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Persona International

Company Profile

December 08

Company Establishment

Company was established in 2007

Reason for establishment
– Soft skills are no longer considered just a matter of self-development,
companies understand its value in doing business.
– Corporate Perception of Soft Skills
• Linking it to their employees’ appraisals
• Linking it to their employees’ compensation packages
• Considered as an important factor during recruitment
• Adopted a clear-cut process of role-based training. All the employees
in the organization go through training according to their career
– “Research by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and the
Stanford Research Centre suggests that 85 percent of job success comes
from a person's Interpersonal skills, while only 15 percent depends on
technical skill and knowledge.”

Mission of the Company
– Boosting the image of Middle East’s People-Skills Development Expertise
by introducing to them to the latest professional and practical solutions in
the international arena in order to outclass their competition, develop the
Middle East’s Professional Calibers and infuse the first world organizations
development techniques through developing the soft skills of the
companies pivotal resource which is their human resources.

Strategic Partners &
• Persona International Operates in Partnership and Association

• We draw on the years of experience and expertise of our
partners and associates to provide the latest and state of the
art training and coaching to our clients

multi-nationals and more than 135 of the Fortune 500 Companies. USA. more than a million people worldwide learn how to work more effectively with others by using Inscape products. USA • For nearly thirty years. are integral to the learning and performance strategies of market-leading organizations.In Business Partnership With: Inscape Publishing Inc. • Inscape Publishing is the pioneer and leading provider of assessment-driven classroom learning solutions and people-skills solutions hat develop interpersonal skills such as:*Communication *Management *Leadership *Sales *Team Effectiveness *Diversity *Conflict Management *Time Management *Customer Services • Every year. based on DiSC® and other recognized learning models. such as major government agencies.. large and small. ABB RenaultSamsung Roche Nakheel Siemens Yellow Pages SK Telecom Panasonic Honda Boehringer DHL IBM Deloitte Sanofi Aventis Merck Ricoh CIB Bank Astra Zeneca Fedex AIG DSB Bank Portuguese Airlines Clarins Mundipharma Four Seasons Samsung Group Barclays PLC Glaxo Smithkline Le Meridien LG Electronics Deutsche Bank Johnson & Johnson Carrefour Ericsson JP Morgan Pfizer British Petroleum Swarovski Telecom Italia HSBC Bristol Meyers Squibb Petrobras – Brazil Hitachi Mashreq Bank Unilever MiSwacoSchlamberger Yahoo Korea BA Alliance Mobil One T-mobile Nordia The Body Shop Etihad Airlines L’Oreal Bvlgari . Minnesota. The solution-focused programs. Inscape Publishing develops superior HR business solutions and assessments while maintaining a high-level of research and quality standards Inscape’s corporate headquarters is in Minneapolis. Our Partners world-wide network provide Inscape Instruments to: Nestle GM Daewoo Motor Novartis Bridgestone Firestone Honeywell Ford Bayer Bombardier Aero.

To date. Innermetrix has certified over 1. advisory. by five international professional management consultants pooling their unique perspective to provide holistic solution to their clients with its headquarters located in Tennessee (USA) and offices located in United Kingdom. .In Business Partnership With: Innermetrix International Inc.500 expert consultants in more than Twenty-three countries over the last nine years. coaching.. mentoring. USA • • • • • Established In the early 2006. Australia South Africa and now in Egypt. consultants have delivered expert consultation to over 300. managing directors. In addition to their previous experience and knowledge. and the use of business diagnostic tools. understand and maximize all of their tangible and intangible assets to drive greater value and create more wealth for the company. These consultants are former chief executives. To compliment their individual strengths. all Certified Innermetrix Consultants benefit from one of the most comprehensive accreditation programs on the market. Innermetrix is also a boutique asset advisory firm specializing in helping companies identify.000 individuals. PhDs. board members and senior executives. France. They have experience and skill in every aspect of running a business. These processes and tools are designed specifically for professional consultant use. Each consultant is taught advanced techniques in business: consulting. Innermetrix provides consultants with the most comprehensive suite of consulting tools on the market today.

