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Std IV

I Semester

Eng. Gen Assignment

Course:1. Sentences
2. Kinds of Sentences
3. Interrogative Sentences
4. Negative Sentences
5. Nouns: Common and Proper Noun
6. Nouns: Number and Gender
7. Countable- Uncountable Nouns
8. Collective Nouns
9. Conjunctions
10. Interjections
11. Understanding Words
Paper style
Q.1. (A) Arrange the following group of words to form a meaningful sentence.
Q.1. (B) State whether the following sentences are Statement, Question or Command.
Q.2. (A) Make the following sentences Negative. (4)
Q.2. (B) Make the following sentences Interrogative. (4)
Q.3. (A) Underline Nouns and state whether it is Common noun or Proper Noun
Q.3. (B) Fill in the blanks with suitable Collective Nouns from given bracket.
Q.3. Classify the following Nouns into Countable and Uncountable Nouns.
Q.4. (A) Rewrite the following sentences changing the nouns from Singular to Plural with other
necessary changes.
Q.4 (B) Rewrite the following sentences changing the nouns from Plural to Singular with other
necessary changes.
Q.4. (C) Classify the following Nouns into Gender.[Masculine/ Feminine/ Common/ Neuter]


Q.5 (A) Rewrite the following sentences changing the nouns from Feminine to Masculine with other
necessary changes.
Q..5(B) Rewrite the following sentences changing the nouns from Masculine to Feminine with other
necessary changes.
Q.6 (A) Fill in the blanks with appropriate Conjunctions from brackets given.
Q.6. (B) Join the following sentences with suitable conjunctions.
Q.6. Fill in the blanks with suitable Interjections. (4)
Q.7. (A) Match the following Synonyms.
Q.7 (B) Match the following Antonyms.


Q.7 Fill in the blanks with appropriate Homophones

from the brackets given.


Q. 8. (A) Compo


Q 8. (B) Picture Composition- unseen


Q.8. Comprehension- unseen


Q.1. (A) Arrange the following group of words to form a meaningful sentence.
1. Bird our national peacock is the
2. Than prevention cure better is
3. Rubber made are balls of tennis
4. A day in Rome was not built
5. Wife children care he takes of his and
6. Happy are not the rich always
7. Forgets an elephant never
8. Sleep daytime in owls the
9. In the bush is worth two a bird in the hand.
10. Showed the oldman to the way the kind boy
11. Stands on the Yamuna, the capital of India Delhi
12. To save the patients life the doctor tried hard to world in the
13. Red sister wearing a girl the frock my is
14. The standing is man in a corner the policeman
15. The mountains the Himalayas are highest
16. Throwing birds at stones were boys mischievous some
17. Mary friends are and close Rita
18. Was Miss Kitty at rude the table
19. The mountains were snow with covered tops of the
20. A mistake that think I made you have
21. Gold a chain made he has which is of
22. Hooghly river is Kolkata banks on the of
23. Her letter wrote a cousin the girl to
24. Her letter wrote a cousin the girl to
25. Fond music of the girl is
26. For really I must thank you cooperation your
27. Kindness by recognized his man a great is
28. Welcoming India people of the and friendly are
Q.1 (B) State whether the following sentences are Command, Statement or Question.
1. Please allow me to use your dictionary.
2. Dont make noise.
3. She kept wasting her time in chatting.
4. Meet me in the market.
5. The grass has been cut.
6. Dont spit on the floor.
7. Have mercy upon us.
8. Little Jack Horner sat in a corner.
9. Can she do it by herself?
10. She has fever today.
11. Please show me how to do it.
12. Have I made a mistake?
13. What did you see at the mall?
14. Please give me your book.

