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markedly different from an accepted norm,

Degrade or humble; to lower in rank, status, or
Abnormal or deviant, one whose behavior

departs substantially from the norm of a group


(v) Reduce, Diminish, become less in amount or


Temporary suspension, inactivity




Detest, regard with disgust

(v) Formally give up the throne (or some other


power or responsibility), give up, such as power,

Give up, renounce; repudiate, recant, or shun

as of monarchs and emperors, or duties and
(especially formally or under oath)




Rough, suitable for grinding or polishing (such

bad or unhealthy); decline to vote
as sandpaper); causing irritation or annoyance
14. abyss

A deep and vast space or cavity; anything

profound or infinite


Side-by-side. The more common "abreast of"
15. accede

Agree, give consent; assume power (usually as
means keeping up with, staying aware of, or
"accede to")

remaining equal in progress with.

accretion Gradual increase; an added part or


Sour; harsh or severe

10. Abridge

Reduce or lessen; shorten by omitting parts

acidulous Slightly acid or sour; sharp or caustic

19. Acme Summit,

peak, highest point

throughout while retaining the main idea
20. Activism The

practice of pursuing political or other
goals through vigorous action, often including protests
and demonstrations
11. abscission

Cutting off; sudden termination; the separation of

leaves, petals, or other parts from a plant or


Keen, quick, accurate insight or judgment

or belief

Stick (to), such as with glue, or to a plan

Admonish Mildly scold; caution, advise, or remind
to do

Depart suddenly and secretively
24. adulterate Make

Abstain Hold back, refrain (especially from

inferior ingredients

impure by adding inappropriate or

30. Affable
25. adumbrate

Warm and friendly, pleasant, approachable

Give a rough outline of; foreshadow; reveal

only partially; obscure

31. Affectation

Fake behavior (such as in speech or dress)

26. Adverse

adopted to give a certain impression

(adj) Opposing, harmful

32. Aggrandize
27. Advocate

Make greater; exaggerate

Speak or argue in favor of (verb); a person

who pleads for a cause or on behalf of another

33. aggregate

Gather together, amount to (v); constituting a
person (noun)
whole made up of constituent parts (adj)

28. aerie

Dwelling or fortress built on a high place; the

34. Alacrity

Cheerful or Speedy willingness
nest of a bird of prey, such as an eagle or

hawk, built on a mountain or cliff

35. albeit

Although, even though

29. Aesthetic

Concerning the appreciation of beauty or good

36. Alienate

Cause to become unfriendly, hostile, or
taste, pertaining to the science of what is
beautiful (adj); a sense of beauty and taste of a

particular time and place (noun)

37. aloof

Distant physically or emotionally; reserved;

inability to feel pain 45. make sacred. chaos. or wanting to do particular way (making a good analogy) two contradictory things at once 46. such as by 48. Anoint someone Rub or sprinkle oil on. make better or more bearable disorder 42. soothing. hard to understand. abolish (usually of laws or other established rules) 43. or unite 44. corresponding in some 40.indifferent period amalgamate Blend. cancel. ameliorate Improve. merge. Ambivalent Uncertain. unable to decide. . Analogous Comparable. anachronism Something that is not in its correct historical time. analgesia Ambiguous to having Not clear. relieving pain (adj) assigning a person or event to the wrong time 49. a mistake in chronology. or gradually write off an asset 47. anodyne Medicine that relieves pain (noun). Anarchy Absence of law or government. 41. such as by a ceremony that includes applying oil to 50. amortize Gradually pay off a debt. open several meanings of interpretations Pain relief. annul Make void or null. Anomaly Deviation from what is common.

assign to an 59. Arcane Known or understood by only a few. give notice to 53. an 51. suitable. precede in time. involving 60. apprise earlier date Inform. approbation Praise or approval. lack of interest 62. antithetical Directly opposed. obscure. especially formal approval antithesis (the rhetorical act of placing two phrases opposite one another for contrast. or relevant 52. umpire. cause. apposite Highly appropriate. 63. false apostate religion.inconsistency 57. . arbiter Judge. secret etc. person empowered to decide or concern matters at hand Apocryphal Of questionable authenticity. apostle Pioneer of a reform movement (originally. Apathy Not caring. opposite. antedate Be older than. Person who deserts a party. Antagonize early follower of Jesus) Make hostile or unfriendly 58. take for one's own use 54. appropriate Set aside or authorize (such as money) for a in love me or hate me) particular purpose. as 61. absence of feeling.

. ardent Very passionate. arrogate this for religious reasons Claim or take presumptuously or without the right to do so 73. severity. roughness of surface 70. Arduous leads an austere and simple life without Very difficult. especially those 75. esp.). such as those excavated asperity Rigor. devoted.64. harshness or sharpness of bu archeologists tone. primitive 71. hard to endure material pleasures. uncultured Characteristic of an earlier period. crude. Articulate Using language in a clear. severe. ancient. fluent way (adj. strenuous. form an earlier time. Artifact Any object made by humans. speak distinctly or give clarity to an idea (v) aseptic Free from germs 69. Ascertain Find out with certainty 65. someone who does 67. a person who 66. genuine. 74. Artless Free of deceit or craftiness. Archaic lacking skill or knowledge. Ascetic Abstinent or austere in lifestyle. or enthusiastic 72. ascribe Assign or credit to a certain cause or source 68. natural.

Assuage supernatural means Make milder. in sympathetic relationship disciplined. attuned Austere Severe in manner or appearance. without luxury or ease. defamation. often in a rude or reckless Damaging remarks. assault 83. inspiring admiration Weaken or thin out 86. . constant 84. Augment Make Larger 78. ascetic. assiduous Persevering.76. majestic. slander way 77. assail Attack violently. Audacious aspersions Very bold or brave. pacify. 80. relieve. attenuate august Venerable. soothe. diligent. very self- In harmony. augury Telling the future. or calm 85. such as through 79. 81. 82.

counterfeit . bane Avid Something that ruins or spoils Enthusiastic. no value. dedicated. excessively desirous 96. dishonorable. passionate. a miserly desire to hoard 93. increase rapidly wealth 94. 90. mean. cliché Declare or affirm with confidence 95. crude and unrefined. or little or 91. balloon Swell or puff out. banal Aver Lacking freshness and originality.sober or serious universally or generally accepted principle 87. avarice Insatiable greed. axiom Self-evident truth requiring no proof. Balk Refuse to proceed or to do something 88. 89. Base Morally low. independent 92. Autonomous Self-governing.

merry. Bolster Strengthen or support . blithe Cheat or defraud Joyous. beneficent Doing good 104.101. gentle. not cancerous 105. bent 97. like a dog or wolf 102. overwhelm. fraudulent to wither (verb) 109. Personal inclination or tendency baying Howling in a deep way. blight Disease that kills plants rapidly. bifurcate To fork into two branches or divide into two 100. excessively carefree (so as to ignore more important concerns) 106. bilk 107. kindle. besiege Attack. or any cause 108. Benign Harmless. crowd in on or surround 98. ruin or cause Fake. bevy Contradict or misrepresent Group of birds or other animals that stay close together. favorable. Belie 103. any large group 99. or halves beneficial. Bogus of decay or destruction (noun).

Bureaucracy Govt. put forth buds or 112. Buffer Something that shields. Buttress Support or encourage (v). or flourish. wave. suggesting a 121. a support or prop. or insensitive person a peasant or a country bumpkin 119.). 114. pretentious petty administrators or by excessive. characterized be many bureaus and dramatic than is appropriate. as a weapon 120. that which is in the past peaceful and pleasant view of rural life (usually plural noun) 116. Boor shoots (of a plant) Rude. bonhomie seemingly meaningless requirements Friendliness. burnish Polish. or cushions 110. or meaningless mixture of . 111. ill-mannered. brandish Shake. projecting from and supporting the wall Suffer or tolerate of a building (n) 115.shock. bucolic Pertaining to shepherds. discordant. protects. Cacophony Harsh. open and simple good heartedness 118. brook esp. absorbs 122. Bygone Past. former (adj. Burgeon Grow or flourish rapidly. make smooth and lustrous 113. bombastic (Of speech or writing) far too showy or 117.