UK • • Established in 1984. for whom First Impressions has delivered successful and thought-provoking training events and presentations. Zurich Insurance Dollond & Aitchison Sodexho PASS Boots The Chemists Barclays Global Investors British Telecom QBO Bell Pottinger Civil Aviation Authority PricewaterhouseCoopers School of Management. Their work ranges from one-to-one private consultations to bespoke corporate programs for blue chip companies. Body language. Kingsway International Christian Centre Catering Alliance Association of Clinical Data Managers HSBC Greenlines Healthcare Communications NHS Higher Education External Relations Association The Open University . First Impressions gets involved in a wide range of activities. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Cranfield University Henley Management College Accenture HR Services Directors Table The Aziz Corporation Ceridian Centrefile GPU Power UK NHS Logistics workthing. many of them regular clients. First Impressions is a leading image consultancy with an organization that currently spans the UK. In addition First Impressions provides professional training for people interested in becoming an image consultant and supports a worldwide network of over 200 consultants. the Far East.Persona International Operates as Business Partner to: First Impressions. Andersen Consulting Ltd. of which the following are just a few: High impact image for leadership development programs – Personal image management – – – – • Business etiquette in the workplace International dress codes & etiquette Networking skills and professional profile mgmt. Holland. Switzerland (Premiere Impression is the subsidiary organization in France and Switzerland). Trinity Expert Systems Warner Bros. the Middle East and Australia. behavior & communication styles Image for interview and outplacement program support Image for exhibitors Image for graduates/school leavers Confidence building through appearance Health promotion/well-being/self-esteem/post-trauma recovery International Clients This is a selection of the organizations.

For twenty years. – Forbes. USA • The Protocol School of Washington® is the leader in etiquette and protocol services. – NASA. – Motorola. – Duke University. • Corporations that honed their operational protocol and international business etiquette skills at The Protocol School of Washington® – Boeing. – The House of Representatives. The Protocol School of Washington® has established a tradition of excellence by providing the most comprehensive protocol and etiquette training and certification programs available. – Dell.Curricula and Deliver are Certified by: The Protocol School of Washington®. – the FBI. – NORAD – the Bank of America . The school has developed a market presence recognized worldwide as the best in the industry.

Many of RCC’s clients come from the technology. entertainment and advertising sectors. Inc.” They are innovative companies that recognize that employees are incredible brand assets. They strive for innovation and are often on the leading edge. communications. Our corporate clients are an outstanding group of companies that sit atop lists like InterBrand’s “World’s Strongest Brands. communications.. entrepreneurs and professionals around the world with branding strategies for success. and entertainment and advertising sectors.” and Fortune’s “Most Admired” and “Best Places to Work.Curricula and Deliver are Certified by: Reach Communication Consulting Inc. They strive for innovation and are often on the leading edge. Some of our clients: 247Coaching Adobe American Business School American Marketing Association Association for Coaching Association of Chartered Secretaries Aspire BBC British Telecom (BT) Cast Software Critical Path Discovery Channel Disney Electronic Arts (EA) U Penn Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission Microsoft Ogilvy and Mather Ogilvy Interactive Parson's School of Design Society of Professional Consultants State of Washington Stern School of Business (NYU) Thunderbird Tridion Wind Yes! University of Michigan France-Ameriques Garnier GBA Golin Harris IBM IBN INTOUCH IONA JPMorgan l'Oreal Lotus Malaysian Oxygen MarketingProfs Warner Bros International Coach Federation . Reach helps individuals and organizations build and nurture winning brands.” and Fortune’s “Most Admired” and “Best Places to Work. The Reach Personal Branding training and methodology is applied in outstanding group of companies that sit atop lists like InterBrand’s “World’s Strongest Brands. USA • • Reach Communication Consulting. They have empowered executives. “RCC” is the global leader of Personal Branding. This is carried through exceptional team of Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategists. Many of our clients come from the technology.” They are innovative companies that recognize that employees are incredible brand assets.

