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plasticine.shattering or deforming in any way. Example : clay. . Example : rubber 3. Elasticity The ability of a material to absorb force and flex in different directions returning to original position.Properties of Materials 1. Strength The ability of a material to stand up force being applied without it bending.breaking. Example : wood 2. Plasticity The ability of a material to be change in shape permanently.

Example : steel. Waterproof Waterproof materials do not let water through them. Example : plastic.4. nylon. rubber. wood . glass 5. Opaque Opaque materials do not light through.

Ductility The ability of a material to change shape usually by stretching along its length. copper. lead 7.6. Magnetic . Example : aluminum.

plastic . Example : gold.Its attracted to magnets. sand 8. iron. Insulator It doesn't allow heat or electricity to pass through. glass. copper 9. Example : metal. Example : rubber. Malleable Its can be shaped easily. iron.aluminum. silver.

Example : metal. nail . Corrosion Corrosion maerial corosi easily.10.

11.Example: Metal materials . Higroskopis material easily to mett. Example : candle. rubber 12. CONDUCTIVITY The ability of a material to conduct electricity.