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Data Sheet


Analytical Instruments
Two-Wire pH, ORP, pIon Transmitter
Model TB82PH Series

Designed With the Real World in Mind
Easy to use menus guide the operator through
set-up, calibration and maintenance
Simple Menu Guided Configuration
Allows users to easily setup and customize
transmitter to suit their specific needs
Advanced Digital Communications
fieldbus or HART communications
Industrially Hardened Design
Transmitters that withstands the harshest
Large, Easy-to-Read Display
Shows primary measurement along with
user-selectable secondary display (temperature,
output current or sensor input)
IndustrialIT Level 1 Conformance
Seamlessly integrates onto existing ABB control
systems. Also certified for use on Delta V® control
platform and may be used on nearly every
available control platform.
Programmable Security Codes
Prevents unauthorized modifications to transmitter
configuration and calibration
Intrinsically Safe, Non-incendive Design
Permits use in hazardous areas


Analytical Instrumentation Two-Wire pH/ORP/pIon Transmitter – Model TB82 Series D-NPA-TB82PH_2 General Description • The rugged ABB Type TB82 Series of two-wire pH. Adjustable Damping Damping is helpful in process environments where noise is present. such as: 2 • Automatic Nernstian With Solution Coefficient Temperature compensates the sensor output to standard temperature value of 25º C using the Nernst equation and a solution coefficient Ion Concentration Converts a pIon sensor output to concentration units such as parts per million or parts per billion Analog pulse diagnostic output: Impresses 0. the Advanced mode offers an expanded feature set for more complex operations. Setup. The user-friendly interface provides for straightforward transmitter configuration and calibration. the user has the option to hold the analog output at a defined level. A unique secondary display clearly defines each menu option when programming the transmitters. It is a capacitive type lag where reaction to any signal change is slowed according to the entered time constant. the secondary display may be configured to show process temperature. current output. During normal operation. IP65. FM. If necessary. This allows for easy. and Configure. Sensor Compatibility The TB82PH transmitter accepts ABB pH. The Type TB82 series transmitters meet current CE. immediate troubleshooting. Programmable Security Code The transmitter has a three-digit security code to prevent unauthorized modifications that may be applied to any combination of the following menus: Calibration. Security. Easy to follow instructions appear above each Smart Key. Transmitters equipped with FOUNDATION fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA send a complete diagnostic description over the network to the controller. ORP (REDOX). the TB82 may be easily reset back to a factory calibration. ATEX and FISCO requirements. . maintenance and operation in the field is simple. Calibration In addition to the traditional two-point calibration.16 to 16 mA pulse on the 4 to 20 mA output to alert operator of a fault condition Diagnostics The transmitter constantly monitors both itself and the sensor to ensure reliability and accuracy. and pulp & paper to water & wastewater treatment. PROFIBUS PA (PA) or HART. • The TB82 Series is available with traditional programmable outputs or with advanced digital communications utilizing FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF). pIon transmitter is designed for a broad range of industries from chemical. the TB82 features a simple one-point process calibration to adjust for offsets that may occur when the sensor is in process. Basic or Advanced Programming Modes (FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA models available in Advanced mode only) Available with either Basic or Advanced programming modes at time of purchase. Output/Hold. oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) and ion-selective (pIon) sensors in addition to most competitors. The FAULT icon remains active until problem has been resolved. power. Upon detection of a diagnostic condition. Pressing FAULT info on the transmitter provides a short description and fault codes on the secondary display. the response to a step input change reaches approximately 63 percent of its final value in five seconds for five seconds of damping. NEMA 4X. mV or software revision depending upon configuration. For example. When initiating a two-point calibration. Sensor faults that active the diagnostic notification are: • Broken glass electrode • High reference impedance • Shorted or damaged cable • Open cable • Sensor is not in contact with solution • Shorted or open temperature compensator • Ground loop Some diagnostics functions require the use of pH sensors with solution ground rods such as the ABB TBX5 series sensors. CSA. the transmitter provides diagnostic notification by flashing FAULT on the display and supplying a pulse on the analog output (if activated on HART and non-HART devices).