.. was established in 1985 with the aim to help people achieve their potential. DreamWorks. C. Joyce’s corporate clients include: – – – – – – The Tennessee Titans. J. • A corporate trainer and coach specializing in image development. Carlson Marketing Group. The company came up with the 4 Step Process that will change the culture of a business by making your employees want to come to work. Crye-Leike Realtors and Cranbook Educational Community. assists businesses with groundbreaking knowledge that’s designed to maximize your company’s investment in current employees assist in the hiring process. Inc. and improve the bottom line. USA • The ImageMaker. Inc. Inc. The ImageMaker.Curricula and Delivery are Certified by: The ImageMaker. Dr. Penney.

Positioning Persona International positions itself as The Gateway to the First World People-Skills Development Solutions .

Coaches. Recruiters.Corporate Social Responsibility • Persona International care about its Social responsibility and fulfilling the role of the industry developer by offering events. Management Consultants and Image Consultants – Persona International Honoring the Masters Event – Persona International Soft Skills Trainers Competition – Persona International Problem Solving Framework for HR Professional Events – Talks and Seminars . bringing professional speakers and creating a network for supporting and mentoring the certified Soft Skills Trainers.

. Inscape Partners Int’l& Innermetrix Inc. & Inscape Partners International Inscape Publishing Inc. . Communications Reach Consulting Inc.Persona International’s Products & Services People Skills Development Solutions Soft-Skills Development Solutions Recruitment and Placement Solutions Management Consultancy Solutions Image Management Solutions Personal Branding Inscape Publishing Inc. First Impressions Image Consulting Ltd.. Inscape Publishing Inc. International Corporate Etiquette The Protocol School of Washington Inc. Inscape Partners Int’l & Innermetrix Inc.

Self Discovery and Realization Management Skills Development Public Image Management including Public Speaking Skills and Presentation Skills Enhancement International Corporate Communications Etiquette and Mannerism Career Development.One 2 One Executive Coaching • Coaching may include the following topics: – – – – – – – – – Personal Skills Development including Balancing Work and Life. Executives and Professional Personal Brand Coaching Total Image Review for Men Total Image Review for Women . Career Change Coaching and Job Skills Development Women in Executive Positions Entrepreneurs.

A Protocol School of Washington Course Assessment Based Training (Advanced) Workforce Orientation Program Team Dimension Work Expectation Discovering Diversity Personal Listening Skills Time Mastery Attitudes of Personal Empowerment Creative Problem-Solving Team-Building Strategies Motivational Power Reaching Your Potential . Level II.Core Soft Skills Competencies Certified Call Centers Telesales Professional” Course Personal Branding Workshop Do the right thing – business etiquette for Employees in today’s workplace Personal Image and Impact for Employees– creating a positive first impression every time Impression Management for Managers and Company Executives How To Succeed IN THE International Arena– A Protocol School of Washington Course Outclass the Competition for today’s Business Executive. Level III and Level IV Customized and Personalized.A Protocol School of Washington Course Dine Like a Diplomat .Executive Career Development Programs Everything DiSC® Advanced Management Workshop EVERYTHING DiSC® Advanced SALES Workshop “Basic Soft Skills Diploma” .Soft-Skills Development Solutions Through Training Career Development Training Inscape Everything DiSC® International Soft Skills Master Trainer Certification Certified Recruitment Professional Certified Talent Development Coaching Professional Certified Corporate and Free-Lance Image Consultant Certified Innermetrix Consultant Accreditation Program for Today’s Professional Certified Career advising and Placement Services Professional. Soft Skills Trainers’ Development Program: Level I.

