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When we were young, we cried on the slightest of things and took even the pettie
st of issues on heart. We played all evening and came back home with injured kne
es and bleeding ankles. Life was so carefree and yet so adventurous. We were dep
endent on people yet we took everything for granted. We were the centre of atten
tion without actually putting any effort. No matter we cried or laughed, we were
in the limelight, ALWAYS.
Childhood was surely the best part of our life. Our actions required no initial
thinking as such and we didn t bother to think about the consequences. We did eve
rything for pure pleasure and for the sake of having fun. Enjoyment was the law
of life. It was good to be senseless and reckless, good to feel adrenaline pumpi
ng high and the excitement and zeal which came all along merely on the sight of
candies. It was the time when just a swing could take us to the top of the world
. Mum was the only hero and Dad s shoulders were the highest place on earth! Our sibli
ngs were supposed to be our worst enemies and the only thing that could hurt was
a skinned knee. We didn t care about ourselves but we could give our lives for th
e treasured toys. Either obsessed with dolls or remote control cars anything and e
verything which seemed appealing was like love at first sight. The most importan
t thing was that as children we were not so self-absorbed and egoistic. We saw l
ife simply as it was and lived it to the fullest. We could get all dirty without
fretting on our image and pride. We had the facility to speak out our mind inst
ead of making assumptions of how our message would be taken.
Now that we have grown up, we realize that injured knees and bleeding ankles ar
e so much better than broken hearts. The pain we suffered as children was worth
what we did. It actually gave a sense of satisfaction and feeling of pride. The
pain we have to suffer now as adults tortures the soul more than it tortures the
body. Broken knees can be mended but broken hearts only bring discontent. It wa
s so much easier then when Goodbye only meant till tomorrow and whenever the sun s
hone again, it was the start of a whole new brand day, a fresh new journey. Lif
e then as innocent children was a lot better than life now as so-called sensible
and mature people. If this maturity is the cause of frustration, pain and agony
I would love to go back to my trifling and babyish days