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During the 9 nights of Navaratri, the Goddess in her many archetypal forms is abundantly available

on the earthplane to bless you and help you through her supreme powers.
In AstroVed's Grand Dasa Maha Vidhya Ceremony, 10 Great Wisdom Goddesses will be invoked
on your behalf to enter your life and bestow their 10 Supreme Blessings.

How the 10 Great Wisdom Goddesses Can Help You

The first and foremost of the 10 Great Wisdom Goddesses is Goddess Kali, the female form of Kala
(time). She is the dominating energy that pervades every moment of our lives. Kali is the symbol of
eternal time, presiding over all stages of life. She rules our inner consciousness and demolishes the
challenges and limitations we face in our lives.

'Tara' in Sanskrit means 'to Transcend'. Goddess Tara is the deliverer and savior to take us through
any difficult situation. This blue-colored Goddess has the power to lift us up against all odds and
take us beyond the turbulent waves of negative feelings. This Goddess of yogic asceticism can
bless us with intuitive powers.

'Bhuvaneshwari' means 'The Ruler of the Universe'. She is the Divine Mother and the queen of all
worlds. Her body is the entire universe and all beings are her ornaments that define her as an infinite being. She is related to the motherly nourishing energy in all of us and controls the effects of the
Moon. Seek her blessings to become a great artist, visionary or creator.

In Sanskrit, 'Tri' means 'three', 'Pura' means 'cities' and 'Sundari ' means 'the beautiful lady'. Tripura
Sundari is the embodiment of beauty and has a complexion of the rising sun. Adorned with a crescent Moon, she is seated on the Sri Chakra and bestows us with the knowledge of self, elevation to
higher consciousness, pure joy and divine bliss.

She is the warrior Goddess, the terrifying epitome of power and feminine energy, shining with the
radiance of ten thousand rising Suns. The transforming heat and radiance of Bhairavi is called Tejas. Tejas burns away illusions and the limitations of egoistic existence. As the destroyer of opposition, she is invoked for removing obstacles and for protection from black magic and evil eye.

Depicted as the most horrific of the ten forms, Chinnamasta is portrayed with her head decapitated
from her body. This represents the egoless state. She symbolizes freedom from the limitations of
the mind so that one can have access to universal consciousness. She confers the power of writing
and oratory skills, which is especially required for saints, astrologers and people dealing with the
occult subjects.

'Dhuma' means 'smoke'. Dhumavati is the one made of smoke. She is represented in the form of an
old widow, a symbolic representation of pure potential energy that is the Shakti without Shiva.
When you connect with her, she dispels poverty, debt, quarrels, misunderstanding, and provides
protection against legal actions and defamations.

'Bagala' means a rope or a bridle, and 'Mukhi' means face. Bagalamukhi or Bagala is the Goddess
whose face has the power to bind, stop or paralyze. Similar to Tara, she is also a Goddess of
speech. Those involved in negative speech patterns cannot escape the wrath of Bagala. She provides cures from chronic diseases, success in discussions and debates, and victory in litigation,
competition, and election.

'Mata' means 'thought'. The Goddess is associated with Mana, which is the mind. Thus Matangi is
the Goddess power that enables powerful and constructive thoughts that emerge from attentive listening. She bestows talent and expertise in all forms of performing arts, specifically music and
dance. She is also referred to as 'Mantrini', the one who gives power to all mantras, especially in
their rhythmic articulation. All those who seek proficiency in all forms of knowledge, counseling and
teaching should propitiate her.

She is the tantric form of Lakshmi who bestows prosperity, abundance, beauty and well-being. As
one of the 10 Great Wisdom Goddesses, Kamalathmika is a primal female energy, an independent
and all-powerful deity without any association with a male counterpart. Kamala blesses us with the
pursuit of pleasure, fortune, talent and fame. She also grants the gift of devotion to the Divine.