or body of accepted rules.sounds 130. etc. standards or Strong disapproval or official reprimand artistic works (n). catholic Rumor. honest Capable of corroding metal or burning the skin. the act of telling such lies 124. Capricious Acting on impulse. Cartography Map-making 136. 129. erratic 135. to issue such disapproval or reprimand (v) 127. undue or biased devotion to any group. Caustic Open. very critical or sarcastic 126. cause. recognized. most important for military glory. canard 132. sincere. Chauvinism Fanatical patriotism or blind enthusiasm 128. cardinal Chief. Censure canon. calumny Malicious lie intended to hurt someone's 131. chicanery . Canonical Authorized. a false or baseless story Universal. pertaining to the 134. broad-minded 125. Catalyst Causer of change reputation. Castigate Criticize severely. Candid 133. punish in order to correct 123.

as from a crowd. circumspect Cautious. prudent. cooperate for illegal or or hold together fraudulent purposes 143. logical 142.Trickery. continuous noise 148. Clinch Make final or settle conclusively. Clamor resources. a treasury Noisy uproar or protest. careful to consider the 146. cloying . to fasten 149. unite. coagulate Chronological Arranged in or relating to time order Cause a liquid to become solid or semisolid circumscribe activity. clamber come before Climb awkwardly or with difficulty. deception by knowingly false Disgustingly or distastefully sweet arguments 144. to be constructed around so as to touch as many points as possible 145. range of area. scramble 147. Cogent Very convincing. a loud. financial 141. coda Final part of a musical composition. Coalesce Come together. one that sums up what has 140. an circumstances and consequences ending. or Strictly limit a role. fuse together 139. coffer Chest for storing valuables. esp. collude Conspire. in math.

agree 163. proportional complaisant complying Eager to please. admit. appeasing. extent. mix up or make worse 157. overly content (and requirements therefore lazy. Connoisseur the peace Expert. neglectful. yield. filling 151. confound Confuse. fitting together well.. compare views. Compliant 152. regard as harmless literal meaning . smug. following the Self-satisfied. Complacent Obeying. person or educated. acknowledge 160. connote Suggest or imply in addition to the precise. compendium Concise but complete summary. grant or give up (such as giving Consult. especially in the fine arts. Condone Overlook. etc. Commensurate bad quality) The same in size. redefined tastes 158. attempting to make 162. submissive. equivalent. Confer reluctantly. Conciliatory Reconciling. bestow or give up land after losing a war) 161. Concede Give in. Concur Approve. cheerfully Complementary Completing. or some other 156.150. a list or mutual needs collection 155. tolerate. 159. frustrate.

contrite 164. a control or sins panel. convoke Call together. Contentious Conversant Knowledge about or experienced with Conversely in opposite way. Construe Move towards one another or towards a interpret or translate point. solidify make coherent 166. stubbornly disobedient 165.171. a mystery Squeeze. Consolidate Unit. on the other hand Controversial. add evidence to . or small table or cabinet (n) contumacious Rebellious. unite 168. especially gratuitous or petty ones 177. very complicated 179. feeling sorry for one's offenses Lessen the suffering or grief of (v). the answer to which involves on words. Contextualize Place in context. bountiful Corroborate Support. Copious Plentiful. as to a meeting 169. contraries Things that are opposing. Converge 167. Convoluted background or circumstances 170. either of two opposite things Twisted. such as by giving the 178. Console Remorseful. Constrict Conundrum a play Riddle. compress. restrict the freedom of 174. combine. prone to causing arguments.

Crescendo Steady increase in force. veiled. Craven Very cowardly. the use of contrast or the loudness of a musical passage. at home 187. Counterpoint Contrasting item. lacking courage tolerate (v) 191. Covert Secret. Counterintuitive Against what one would intuitively 192. prone to believing or trusting expect too easily or without enough evidence 186. undercover 182. Credulous Gullible. free from local or national intended goal prejudices or attachements 188. skillful in deception or 183. approve or underhandled schemes 190. Counterproductive Defeating the purpose. trustworthiness 185. clique 184. Credibility Believability. pamper 189. Crafty Cunning. preventing the globally. a interplay in a work of art climactic moment or peak . or complement. Countenance Facial expression or face (n). coterie Close or exclusive group. opposite. intensity.Cosmopolitan Belonging to the entire world. cosset Treat as a pet. a 193.

ridicule. Deem 198. or Reach the highest point or final stage oratorical manner. yielding to the . great or excessive desire 202. especially a financial 200. lessen the courage of 205. Debunk one (v) Expose.201. value. Deference Respectful submission. dishearten. polite motivations. declivity 196. or disprove false or exaggerated claims 207. neglect (n). Debase Degrade. cupidity speech Greed. Culminate Speak in an impassioned. fail to fulfill etc. Daunt judge. 206. rank. Decorous 197. difficult person. consider Discourage. Cynical Behaving with propriety and good Thinking the worst of others' taste. grouch 203. give a formal 195. curmudgeon Downward slope Bad-tempered. pompous. declaim 194. lower in quality. Default Failure to act. lower in moral quality an obligation.. bitterly pessimistic 204. mar the appearance of 199. Deface Vandalize.

Detached impartial. esp.authority or opinionj of another 209. sketch. aloof 213. Diatribe 214. rant Belittle. dehydrated desultory Lacking consistency or order. avoid Delineate detail Mark the outline of. abusive attack or criticism. going off topic prejudices of the people 220. demur Show reluctance or object. fine. Denigrate Bitter. distant. translucent 223. Deleterious Harmful. Deflect Cause to curve. Denote Division into two parts or into two Be a name or symbol for contradictory groups 216. disinterested. turn aside. from a 210. dichotomy 215. dictum Formal or authoritative pronouncement. describe in demagogue A leader who lies and gains power by Derivative original Desiccate Derived from something else. . scoff at laugh at contemptuously 225. mark. arousing the passions and especially sporadic. unhealthful 208. or define the boundaries of sstraight course. especially for Deterrent Something that restrains or discourages moral reasons diaphanous Very sheer. not Thoroughly dried up. disconnected. delimit Fix. attack the reputation of 224. Deride mock. unconcerned.

elaborate 239. dilatory Slow. Digress Go off-topic when speaking or writing discomfiting Disconcerting. diffident time Lacking confidence. cause to disagreeing. Disabuse thinking Free someone from a mistake in widely spread out. late. disseminate (verb). dilate To become wider or make wider. diffuse A funeral or mourning song or poem Spread widely. or wordy and going off- topic (adj) Discerning Having good judgement or insight. Didactic amusement only or in a superficial way Intended to instruct. destroy credibility of or confidence in 231. able to distinguish mentally 229. esp. confused noise. confusing. for a long period of 227. or teaching a moral lessen 233. Discrepancy . to speak or write at length. dilettante Person who takes up an art or activity for 226. shy 234. incongruous expand.saying or proverb 232. 230. dispersed. Din Loud. frustrating discordant Harsh or inharmonious in sound. procrastinating or stalling for time 240. Discredit upon Injure the reputation of. dirge 228. teaching .

promptness. send off or deal with in Disingenuous Insincere. put aside or reject. disparate Distinct. spread widely. 246. put down. Disjointed Scatter. having the joints separated 252. discerning. especially after only a 253. having good 250. dissemble 247. detached. not genuine a speedy way Disinterested Unbiased. not coherent. not having a selfish or personal motivation. Disperse 245. discrete Separate. conceal the truth. Dispatch judgement or insight Speed. Disquieting Disturbing. different 241. disparage Mislead. Discriminating Judicious. calm.Difference or inconsistency 248. appearance of discredit . impartial. jerky. Disposition A person's general or natural mood. put on a false Belittle. cause anxiety brief consideration 254. lacking emotion 242. fire from a job. Dismiss tendency Allow to disperse or leave. not interested 251. cause to vanish Disconnected. bring shame upon. Dispassionate individual parts Unbiased. distinct. existing as 249.

as from a path invest) . to sell off holdings (ant: 264. in 259. Distill Purify. Dissent Disagree or take an opposing view. dissolution Swell. the state of having been dissolved. vice. Diverge Differ. women or women's work. branch off or turn aside. or church. a state of fear or degradation trembling excitement 258. diurnal Occurring every day. title. relating to the maternal side relation to a formal body such as a of the family. spread about. dither Act indecisively (verb). bloat Dissolving. extract the essential elements of of a group of people. distaff Female. and 262. inharmonious sound. political party. esp. etc. esp. happening in the daytime 265. stretch. disintegration. expand. death. Disseminate Harsh. Divest (rather than at night) Deprive or strip of a rank. or of clothing or gear. Scatter. sinking into extreme hedonism. a government. deviate. breaking bonds or breaking up 261. Dissonance 263. distend 257. staff that holds wool or flax for spinning such a view 260.. cacophony. broadcast disagreement 256.255.