15. Do not leave the room.

16. Please bring me a glass of water.
17. Neha is plucking flowers in the garden.
18. Have you brought my book?
19. The teachers are doing correction.
20. Do not copy from your neighbours.
21. Please allow me to sit down.
22. May I come in, please?
23. The class is making noise.
24. The pilot flies an aeroplane.
25. Who drives the car?
26. Please help me to carry this box.
27. Who will show me the way?
28. She looked beautiful in her wedding dress.
29. Dont go too near the cages.
30. The principal punished the latecomers.
Q2. (A) Make the following sentences Negative.
1. She will eat food in canteen.
2. Allow him to pass from here.
3. We met somebody at the park.
4. Always go to play in the garden.
5. He will become a regular student.
6. The letter was written by the clerk.
7. Everything can be gained without effort.
8. I was stuck by his appearance.
9. Honey is made by bees.
10. Pluck the flowers.
11. Everybody was absent.
12. The farmer was killed by a robber.
13. I am a little tired.
14. Deny that she was pretty.
15. Someone could have done better.
16. The tree was cut by the woodcutter.
17. We will discuss this matter again.
18. I was offered a chair.
19. The judge will forgive the criminal.
20. The two brothers are like each other.
21. That was an example to be followed.
22. Spit everywhere.
23. I shall be there before 6 oclock.
24. Switch on the computer.
25. Touch your feet.
26. I have met her yesterday.
27. The fan is working properly.
28. I have been waiting for you from a long time.
29. God is everywhere.
30. Always keep your room clean and tidy.
Q.2. (B) Make the following sentences Interrogative.

I may have another cup of tea.

She would mind waiting a few minutes.
They have something to say.
It was a terrible accident
It was true that you were late.

6. It will be wise to go without her.

7. There has been heavy rain today.
8. There were many people at the concert.
9. There is a cow in the garden.
10. We were sent into the world simply to make money.
11. The telephone was invented by Graham Bell.
12. We shall be blamed by everyone.
13. She is going to the market.
14. My friends are coming here in the evening.
15. We will visit my uncle next week.
16. They have arrived already.
17. He may show you the way.
18. We have heard the news.
19. It was a great party.
20. I would sing tomorrow in a function.
21. She cant hear him.
22. Nisha had a pet Sam dog.
23. It would be late to return.
24. The sheep were in the field.
25. We could see him dancing.
26. They were making a noise.
27. They will be staying with us
28. We may have a holiday tomorrow.
29. There are two letters for you.
30. The audience was enjoying the program.
Q.3 (A) Underline Nouns and state whether it is Common Noun or Proper Noun.
1. My mother is cooking Rajasthani food for me.
2. Rina went London to study.
3. Indian Airlines flies to many cities.
4. These children are not from our school.
5. Our new chief minister is Mr. Vijay Rupani.
6. Oppo cellphones have the best result among other mobiles.
7. My parents will go to visit Gandhi Ashram.
8. We get milk from the Amul Dairy.
9. Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of our Nation.
10. Metro trains run only at Mumbai and Delhi.
11. Students are not allowed to wear watch in the school.
12. Best primary school is in Maninagar.
13. Children like to eat icecream and chocolates.
14. Oxford University is a well-known university.
15. We brought tables and chairs from Happy Furniture shop.
16. Bible is the holy book of Christians.
17. She gave me a Titan watch as a gift on my birthday.
18. Lisa has a pet cat named Tabby.
19. The Kamla Nehru Zoo has an elephant named Raja.
20. I went to Pizza hut last Saturday
21. We saw whales in Pacific Ocean.
22. I live in the state of India.
23. We went to Kullu-Manali for vacation.
24. The Mumbai Indians are good players.
25. The Times of India newspaper is awarded the best newspaper of the year.
Q.3 (B) Classify the following Nouns into Countable and Uncountable Nouns.

