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Rans (With his ghetto engine)



Movement - 8/16/24/48
Wounds - 50
Skills +10 Dodge
Common Lore
Forbidden Lore
Basic Weapon Training
Berserk Charge
Die Hard
Heavy Weapon Training
Iron Jaw
Melee Weapon Training
Pistol Training
Two-Weapon Wielder

Size (Hulking)
Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)
Unnatural Speed
Armour - Head 0, Arms 8, Body 8, Legs 8
+1d5+7 I, Primitive
Chain Axe
+1d10+14 R, Pen 3, Tearing
Heavy Stubber
120m, -/-/10, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Twin-linked
20m, S/-/-, 1d10+4 E, Pen 3, Flame, Twin-linked (-10 to Dodge)
Missile Launcher
Frag missile
120m, S/-/-, 2d10 X, Pen 4, Blast 6
Krak missile
120m, S/-/-, 3d10+10 X, Pen 10, Blast 1
Basic tactics: Rans will initially use the heavy stubber and flamer. He will on
ly use the chain axe if someone gets into melee with him. If the players are mo
re than six meters away from him and he could get more than one in the blast, he
'll use a frag missile.
If they party can activate the blast shields, he will first fire a full auto bur
st from his heavy stubber at the shield. When that fails he'll use his other ha
lf action to fire a krak missile at the cover. For the krak missiles ONLY treat
the cover as though it had 10 wounds in addition to the armor. At 0 wounds it
is destroyed, and excess is applied to those behind the shield (who are within t
he blast range of the krak missile).
If the party uses the fire suppression protocols he'll waste a half action tryin
g to use his flamer, but it will fail. At that point he won't use the flamer fo
r the rest of the fight.
If the party activates the lift and the ballistics armor stress testing (in no p
articular order) the missile launcher will be disabled. He will attempt to fire
it, but it will fail and explode. The blast won't hurt him, but the missile la
uncher is destroyed.
If the party activates the night fire testing he'll activate his searchlights.
If his flamer is still active he'll use that. Players get a +20 to dodge if not
in the searchlight as he does wide sweeping sprays without any degree of aiming
involved. If not, he'll fire frag missiles. If neither are active, then spray
with his heavy stubber at -30.
If a melee attack or a shotgun blast would deal damage to his arms, when he parr
ies the blow the belt (along with cords and the like) on one of his heavy stubbe
rs will be damaged. It will lose the Twin-Linked property as a result.
If a melee attack or a shotgun blast would deal damage to his legs, a bit of the
blade breaks off in the servos. The engine loses the unnatural speed and autos
tabilized traits.
If his missile launcher and flamer are disabled, and his stubber loses the twinl
inked quality, he will begin prioritizing the chain axe.

If a player dodges his chain axe and they are near a wall, the chain axe gets em
bedded in the wall.
Once three weapons from the armory have been used against him he will fire a fra
g missile into the armory making it unavailable for the rest of the encounter, o
r his flamer if that's unavailable. If neither are, the armoury remains usable
for the entire encounter but there is no cover inside of it.
Once all of the panels have been activated, if he has not been defeated he will
remove the engine's limiters. This is signified by his Unnatural Strength incre
asing to x3, and regaining the Unnatural Speed trait if he has lost it. However
each turn he is like this he loses one wound. In addition the engine becomes m
uch harder to control imposing a -20 penalty to his weapon skill tests.
If Rans takes any critical damage, the engine overloads. Sparks fly, and the re
maining flamer fuel ignites. The heat causes the missiles payloads to expload,
and the remaining ammunition to blow. Treat this as an area attack centered on
his position with the following profile. Note that Rans himself cannot dodge th
e attack.
3d10+5 X, Pen 0, Blast 3, Fire
Should Rans himself survive this, he will be unable to fight anymore and can be
taken in for questioning. If not, a thorough investigation of the area and cogi
tator banks can reveal anything he knew. A +0 Awareness test will reveal implan
t marks on his head which a Common Lore - Tech or Machine Cult will reveal as ce
rebral implants. Even if he is dead these will be apparent. Bringing Rans in a
live or bringing in his implants will result in additional rewards.
NOTE: Normally his perception is at 50. However being directly linked into the
engine is straining him mentally, namely dulling his reaction times and senses.
A sensor suite that was to be installed on the engine would have counteracted
this. If the sensor has been attached, raise his perception to 50 and give him
the Awareness skill at +10
If Callidan has been brought in to assist, he will be locked out for the fight,
but will identify various weapons for the party (the windows are blast-proof, so
and he can see inside). He cannot get them out unless they defeat Rans, which
causes the testing lockdown to cease.
EXTRAS: While Callidan did not know he was the one behind the Eldar tech forger
ies, or his other enterprises Rans is the one Callidan came to Pritus to investi
gate. Once the party makes it to Rans's fortress they will encounter Callidan i
n the midst of his own investigation. If pressed he will join forces with the p
Rans has ties to A. The exact nature of those ties is unknown, but he's in poss
ession of test versions of the Violent God organisms. Deep in the fortress is a
case containing one such vial, with space for many more. Callidan will become
obviously concerned that there's only one remaining. He won't explain what it i
s regardless of the roll (treat this as a -60 penalty to any test to get him to
talk). But he will be adamant about finding Inquisitor Ravion as soon as possib
One the way out, have one player notice the blue robed man. No one else will ca
tch on to him, and make sure the description is different for when other player
see him. But be vague.

Firing Krak missile at cover
"Let's see the Emperor protect from this!"
Lift activated
"Wha-whoawhoaWHOA! *falls down* Damn it!"
Gets up
"Think you're so clever don't you?!"
First weapon damaged
"Damn it! Should have done more stress testing!"
Second weapon damaged
"Are you kidding me?!"
Third weapon damaged
"Damned third rate wannabe Mechanicus bastards!"
Ballistics testing
", nonononono-RRRRGH!"
Armory weapons used against him for the third time
"Using MY weapons?! Against ME?!!?"
When vision is obscured
"That's right, hide you little insects. Too bad it won't help you."
When hit when vision is obscured
"RRgghhh...sneaky little bastard!"