and develop effective managers – and team. communication. – Answer the "why" behind performance. • Innermetrix Hartman Value Index Toolkit – This Index measures why you think the way you – Ensure that your corporate clients excel in managing their human talent. – “The Three Step Process” measures individual and team skills for the present and the future. along with lower turnover. Increased productivity. – DiSC Classic can help improve communication.Solutions Tools • Behavior Assessment: Inscape DiSC® Toolkit – With 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million users) – It is used worldwide in dozens of training and coaching applications. Knowing why someone performs as they do is the key to managing people and the difference that makes “The Capacity Index” the most reliable index on the market. including organizational development and performance improvement. and job satisfaction. . are what make The Capacity Index valuable to your organization. ease frustration and conflict.

Solutions Toolkits • Customizable and Personalized Soft Skills Training Materials. Products and Tools – – – – – – – – – – Inscape Everything DiSC® Facilitation System 1. Profiles and Guides DiSC® Action Planners Inscape idXready™ Training Materials and Profiles: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Capitalizing on Team Talents Collaborative Skills for Teams Conflict Approach Cards Conflict Management: A DiSC®-Based Approach DiSC® Conflict Resolution Guide DiSC®-Powered Selling Frontline Management: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style Improving Your Listening Skills Listening Situation Cards Team Situation Cards Team Priority Cards DiSC® Selling Interaction Guide .5e and Profiles Inscape Time Mastery Profile® Facilitator Kit and Profiles Inscape Personal Listening Profile® Facilitator Kit and Profiles Inscape Team Dimensions Facilitator Kit and Profiles Inscape Work Expectations Facilitator Kit and Profiles Inscape Personal Listening Profile® Facilitator Kit and Profile Everything DiSC® Sales Facilitation Materials . profiles and Customers Interaction profiles and Guides Everything DiSC® Management Facilitation Materials.

Solutions Toolkits • Recruitment Best-Fit Tool Kit – DiSC ® Personal Performance and Success Strategies – DiSC ® Role Behaviour Analysis – DiSC ® Suppliment and Comparison Reports • Coaching Tool Kits – DiSC® Action Planners – DiSC® Classic Instruments – Attribute Index – Pro-Active Stress Profile – Pro-Active Values Profile • • Career Advising and Placement Tool Kit – Career Evolution Online Coaching – Negotiation Advantage – Quality Customer Relationships Image Management Tool Kit – Corporate Image Management Training Materials . Products and Tools – Color Analysis Tool Kit – Cosmetics and Skin Care Tool Kit – Women and Men Style Tool Kit .

Solutions Tools • Innermetrix Management Consultancy Tools – – 360 degree profile series • Customer Service Benchmark • Emotional Competence Framework • Leadership Benchmark • Management Competency Benchmark • Management Skills Inventory Individual Instrument series • Attribute Index – IT profile version – Leadership profile – Management profile – Sales profile – Sales Management profile – Customer service – Emotional Intelligence – Athletic Peak performance – Financial Advisors profile – General employment • Pro-Active Stress Profile • Pro-Active Values Profile – – – – Survey Series • Change Process Audit • Checkpoint Org. Survey • Exit Interviews • Organizational Readiness Survey Team Development Series • IMX Team Inner-View • High Performance Team Index • Team Effectiveness Survey Blended Learning Series • Career Evolution Online Coaching • Negotiation Advantage • Quality Customer Relationships Financial Analysis Series • FACTS and FLOW • Financial Pack • Business Strategy Questionnaire • AQUA Value Trend Analysis • Business Health Check .