Eg:- coffee, child, oil, juice, apple, noodles, rice, rain,, soup, television, friend, traffic, luggage, sugar
cubes, hair, stars, pancake, salt, bushes, water, flour, bread, sand, butter, jam, plates, eggs, bowls,
scissors, stones, chair, milk, basket, rose, pupil, love, music, table, windows, bangle
Q.3 Fill in the blanks with suitable Collective Nouns from the given brackets.
( crew, committee, crowd, class, herd, jury, mob, regiment, pride, school, clump, fleet, team, cluster,
bunch, family, pride, bouquet, company, gaggle, bunch, gang, set, band, suite )
1. There was a large ______ on the street.
2. The ________ found the prisoner guilty.
3. The police dispersed the _____.
4. Our _____ consists of seventy pupils.
5. We saw _____ of cattle grazing in the field.
6. Our ___ won the match by two goals
7. We saw a ____ of ships in the harbour.
8. The ship has a ____ of a hundred sailors.
9. A ____ of five was appointed.
10. A ______ of sheep was seen in the field.
11. The _____ of soldiers has marched away.
12. A _____ of five members died in a plane crash.
13. They lost a ____ of keys near the river.
14. The newly married couple was presented by a ______ of flowers.
15. We saw a ______ of lions in Gir forest.
16. The ______ of trees were destroyed in fire.
17. We saw a _____ of fish from the ship.
18. The _____ of stars can be seen clearly by binoculars.
19. My mother purchased a _____ of grapes for me.
20. A _____ of tool box was lost on the site.
21. She booked a _____ of room in the hotel.
22. A ______ of geese were playing in the farm.
23. A ______ of musician won the talent show.
24. A ________ of actors celebrated their success.
25. The police caught a _____ of thieves.
Q.4. (A) Rewrite the following sentences changing the nouns from Singular to Plural with other
necessary changes.
1. The child saw a sheep in the field.
2. That ox is mine.
3. The house was made of brick and stone.
4. A deer was caught by a hunter.
5. A wolf is a wild animal.
6. The farmer is ploughing his field.
7. The goose is swimming in the pond.
8. A potato is a vegetable.
9. Has the baby any sister?
10. An apple grows on a tree.
11. A bad bow hides his fault.
12. The leaf falls from the tree.
13. The nurse carries the babies.
14. A woman loves her husband.
15. A mother is kind to her little child.
16. The sheep is grazing in the field.
17. A fox has a tail.
18. A tiger is sleeping in its cage.
19. A girl is dancing on the stage.

20. A clown is performing with a ringmaster in the circus.

21. I will go with my uncle.
22. The furniture of my house is quite new.
23. My uncle scolded his son for being late.
24. My tooth was broken during fighting.
25. The book is lost from the shelf.
26. A policeman failed to catch a thief.
27. An apple cannot be cut with blunt knife.
28. The roof of our house is strong.
29. I am playing in the park.
30. I have to make a working model for my school project.
Q.4 (B) Rewrite the following sentences changing the nouns from Plural to Singular with other
necessary changes.
1. Roses are beautiful flowers.
2. These books are very interesting.
3. Birds build their nests on trees.
4. These children have bad teeth.
5. The women with their daughters were present.
6. Lives of great men teach us how to live nobly.
7. These sheep have no wool on them.
8. Monkeys have long tails.
9. Honest servants are liked by their masters.
10. Dogs are good friends to men.
11. Thieves are afraid of policemen.
12. Good children never tells lie.
13. Those women were carrying their babies.
14. Those boys are reading their books.
15. These workmen have no enemies.
16. The rooms are full of furniture.
17. Those geese were in the farm.
18. Their parents attended the meeting with principal.
19. The lions were roaring on elephants.
20. All husbands are angry on their wives.
21. The ministers were asked to give resignation.
22. Many children participated in singing competition.
23. There are vegetable and fruit stalls in the markets.
24. The tube lights were broken during shifting.
25. Those donkeys are braying on the streets.
26. The babies are playing in the cradles.
27. These workmen are on strike.
28. Those washermen washed the clothes at the rivers.
29. The milkmen comes to give milk to all houses.
30. The boxes of chocolates are distributed.
Q.4. (C) Classify the following Nouns into Gender.[Masculine/ Feminine/ Common/ Neuter]
Eg:- accountant, ball, master, niece, parent, forest, artist, manager, uncle, father, broom, groom,
lioness, designer, computer, pupil, gymnastic, engineer, tigress, singer, empress, building rock,
husband, teacher, socks, son, playground, mother, lawyer, cake, card, madam, king, wind, witch, sky,
ram, floor, ladies
Q.5 (A) Rewrite the following sentences changing the nouns from Feminine to Masculine with
other necessary changes.
1. The queen went to the palace.