0. ORP.0 • GSD files available on all product variations • Utilizes one Physical. custom iso-potential and asymmetric potential Platinum (Pt). standard automatic Nernstian.01 pH +/.1 mV 1° C or 1° F +/. solution compensation coefficient Accuracy.01 mA 1° C or 1° F Dynamic Response 3 secs for 90% step change at 0. configurable across full range 3 . • Measurement variable quality and diagnostic conditions transmitted during each scheduled data transfer • Easily configured remotely or locally • Transmission of multiple process variables utilizes two Analog Input Blocks (AI) • Transmitter characteristics such as device name. and two Analog Input Blocks HART communications protocol provide remote programming via any HART compatible primary or secondary communications device.01 pH +/. Common Practice and Device Specific Command Sets for functionality within HART networks and for use with HART hand-held terminals • Driver files for various host systems and tools available 2-wire pH. 3 kΩ Balco RTD Temperature Display Range -20° to 300° C (-4° to 572° F) Temperature Compensation Modes pH: ORP/pIon: Manual Nernstian. digital communications system for process automation.0. • Digital communications through a low-level modulation superimposed on the standard 4-to-20 mA current loop • Accommodates Universal.1 mV +/. while providing a whole host of additional features. one Transducer. configurable across full pH range ORP/pIon: Isolated 4 to 20 mA. Input Range pH: ORP/pIon: 0 to 14 pH (with –2 to +16 pH over range) +/. linear and nonlinear. pIon transmitter: Input Sensor Types pH: ORP: pIon: Glass.1 mV +/. • Configuration. calibration and trending available via a Device Type Manager (DTM) when used on compatible host tools and systems • Measurement variable quality and diagnostic conditions transmitted during each scheduled data transfer • Remote and local configuration capability • Choice of Standard Analyzer Profile or Manufacturer Specific Profile – conforms to PROFIBUS PA Profile requirements v. linear and nonlinear. automatic Nernstian with solution coefficient Manual (none).0. manufacturer and serial number via a Standard Resource Block • Configuration and calibration capability via custom Enhanced Transducer Block • Provides calibration Methods on supported host tools and systems Type PROFIBUS PA (PA) is a standardized. gold (Au) Sodium (Na).1999 mV Input Temperature Compensation Types Pt 100. Non-linearity pH display: ORP display: pIon display: Temperature Display: Output: +/. etc.0. chloride. open. sulfide.Analytical Instrumentation Two-Wire pH/ORP/pIon Transmitter – Model TB82 Series D-NPA-TB82PH_2 Communications Specifications FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) addresses modern instrument users' needs for flexibility and cost savings.00 sec damping Output pH: Isolated 4 to 20 mA. 3.02 mA (non-FF devices) Stability pH: ORP/pIon: Output: Temperature: +/. Repeatability. antimony (Sb).

F and G.33 (+0. T4 when used with appropriate barriers Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Intrinsic safety: Class I. D. Groups A.3. B.S. and D. Division 2. Group IIC. II.03) by 5.4 (+1. III. Class II. anodized aluminum alloy with polyurethane powder coating D-NPA-TB82PH_2 Agency Certifications1 ATEX 100A ATEX Category II 1G.5 mm (0. Weight: 1.3. T4 when used with appropriate barriers.05. Division 1. T5 Size (1/2 DIN) H x W x D: 144. T3C Non-incendive: Class I. Panel thickness: 9.5 lb) with pipe mounting hardware Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO) Fieldbus products (FF and PA) meets the requirements for the FISCO model EMC Requirements CE Certified – complies with all applicable European Community product requirements.S. Division 2.0 x 171.5-42 VDC for certified applications) HART: 14 to 53 VDC (14-42 VDC for certified applications).0 x 144. C. -0.73 in. C. Class III. II. applicable Groups A. III.70 in.4 kg (7.05.) Panel cutout: 135. B.5 to 53 VDC (13. T3C (Max ambient Temperature: 60° C Non-incendive: Class I.67 x 5.875 in. Min. Division 2.) holes in enclosure that accepts ½ inch hubs Lightning Suppressor Installed integral to the transmitter to suppress lightning induced transients. applicable Groups A. T4 when used with appropriate barriers.03) in.0 to 99. D.38 in.4 (+1. specifically those required to display the CE markings on the product nameplate.41) Power Requirements Standard: 13.) Max. Division 1. Groups F and G. -0. C. a 250 Ω resistor is required. model) 15 mA quiescent current consumption 4 Contact Factory on availability .33 (+0.0 mm 5. C.8) by 135.8) mm 5. -0. F and G. 1 Conduit Connections Two (2) each: 22. Groups A. 14 VDC required for liftoff FOUNDATION fieldbus & PROFIBUS PA bus powered: 9-32 VDC (non-I.Analytical Instrumentation Two-Wire pH/ORP/pIon Transmitter – Model TB82 Series Output Minimum Span pH: ORP/pIon: 1. 18. For HART communication.9 kg (4.00 pH 100 mV Output Maximum Span (Full scale settings) pH: ORP/pIon: 14 pH units -1999 to 1999 mV Damping Adjustable: 0.2 lb) 3.5 VDC minimum voltage required. E. Tested to suppress 10 successive 8 by 20-µsec pulses with a peak value of 20 kA (reference IEEE C62. F and G.8 mm (5. model) 9-24 VDC (I. Class II. and D. B. EEX ia. Division 2.2 mm (0. Division 2 Factory Mutual (FM) Intrinsic Safety: Class I. Groups E.9 seconds Environmental (Temperature) Operating: LCD: Storage: Humidity: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F) -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F) -40° to 70° C (-40° to 158° F) up to 95% RH Enclosure NEMA 4X and IP65. -0. panel depths: 144. Zone 1. B. E. Division 2. Class III.67 x 6.

