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Rasna --- marketing & segmentation plan



Rasna is a soft drink concentrate brand owned by Pioma Industries which in based in
Ahmadabad, India.

Pioma launched SDC under the brand name Jaffe in 1976 & marketed it with the help of

The brand name was changed to Rasna in 1979.

First to introduce Dual Format.

Rasna claims 92.7% market share in non carbonated soft drinks concentrate powder.



Pioma was the first company to introduce the concept of SDC (soft drink concentrate) in India.

Competitors like Cola and MNC cola prevailed in the market.

Untapped market potential.

Closing of operations in India due to policy changes with regard to MNCs operation in India.



Available in various flavors like Pineapple, Orange Mango, etc.

Do-It-Yourself concept.

Real fruit like flavor and taste.

Most affordable Drink available in the market.( 50ps per glass)



Dedicated R&D team launching new flavors in quick succession.

Over the years new flavors were launched such as Kala Khatta, Khus, Rose.

Pilferage-Proof pack with moisture resistant lining thus retaining freshness and flavor.



1976-: Introduced SDC under the brand name JAFFE

1979-: Brand name change to RASNA

1980-:1990 -: Ruled the market by the tag line I LOVE U RASNA

1991- : Decline in sale due to the enter of competitors i.e. Coca-cola, Pepsi etc.

1993-: Launched 2 product categories globally Rasna bevarage & Rasna ethnic basket.

1996-: Launched Rasna international & Rasna royal as pre sweetened mix drink.

1999-: Launched 2 new flavor Rasna Yarker & Rasna Aqua Fun

2000-: Launched ORANJOLT aerated drink but soon fail.

2001-: Company name changed to Rasna ltd.

2002-: Launched RASNA UTSAV & RASNA ROJANA as juice products.

2013-: Rasna enter ready to drink beverage segment with the brand name RASNA JU-C.


PEST Analysis

Supply of raw material

Government rules and regulation regarding the soft drinks and aerated drinks


Economies of scale introduced in small sachet to target a low income group

The rise in prices had been in line with the inflation through the years.

Efficient sales and distribution network.


Work with a belief of everything for everyone .

For promotion free sachet of Rasna are distributed in rural area.
PR companion of Rasna are very strong
Rasna CSR trust ties up with US varsity for management sources.
Increase the nutrious value by introducing the juice beverage which effect the health of


Highly introvert towards the advertisement ,marked by many popular agencies Mudra Voltas

Many buses and vans are used for distribution network.

Varieties of flavor.

R&D experts for every product.

The packs were pilferage-proof with moisture-resistant lining, thus, retaining both flavor and



They are always ready to fight with competition ATTITUDE.

Marketing and Brand Building.

Strong Brand name with 93+ market shares.

One of the most visible advertising Featured many celebrities from the field of entertainment
and sports, like Hrithik Roshan, Karishma Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher, Kapil Dev.

Suits all classes of the society.

Efficient sales and distribution network.


Takes extra effort to mix the components to prepare.

Rasna targeted specifically for children.

Major products of Rasna are seasonal.

Failed to understand shifting preference towards ready-to-drink preparations.

Not able to stop Piracy .


Opportunity to enter into ready drink section.

Rasna can also bring its international products into Indian market.

Entering into glucose section is definitely a good initiative.

Also concentrating on rural markets.


Entrance of soft-drink brands like Coke and Pepsi etc.

Other competitor brands like HUL,PARLE etc.

Fruit juice section ,which is much suitable for Rasna, but that section is also established by
other brands.

New regulations & policies .

Change in customers buying concept.


GEOGRAPHIC :- To be done in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities

Region- Semi-urban, Urban Demographic

Age- Above 4 years

PSYCHOGRAPHIC :- To be augmented as morning and evening drink.

Life style- sport oriented, outdoor oriented and family oriented

Personality- Ambitious, gregarious & individualistic


Occasions- regular, special

Benefits- quality, economic & taste

User status- regular, potential & first time

Loyalty status- medium

Usage rate- medium & light

Attitude towards product- positive



Positioned as an International brand.