on a break though being boiled . double-dealing. perceive by insight 273. merely 274. droll 267. lively. doff ways for the purpose of deception Take off (such as clothes). questionable.266. dovetail Join or fit together means. dupe Person who is easily fooled or used (noun). irritable. suspect theoretical. pessimistic. acting in two different 269. such as authority. inactive. For example. Dormat Asleep. Dogma dyspepsia (indigestion) A system of principles laid down by an e.g. doctrinaire Funny in an odd way Person who applies doctrine in an impractical or rigid and close-minded way (noun). put aside. dyspeptic Grumpy. Divine Discover through divination or or supernatural 272. create documentary evidence of 276. duplicity Deceit. excited. bubbling as 271. remove one's hat as a gesture 277. suffering from 270. established belief ebullient Very enthusiastic. or fanatical about other people accepting one's ideas (adj) 275. cite sources in a detailed way. impractical. Dubious Doubtfull. Document fool or exploit (verb) Support with evidence. to 268.

instruct or improve in a spiritual or moral way 285. edify Uplift. esp. a whimsical way crude facsimile used to mock a hated person 281. in a 286. rank or grade. enlighten. to obscure. deviating from the norm esp.280. Efficacy the quality of being able to produce the intended effect . make less important (v) 284. odd. darken. echelon A level. the people at that level 282. such as the sun by the moon or a person by a more famous or talented person (n). Eclectic Selecting the best of everything or from many diverse sources 283. effigy Representation or image of a person. Eccentric Peculiar. Eclipse The obscuring of one thing by another.

based on. fluid. Egregious Make abnormally thin. enhance (a 291. in high spirits Eminent 292. move up to a encomium Warm. tire Produce. apt speech. Egalitarian Related to belief in the equality of all people. expressive. or confined to a particular place 294. elegy Song or poem of sorrow. Embellish Decorate. emaciate 289. esp. Eloquent Marked by forceful. bring out. give rise to. specific to. natural. cause to physically Extraordinarily or conspicuously bad. distinguished. lift the spirits of. in political. Elevate Prominent. add ornamentation. Elated story) with fictional or fanciful details Very happy. egress An exit or the action of exiting 297. not purely based on theory Emulate than Copy in an attempt to equal or be better Raise. or able to be verified by experience or experimentation. . glowing praise. endemic Native. cause to exist. or social spheres 296. for a deceased person 293. local. of high rank Empirical Coming from. emotionally moving esp. glaring waste away 290. evoke 303.effrontery Shameless boldness 295. economic. a formal higher rank or status or raise up to a higher expression of praise spiritual or intellectual plane 302. Enervate engender procreate Weaken. lift up. esp. Elicit Call forth.

just deserves or has a right to certain privileges 313. esp. having no fixed 317. esp. mystery. 312. Erudite incorrect Scholarly. abstain from . refined tastes. equal. Erroneous Mistaken. in Enhance Raise to a higher value. in the past. evenness of mind. fleeting committing to a position 310. Entitlement Having the right to certain privileges. wandering. specify one-by-one Use unclear language to deceive or avoid Ephemeral Lasting only a short time. knowledgeable. synthetic. often systematic. equanimity contradictory person Composure. erstwhile course Former. desirability. mental or emotional stability. that one Fair. sometimes without cause. formerly (adv) 315. being an inferior 319. possessing deep. etc.Person with cultivated. mysterious or 311. epicure 314. Erratic Inconsistent. previous (adj). morally 318. Enigma Puzzle. under stress 307. riddle. ersatz Artificial. Equitable believing. in horror. improper. knowledge 316. Eschew substitute Shun. avoid. equivocate Enumerate Count or list. food and wine 306.

requiring estimated precise attention 322. thorough. Exhaustive Comprehensive. irritate or embitter (a person) 321. proper. 330. a speech given at the funeral excessively demanding 324. ethos Exculpate Clear from guilt or blame The character. expedient 325. secret inflame. action. or indirect 331. Eulogy Speech of praise or written work of praise. accounting for all possibilities. effective. draining. able to be 327. group. euphony Suitable.). exigent Requiring immediate attention. exonerate Clear from blame or accusation. euphemism Substitution of a mild. 326. admirable. tending to exhaust 323. free from a expression for one that is considered offensive responsibility or too direct 332. often at the expense Pleasing or sweet sound. or aid. severe. Exacerbate Make worse (more violent. etc. time period. exhausting a topic or subject. etc. Esoteric Understood by or intended for only a few. personality. Estimable Worthy of esteem. or moral values specific to a person. esp. especially as formed of ethics or other considerations . Exacting Very severe in making a harmonious use of words 320. inoffensive.

Fallacious Containing a fallacy. Explicit 338. Fanciful . enthusiastic. deceptive notes. expurgate 340. extemporaneous Done without preparation (esp. remove objectionable or offensive parts Group or clique within a larger organization. or representative Make easier. inappropriately. sex or nudity not serious. Fanatical Excessively devoted.333. not in use 337. party strife and dissension 336. speech). champion. clear. concerned with frivolous things 334. Extrapolate Conjecture about an unknown by 343. Exponent Person who expounds or explains. or projecting information about something zealous in a uncritical way known. or mistake in logic. faction Censor. clearly depicting Joking. improvised. Facilitate advocate. esp. done on the spur of the moment 342. 339. or with some preparation but no logically unsound. help the progress of 335. fully revealed. Facetious Direct. humorous. of a 341. fallow Left unplanted (of land). predict by projecting past experience 344.

Fathom for the occasion. pleasant. or Excessively particular. capricious. fatuous enthusiasm Foolish. fetid Stinking. loyalty. felicitous Admirably appropriate. fecund Fruitful. heated in passion or 347. fervid Very hot. Measure the depth of (usually of water)as marked by happiness with a sounding line. capable of abundantly 345. freely 349. requiring excessive attention to detail 351. vegetation. creative or intellectual work painstaking. strict observance of manner of a dog. meticulous. Fidelity Faithfulness. having an offensive smell 348. in a smug or complacent manner 353. penetrate and discover the meaning of. understand 352. silly. try to win favor through duty. difficult to please. fertile. suitable imaginative rather than based on reason or reality 350. fastidious producing offspring. Feasible Possible. very well-suited 346. imaginary.Whimsical. accuracy in reproducing a sound or flattery and submissive behavior image . logical or likely. fortunate. esp. fawn Show affection or try to please in the 354.

instigate. lose enthusiasm hang limply or incite. florid containing many figures of speech (as fancy Reddish or rosy. or diplomacy in (usually of rules) handling a sensitive situation or in a 362. flowery. fluke performance or skill (n). transitory shallow enough to walk or ride a vehicle . ford Place where a river or similar body of water is 359. relayed to portraying excessively fancy human or animal figures 361. rummage. employ a deceptive strategy (v) successful 357. or scorn 356. Figurative Metaphorical. subtlety. promote the growth droop of. base don figures of speech. raid new or inexperienced (adj) 365. forage A young bird that has just recently gotten its Wander in search of. Finesse Extreme delicacy. make a feathers. 360. fledgling 364. flout Treat with disdain. Flag 363. or sounding writing).355. stir up. Fleeting Passing quickly. something accidentally diplomacy. use tact or Stroke of luck. an inexperienced person (noun). hunt. foment Get tired. contempt. apple medicated liquid to a body part 358. showy.

