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Background information:

Science interacts to economic, social, and political
Galileo industrialized cimento which is a method that observe the theoretical
calculations of falling objects. he used the theorem of velocities in 1612 to observe the

theoretical concepts .

Sean 1:
Galileo was explaining to the boy Andrea
Copernicus: the old model where they believed the earth is the center
The New model is Heliocentric = in Greek means sun god
Sean 2:
o Galilio went to Viness to sell the telescope
o Telescope were used in the military
o He wants to illustrate the science from the hand and economic on the
other hand interact with each other.
o People used to think science goes by its self
o Galilio wants to show there is an interaction between science and
Sean 3:
o Galilio return to the city
Galilio was working with another man named cegredo.
o The moon of Jupiter
Shadows on the earths moon surface
It shows that there is astronomical body that goes around jupitar
not the earth
Crystalline spheres


The other peace of evidence is the shadow of the moon on the earths
moon is like the earth
moon reflect the light
Galileo the surface of the moon has the same as the earth, mouten and
hells like the earth
The moon surface not perfect, not even, like earth
Galileo is in city of florance in Italy
He was looking for money

Sean 5:
o During this time there is an outbreak in the play
o Reappearance

Section 7

Cardinal barbarini and another cardinal dines with Galileo

o The cardinals informed Galileo to not publish his conclusions to not
have trouble with the church
o His conclusions would make people ask the church about the truth
At the end of this section Virginia talked with the inquisition (who executed
o Inquisitor questions
Virginia about Her dad, Galileo, about his work and tries to get
The person who keeps secrets in the church he might have info

Section 8

Conversation between a young monk (who is a scientist and becomes his

assistant) and Galileo
o Monk talks about his family
They are peasants
If there parents find out what he says is wrong they would be
o Struggle between science and society
People in a society would resist the scientific ideas

Section 9

Galileo and his assistances go on experimentation and observation of the

boyancying idea
Two announcement?
o 1 death of pope?
o 2 if Galileo continues to take actions that spread his conclusions
Ludovico cant marry Virginia

Can marry someone whos fathers a guy like Galileo who would
change the status of Ludovicos own family

Section 10

Takes place in a market place with street performers.

Section 11

Galileo asked the prince for his support when he was 10 years old and
wanted the guardians to help him out in a previous section
Galileo was at the Medici court to ask for support politically and financially
o They rejected the idea and cant help him anymore because there was
a powerful force which was the church
Divine right of kings and queens
o If the religious right fall the divine right of kings and queens

Section 12

Cardinal barberini became the pope