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Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Acknowledgement __________________________________________ 3
Analysis___________________________________________________ 4
Description of the problem _____________________________________ 4
Objectives of Proposed Solution_________________________________ 5
Description of Existing Solution__________________________________ 7
Evaluation of Existing Solution___________________________________ 9
Description of Proposed Solution_________________________________ 10
Description of Other solutions____________________________________ 9
Design_____________________________________________________ 10
Action Plan__________________________________________________ 11
System Flowchart_____________________________________________12
Method of Solution____________________________________________ 13
Hardware to be used__________________________________________ 14
Software to be used___________________________________________ 15
Description of Method of Solution________________________________ 17
Accurate method of Solution____________________________________ 18
Programming Code___________________________________________ 19
Testing____________________________________________________ 20
Test Strategy________________________________________________ 21
Test outcomes_______________________________________________ 22
Documentation______________________________________________ 23
Technical Documentation_______________________________________ 24
User Guide__________________________________________________ 25


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Firstly I would like to pay regards to my Computer Studies teacher Sir Qadeer Ahmed who
tirelessly helped me in order to make my project better and to correct any flaws present in it.
Sir Tahir also played a very important role and without his support and assistance I wouldnt
have been able to make even the bit of it. I greatly appreciate efforts and hard work of both of
them. My parents were a great source of inspiration for me and without their support it would
have been a challenging and tough task for me. At last I would like to thank everyone who
supported me during the making of this project.


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Description of the problem

Fazal Din is a pharmacy and I chose it to computerize its stock control. It is currently
renowned pharmacy in the area of Baghbanpura and is supplying a vast range of
drugs and medicines to the customers. It offers miscellaneous drugs and medicines
which are not offered by any other of the pharmacy nearby. In a world of counterfeit
and spurious drugs, the name Fazal Din's stand out for its commitment to quality and
reliability and they take innumerable steps to ensure the genuineness of the
medicine that is sold through any of the Fazal Din's stores. They have also got some
imported medicines & drugs from Germany and other countries which are not seen
in any other pharmacy in whole district. They have got almost every pharmaceutical
item required by the majority of people suffering from different diseases. They have
got several branches throughout Lahore.

Fact Finding:

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

In order to find the problem that is to be resolved I am going to perform Fact Finding
through Observation & Questionnaires.
Advantages of Observation:

It is a cheap method relatively to other techniques of Fact Finding.

I could see exactly what is being done in the pharmacy.

Disadvantages of Observation:

The workers could get uncomfortable because of my detailed survey.

It may happen that what I would watch wouldnt be a part of routine work.

Advantages of Questionnaires:

Its a fast method of analyzing the pharmacys problem.

The questions given in it can be quickly answered.

Disadvantage of Questionnaires:

There is no instant way to clear an unclear question.

Its quite a difficult task to prepare a questionnaire.

A sample of Questionnaire:

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Kindly tick the option of your choice.

q.1) Is manual system user-friendly and suitable?


q.2) Is there enough space for storage of documents?

q.3) Are there much signs of human error in documents?


q.4) Is the operation of manual system time consuming?



q.5) Is the searching of records a problematic task?



q.6) Do the generation of reports take time?



q.7) Do the updating of information a problem?



Nature of problem to be solved:


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

After Fact Finding I found that the pharmacy is facing problems in the stock
management and control. The reason is that all of the work is done manually which
is now causing difficulties to manage the stock efficiently. To store much information
and records manually is quite a tiresome and complicated task as it takes up much
space. Its facing problems in daily calculations e.g. sales sheet, purchase sheets,
how much stock bought from specific suppliers, how much stock is present, which
medicines & drugs are to be bought in greater quantity and which in smaller quantity.
The manual system operation is time consuming as whole information has to be
written down on paper and there could be mistakes due to human error e.g. writing
the total sales as $20,000 rather than $200,000. Searching of a specific record is
also an enormous problem as each record has to be checked individually to obtain
the required one. Generation of different reports is time consuming and updating of
information is quite a tiresome task.


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Organizational Objectives:
Following are the organizational objectives for a computerized stock control system
1) For more efficient sales and purchase record preservation.
2) For more efficient handling and processing of data.
3) To reduce paperwork required for stock control.
4) To keep up-to-date information of all medicines and drugs.
5) To keep up-to-date information of all suppliers.
6) To keep up-to-date information of all customers.
7) To save time in finding and searching records.
8) To provide such an environment to save or make efficient use of resources.
9) To preserve data more securely by keeping regular backups.
10) To reduce human error while performing calculations and preparing invoices.
11) To lessen the burden on employees.
12) To increase business growth by having well-organized stock.
13) To formulate an effective way of producing sales sheets, printouts and reports.
14) To cut down labour cost as less manual work is there.

Automation Objectives:

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Following are automation objectives for a computerized stock control system.