Forfeit Surrender or lose as a result of an error. ineffective. crime. distracted across (noun). shifty 370. thrifty. deny. Foreshadow On the margin. fracas or unimportant Noisy disturbance or fight. Gainsay 372. detonate. gambol . prevent by taking action 375. periphery (adj. presage a group who hold the most extreme views 367. frenetic 380. to cross at such a place (verb) 374. attack verbally in a or failure to fulfill an obligation vehement. Futile Producing no useful result. not wasteful with money. fortuitous Happening by chance. Fringe 366. encourage 377.Wildly excited. brawl 379. lucky 378. forestall Delay. frantic. oppose Unruly. thunderous way 369. beforehand inexpensive 368. fractious Declare false.). Frugal Economical. Fortify Strengthen. fulminate Explode. furtive Done secretly. irritable 373. stealthy. hinder. trivial 371. 376. troublemaking. invigorate. sly. the people in Indicate or suggest beforehand.

spur on. amass. Goosebumps 386. on-topic 392. wordy. etc. Garrulous Talkative. gouge Scooping or digging tool. gestation The "bumps" created by hairs standing up Pregnancy. goad Urge on (as cattle) with a pointed or person. skip or leap playfully 388. collect unsympathetic 382. skinny 391. glower Stare in an angry. of a tall. icy. garner Pertaining to glaciers. often used to describe teenagers) electrically charged stick. crude 390. cold. like a chisel. Germane stimulate. Gauche superficially or insincerity Tactless. sullen way 384. awkward. lacking social grace. encourage Relevant and appropriate. glacial 381. essence hole made with such a tool (noun). or a 387. rambling 389. Glib Fluent and easy in a way that suggests 383. birth of an animal or (metaphorically) of an idea or plan 393. slow. Gather and store. cut or . fear. Gist Main idea.Frolic. the period from conception until on the skin in response to cold. Gawky Physically awkward (esp. 385.

grandstand Perform showily in an attempt to impress 394. a process taking place gradually. by grafting (verb). grating Irritating. harsh or discordant (of a noise). the part so grafted (as in grave. overblown. to the point of 402. grandiloquent Relating to lofty speech. bombastic one's thumb. pertaining to a flock or crowd (such as skin) to part of the body where it will continue to live and grow. Gregarious Social. esp. join living tissue 399. attach as if 400. where it continues to grow. grovel Creep or crawl with one's face to the ground. Gradation onlookers A progression. degrade or abase oneself . in stages. 401. a reason for by abusing one's power (noun) complaint (noun) 396. outrageous a graft of skin). prostrate oneself as a token of subservience. extort money from (verb) 397. force out a person's eye with being pompous. flagrant. grievous Causing grief or suffering. one of these stages 398. 395. grouse Complain or grumble (verb). very serious. the act of acquiring money or other benefits through illegal means. esp. swindle. graft scraping Insert part of a plant into another plant.scoop out.

hedge wringing Avoid commitment by leaving provisions for expression of nervousness. hallmark A mark indicating quality. 411. halcyon Calm and peaceful. of the hands as an 414. 412. Haven Harbor or port. pay attention to 407. successful. safe place genuineness. etc. Hackneyed So commonplace as to be stale. etc. unfortunate 415. capable of withstanding original hardship. 405. protect debate over what to do about an issue a bet by also betting on the other side 408. hand- Grasping. any distinguishing characteristic 413. refuge.403. Guile Long. Hearken Listen. etc. guilt. not fresh or 410. cunning. purity. harrow Farming tool that breaks up soil (noun). intense verbal attack. when Clever deceit. fatigue. craftiness delivered publicly 404. harangue . hapless Unlucky. carefree. squeezing. Hardy Bold.. brave. happy painfully disturb or distress (verb) 406. esp. Hedonist Person devoted to pleasure 409. extend withdrawal or changing one's mind. prosperous. cold.. etc.

Hodgepodge Mixture of different kinds of things. Hyperbole A ranked series. etc. conserve 420. hotly In an intense.416. make or shape something (such as a Manage prudently. etc. influence by one 422. Homogenous Of the same kind. fiery. sealed. a ruling body 429.). 427. 423. incongruous. economically. chop. deceive Different in type. reclusive. Hierarchy 428. Heterogenous Trick. ability. authority.. culturally. isolated. hoary Very old. hermetic Airtight. sword. hoodwink 418. uniform throughout pertaining to alchemy. a classification of people Deliberate exaggeration for effect according to rank. sparingly. husband etc. occult 425. jumble country over others socially. gray or white as from old age 430. Idiosyncrasy . or heated way 419. iconoclast Attacker of cherished beliefs or institutions 421. hew Strike. 424. hegemony Domination. composed of different types of elements 426. homage Honor or respect demonstrated publicly 417. or hack (as with an axe. or statue) with a cutting tool economically.

ignoble escape. fair life (as poetry or prose). imperious . impasse Position or road from which there is no 433. low quality 441. impecunious Poor. impassive Not having or not showing physical feeling 434. without money 435. Impede Hold back. bigotry. Impartial Unbiased. idyllic Presenting a positive. imbue Permeate or saturate. weaken 432. strictness or lack of generosity 442. impending individual. quirk 437. low motives.Characteristic or habit peculiar to an 436. Impair Make worse. peaceful view of rural 439. having mean. base. idolatry Unchangeable Idol worship. pleasant in a natural. peculiar quality. obstruct the progress of influence throughout 444. Imminent Ready to occur. simple way 440. immutable 431. deadlock Not noble. excessive or unthinking devotion or adoration 438. as dye in a fabric. Illiberality or emotion Narrow-mindedness. 443.

not allowing passage through 451. calmed. violent 449. attribute. forceful. or satisfied 445. not stated directly. 453. Implication (such as by a liquid) Act of implying or that which is implied. characterized by a lack of 456. unquestionable 448. ungodly Burst inward 454. impugn Attack the truth or integrity of 457. lacking reverence. impermeable Impassable. imperturbable Calm. acting like a 450. Implicit emotionally disturbed implied. lay blame or responsibility for (sometimes falsely) attention. Implode hasty emotion.Commanding. impetuous Passionately impulsive. involbed in the very essence of something. implacable high-ranking person. imprecation Curse. impute Credit. urgent Not able to be appeased. prayer for harm to come to someone 455. Inadvertent Unintentional. marked by sudden. careless . not able to be harmed 452. impious Not religious. esp. not able to be upset or agitated close connection. domineering. in a incrimination way impervious or Impenetrable.

give physical form to "inflaming" the senses 468. unbiased. indigence Extreme poverty . Incipient Not caring. arousing strife.. inconstancy 459. form a legal corporation. Just beginning. considering that (contradiction of "in as much". unite. unreliability. inappropriate. Inchoate Just begun. implant (an idea) in a Something that encourages greater action person or effort.458. vague 471. unimportant. Incongruous Out of place. in a very early state impartial 464. the state of Blood red or flesh-colored changing without good reason 460. illogical followed by "as") 466. unorganized Indeterminate Not fixed or determined. generally 465. such as a reward indefatigable fatigued Untiring. Incorporate Combine. etc. underdeveloped. not able to become 462. 467. rebellion. Indifferent 463. inculcate 461. indefinite. Incentive Teach persistently. Inconsequential Insignificant. inasmuch harmonious In like manner. having no interest. Incendiary Setting on fire. incarnadine Fickleness. embody. pertaining to arson. not 472.

480. ingrate
473. indolent

Ungrateful person

Lazy, slothful

481. ingratiate
474. inert

Make an effort to gain favor with

Inactive; having little or no power to move

482. Inherent
475. inexorable

Existing as a permanent, essential

Relentless, unyielding; not moved by
quality; intrinsic

476. infallible

Incapable of error; certain

477. Inform

Inspire, animate; give substance, essence

or context to; be the characteristic quality


478. Ingenuous

Genuine, sincere, not holding back; naive

479. Ingrained

Deep-rooted, forming part of the very

essence; worked into the fiber

483. inimical

Hostile, adverse, harmful

484. iniquity

Injustice, wickedness, sin

alone; narrow-minded, provincial

492. insurrection


Harmless, inoffensive

Rebellion or revolt against a government or


Excessive, not within proper limits,

similarly established authority

493. Intelligible


Able to be understood, clear

487. inquest

Legal or judicial inquiry, especially before a

494. inter

Bury (a dead body) or place in a tomb
jury and especially made by a coroner into the

cause of someone's death; the results of such

495. interplay

Interaction, reciprocal relationship or
an inquiry

Incapable of feeling; unconscious,

496. interregnum


Hint, suggest slyly; introduce (an idea)

A time in between two reigns or regimes

during which there is no ruler; a period
someone's mind in a subtle, artful way
during which government does not function;

490. insipid

any period of freedom from authority or break

Dull, stale, lacking taste or interest
or interruption in a series

491. insular

Pertaining to an island; detached, standing

497. intractable

Difficult to control, manage, or manipulate;

Violent denunciation; accusations, insults, or
hard to cure; stuborn
verbal abuse

498. intransigent

Refusing to compromise, inflexible, having

504. inveigle

Entice, lure; get something by flattery,
extreme attitudes
cleverness, or offering incentives

499. Intrepid

Fearless, brave, enduring in the face of

505. investiture

Investing; formally giving someone a right or

500. Intrinsic

Belonging to the essential nature of a thing

506. invidious

Hateful, offensive, injurious

501. inundate

Flood, cover with water, overwhelm

507. irascible

Irritable, easily angered

502. inure

Toughen up; accustom or habituate to pain,

508. irresolute

Wavering, not sure how to proceed, not firm
hardship, etc.
in one's decision-making