To be positioned as a health drink for youth.
Reached out to the masses and created brand awareness in towns and remote villages.
Laid emphasis on price range of 80ps per glass to Rs.4 per glass.
Placed Rasna international along with other preparatory brands such as Tang in the retail
Brought out value added products for the existing consumers and implemented strategies to
attract new consumers.


Width :- Rasna Utsav ,Rasna Rozana Amrit, Rasna Rozana Ras, Rasna Fruit Booster. (i.e.,
Total 4)

Length :- Rasna Utsav (10 flavors), Rasna Rozana Amrit (3 flavors), Rasna Rozana Ras (3
flavors), Rasna Fruit Booster (3 flavors). (i.e., Total 19)

Depth :- Rasna Utsav (10 flavors) Rasna Rozana Amrit (3 flavors) Rasna Rozana Ras (3
flavors) Rasna Fruit Booster (3 flavors)

Average Length :- 19/4 = 4.75 (Total Length / Total Width)

11. 4 Ps of Rasna
Product Rasna began with 9 flavors in 1982.

Rasna Fruit Booster

Rasna mango
Rasna orange
Rasna Pineapple
Rasna Rozana Ras
Rasna Rozana Amrit
Rasna lemon
Rasna Utsav
Rasna Nimbu Pani

The company follows different pack size on carton basis. The pack sizes may vary with the local
market demand. Recent product line of Rasna are: 1. Rasna frootfun in various flavors 2. Rasna fresh
fun in various flavors. It added 10th flavor in 1987. The company was revamped in the year 2002. With
a new tagline relish again, today Rasna has tried a deep penetration in the rural and semi urban
All metro locations, non metro hubs, towns and remote villages were targeted in a mass targeting
The pricing strategy has always been the key of Rasnas success. It targeted the mass rather than the
class. Rasna has always made its product such an way that it can be accessible to all socio-economic
classes. Its volume sale comes from:

Its normal mix at Rs 1 per glass.

The added sugar product Rasna Frootplus starts from Rs 2 and goes up to family pack which
costs Rs 105.
The Box pack has starting price of Rs 10 which is enough for 12 glass of water.
The family box pack is available at the price of Rs 35 which is for 32 glass of water.
The air tight jar has different pack size with price range starting from Rs 75.

The company is constantly focusing on the rural market of India. So pricing accurately is very
important for the growth.

Rasna has started its media campaign heavily since its inception. The famous mass media campaign
of I love you Rasna, was one of the Indias longest running TV ad. The promotion of Rasna is always
highlighted a strong brand association with their customer. Rasna always want to create a good brand
value by emotionally attaching there customer with their brand. Focus of the company always is quality
of Rasna. Once , Rasna was the only soft drink company in India. So they have been trying for a good
brand recall by their various ad campaigns : Communication :- Through attractive banners, posters , news papers etc
Activities promotion in outdoor
TV channels
Celebrity promotion
In various ad campaign of Rasna, various child artists have been used heavily. This kind of campaign
shows a high focus on quality. The quality of Rasna has been really the success factor and in their
various advertisement they are heavily focusing on that part. In India where summer is very hot and
long, focus of a soft drink company should be to understand that and to associate themselves with the
misery of their customer. Rasna has done a great deal to understand the pain of a long and hot
summer and to deliver a product which would make that summer a little less painful. This kind of
unique marketing idea and innovative ad campaign helped Rasna to become a monopoly in the
concentrated soft drink market.
Advertisements were targeted at the urban and semi-urban families.
The company focused on multimedia advertising and promotions through TV, Radio and print.
Advertising activities were undertaken by Mudra communications (a leading advertisement agency).
Emphasis was laid on outdoor visibility and over 45,000 bus shelters, 300 bus panels and over 200 bill
boards were used to display the brand message.
The advertising strategy was changed to include every age group and every section of the society.
It categorized its product line into two brands, Rasna Utsav , Rasna Rozana and sub brand Rozana
fruit boosters.
For distinct visibility of its products Rasna chose the leaf as its brand symbol.
New brands were enriched with vitamins and ingredients to render instant energy.
Priced Rozana Amrit sachets at Rs.2 competing Sun fill and Tang.