2. She goes to office in her car.

3. The mother loved the eldest daughter very much.
4. The ducks and pens are swimming in the pond.
5. Our madam punished all the girls in the school.
6. The hen and goose are in the field.
7. The cows are grazing in the field.
8. The tigress took care of its cubs
9. The witch mal-practiced on the poor girl.
10. The bride got ready for her marriage.
11. That mare came first in the race.
12. My niece will meet my wife.
13. All the wives participated in the Mrs. World competition.
14. She gave a packet of biscuits to bitch.
15. The shepherdess was awarded for her honesty.
16. Her grandmother visited my mother last week.
17. My daughter-in-law got promotion.
18. Mrs. Best is our head mistress.
19. The government banned the cow-meat.
20. The cow-elephant showed a trick in the circus.
21. Someone killed her she-goat.
22. Our madam never punishes boys.
23. My mother-in-law behaves well with her daughter.
24. The goose are in the farm.
25. The maid-servant had a fight with her landlady.
Q..5(B) Rewrite the following sentences changing the nouns from Masculine to Feminine with
other necessary changes.
1. The tiger sprang at the throat of the hunter.
2. That widower is the father of six sons.
3. That man is a poet and priest.
4. The prince punished the actor who was a traitor.
5. His nephew and brothers came to see him.
6. The prince took pity on the poor man.
7. He brought him to his palace.
8. The lion carried away the son of a washer man.
9. The king gave the wizard a prize.
10. The bridegroom was an old man riding a white horse.
11. The king gave the shepherd a prize as he saved the life of his son.
12. The policeman blew his whistle.
13. The emperor was angry with the prince.
14. The widower was living with his son.
15. My nephew came to meet my father.
16. The fox hunted the buck.
17. The lion chased the stag.
18. It was a bachelors party.
19. The hero played a role of a host.
20. The emperor welcomed all the gentlemen.
21. His father has a cock.
22. My nephew liked my son
23. The poet received the prize from the king.
24. The tiger killed the hero of the play.
25. He has a bull and a horse.
Q.6 (A) Fill in the blanks with appropriate Conjunctions from brackets given.
1. Night came on ___ the sky grew dark. (and/or)

2. I shall be surprised ____ you fail. (but/if)

3. He failed ___ he tried again. (but/if)
4. I waited ____ the train arrived. (so/till)
5. The box was heavy ____ he could not carry it. (as/so)
6. _____ poor, he is honest. (though/as)
7. He was punished ___ he was guilty. (because/so)
8. He failed _____ he did not work hard. (so/because)
9. She must weep ____ she will die. (or/and)
10. Walk quickly ____ you will not catch the train. (till/or)
11. _____ you tell me the truth, I shall not forgive you. (as/ unless)
12. Wait here ____ I come. (till/but)
13. We must eat ____ die. (and/or)
14. Walk quickly ____ you will miss the train. (or/because)
15. Stop here ___ gently pass. (as/or)
16. You will get the prize ____ you work hard. (unless/if)
17. You will never pass ____ you do not work hard. (unless/if)
18. He is young _____ wise. (and/but)
19. He is poor ____ people love him. (but/so)
20. I will do this ____ I am allowed. (as/so)
21. Always brush your teeth ____a meal.(before/since)
22. I will not let you go ___you confess. (until/so)
23. My dog enjoys being bathed ____ hates getting his nails trimmed. (but/because)
24. You can eat your cake with a spoon ____ fork. (and/or)
25. His two favourite sports are tennis ____ cricket. (and/or)
26. I want to go the beach ___ Sachin refused. (because/but)
27. I am vegetarian ____ I dont eat any meat. (so/if)
28. You wont pass the test ___ you study well. (if/unless)
29. She is honest ___ everyone trusts her. (as/so)
30. I could not get a seat ____ I came early. (though/since)
Q.6. (B) Join the following sentences with suitable conjunctions.
1. He is clever. He is idle.
2. He ran fast. He missed the train.
3. I waited. The train arrived.
4. We loved her. We honoured her.
5. Harry failed. He was idle.
6. He is poor. He is contended.
7. The box was heavy. He could not carry it.
8. He is rich. He is not happy.
9. The ground is wet. We cannot play today.
10. The teacher was very angry the boys laughed at him.
11. Tell me the truth. I shall punish you.
12. He failed. He tried his best.
13. He was afraid of being late. He ran.
14. Sita is tall. Kamla is taller.
15. I was ill. I could not go to the meeting.
16. You must start at once. You will be late for school.
17. I could not go to school. It was raining hard.
18. Cats can climb trees. Dogs cannot.
19. My car has a radio. My car has a CD player.
20. I was on time. Everyone else was late.
21. Tom likes to read. Tom likes to write.
22. She was late to work. Her boss made her stay after 5 Oclock.
23. The movie got 5 stars. I watched it.
24. Everybody likes him. He is a nice person.