503. invective
509. itinerant

510. itinerary

Traveling from place to place, esp. as part of a

Travel schedule; detailed plan for a journey

511. Jargon

Vocabulary specific to a group or occupation;

an expression of grief esp. ending. incite. knell The sound made by a bell for a funeral. concise comparison) 526. or any 514. or regret (v). congratulations when a decision in necessary. jettison Discard.Sharp. arouse. kinetic Pertaining to motion warlike foreign policy 521. wise. Kudos Praise. Jocular Joking or given to joking all the time. honor. sad sound or signal of a failure. very perceptive or mentally convoluted or unintelligible language sharp. throw items overboard in 519. death. sorrow. juxtapose Lackluster Not shiny. Laconic Using few words. such as to make a 525. Lament Mourn. cause to begin burning. to make such a sound (verb) Judicious Using good judgement. jingoism Excessive. (noun). jolly. mediocre. kindle Ignite. order to lighten a ship in an emergency inflame 513. Keen . playful etc. as a song or poem (n) 518. piercing. such as a crises or 522. a place where two things are joined together lachrymose Tearful. dull. 520. cast off. express grief. intense (of a feeling) 512. lacking brilliance or Place side by side (either physically or in a vitality metaphorical way. sensible Juncture a time Critical point in time. mournful 517. loud patriotism and aggressive.

lazy indifference 540.Lampoon (v) A harsh satire (n). larceny Theft largess or Generosity. existing but not visible or active 534. careless. Lavish way Abundant or giving in abundance. spirit. largesse with the implication that the giver is a bit 539. lax Not strict. trickery or deception 541. etc. lethargic Lazy.) 530. Levity 535. slow. legerdemain Slight-of-hand (magic as performed by a 533. or sluggish 542. give very generously (v) 543. or mood) or lack of Worthy of praise seriousness. Laudable Worthy of praise magician). event. weariness. Languid Drooping from exhaustion.). Levy Collect tax from. wage war on. marked by excess (adj. sometimes in an inappropriate 536. Layperson can be used to navigate by. slack Landmark Object (such as a building) that stands out and 538. the giving of money or gifts (esp. etc. a very important place. ridicule or satirize 537. or enlist for . law. drowsy. lacking in sprit as medicine. loose. laudable Lightness (of mind. sluggish. A person who is not a member of the clergy or not a member of a particular profession (such 529. latent Potential. leery Suspicious or wary superior to the recipient) Lassitude Tiredness.

transparent. easy to understand. gloomy (sometimes in an . immoral. agile Favorable to progress or reform. a written record 546. rational. completely calm Mournful. enraged 545. Libertine Morally or sexually unrestrained personl 553. Log Keep a record of. licentious (n) Sexually unrestrained. write down. listless Spiritless.). open-minded. Lucid Clear. act of collecting tax or amount owed. wordy 547. livid Furiously angry. in addition to. lissome 544. ignoring the rules 554. 551. Loquacious Talkative. Liberal Flexible. a person with such beliefs or practices (n) 552. lionize Treat like a celebrity military service (n) 550. or the drafting of troops into 549. generous(adj.military service (v). limpid Clear. similarly. lacking interest or energy tolerant. supple. believing in maximum possible individual freedom. lugubrious 548. in the same 555. travel for or at a freethinker (regarding religion) certain distance or speed (v). sane way 556. Likewise Also.

luminous Shining. or adapted 564. well-lit. sometimes 559. substitute sensational. quite down. magnanimous duties. apparent. generous in forgiving others. any chaotic. malediction 562. 563. radiant. esp. make clear. a period of calm o quite (n) enlightening 560. Makeshift A temporary. 565. 569. shocking. Lull Soothe or cause to fall asleep (as in lullaby). to get out of work.exaggerated way) 558. High-minded. malinger Pretend to be sick. often improvised. esp. unrestrained (n). magnate Very important or influential person. Malleable Able to be bent. lumber Walk in a heavy or clumsy way. maelstrom A curse Violent whirlpool. or prove (verb) . perceptible to the eye in business (adj). to show. improvised for temporary use (adj. lofty. shaped. lurid Gruesome or excessively vivid. sometimes due to being weighed down 557. make to feel secure.) machination or Crafty schemes or plots machinations 566. manifest Obvious. brilliant or falsely (v). noble. free of resentment 568. etc. turbulent situation 567.

showing sadness or some other emotion in a foolish or silly 580. individualist. related A general truth or fundamental principle. mar Damage. martinet moods. ruin 578. meretricious Attractive in a vulgar or flashy way. very subtle or . maxim Concerned with abstract thought. metaphysical 575. fickle. 573. maudlin tawdry. esp. a change such as a caterpillar 574. habitually dishonest being and of the world). Maverick becoming a pupa and then a butterfly) Rebel. deceptive Excessively sentimental.570. mannered Having a particular manner. mendicant Beggar. expressed as a proverb or saying concerned with explaining the nature of 576. Mercurial Quickly and unpredictable changing 572. dissenter 581. or religious follower who lives by artificial one begging 571. to metaphysics (branch of philosophy esp. an 577. flighty Person who adheres to rules extremely closely. Metamorphosis A complete change or transformation (in way biology. strict disciplinarian 579. Mendacious Lying. spoil.

like a 593. fussy (damage. Meticulous Taking extreme care in regards to details. lessen or moderate precise. merriment. the humble. decent environmental setting in which something (esp. missive Letter.abstruse 588. soiled Calm or soothe (an angry person). (as a snake) . weigh heavily (often as 591. esp.) 583. 589. modicum A little bit or limited quantity militate against) 592. contemporary 585. mirth Jollity. gried. limited 584. amusement or laughter 594. written message 582. happens or develops small. simple rather than showy. Mitigate Make less sever. mired Stuck. Molify swamp or muddy area). atmosphere. etc. militate Have a great effect. lessen or soften 586. to regularly shed skin. Modest Environment. pain. milieu 590. molt misanthrope Hater of humankind or Shed or cast off. modish Stylish. misanthropist feathers. "covering up" in terms of dress). entangled (in something. etc.

Monotony 604. make void or cause to be 599. manners. everyday Relating to or resembling a monastery munificent Generous. by being 603. or morals of a Coming into existence. repetition in sound Simple and unsophisticated. strict. myopic quiet. unsuspecting. 605. giving liberally (where monks or nuns live). lacking worldly experience and critical 597. still developing particular group 607. morose Gloomy. person newly converted to a . monastic Mundane Common. Near-sighted. lack variation. secluded. esp. contemplative. Nascent Customs. having a lot of variety 608. in addition to what was just stated judgement 598. ordinary. Mores 606. uniformity. novice. and/or lacking luxuries short-sighted 596.595. Negate Deny or refute. neophyte applied to an existing word or phrase) Beginner. Naive esp. Moreover Besides. nadir Sameness or repetitiousness to the point of Lowest point being boring. neologism New word or phrase (or a new meaning 609. lacking long-term thinking. sullen ineffective multifarious Diverse.

in not influenced by emotions. disgusting. Nuance A subtle difference in tone. so-called 622. or annoy Nevertheless However. hardened in Nonetheless wrongdoing 613. the state of being well known for a religion disgraceful reason 610. expression. nominal Trivial. fresh. meaning. misleading. Implying or attempting to establish a evasive expressing value judgments or telling people what to do (rather than merely describing that which is happening) 617. nettle Irritate. despite that or 620. so small as to be unimportant. fawning . noisome Offensive. ultimate (adj. obdurate Stubborn. or to catch as in a net (v) 619. Objective Factual. Net Remaining after expenses or other factors 618. or normative norm. etc. oblique nontrivial Important or big enough to matter Slanting or sloping. 614. very compliant. related to reality or physical objects. unbiased name only. 611. Obsequious Servile. indirect. hardhearted. too bring in as profit. sting. Notoriety 623. harmful 621. original have been deducted. Novel New. even so.Ill fame.).

