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Getting Started With

version 2.0

This guide shows you how to make a project in SCRATCH .edu . To start a new project. music. go to SCRATCH and click Create. sign in so your project saves.t i n t e G g Started SCRATCH is a programming language that lets you create your own interactive stories. games. If you have a SCRATCH http://scratch. and art. animations. .1 t r M a t oving S Drag a MOVE block into the Scripts area. http://scratch. Click on the block to make the cat move.

2 Add a Sound Click Drag out a PLAY DRUM and snap it onto the MOVE block. check that the sound on your computer is on. Click and . If you can’t hear it. You can choose different drums from the pull-down menu.

t r a t 3 S a Dance Add another MOVE block. http://scratch. Click on any of the blocks to run the . then choose a drum from the menu. Click inside the block and type in a minus Add another PLAY DRUM block. Click to run.

pick it up from the top block. You want the mouth of the REPEAT to wrap around the other blocks. To drag a You can change how many times it repeats. You can click on any block to run a stack. Click to run. http://scratch.n i a g and Again A 4 Drag out a REPEAT block and drop it on top of the .

Then snap the SAY block on the top.S o y a 5 S mething Click the LOOKS category and drag out a SAY block. Click to try it. Click inside the SAY block and type to change the words. .mit.

To block and snap it on http://scratch. your script will start.e n e r Flag 6 G Drag out a Whenever you click the green flag. . click the stop button. ..g n a h 7 C e Color Now try something different.. Click to see what it does. http://scratch. Drag out a CHANGE EFFECT block.

You can choose a different key from the pull-down .P y e 8 K ress Snap on a Now press the space bar on your keyboard.

http://scratch. Click to choose a new backdrop. Choose a backdrop from the library (such as “Spotlight-Stage”).9 Add a Backdrop You can add a backdrop to the Stage. The new backdrop now appears on the Click .

NEW SPRITE BUTTONS: Choose from the library Paint your own sprite Upload your own image or sprite Take a picture (from a webcam) To add this sprite. click one of these buttons.” You can drag the characters to where you want them. click then click People and select “Cassy Add a Sprite Each object in Scratch is called a . To add a new sprite. http://scratch.

(MP3.o l r p x 11 E e! Now you can tell the sprite what to do. Choose your sound from the pull-down or WAV format) Then. AIF. ANIMATE You can animate a sprite by switching between costumes. Try the following. Then click on a different costume for the sprite. click the SCRIPTS tab. click the COSTUMES . or explore on your own. To change the current costume. Create a script that switches between costumes. http://scratch. You can Choose Record a sound your own sound Or Import a sound file. and drag in a PLAY SOUND block. ADD SOUND Click the SOUNDS tab. CHANGE COSTUMES Each sprite can have more than one costume. Click the SCRIPTS tab.

http://scratch.12 Tips! Type a title for your . click Tips: The Tips Window shows example scripts you can use in your project. For more ideas. It also explains what each of the blocks in SCRATCH does.

click http://scratch. or go to http://scratch. click Project Page Click for others to see and play with your project. Type in notes about your project. click the File menu and choose “Download to your computer.”) When you are ready. make sure to sign in. others can visit and interact with your . (If you want to save the file to your computer a v n d Share a S To save your project online. When you share. Click for full screen a new project or for ideas. Now what? You can To find out

and conclusions or recommendations expressed on this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten research group at the MIT Media Lab (http://llk. ©2013 Lifelong Kindergarten Group. findings. and the MIT Media Lab research consortia. MacArthur Foundation. games. Inversoft. expand the range of what people can design.Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories. Google. Any and learn. create. Intel Dell. and animations – and share your creations with others on the web. Supported by NSF Grants 0325828 and 1002713. Our group develops new technologies that. in the spirit of the blocks and fingerpaint of kindergarten. LEGO The Scratch project has been supported with funding from the National Science Foundation. Microsoft. MIT Media Lab .