25. Keep quiet. Go out.

26. It was a difficult exam. I passed it.
27. She worked hard. She made a lot of money.
28. She was very poor. She never asked for help.
29. It was very expensive. I bought it.
30. I could not attend the meeting. I was very ill.
Q.6. Fill in the blanks with suitable Interjections
1. _____ She is dead now.
2. ____ My brother has topped his class.
3. _____ I have cut my thumb.
4. ____ We have won the match.
5. ____ I have got a severe headache.
6. ____I have burnt my finger.
7. ____ We have won the cricket match.
8. _____ I have lost my English book.
9. ____ What a beautiful painting!
10. ____ My cat is dead.
11. ______ We lost the match.
12. ____ What a lovely house!
13. _____ Is it Mahesh on the phone?
14. ____ I have a bad pain.
15. ____ We are going for a picnic.
16. ---- Dont make noise.
17. ____ What a victory!
18. ___ The diamonds are sparkling.
19. ____ The boy has won a medal.
20. ____ Theres a fly in my soup.
21. ____ I have lost my dog.
22. ___ Tomorrow is a holiday.
23. ____ The TajMahal is so beautiful.
24. ____ How careless of me to drop the glass.
25. ---- That was a superb boundary.
Q.7. (A) Match the following Synonyms
Angry- enraged
Answer- reply
Brave- bold
Crooked- curved
Destroy- ruin
Famous:- well-known

Amazing- wonderful
Beautiful- lovely
Calm- quiet
Renounce-give up



Q.7 (B) Match the following Antonyms



Q.7 Fill in the blanks with appropriate Homophones

from the brackets given.
1. She purchased a ____ of silk for her blouse. (metre/meter)
2. A butcher sells _____. (meet/meat)
3. We all wished her a _____ Christmas. (marry/merry)
4. Pick up your _____after a picnic. (litre/litter)
5. Please ____ a minute. (wait/weight)
6. All ____ Raman were present. (accept/except)
7. I cannot ____your offer. (accept/except)
8. Our country has an _____ of imports over exports. (access/excess)
9. Bad weather is sure to ____ her health. (affect/effect)
10. The wound in the ____ took a long time to ____ (heal/heel)
11. My advice had no ____ on him. (affect/effect)
12. Lets go out to have some fresh ____. (air/heir)
13. The ____ are grazing in the park. (cattle/kettle)
14. They boiled some water in ______. (cattle/kettle)
15. How _____ the sky looks! (blew/blue)
16. I cannot ____ this insult. (bear/bare)
17. Has your bicycle no ____? (break/brake)
18. Please ____ these figures. (cheque/check)
19. What is the ___ of this book? (cost/coast)
20. He has lost his eye ____. (sight/site)
21. Have they chosen a ____ for the new school? (cite/site)
22. Give me a ____ of paper. (piece/peace)
23. The lion is a beast of _____. (pray/prey)
24. Is it made of ____ (metal/mettle) or ______? (would/wood)
25. That dog is too dangerous to be left ____. (lose/loose)
26. Our _____ is a man of ______ (principle/principal)
27. He is the ____ of our club. (precedent/president)

28. The ____ have destroyed the crops. (reins/rains)

29. She buys milk and butter from the _____. (dairy/diary)
30. Who is the ____ of this building? (owner/honour)
31. She has written a ___ to her husband. (latter/letter)
32. What is the railway ____ from Ahmedabad to Mumbai? (fair/fare)
33. Bread is made of ____. (Floor/flour)
34. Do you ____ anything about Mr Khanna? (no/know)
35. A cold wind ____ the whole night. (blue/blew)
Q. 8 (A) Compo

My school library
My school Bag
My grand father
My favourite game
My pet dog
A visit to our field trip
How I celebrated my birthday
Books our best friends

Q 8. (B) Picture Composition- unseen

Q.8. Comprehension- unseen