. brusque Optimal or Best. 634. a 625. etc. oppressive. to shut off from view (v) 635. eliminate. opine astrology. secret or hidden Express an opinion (adj. to pass through. bombastic meddlesome. not allowing light. close. Opaque Not translucent. etc. heat. compensate for (v). most desirable or favorable Optimum 630. informal. or make unnecessary 627. unclear or stupid 628. and clear (of the voice or or intruding where one is not wanted. mysterious. speaking). Onerous 626.). done without preparation or outrageously shameful actions forethought. pertaining to magic.624. Officious Excessively eager in giving unwanted advice 637. Occult The supernatural (n). shut in or shut off 633. Obviate Burdensome. opprobrium Disgrace and disapproval that result from 629. pompous. hard to endure Prevent. Offhand Casual. Obstinate counterbalance(n) Stubborn or hard to control 632. Obsolete Out of date. no longer in use 631. rich. rude in a short way. Offset Counteract. orotund Full. to hide. dark. occlude Stop up. pushy . dull.

dominate. become inflexible in attitudes. Overshadow Cast a shadow over. a flamboyant or grand way of acting 650. ossify of an illness Become bone or become hard like bone. be larger or better than. Oscillate magnificent Swing back and forth. panegyric Formal or lofty expression of praise to seem less important 651. style. leave behind 644. waver. impressive display or 645. etc. opinions. panoply Splendid. or to anything customary or commonly accepted 646. lacking color or ostensible or Professed. or pretended. Outstrip Surpass. too array . palatial Suitable for or resembling a palace. darken. wide-ranging. elaborate. or fussy. overwrought Overly nervous. 648. established faith. agitated. exceed. boastful showiness 643. pallid Abnormally pale (as skin). relieve symptoms 640. 639. swagger. Orthodox ornate. or excited.638. evident. panache Flair. palliate Make less serious or severe. change one's mind 647. make 649. overdone adhering to a traditional. outwardly ostensive appearing in a certain way vitality ostentatious Pretentious.

negotiation. worldview. rights to his or her invention (n) fervent supported of a group. pastiche skillfully evade (a question) Mix of incongruous parts. set of shared off the outer parts assumptions. reduce or trim as if cutting Model or pattern. pare (verb) Peel or cut off the outer layer (such as peeling 658. etc. perfect example enemies (noun). party.(adj). values. 661. a letter from a govt. Paradox Social outcast. satirically having a special liking for something or 662. parley 654. favoring one over others. between Model of excellence. often 659. prejudiced. to have such a discussion 655. 656. untouchable Contradiction that is actually true 657. a blow or attack).). Partial Biased. parry Deflect or avoid (esp. Pariah 653. apparent.652. esp. etc. Patent someone (usually partial to) Obvious. etc. plain to see (adj. case. artistic work imitating the work of other artists. guaranteeing an inventor the 660. paragon Discussion. Partisan Devoted to a particular group. idea. pathogenic Capable of producing disease guerrilla fighter(b) . Paradigm fruit with a knife).

in itself . penury Extreme poverty or scarcity Pedestrian Ordinary. a Disparaging. having a superior manner. feeling remorse for one's sins or 667. or who uses his or her 675. commonplace pejorative (adj). peddle Travel around while selling. penumbra Outer part of a shadow from an eclipse. any learning to show off surrounding region. penitent Regretful.Pathological Relating to or caused be disease. fringe. Peccadillo Small sin or fault misdeeds (adj). by itself. Paucity Scarcity. the state of being small in number 674. belittling 677. pellucid Transparent. understand treating as an inferior 673. clear. sell illegally. pedant Person who pays excessive attention to book learning and rules. Patronizing Condescending. easy to 665. give out or disseminate 676. derogatory. periphery. Penchant Liking or inclination (usually penchant for) 666. relating to name or word that is disparaging (noun) compulsive bad behavior 672. a person who feels this way (noun) 668. dull. translucent. any area where something "sort of" exists 669. per se Intrinsically.

not of primary importance. fringe 679. perennial Lasting through the years or indefinitely. esp. Pervasive Tending to spread throughout 688. violating one's trust perspicacious Having penetrating insight or good perfunctory Done superficially. on foot 682. or Spread or penetrate throughout Very harmful or destructive. traveling on foot 683. peregrinate Travel from place to place. deadly discernment merely as routine 687. recurring pernicious Perfidious Disloyal. phalanx Formation of soldiers carrying shields close together for defense. Peripheral Relating to or making up an outer boundary or region. Permeate enduring. peripatetic Journeying from place to place. philistine Person deficient in or hostile to culture .678. any very close group of people 689. 684. treacherous. generally through giving money 690. Philanthropy Efforts to improve the well-being of humankind. without much care.

plutocracy Rule by the wealthy 696. platitude 691. esp. significance or weight 702. plucky Brave. sluggish. plebian Of the common people 693. counterfeit. easily 706. spirited 695. calm. cliche Apathetic. not easily excited or made emotional 699. Polarized Divided into sharply opposed groups 697. Placid Peaceful. excessive amount 694. essence. Plausible Believable. Plummet Plunge. overused statement. esp. Placate Satisfy or calm down (an angry or 703. by conciliatory gestures 704. plethora Excess.698. Plastic Able to be shaped or formed. Phone fake. Pith Core. one attacking influenced a specific idea . having the appearance of truth 692. Pious Devout. religiously reverent and dutiful 701. insincere. polemic Controversial argument. fall straight down dissatisfied person). not genuine 700. tranquil 705. phlegmatic A shallow.

dealing with actual facts 719. politic Shrewd. a person who 711. Pragmatic Practical. Potentate Ruler. etc. dull. or foolish way. prattle Talk in an idle. book. something that also announces or suggests meaningless. Posthumous Happening or continuing after death knows several languages fling. bulky and unwieldy. tendency or favorability 715. predilection Preference. insecure. subscribe . esp. or hurl down 712. dangerous 721. labored 707. chatter. person of great power 718. posit Presume. Preamble Introductory statement. précis Concise summary. put forward (an idea) 708. Predisposed precipitate prematurely. Precursor Something that comes before. abstract 713. plunge. Cause to happen suddenly or Having an inclination or tendency beforehand. preface Precarious towards Unstable. something on its way babble 720. suggest. tactful or diplomatic 710.). pragmatic. simple-minded. 714. polyglot Speaking or composed of many languages (of a person. Ponderous Heavy.709.

Prodigious importance or dignity. showing off. prescient Having foreknowledge or foresight. lavish 726. natural tendency 725. exceptional Completely and shamelessly immoral. take The state of being first or most important before someone else can 730. mislead. proclivity Inclination. Principled Having high moral standards 723. etc. when Extraordinarily large. creating a 736. Presumptuous Too bold of forward.prevaricate Stray from the truth. Pristine the future 724. extravagant. Profligate deceptive. primacy Prevent. or extremely wasteful . seeing 731. esp. take the place of. impressive. uncorrupted 732. pure state. presumptive Based on inference or assumption. Preempt 729. In an original. lie 722. Pretentious Claiming or demanding a position of 735. supplant. going beyond that 734. unjustified. Probity Honesty. integrity providing reasonable grounds for belied 733. giving abundantly. false show of worth preternatural Supernatural. Prodigal which is proper Wasteful.

predicting. strong. giving good signs for the future. or reduce 738. "down to the 746. freely offended. etc. etc. Proliferate 749. Proscribe Introductory part to a book. ordinary 742. ominous very bottom". Prohibitive 748. Prologue 751. etc. outlaw. Prospective . propitious Tending to forbid something. propitiate Attempt to reconcile with. extravagant. penetrating deeply into a propensity subject. Profound Very insightful. Prosaic piece of writing. 750. exile or banish Pronounced Distinct. prolix Excessively long and wordy (of a person. increase 737. pervasive.) Dull. Propriety Increase or spread rapidly or excessively Conforming to good manners or appropriate behavior 741.propagate Reproduce. or serving to Favorable.) 739. giving or given the animosity of (a person who is angry. clearly indicated 752. kind or forgiving 740. satisfy. Prohibit. play. denounce. spread. at the very bottom 747. prophetic Natural inclination or tendency Relating to prophesy. intense. prevent likely to work out. Profuse Abundant.

pulchritude 753. Qualified 755. limited. a person) stimulating. to evade . pusillanimous Cowardly. fighting with the fists 765. esp. pungent Having a sharp taste or smell. might faults in a petty way. immature dilemma 757. combative 766. in the future 760. providential Physical beauty Lucky. puerile Uncertainty or confusion about what to do. biting. find 759. querulous Given to complaining. carefully something else providing for the future 764. Juvenile. Quandary 756. sharp 754. proxy Agent. pugilism boxing. Pugnacious Inclined to fight. Prudent Modified. grumbling 758. fortunate. substitute. timid on behalf of another 763. or relating to divine care (the idea that a deity has helped or cared for 761. person authorized to act 762.Potential. conditional on Wise in practical matters. Quibble Make trivial arguments or criticism. puissance Power.

