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Classifications functionality of customer master

Credit Management

Revenue Recognition

Material Ledger

Integration to SAP Portfolio and Project Management

Logistics PS
Simplification of maintenance transactions

Claim Management

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TX nuevas

Extras -> Classification

VKM1 Credit blocked sales orders
VKM2 Released SD Documents
VKM3 Sales Documents
VKM5 Deliveries
F.31 Credit Management Overview
F.32 Credit Management - Missing Data
F.33 Credit Management - Brief Overview
F.34 Credit Management - Mass Change
FCV3 Early Warning List
FD24 Credit Limit Changes
FD32 Change Customer Credit Management
(But FD33 "Display Customer Credit Management" is
available in SAP
S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511)
FDK43 Credit Management - Master Data List
S_ALR_87012215 Display Changes to Credit Management
S_ALR_87012218 Credit Master Sheet

ERP SD Revenue Recognition

VF42 "Update Sales Documents"
VF43 "Revenue Recognition: Posting Doc"
VF44 "Revenue Recognition: Work list"
VF45 "Revenue Recognition: Revenue Report"
VF46 "Revenue Recognition: Cancellation"
VF47 "Revenue Recognition: Consistency Check"
VF48 "Revenue Recognition: Compare Report"
Functional capabilities of SD-Revenue Recognition that are
not available:
Revenue Recognition Type D (billing based): Invoice cap
and exchange rate per invoice are not
Call off Orders: While SD-Contracts are supported call
of orders are not available.

MMPI: Initialize period for material master records (Not

available with
activated Material Ledger)

With SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 the Project

System Claim Management is still available
but not considered as the target architecture38. It is
recommended to use alternative solutions such
as Project Issue and Change Management for this
business requirement.
CLM1 Create Claim
CLM10 Claim Overview
CLM11 Claim Hierarchy
CLM2 Change Claim
CLM3 Display Claim

Nueva Funcionalidad Business Function

Business Partner


SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting

Project Issue and

Management for this
business requirement.
This might require also
process changes as
management and
Project Issue and
Change Management
partially provide
different capabilities.

Check and maintain BP customizing e.g. missing tax types
Check and clean-up customer/vendor data e.g. missing @-sign in the e-mail address

It is not currently supported

All IMG activities for credit management are listed under the IMG structure Financial
Supply Chain
Credit limit check for sales document types can only be specified as type D in SAP
Credit Management,
or left empty (no credit limit check). Credit limit check types A, B and C no longer
Credit check on the basis of the maximum document value and credit check when
changing critical
fields have been removed from SD side.

This simplification makes it obligatory to use the Material Ledger in all SAP S/4HANA
systems. When a system is
converted to SAP S/4HANA the Material Ledger will be activated if not active already.
Latest trends in material management aim for improved and more flexible valuation
methods in multiple
currencies and parallel accounting standards
It is very important to distinguish between Material Ledger, in its role as an inventory
subledger in Accounting,
and business feature Actual Costing. Material Ledger, as the inventory subledger,
valuates material inventories
in multiple currencies and GAAPs in parallel.
Even though Material Ledger is become obligatorily active, Actual Costing is
not. Activation of Actual
Costing is still optional.
If customers are not using the material ledger already it will be activated
during the conversion process. In MM02 and MR21 material prices can now
be maintained in multiple currencies. In Financials the inventory account
balances are calculated separately for each currency and result therefore in
a cleaner and more consistent valuation in other currencies than the local

Integration of Portfolio Management with ERP Project System, ERP Plant Maintenance,
.ERP Financials etc. Object Links between SAP Portfolio and Project Management
objects and ERP objects (various) Integration of Project Management with ERP
Financials via the Generic Cost Collector/Accounting Object Manager Integration of
Project Management with PLM Document Management
- CATS Integration for time recording
Screen enhancements were done (not necessary complete) in:
- Internal Order displaying data from project in PPM
- Value help for internal orders to search for orders created by PPM
- Project System projects displaying data from project in PPM
- CATS displaying project and task from PPM