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Two-Column Notes

Sept 21,

Name: Samantha Hamski

Class/Subject: EDTL 2760

MR Title(s): Beyond Personally Responsible in Press

MR Source(s): Nancy Patterson, Frans Doppen, Thomas Misco
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The Text Says

Notes (key concepts, direct quotes, etc.)

I Say
My notes, commentary

In the survey, teachers were asked to

indicate what they viewed as the purposes
of social studies by rank-ordering seven
items. Even in the context of high-stakes
testing and content knowledge expertise,
the citizenship purpose ranked highest
among the provided options, followed by
developing language art skills and teaching
content knowledge.

I am not surprised by this because citizenship is

the center of most things in social studies. The
ODE and NCSS are both all about citizenship. It
is the one thing they have in common. It is a
huge thing in the social studies field.


The personally responsible teachers said

you should vote and be more involved in
your community as a definition of


Melissa defined a good citizen as law

abiding and knowledgeable about our
government, other governments, functions
of our government, history behind our
governmenttwice she emphasized

I believe this is a nice definition of citizenship. It

is simple and to the point. There are more
things you can do as a citizen to have better
citizenship than just voting and being involved
in your community though.
I agree with this definition as well. I like the
idea of following the laws and being
knowledgeable about our government but I
think that voting should definitely be a part of
the definition of a good citizen.

following the laws.




Karen pushed the idea that her students

should be able to reason through
arguments, identify bias in different kinds
of media and examine several viewpoints.

When I become a teacher this is going to be

something that I hope to help my students with.
Looking at the information given to you and
determining whether or not it is a credible
source or if its bias is important in several areas
of life.
Brandon argued good citizens should be
Brandon kind of combined a few of the previous
able to get information about issues, read
teacher ideas. He said petitioning, voting and
and understand the information, and then
being able to use information is important to
act by either voting, petitioning, or creating being a good citizen. By page 13, I agreed with
opportunities to change.
Brandons thoughts the most.
The Justice Oriented group said that we
should advocate letter-writing, petitioning
and running for office to be great citizens.
CONNECTIONS: BP3s sources were all
about how democracies rank against each
other and how America isnt the greatest
country in the world anymore but one day
we can be the best again. I think BP3 is
connected to this Blog Post because if we
use what these teachers are saying and try
to do all these things to be better citizens
then one day, our democracy as a whole
will become stronger. If we are teaching
kids to be great citizens and teaching them
how to do so, they will help make our
democracy great again.

Petitioning and running for office are great ways

to be good citizens but I dont believe that is
something you have to do to be a good citizens.