HEX SCREW (4) T01088E 5 .03 11.9 1.4 –0.8 5.0 4.5 5.8 2.03 135.5 MAXIMUM PANEL 0.65 14.66 41.29 (4 TYP) T01688C Pipe Mounting Option PIPE MOUNT BRACKET 3/8" LOCKWASHER (4) 3/8" FLATWASHER (4) Pipe 5/16" U-BOLT (2) 5/16" NUT (4) 3/8" X 5/8" BOLT (4) 5/16" LOCKWASHER (4) 5/16" FLATWASHER (4) Panel Mounting Option 9.65 50.7 1.8 5.8 MM (5.8 1.33 REAR COVER REMOVED +0.47 EXTERNAL GROUND SCREW PANEL GASKET MINIMUM PANEL DEPTH = 144.00 143.05 BOTTOM 10.66 114.47 11.3 –0.0 0.4 +1. LOCKWASHER (4) 3/8-16 x 1/2-IN.2 DIA 0.70 IN.55 (4 TYP) DIMENSIONS MILLIMETERS INCHES 22.Analytical Instrumentation Two-Wire pH/ORP/pIon Transmitter – Model TB82 Series D-NPA-TB82PH_2 Overall Dimensions FRONT SIDE 26.2 0.88 (2 TYP) 32.8 5.9 0.05 –0.38 THICKNESS PANEL CUTOUT PANEL MOUNTING BRACKET (4) +1.49 143.3 135.05 –0.40 143.33 PANEL MOUNTING SCREWS (4) +0.9 0.) PANEL REAR VIEW 3/8-IN.8 5.

Analytical Instrumentation Two-Wire pH/ORP/pIon Transmitter – Model TB82 Series D-NPA-TB82PH_2 Wall (Side) Mounting Option PIPE MOUNT BRACKET 3/8" FLATWASHER (4) FASTENERS FOR WALL (SUPPLIED BY OTHERS) WALL WALL 3/8" X 5/8" BOLT (4) 3/8" LOCKWASHER (4) Wall/Hinge (Rear) Mounting Option TOP VIEW FASTENERS FOR WALL (SUPPLIED BY OTHERS) FRONT VIEW 3/8" FLATWASHER (4) S.S. HINGE 3/8" X 3/4" BOLT (8) PIPE MOUNT BRACKET WALL "L" BRACKET 3/8" LOCKWASHER (8) 3/8" NUT (8) 3/8" FLATWASHER (8) Typical Wiring Diagram ABB 6 3/8" X 5/8" BOLT 3/8" LOCKWASHER (4) .

Accessories Part Number 4TB9515-0123 4TB9515-0124 4TB9515-0125 4TB9515-0156 4TB9515-0164 4TB9515-0166 Description Panel Mounting Kit Pipe Mounting Kit Hinge Mounting Kit Wall Mounting Kit BNC Adapter BNC Adapter with Liquid Tight Cable Fittings 7 . 2. ORP.Analytical Instrumentation Two-Wire pH/ORP/pIon Transmitter – Model TB82 Series D-NPA-TB82PH_2 Model Type TB82 Conductivity Transmitter Nomenclature st th Base Model – 1 to 4 characters th Model TB82 X X 1 0 X X X th Input Type – 5 to 6 Character pH. PH PH 1 2 0 1 2 3 1 0 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 "Advanced" Programming Option must be selected for FOUNDATION fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA Digital Communications Option Consult factory regarding availability Product Instruction Manuals: one copy supplied with instrument at no charge. pIon 1 th Programming Options – 7 character Basic Advanced th Digital Communications – 8 character None (Analog Only) HART FOUNDATION fieldbus PROFIBUS PA th Lightning Suppressor – 9 character Included th Housing Type – 10 character Powder Coated Aluminum th Mounting Options – 11 character None Pipe Wall/Hinge (Rear Mount) Panel Wall (Side Mount) 2 th Agency Approvals – 12 character None FM (Factory Mutual) CSA (Canadian Standards Association) ATEX 100A th Tag – 13 character None Stainless Mylar Notes: 1.

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