1) To make analysis more easy through plotting of charts and graphs.
2) To link the data stored on different files.
3) To apply search conditions and queries for quick data retrieval.
4) To increase the accuracy of stock control.
5) To create a database for better stock management.
6) To provide a user friendly interface for the user.
7) To allow easy access to records.
8) To manage data in a better way through usage of forms.
9) To automatically update the database if any change is made.
10) To sort the database in any specific manner e.g. alphabetically.
11) To easily edit, amend and delete records.

Description of Existing Solution

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Whenever stock finishes and pharmacy requires fresh stock then a purchase request
(containing information about order) is written to General Manager Finance, which is
authorized by the Sales Manager. Upon receiving this note General Manager
Finance takes action by contacting the suppliers and sending them a purchase note
in which the amount, name, manufacturer name of pharmaceutical items to be
purchased is given. Well the General Manager Finance uses different data capture
methods to contact suppliers. Usually he writes a letter or quotation for placing order
which includes all the necessary information about the pharmaceutical items. He
also uses e-mail facility when any pharmaceutical item is to be bought from the
foreign suppliers. Along with these methods he sometimes uses telephone facility to
place order to suppliers that are well known to him and explains all the elements of
order to them. After the supply is made the delivery note is also received which
checked with information on the invoice and after verification the supplier is paid
through cheque or cash by the General Manager Finance.
Furthermore all the work is done manually on paper and in registers. There are some
registers reserved for different groups in which all entries are made. Whenever a
new customer comes then the name of that customer is added manually in Customer
Register. Whenever a new supplier is contacted then his details are added manually
to Supplier Register. When new pharmaceutical items are purchased then their
details are entered manually in the Pharmaceutical items Register. Furthermore the
sales and purchase invoices are prepared manually. Reports and notices are also
prepared manually.


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

The following flowchart shows the description of existing solution

Evaluation of the existing solution

There are very few advantages of current manual system which are as following

Advantages of current solution:


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Manual system is quite cheap as it just requires simple and cheaper equipment to
operate rather than an automated system.

There are very less chances of system breakdown because there are no dangers
of virus, hacking etc.

Manual system can be operated by almost anyone not just the skilled or trained
persons which reduces employment costs.

Manual system may not require any sort of problem-solving as its quite simple and
not sophisticated like a computerized system.

However the disadvantages over-power advantages which are as following

Disadvantages of current solution:

The process of reordering of stock is usually slow which may cause temporary
shortage of stock.

The storage of vast amount of registers and documents is a big problem.

Large amount of paper is required for different purposes which can be costly.
There may be misplacement of information and it may be difficult to regain it.
The chances of human error are much because mistakes could be made in
calculations by the employees.

Searching any particular record from tones of records is a very tiresome task.
Sometimes the employees are unable to notice that any pharmaceutical item has
been finished unless demanded by customer.

Usually employee has to enter information in different places in order to produce

reports, which is quite an exhaustive job.

Suggested Improvements:
Some steps that could be taken to enhance the working of manual system could be
that the pharmacy employs more labour which would be responsible for monitoring
of stock level and informing when it runs low. Secondly it could place the registers or
records in any specific manner e.g. alphabetically which would assist in searching so

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

that it has more grip over stock control. In order to increase the security of major
documents e.g. a document containing information about the products to be bought,
pharmacy could produce backup of them by writing them on separate register and
then placing it in a secured place.

Description of other possible solutions

Description of the proposed new solution:
Fazal Din Pharmacy can use application software as a solution for the current
scenario. Basically its a Be spoke software (means custom made) which can be

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

used to meet the requirements of automating the stock control system for the
pharmacy. This application software/ be spoke software is Database Management
System (DBMS). And that DBMS which we are going to use is Microsoft Access. By
using this software we can create a database for maintaining all the stock
information. The Database Management System (Microsoft Access) offer facilities
like deleting, sorting, amending, adding, extracting, updating records and using
queries and search conditions.

It can be used by a novice person as it doesnt require much skill.
Its quite easy and simple to learn.
Its user friendly with an interactive interface.
It contains help facility through which any sort of problem can be resolved if its
solution is present.

There are different Wizards that facilitate in designing a new system.

Different features of DBMS helps to automate a manual processes.
It can be modified/updated as the companys requirements.
As it doesnt contain any unwanted features it can prove to be very powerful.

The development time to automate a process could be long as compared to an Offthe-shelf (ready-made) software package.

Assistance would be required of person expert in Microsoft Access.

Its less likely to be as well developed/ tested as ready-made software.
Its much expensive as all the development costs are to be met by the pharmacy.

Description of other solution:

The other solution for the pharmacy includes the use of Off-the-shelf/ ready-made
software package. The ready-made software packages are developed and prewritten by different software developing companies. There is a rapid increase in their
number, in variety and quality. These packages are flexible and assist the user in

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

their operation by providing various facilities. These include the things that the
company thinks would be beneficial for the users, yet they still contain many
unwanted things. However they are becoming increasingly popular in IT world.

They are less expensive since development costs can be spread over many users.
The package is immediately available as theres no need to wait for the
development period.

They are tried and trusted software since they are highly developed.
They are designed on general basis so are likely to contain many features.

