Its launch time again. This quarter theme has everyone excited… Hot Summer.

Will we be seeing bikinis on the stage??? How bout the members…. I am anticipating for that moment. But before that happens don’t forget tuition!!! Book yourself with the respective head teacher and find time for tuition. Check out the tuition schedule. Presenters…calling out for instructor who’s passionate about what they do and wants to get further then just teaching…. U are WANTED!!! We started of Wing Chun class in Taipan last month. Have no idea what it is…check out the write up then. In True Fitness we have variety…if Kunfu is not your type…how bout Belly Dancing. There’s a workshop coming soon. Check out the poster for details. Cover picture…True Fitness owner and big bosses with the GXCs… The highlight last month…the grand opening of our 5th club Giza. Check out some awesome pictures. New Head Teacher… though they are no new face to us ☺…please put our hands together for R2 and Jason Y who will both take over BodyStep and BodyAttack respectively. Till next month…stay fit and stay healthy ALWAYS!!! Most of al stay TRUE

Lorraine Kan

IMPORTANT Requirement: ONLY Certified Instructor is allow to join this training.

Date: Sat 3rd July
Venue: True Fitness Taipan USJ Time: 8am-5.30pm Closing date: 20th June 2010

BODYCOMBAT Date: Sun 4th July
Venue: True Fitness Taipan USJ Time: 8am-5.30pm Closing date: 20th June 2010

Les Mills Asia Pacific Presenters in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Are you ready to take on the Les Mills challenge? If you are an amazing physical role model, have high levels of fitness and a passion for your Les Mills program then we want you to audition! You must be a certified instructor living in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. The process will include a video submission of two tracks of your chosen program. To receive an application form or for more details please contact Megan in the Les Mills Training Department or phone +61 2 6215 8108 Applications close Friday 7th August 2010 Successful applicants will need to be available for live auditions in Kuala Lumpur on Monday 30th August 2010, and Singapore on Friday 3rd September 2010

The History of Wing Chun Kung Fu
The History of Wing Chun can be traced back to the Ching dynasty, over 275 years ago. The Manchus, who made up about 10% of the population, ruled the Hans and created many restrictions to keep them dependent on the small ruling class. Through the years, however, the Manchus gradually began to accept the Han culture and to respect the Sil Lum (Shaolin) Temple as a place of worship and sanctuary. Even so, to repress the Hans, the Manchus banned all weapons and martial arts training. Secretly the Hans began organizing rebel groups within the Sil Lum Temple. Because the classical animal styles of kung fu took 15 to 20 years to master, it was necessary to develop a new style that would enable students to become proficient fighters in a much shorter time span. As the Manchu soldiers were often trained in classical kung fu styles, it was important that this new style be designed to be effective in neutralizing the existing techniques. Five kung fu masters pooled the knowledge of their own respective styles in order to come up with a new, more economical style, utilizing only the most effective methods of combat from each. What these five kung fu masters developed would create an efficient martial artist in only 3 to 5 years. Before they could teach anyone the new style, a traitor within the temple opened the gates for the Manchu soldiers and the temple was burned to the ground. Only one master, a Sil Lum nun named Ng Mui, escaped. She later passed her knowledge on to a young orphan girl, who she named Yim Wing Chun (Beautiful Springtime) and who shared this knowledge with her husband, Leung Bok Cho. Through the years, the style became known as Wing Chun kung fu.

‘Founded by Yim Wing-chun; took root in the hands of Leung Chun; blossomed under Ip Man…’ Ip Man is adapted from the life story of Ip Man, the grand master of the Wing Chun style of kung fu and sifu (master) of legendary kung fu superstar Bruce Lee. Wing Chun has a history of more than 200 years. It was founded by Yim Wing Chun, took root in the hands of Leung Chun, and prospered with Ip Man. The art of Wing Chun has now become very popular with martial arts enthusiasts, especially overseas. It is a traditional Chinese martial art with a formidable reputation internationally. The story of Wing Chun began in the 1920s and 30s, in wartorn China. Ip Man was martial art’s unyielding follower, devoted whole-heartedly to the free learning of wushu. The fight to be top between the Wushu schools in the southern and northern regions of China had not stopped him having goodwill matches with other practitioners. Nationalistic bad feelings and racial hatred had not lessened his respect for Japanese kung fu warriors. In this great era of hatreds and tragedies, Ip focused only on wushu. His enthusiasm for martial arts saw him having devastating straight fights with various elite practitioners. To this date there have been neither movies nor publications about Ip Man. This movie will be the first important record of the master’s life. Ip’s persistent devotion to Wing Chun is a classic example of the love and respect shown to wushu and the freedom and spirit it represents. This movie will see the making of a modern wushu master representative of Chinese people worldwide. Ip Man is a concept, a spirit, a way of thinking – and it represents a new peak in Hong Kong’s wushu movies.

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu ..FIND OUT FOR YOUR SELF 1ST HAND

Grand Opening of Giza (5th Branch)
Date: 5 May 2010

Opening Ceremony with Mr. Patrick, the owner of True Fitness

Lady Gaga Dance with 18 Finalist from Malaysia Miss Universe 2010, our very own Hong from SUTUCD and Ms. Andrea Fonseka

Yoga Demo by Radha our yoga Head

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