Quotidian result of one's effort Daily. recant Withdraw. recalcitrant 770. esp. very high up or elevated (in a 777. formally 772. hidden. thin. recondite 773. Recluse Person who lives in seclusion mountain) 779. a group of people considered all 776. quiescent Quiet. pure. or less dense (as air at the top of a 778. exclusive. Reap Harvest. still 768. chivalrous. such as by cutting. everyday. retract. reactant Not easily understood. gather. select. raconteur Not obedient. or idealistic. Ranks Personnel. or disavow something one together has previously said. a substance that an obscure topic .something more important 767. impulsive 774. get as a 769. rarefied Lofty. repeat in a concise way metaphorical way). dealing with Something that reacts. ordinary 775. resisting authority. quixotic undergoes a change in a chemical reaction Extremely impractical but very romantic. hard to Witty storyteller manage 771. recapitulate Summarize.

to tear one's clothing or wrongdoing (noun). Render 783. translate declare Stubbornly disobedient. radiant 792. on. rank. submit. Remedial Providing a remedy. esp. redound condition. pull apart. surrender. assign (task) to To have a good or bad effect. recrudescent Revival. Refute Pertaining to a repertory or repertoire. compensation or relief for injury or 789. repast 784. a stock Prove to be false of available things or a number of theatrical 786. hard to manage 791. refractory Give. correcting a 782. split. esp. as a result someone else of a person's efforts or actions (usually used with to. Relegate Send or commit to an inferior place. rend Tear violently. rejoinder performances presented regularly or in ..Response or reply. breaking out into renewed activity 787. repertorial 785. refulgent A meal (noun). etc. or tear away remedy (verb) 790. or upon) 788. redress deficient skill Setting something right after a misdeed. set right. curative. to eat or feast (verb) Shining. exile. banish. esp. 781. correct. a witty comeback 780. hair out of grief.

Repudiate another. lying dead in a grave 801. express firmness of purpose (n) disappointment in(v) 802.sequence 799. make void 793. a formal 794. resisting being controlled Reject. disgrace (n). peacefulness. Replete Supplied in abundance. Resolution The quality of being firmly determined. Reproach something. cast off. rising or 798. repeal. Rescind Annul. filled gorged (used 800. Respectively 796. Resolve Find a solution to. resurgent Having a revival. or damned person (noun). Restive Impatient or uneasy under the control of 797. depraved (adj) 803. decided by a vote The act or state of resting. Requite Reciprocate. criticize. renewing. esp. unprincipled. tranquility. with with) resolving to do something. or revenge surging again . decide by formal vote(v). repose judgement. shameless. deny tat something has authority 804. Blame. reprobate In the order given Disreputable. repay. firmly decide to do 795.

a restructuring. (noun) friendly relations 808. Retrospective Looking to the past or backward. a break in upgrade. as in speech and writing). Elementary. ridden Dominated or burdened by 806. revise (verb). Rife the past. applying to 812. Reticent 810. Rudimentary elaborate or pretentious but actually empty. revamp 813.805. A gap or fissure (such as in rock). reserved 811. rococo Feeling or expressing very deep respect and Very elaborate and ornate (in decorating or awe metaphorically. language that is 815. relating to a highly ornate style of art and 809. abundant. private (of a person). ribald Not talking much. retroactive (adj. Reverent 814. Rhetoric The art or study of persuasion through architecture in 18th-century France speaking or writing. primitive . relating to the basics. rift Renovate. etc.). Using or relating to obscene or vulgar humor restrained. An art exhibit of Happening frequently. meaning little underdeveloped. currently an artist's work over a long period of time (n) being reported 807. redo.

promoting health 828. Rustic Relating to country life. sardonic violated. above any criticism Scornfully or ironically mocking. undermine. a person taken advantage of (n). Satiate or To fully satisfy. showing good judgement and foresight 827. to feel regret or remorse (verb) 817.). a rural or The inner fluid of a plant or any essential body uncultured person (n) fluid. reddish. Sanguine Turn over in the mind. salient Sate Obvious. projecting. to allow. Sagacious Wise. Sacrosanct Sacred. to place sanctions or penalties on (v) 824.816. ratify (v). ruminate Sanction gives Permission or approval. unsophisticated. something that support or authority to something else (n). confirm. made of rough wood (adj. etc. inviolable. tire out (v) 819. standing out. protruding. energy. reflect on. chew cud (as Cheerfully optimistic. rue Regret. 825. to go beyond satisfying to the 821. cynically derisive 820. Saturate . hopeful. point of excess (possibly inducing disgust.) Salubrious Healthful. Sap primitive. vitality. weaken. remorse (noun). OR a legal action by one or more countries against anther country to get it to comply (n). not to be trespassed on or 826. ruddy a cow) (as in rosy-red cheeks indicating health or vitality) 818. jutting out tiredness.

persistent. esp. injurious. searchingly In a searching or penetrating manner. secrete Produce and release a substance from a cell or membership in a scholarly field. Scant 838. diligent in one's efforts 833. bitterly harsh or critical (as a 839. scholar. semantic Relating to the different meanings of words 834. scintilla A tiny bit or trace 840. pertaining to worldly 830. while another substance examining closely or probing for answers 829. someone admitted to 836. Scathing Severe.Soak or imbue thoroughly. taste or smell with pleasure 831. speech or writing that does this 832. cause a substance to unite with the greatest possible amount of 835. scurvy Contemptible. Secular Not religious or holy. Sedulous remark) Preserving. a person with gland of the body for a functional purpose amazing mental abilities despite having a cognitive difference or disability 837. savant Learned person. sedition Not enough or barely enough Inciting rebellion against a government. Savor things Appreciate fully. mean or other symbols .

a to do one's duties. Sentient evade Conscious. 841. fickle. negligent. weak (adj. or prone to act 842. relax (v).). seraphic suddenly due to nervousness. sinecure less active A job or position that pays while requiring little or no work 851. lazy. treat as though not very important. etc. make 845. an act of treating in this .).Border. glass. Slack 843. slake Satisfy (esp. or refresh. period of little work (n) 844. esp. loosen up. neglect Fragment of some brittle substance. serene. Skirt snub. skittish Shy. shard Loose. 847. Slew A large number or quantity 846. ignore(v). Simultaneous At the same time 850. uncertain. sharp fragment of pottery. cool. experiencing sensation or perceiving with the senses 848. thirst). spiritually carried off restless or excessive way or transported 849. lie along the edge of. go around. lively in a Like an angel. slender or delicate generally accepted beliefs (adj. not very important. Slight Small. Skeptic Person inclined to doubting or questioning 852.

understand (usually as 856. etc. flood 864. mistake. sobriquet A nickname 857. in etiquette something that causes sleep (n) 855. Sound Measure the depth of (usually of water) as person). Spartan Very disciplined and stern. Spectrum A broad range of nevertheless related qualities 862. Specious austere. 860. esp. feelings. living simply. somatic Of the body 854. those that overlap to create a . etc.. suggestive or the ancient Spartans Seemingly true but actually false. with a sounding line. solidarity sound the depths ) Fellowship in interests. penetrate and discover very careful the meaning of. Spate Sudden outpouring or rush. drowsy (adj. such as among a group way.responsibilities. a discourtesy (n) of people or among classes. expressing care. Soporific Causing sleep. esp. deceptively attractive 861. eager or desirous.). solecism Nonstandard use of grammar or words. Spearhead Be the leader of or ideas. 853. 863. sleepy. nations. Solicitous Concerned or anxious (about another 859. 858. frugal.

harsh or grim. lacking vitality Occasional. merry. Static 866. foul. blunt. Speculate Contemplate. Standing Mark of disgrace. about. total. extremely way) simple. engage in a risky business transaction. done "in sport" 875. walk 876. rank. saturated (with) (rather than intended seriously) squalid Disgusting. or pain 865. reputation (n). severe. esp. joking around. happening irregularly or in scattered locations 874. stigma 870. utter. stentorian Very loud and powerful (generally of a human voice) through ooze or in wet shoes. existing someone's reputation . steeped Immersed (in). caused by equal but opposing forces gamble 873.indefinitely. Status quo Existing state or condition 867. filthy. a state of balance or inactivity. not movable (adj. not moving or changing. Sportive Playful. a figurative stain or mark on Status.) continuous series (as in a color spectrum. where each color blends into the next in a continuous 871. stasis Equilibrium. suppress or silence. making a smacking or sucking sound 877. make a guess or educated guess 872. Stark Complete. Sporadic Fixed. extremely neglected squelch Crush. squash.