The package can be over-complex as it tries to cover all possible aspects.
It may be difficult to learn it as it may contain many unwanted features.
It may not exactly fit with pharmacy requirements.
The user has to be skilled in order to operate it correctly.
It may not be fixed immediately since it may cause problems with users.
It cant be customized according to pharmacys desire.

Upon the basis of all the information given above I would like to propose Microsoft
Access through which Fazal Din Pharmacy can create and develop a database. The
reason why I am rejecting the use of ready-made software is that because it may
happen that it doesnt meet all the requirements of the pharmacy and the money
would be lost. So, Microsoft Access is the finest solution and complete in every way.


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Action Plan:
Prior to the design of a brand new system, this will be my action plan and the time
schedule in which Ill be telling my whole timetable of the different stages of this
coursework creation.
1. The procedure of fact finding would be completed in about 5 days.
2. We first have the whole description of problem which would be completed in 3
3. The section of Objectives would be completed in 3 days.
4. Description of the existing solution would be completed in 6 days.
5. Evaluation of existing solution would be completed in 2 day.
6. Description of other possible solutions would be completed in 1 day.
Completion of Analysis Phase is in 20 days.

Action plan would be completed in 3 days.

System Flowchart would be made in 3 days.
Description of method of solution would be completed in 10 days.
The section of Hardware would be covered in 8 days.
The section of Software would be covered in 8 days.

Completion of Design Phase is in 32 days.

1. The stage of Description of Method of Solution would be covered in 12 days.
2. Accurate Method of Solution section would be completed in 8 days.
3. Programming Code would be covered in 3 days.
Completion of Implementation is in 23 days.

1. The stage of Test Strategy would be done in 9 days.
2. The Test results would be completed in 7 days.
Completion of Testing Phase would be in 16 days.
1. The Technical Documentation would be completed in 15 days.

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

2. The User Guide would be completed in 10 days.

Completion of Documentation Phase would be in 25 days.

System Evaluation:
1. The Evaluation would be done in a period of 4 days.
2. The Development stage would be completed in 2 days.
Completion of System Evaluation would be in 6 days.
The total time period that would be taken to fulfill all stages of this project are 122
days (4 months).
Furthermore this whole plan could be illustrated on a GANTT chart which is given



Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

System Flowchart of solution


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

System Flowchart for logging in the database:


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

System Flowchart for new medicine in stock:


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

System Flowchart for searching a medicine record:


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

System Flowchart for editing a medicine record:


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

System Flowchart for deleting a medicine record:


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

System Flowchart for viewing report:


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Description of the method of solution


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Processor: The processor must be Pentium III or better.
Its purpose is that it would be used to speed up the function of database and of the

If the processor is good then processing could be done with greater pace and the
use of multi-tasking would further get better.

RAM (Random Access Memory): RAM must be of 128 MB or better.

It is very necessary for better and rapid processing and retrieval of information from

It makes multi-tasking more rapid and the working of Microsoft Access would be

Hard Drive: The hard drive should be at least of 40GB capacity should be used.
We can store huge amount of data in the hard drive permanently.
The database could be easily stored in it and space required by paperwork is not

Monitor: A High Resolution 17 monitor should be used.

In order to view all the information regarding the stock e.g. reports, forms.
It would produce clear and sharp output text on screen which could be easily read.
Printer: A HP Inkjet Printer should be used.
By using a printer we could print the forms and reports when required.
Inkjet Printer produces high quality printout and has a reasonable price.
Keyboard: A QWERTY keyboard should be used.
It is used to enter the information about stock into the computer.
It is quicker to key in the data with little practice then to write everything using pen.
Mouse: A standard PS/2 or a USB mouse should be required.

Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

It is used in navigation and for making selections.

It is used to open programs and applications and could be used to input data.

Backup Storage Device: A USB/Flash drive should be used.

It can be used to create backups to keep a copy of precious data.
It has a range of storage capacity e.g. 2GB, 4GB, 8GB.


Fazal Din Sales & Stock Control System

Operating System: Windows XP must be used and its a renowned operating
system and is most commonly used.
It offers a better Graphical User Interface than Windows 2003 and Windows ME
which would help the user to work in an efficient manner.
It is usually compatible with most of the hardware which helps to use it on various
computer systems in the office e.g. Pentium III, Pentium 4 etc.

Microsoft Access 2007: We are using Microsoft Access 2007 to design our
whole database.
It offers us the facility of generation of reports which would give us the information
from the database according to the parameters we have given.
It offers easy sorting of the records and the use of queries which helps us to arrange
the records in a specific manner e.g. alphabetically. The use of queries helps us to
obtain the required record quickly by inputting some commands.

Microsoft Word 2007: Using Microsoft Word 2007 we are writing our whole
It offers the facility of importing graphics and pictures which may be used to explain
something using diagrams, for attaching screenshots or banners & logos.
It offers us the facility of copy and paste/cut and paste which is used to prevent the
need of retyping sections of text or to move/remove text.