journalist 2009.
This will support you to write more articles.
The manager and staff of Moonlight Publisher
6. What does Kartika do? She is a …
a. staff
b. Manager c. Journalist d. Publisher
7. The text is written in order to …
a. congratulate Kartika on her success.
b. inform people about the best journalist.

c. tell people to congratulate Kartika.
d. invite people to come to the Moonlight

The word “banned” has similar meaning as…. a. A. c....... I will accompany you. Alex : You should go to a doctor. USING SELLULAR PHONE WHILE ABOARD THE PLANE AND DURING FLIGHT ARE BANNED 11. Do not destroy everything in the room c. d. Do not speak in the room DUE TO THE AVIATION SAFETY. Forbidden d. 10. When was the short message written? a.suggested c. Recommended Alex : You look unhealthy. Studying C. A.. b. give the instruction how to use hand-phone in the plane b. Agreement B. What does the notice on the right mean? Keep the Room Clean a.... Dont forget to study hard if you want to be successful. to past the test.. On Desember 21st 2009 c. The writer wrote the notice to… a. I get a headache and a stomachache. On Desember 24th 2009 b. Do not throw rubbish in the room b... Bryan : Ok. prohibit the readers to have a hand-phone in the plane c.. Come on. a. You should . Study hard B. Disagreement C. on Desember 28th 2009. 13.. warn the readers not to turn on the hand-phone in the plane d. The short message above is written to. On Desember 28th 2009 9. inform that English examination will be cancelled. remind the readers not to use the hand-phone after boarding 12. Necessity 14. inform that Ardiana cant join the examination. Bryan : Yes. The underlined words show . Do not sleep in the room d. Studying hard . Wendy 8.To : Ardiana I just want to remind you that our English examination will be held next week. Boy. remind about English examination. allowed b... Advice D. announce about English examination next month. On Desember 23rd 2009 d.

. I should practise English every day B..... Should D...... Had better study B. To take an aspirin 16. Need to study C.. I do hope it helps 19........ Anton : Yeah. She ..... harder.... Which words show asking suggestion? a.. Studied E. Did Anton : I have a serious problem today. Study 18.... Why don’t you take an English course and practise every day? C....... Take an aspirin D. You had better tell the securities . Shally : Don't be so sad my friend.......... A.. Do you like English ? D....... Don't be so sad my friends b.....D.. Complete the dialogue above .... do you have some ideas? Shally : You had better tell the securities to announce it to other students. I miss my grandparents.. Had better C......... Better B. An aspirin C..... I have just lost my driver license.... Budi : You’d better . A.. What .... I must take an English course 17. Anton : I have looked for it for hours but I do not find it. Complete the dialogue above with an advice . let us search it around the park..... Studied hard 15... Taking an aspirin B. A.... Budi : . that sounds good...... Better study D. I do now ? A. Mary failed again in the test. Amir : I am not good at English.. Andi : I have a bad headache... I have just lost my driver license c...

in my bed room Mother : oh…. What would you do? d. I have got a headache. Would you mind giving me your suggestion? 22. Ali : I’m here mom.. Mother : Let me check. Examples sentences the asking suggestion. Don’t you go to school? Ali : Mom. Which words show giving suggestion? a... a. 23.d. It’s Monday morning.. There you are. You had better tell the securities d.. I advise you to. I have got a headache b... Can you tell me what I should do? b. You have got a high temperature. Don't be so sad my friends 21. I wil. You should... Do you have some ideas 20. mom. Let me check For number 24 – 26 Example : . d. a.. I have just lost my driver license b... Example sentences the giving suggestion. except. You should stay at home c. You ought. except. c.. You should stay at home. Mother : Ali…where are you? Wake up my dear.. Which sentences show the giving suggestion? a. Ali : okay. Don't you go to school? d. Do you have any suggestions for me? c.. b. Do you have some ideas c.

Dialogue 1 Dayu: “__________________________________________________?” Udin: “To have stronger lungs. we have to jog regularly ________________________________ ___________________________________________________. we should not eat too much instant food ___________________ ___________________________________________________. Dialogue 1 Siti: “__________________________________________________?” Lina: “In order not to get serious deseases. For number 27 – 30 Example : Dialogue 1 Lina: “What for do we need to eat various kinds of healthy food?” Siti: “To keep our body healthy. c.” 30. we should always clean our home and school _______________ ___________________________________________________. we should sweep and mop the !oor _______________________ ___________________________________________________. we should swim. we have to warm up __________________________________ 25.Complete each sentence with correct reason with so that.” 27.” Dialogue 2 Udin: “What should we have breakfast for?” Siti: “So that we have energy to do our activities during the day. a. too __________________________________ ___________________________________________________. b. to or in order to 24. Dialogue 2 Beni: “__________________________________________________?” Udin: “So that we have stronger muscles. 26. a. b.” . a.” 29. b.” 28. Dialogue 3 Siti: “__________________________________________________?” Udin: “In order to avoid muscle injury. we should eat home-made foods ________________________ ___________________________________________________.