sublime unemotional. showing little emotion. make an open demand. emotions. based on feelings 882. stint Period of time spent doing something. or a formation or in the classes of a society) specific. strut frugal.883. (n) individual. subpoena . Stolid 888.. opinions. 878. stipulate Specify. or thwart (v). stratum One of many layers (such as in a rock 879. not easily Lofty or elevated. hinder. limited amount of work (noun). moved excellent. to get by on little (verb) 880. stratagem Military maneuver to deceive or surprise. inspiring reverence or awe. Stingy Not generous with money. majestic. esp. reluctant to spend or crafty scheme give 884. utter 889. etc. person indifferent to pleasure or pain thoughts. Stymie or Block. an obstacle (n) stymy condition of agreement 881. personal. to be 885. enduring without 887. complete. Stoic or Indifferent to pleasure or pain. as a A structural support or brace 886. Subjective Existing in the mind or relating to one's own stoical complaint.

supplant Take the place of. Sycophant . excessive amount. sully Guess. think or make an opinion with Make dirty. tarnish. surrogate Substitute. Surfeit Excess. something that has to a normal level been supposed 891. defile incomplete information 894.A court order requiring a person to appear in 896. overindulgence materiel existence to 899. sybarite Person devoted to pleasure and luxury through sneaky tactics 903. cause to be 901. Supplicate Pray humbly. hostile. Surmise 893. Succeeding Bad-tempered. unfriendly. Subside Sink. become less active. or rude Coming after or following 900. give a 898. Substantiate Support with evidence or proof. surly 892. beg. take the position of. Supersede Replace. hypothesis. infer. stain. person who acts for another disregarded as void or obsolete (noun). especially 902. supposition Assumption. or seek in a humble court and give testimony way 890. settle down. displace. return 897. acting as a replacement (adj) 895. ask.

or any system or Only slightly relevant. Tangential the study of these rules. biased . Synchronous Happening at the same time. tawdry Gaudy. Temparence postpone discussion indefinitely Moderation. not abstinence from alcohol stated directly. symbiosis Mutually dependent relationship between two 906. giving a organisms. total 909. Table Lay aside to discuss later. occurring at the 907. regarding alcohol or other desires or pleasures. silent 914. ofter as a way to 913. general view 905.Servile flatterer. self-control. Tacit Understood without being said. going off topic orderly arrangement 912. esp. silent. reserved. parasitic person who fawns same rate and thus happening together in order to get ahead repeatedly 904. etc. synoptic Relating to a synopsis or summary. holding words join to make sentences (or how words back in conversation and symbols join in writing computer code). cheap or cheap-looking. groups. Taciturn The rules governing grammar and how Not talking much. tendentious Marked by a strong point of view. syntax 910. implied. indecent 908. people. 911.

passionate Bitter. worldly symbolic value (adj) 917. timid 925. a period of 919. having little subways. Torrid 920. devious. complex. token Easily controlled or managed. parching. mark. easily . lethargy. burning. abusive criticism or verbal attack 926. not Someone who flatters or acts in a servile straightforward manner for self-serving reasons 927. docile. Tractable 922. idea taken to represent an 916. one of the volumes the point of rudeness) in a set of several books 918. tome Large or scholarly book. Timely Well-timed. brief and to the point (sometimes to 923. 915. coin-like disk used as currency for Long and thin. Tirade Very hot. happening at a suitable time 924. slimsy. arcade games. Tenuous memento. Timorous inactivity Fearful. thing. of very little or merely Relating to the Earth or to land.Sign. winding. Torpor Sluggishness. tortuous 921. apathy. souvenir. symbol. toady Twisting.. or substance person. terrestrial entire group (noun). sample. terse Concise. badge. slender. etc.

etc. cliche sin 935.. metaphorically 931. tyro 933. shallow 940. not lasting 936. short-lived. frivolous. Transitory Temporary. lacking 928. effective. or. not very important. sharp 939. or grotesque disturbance or uproar. turpitude 932. noisy." such as in overblown.shaped or molded 934. corrupt forceful or vigorous. trenchant Depravity. pompous Betraying trust. speech not dependable. Trifling Beginner Trivial. Ubiquitous . or depraved acts caustic. transgression Violation of a law. belligerent 929. truculent Fierce. so small as to be unimportant. cruel. chaotic imitation 937. savage. turgid Swollen. marked by 930. baseness of character. not faithful or trustworthy. dangerous or deceptive 938. inflated. Trite Lacking freshness and originality. order. moral rule. effectiveness due to overuse. violently agitated. travesty Exaggerated. treacherous "inflated. debased. keen. tumultuous Riotous.

untempered Not toned down. Unprecedented Never before known or seen. upbraid 945. without umbrage. against the rules Not guided by conscience. unreasonable 949. of taste or politeness unjust. uncover. having Charging interest on a loan. Unearth Find fault with. usury 946. umbrage Offense or annoyance (usually as take 947. not moderated. harsh away at the foundation (of a building or (as in not sparing any criticism) an argument ). 944. inappropriate. morally wrong. unsparing 943. expose 952. Unequivocal Unambiguous. to underline text) 951. esp. unmerciful. or counterbalanced Emphasize (or. Unseemly 942. clear. Underscore controlled. cause to collapse by digging help or gifts to others). charging . criticize or scold severely Dig up. unconscionable Improper. meaning become offended or having happened previously annoyed) 948. lavish (as in not sparing any Weaken. Undermine Generous. absolute. injure or attack in a secretive or underhanded way 950. literally.Existing everywhere at the same time only one possible meaning 941.

be 954. grass. by way of (by a route the truth 958. vernal Relating to the spring. regular changes from one thing to another 960. youthful 968. vitality. such as with vegetation.. vanguard Leading units at the front of an army. verisimilar Having the appearance of truth. developing. the forefront of a trend or movement 962. vicissitude etc. regard with deep respect and Veracity Truthfulness. Viable Capable of living (or growing. esp. lively spirit 961.illegally high or excessive interest indecisive 953. Verbose Wordy that goes through or touches) 965. having multicolored patches or spots. practical. people on the "cutting edge". probable 967. Vacilate Waver in one's mind or opinions. diverse Venerate awe Revere. vestige Trace or sign of something that once existed 955. enthusiasm. variegated Varied in color. via Through. plants. accuracy. vex annoy or bother. 966. habitual adherence to 963. vim Pep.). etc. leaders in a trend or movement. puzzle or distress 964. fresh. young and inexperienced Changes or variations over time. workable 959. verdant Green. Vintage . by means of.

without regard for what is bitterly hostile right.. hateful. authorized (warrant can mean to Vituperate Verbally abuse. voluble particular year (n) Easily fluent in regards to speech 969. etc. fleeting. explosive. motivated by caution. on guard . wanton Extremely infectious. but can also mean to vouch for or guarantee) vociferous Noisily crying out. rebuke or criticize harshly justify or a justification. Warranted including sulfuric acid) Justified. etc. the wine of a 976. wan Existing only in the mind or by means of a Unnaturally pale. old fashioned antique (adj. virulent 978. tending to 980.). such as criticism (literally. Wary Watchful.Related to items of high quality from a previous violence. or showing some other computer network. or covered in something sticky viscous reason at all. adhesive. era. Virtual 977. essence but not officially or in name weak. unhappiness. lacking forcefulness 970. vitriol Something highly caustic. as in protest Volatile Varying. unjustifiable. poisonous. vicious. inconsistent. Reckless. deliberately done for no viscid or Thick. sexually unrestrained or excessively luxurious 972. existence in results or in indication of sickness. one of a number of chemicals 979..

welter Confused mass or pile. writhe (verb) 988. whet wizened Withered. of an appetite) 984. wood. toss from the worthless part about. etc. yoke A burden or something that oppresses. pulled. unpredictable 991. make keen or eager (esp.against danger artifice 981. whitewash for attaching animals (such as oxen) to each A substance used to whiten walls. misdeeds. jumble. (noun). etc. shriveled Stimulate. esp. roll around. Wily Crafty. winnow Sift. deception. analyze critically. characterized by tricks or unite together or to burden (verb) . Whereas Charming. confusion or 987. erratic. other and to a plow or other equipment to be (noun). in a sweet and While on the contrary. winsome 982. wallow. a frame 985. separate the useful part turmoil (noun). cunning. engaging. Whimsical xenophobia Fear or hatred of foreigners or that which is foreign Marked or motivated by whims (odd. covering up of wrongs. or a bar across a person's shoulders to errors. to 986. considering that innocent way 983. (verb) help carry buckets of water. fanciful ideas). etc.

culmination etc. tireless diligence in furthering that cause.. Zenith High point. 993. passion.992. Zeal Great fervor or enthusiasm for a cause. ardor . person.