Coaches. Recruiters.Means to deliver those products & Services • • • • • Certification (Technical )Training One 2 One Training and Consultation Consultation and Mentoring Products Trial Training Networking and Mentoring for Certified Soft Skills Trainers.: Persona International’s Products and tools are not sold to companies nor individuals who are not certified for the use of such products and tools . Management Consultants and Image Consultants P.S.

in USA. Hence. – Persona International is offering Everything DiSC® Corporate Soft Skills Training Solution. This assessment based soft skills training. goals. it helps in solidifying the corporate brand and ensuring its reflection by the employees. but also is used by Managers and HR managers as a tool to understand employees’ work behavior style. – This certificate is recognized internationally and endorsed by Inscape Publishing Inc. – The DiSC® Reports. how they assess their colleagues. not only provide training solution. The company trainers will obtain the Everything DiSC® International Trainer’s Certificate. strengths. The trainer will be licensed and authorized to offer the following Soft Skills Training Program: • CUSTOMIZED AND PERSONALIZED ASSESSMENT BASED TRAINING: – COMMUNICATION: » Improving Communication » Adapting to Styles » Communication Effectiveness – CONFLICT » Managing Conflicts » Reducing Conflicts – INTERPERSONAL SKILLS » Using you strength to your advantage » Building Self Awareness – MANAGEMENT SKILLS » Maximize your strength » Removing Barriers to performance » Getting the most from key contributors – SALES SKILLS » Building a sales relationship » Responsive to customer Differences – TEAM BUILDING » Improving Team Effectiveness » Improving Team Motivation » Team Effectiveness Series – Process of Executing the Solution: • Step 1: Business Development Proposal • Step 2: Executives Training • Step 3: Creating Corporate Online Account • Step 4: Mentoring and Support Period . Knowing the employees’ behavioral pattern. and their value to the organization. identifies their work objectives. for the first time in Egypt. Also. The DiSC® assessment are used as a manger’s aiding tool that helps in cutting down the time they spend in identifying the potential of their staff. which will enable them to conduct a customized and personalized training in a very effective and comprehensive way. how to motivate them and which tasks they can delegate to them – After Such Certification . their effective environment. concerns. also identifies the company and staff culture which enables the smooth transactions and change management.Corporate Soft-Skills Development Solutions • Corporate Soft Skills Training Solution – Our studies showed that In-House Training is the most effective way to train newly-hired employees up to the mid level management on all aspects of soft skills development. areas of development and offer insights on their training needs.

and Innermetrix. finally. – Individual Job Competencies Assessment is made and skills level is compared to : • International Industry Skills Standard • In-house Set Skills Standards for the Job • Best Performer Skills Level – Process of Executing the Solution: • • • • Step 1: Business Development Proposal Step 2: Executives Training Step 3: Creating Corporate Online Account Step 4: Mentoring and Support Period . – It starts by Role Behavior Analysis (RBA) based on the competencies required for the desired post and then conducts Personal Performance Assessment (PPSS) to the post applicants.Corporate Soft-Skills Development Solutions • Corporate Recruitment and Placement Solution – Inscape Publishing Inc. had developed new techniques that are being effectively used to make better hiring decisions. best fit analysis is run by comparing the RBA’s to the applicants PPSS’s to find the perfect match.

Otherwise referred to as ‘soft’ skills. Supply of Materials and Support Period . published by the Industrial Society. these include presenting an appropriate and polished appearance and how to communicate effectively. (‘Looking good. sounding right – style counseling in the new economy’ by Chris Warhurst & Dennis Nickson.Corporate Soft-Skills Development Solutions • Corporate Image Management Solution – – It is widely recognized by employers that the most important factors influencing employability are ‘aesthetic’ skills. ISBN 1-85835-990-2). After Such Certification . Developing these skills can have a profound impact on organizational success. The trainer will be licensed and authorized to offer the following Soft Skills Training Program: • • • – Impression Management for Managers and Company Executives – creating a positive and memorable professional profile Personal Image and Impact for Employees– creating a positive first impression every time Do the right thing – business etiquette for Employees in today’s workplace Process of Executing the Solution: • • Step 1: Business Development Proposal Step 2: Executives Training – – • Core Image Skills » Foundation Module » Colour Analysis » Cosmetic Application (modules 1 & 2) » Women’s Style » Men’s Style » Wardrobe Management Professional and business development Modules » Consultancy Masterclass » Corporate Training » Business Etiquette » Presentation Skills » Marketing Modules (1 & 2) » Tailored skills update training Step 3: Mentoring.

