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Delana Veilleux

V.P Kmetz
WRT 101-16
September 13, 2016
WC: 344
Cats and dogs both obtain many similarities as well as differences. Many enjoy the
energy and joy given from dogs, on the other hand others might want a cuddle-bug or the
company of a mellow cat. Throughout this essay we will discuss what characteristics these
animals share and divide them.
First off, cats and dogs obviously do not possess the same exact physical genes, although
it is fair to mention how they both obtain: tails, fur (mostly), snout, eyes, ears, four legs/paws,
ribcage, blood, and so on. On the contrary, cats do have more flexibility and balance as to when
they pounce and squeeze in-between tight spaces, while dogs have more difficulty jumping up to
higher places and sometimes do slip and fall. The physical appearances are present, but dont
replace the fact that some of the anatomy of how their body works is indeed what divides these
Secondly, all animals need different care. Cats need a litter box while dogs need the
outdoors or pee-pads, yet both require proper training. Indeed they both need food and water in a
bowl, but dogs cant properly digest some foods that cats can, and vice versa. Dogs need to be
walked and kept active because they have more energy and metabolism for activities. On the

other hand, cats dont need to be walked (it is not a social norm to) but can be played with yet
they usually prefer sleep. So personality traits of the animals also differ as well.
Finally, both need attention and affection, but they can still be dependent on themselves
for example, sleeping or barking/meowing when they need something. Thats another difference
between the two is the sounds and vocalization they both make. Cats can purr, meow, and hiss
while dogs can bounce their leg, bark, and growl. The tones of their vocals are even more
different in pitch as well.
In the end everything goes hand in hand when it is debated between cats and dogs. They
may have their similarities but in conclusion they are still two different animals.