manageability. and the independent consultant community lacks a cohesive brand image and has difficulty providing a full-service solution on multiple fronts due to size. suffer from shortages of experience. these business owners are left with having to select from a group of independent consultants with no central brand image. cost. There are. standard methodology or value proposition. Accordingly. only two consulting options available to the SMB: the bighouse consulting firms or small independent consultants. The large consulting firms are not well equipped to handle small consulting engagements. functionality. and standard methodologies to deliver all the scale. Process of Executing the Solution: • • Step 1: Business Development Proposal Step 2: Executives Training: The Accreditation program is a 12 Week Virtual Training Program: – – – – – – – – – – – – • • Week 1: Home Study Week 2: 2-Day Live Residency Certification Program Week 3: How To Use Your New IMX Online Account Week 4: Advanced Functions of Your New IMX Account Week 5: The IMX Process Week 6: The Organizational Health Checkup Report Week 7: The ProActive Profile Series Week 8: The IMX Team InnerView Profile Week 9: Career Evolution Week 10: The 360º Suite Week 11: The Survey Suite Week 12: Finding Your Genius Step 3: Creating Corporate Online Account Step 4: Mentoring and Support Period . personnel and skills that are vital to the company’s success and growth.with the agility. Price Waterhouse Coopers. speed and cost-savings of an independent consultant. This fragmented approach leaves much to be desired in the way of consistency. Often they require several different areas of specialty. Innermetrix has created a business model that connects the supply and demands of SMB market by accrediting In-house Management Consultants capable of using the same tools. As a result. message. Deloitte. etc. Since affordable consulting from one of the big consulting houses (McKinsey. there is a tremendous need for outsourced consulting in this marketplace.) is usually not an option for the SMB market. however. which only complicates matters more.Corporate Soft-Skills Development Solutions • Corporate Management Consultancy – – – Small to Medium sized business market (SMB) part of the primary IMX target market and very often. reproducibility and effectiveness for the SMB business owner. due to size and depth. experience and expertise of a big-house consulting company .

shape & proportion Personality and individual style Wardrobe planning and assessment Shopping and Personal Styling Finishing touches – accessories. Specialist advice – e.Independent Image Consultant Certification • Image consultancy consists of a range of techniques through which clients come to understand how their appearance affects their own self-esteem and confidence. specialist sizes etc. textures and designs affects their appearance. working environment.g. etc. spectacles. position and budget of the client . hair. the way others respond to them and how their choice of colours. mastectomy solutions. shapes. All advice is related to the lifestyle. • Free – lance Image Consultant will be certified to offer the following Image Consultation Services: – – – – – – – – – – Personal image and impact Colour Analysis Make-up and/or grooming Style.

. Interviewing Skills and Image Management) Which Job to Apply to? Student’s Career Planning Workshop Graduate and Student Image Package: Dress for where you are going not for where you have come from! Building Self-esteem and Assertiveness Skills Students Leadership & Etiquette Seminars The Students’ Etiquette: Getting Ready for your Professional Life.Youth Development Program • UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND FRESH GRADUATES DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS – – – – – – – – The Professional Image of the Graduating University Students Two days Finishing School for The Ready to Graduate Student (Resume Writing.

Personal Branding A Revolution in the Way We Manage Our Careers • What is Branding ? • The art of Standing out –a strategic set of actions that one takes to distinguish/differentiating oneself from the rest. • Who is Personal Branding for ? – Professionals who want to achieve their goals while being true to themselves. • How will Personal Branding benefit you? – – – – – – – – – Increase your visibility and presence Differentiate yourself from your peers Increase your compensation or fees Thrive during downturns in the economy Expand into new business areas Choose better. – Companies that want to emphasize their brand through their employees. more interesting assignments Understand yourself better Achieve your personal and professional goals Increase your confidence and self-motivation . – Entrepreneurs who are creating their signature business.

– Understand the norms of designated cultures. – Build credibility and relationships with international partners. – Politicians and Governments Agents. a successful outcome to the business venture can be in jeopardy. . – Effectively apply cultural protocols in business situations. – Communicate effectively with foreign colleagues – Identify communication styles and adjust accordingly. • Who is International Corporate Etiquette for? – Professionals whose business is involved with companies in foreign countries. • How will International Corporate Etiquette Benefit you? – Identifies cross-culture communication issues and pitfalls. Without this knowledge.International Corporate Etiquette • Why Etiquette ? – Understanding the culture in a country or region in which you are doing business is a critical skill for the international business person. – Define the impact of culture on global business situations and negotiations. – Multi-national companies who employees people of different nationalities.

The Federation of Image Consultants. The Society of Intercultural Education. Inscape International Partners Network First Impressions International Image Training Providers Innermetrix International Distributors Network The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt . The Association of Image Consultants International. The International Communication Association.Associations • Persona International is a member in: – – – – – – – – – – – – The International Association of Protocol Consultants. The International Coach Federation Reach Personal Branding Strategists Network. Training and Research. The American Society for Training and Development.

Clients • Companies located in Egypt − − − − − − − − Contact Cars MiSwaco-Schlumberger for Oil Services Egyptian Radio and Television ABB AFB Consulting Corplease French University MSA .

• We bring extensive commercial experience to every assignment.Why Persona International & Associates • Our Partner carries consistent investment in research and new products • Our solutions focus on creating the bridge between HR and business results. • We have a wealth of experience of designing training and coaching solutions. • We’ll design a tailored program to suit your exact needs. incorporating exercises and activities to ensure that our certified professionals provide their clients and/or staff learning skills that will help them throughout their careers whilst have fun. taking into account your organizational culture and image. • Offering International Products and Services that are currently applied in the Fortune 500 Companies • Certification Signed and Endorsed by International Entities • International Professional Figures attending and Speaking in the Persona International Events .

She has been featured in national television and satellite channels as an expert in the fields of people-skills development solutions. image management. She has been certified by The International Coaching Institute as Executive Master Coach and has excelled in International Corporate Etiquette with The Protocol School of Washington (US). • Ms. Hawary has presented seminars and briefings to multinational companies. The domains of Persona International’s operations are organizational performance development solutions.Founder & Director • Riham El-Hawary is The Founder and Director of Persona International. skill. (US). She was the first Personal Branding Strategist in the Middle East Region. Hawary became a certified image consultant by First Impressions of UK and ImageMaker Inc (US). and industry organizations. universities. recruitment agencies. cross-cultural executive etiquette. Management Consultation. she crowned her expertise by becoming an International Business Partner with Inscape Publishing Inc. and youth development. personal branding. governmental authorities. Riham offers her expertise in the field of Personal and Corporate Training. (US). training companies. soft-skills development Solutions. career development. Finally. Image Management Solutions and One-2-One Executive Coaching. ********************* . Armed with a decade of management in local and multinational industrial firms and International training and coaching education. First Impressions Image Consulting Ltd. Hawary brings in-depth knowledge. Ms. (UK) and Innermetrix Inc. the gateway to the first world people-skills development solutions.. credibility and authenticity to boost the image of Middle East’s People-Skills Development Expertise by introducing to them to the latest professional and practical solutions in the international arena in order to outclass their competition. • Ms. develop the Middle East’s Professional Calibers and infuse the first world organizations development techniques through developing the soft skills of the companies pivotal resource which is their human resources. Recruitment. management consultation companies.

Smiley Blanton .We Value Your Partnership “The truth is that all of us attain the greatest success and happiness possible in this life whenever we use our native capacities to their greatest extent” Dr.