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Reliance Industries Limited Jamnagar

KBR provides Alkylation, Hydrocrackers,

Hydrotreaters for Jamnagar Export Refinery

Company Profile KBR

s a process technology licensor,

KBRs Technology Business
Unit is continuously focused on
developing ideas focused on growth
and sustainability in the petroleum,
petrochemical, fertilizer and synthesis
gas sectors. This endeavor produces
thus-far untapped opportunities,
allowing KBR to take advantage of
technology advances and customer
specific synergistic interdependencies.
KBR gets involved early in the
planning and conceptual phase with
our clients to develop solutions to
their challenges, big or small. KBR is
a well-known leader in the refining
market, having designed or constructed
more than 50 grassroots refineries
and more than 1000 refining units
over the past 70 years. Our state-ofthe-art technologies, backed by our
extensive experience with refining
processes, represent our long-standing
commitment to provide leading-edge,
cost-effective solutions for the ever
changing refining needs.

While Reliance Industries original

greenfield refinery was a great success,
and still stands as a landmark achievement, the continuing desire to excel
lead RIL to seek a) Flexibility in working
with a variety of challenging crudes, and
b) Capacity expansion through the new
heavy crude refinery to take advantage
of the projected growth in transportation
fuel demands.
During the first six years of operations, the original Jamnagar refinery had
operated at high efficiencies clearly outperforming the average utilization rates
of refineries in the rest of the world.
The challenge in front of the new export
facility was the need to process much
heavier and higher sulfur crudes and
produce Euro V grade products to meet
the increasingly stringent international
environmental requirements. All of this
needed to be done in record time, under
difficult procurement and construction
market conditions.
While it was only logical that the
expansion of the refinery would involve

Reliance Jamnagar Export Refinery: Diesel Hydro-Desulfurization Unit

substantial duplication of the existing assets, the new fuel regulations

required substantially different finishing
units. It is in this part of the refinery
that KBR played an integral role.
KBR, along with our alliance partner
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
(EMRE), were awarded multiple fixedprice contracts for the new refinery, covering license and basic engineering packages for the entire clean fuels block.
The units included the worlds largest Alkylation unit (84.000 bpsd alkylate), two of the worlds largest distillate hydrotreater units (130,000 bpsd
each), an LCO hydrocracker (60,000
bpsd), a Motor Gasoline Desulfurization
unit (54,000 bpsd), and the largest
Isomerization Dewaxing process unit
(65,000 bpsd) in the world. All these
units were licensed through the EMRE/
KBR alliance and the Basic Engineering
package and project support were
executed from KBRs worldwide headquarters in Houston Texas.
The basic design for these units was
completed in 2005/2006 and the units
were successfully started up in 2008.
Today these units together produce the
largest volume of premium grade transportation fuel products from a single
site in the world.
In early 2005, EMRE and KBR were
awarded the license and basic engineering for the first set of units associated
with the Clean Fuels block. This included
the first Diesel Hydrodesulfurization
unit, the LCO hydrocracker and the
Gasoline Desulfurization units. With the
announcement of the new JERP refinery in October 2005, this scope was
extended to include a second Diesel
Desulfurization Unit and a Post Treat
In early 2006, Reliance Industries
Ltd. chose EMREs sulfuric acid alkylation technology for the Jamnagar export
refinery. The 84,000 bpsd unit is capa-


About KBR

KBR in India
KBR has operated in India since 1974
and the India office is home to technical
sales and a growing global engineering
center. KBRs India office has been an
important asset to KBR since its opening in 2008.

The global engineering center in

Gurgaon supports Indian clients through
technical services, carrying out basic
engineering design, and operator training simulator designs for the companys
technology offerings.
Jaspal Singh, India Head and
Director Operations for KBR, said: The
Indian refining industry has seen large
investments in the recent years both
in the public and private sectors for
capacity increase, value addition and
to meet more stringent product quality
requirements for the domestic as well
as export markets.
In the expanded refining/petrochemical sector, there will be significant
low cost opportunities to improve the
efficiency of operations of both the new
and old assets through integration, utilization of additional available feed-stocks
for value addition in the existing refineries and refining systems and to exploit
the design margins in the new plants
for capacity increase and optimization
of operations. The India office will focus
on carrying out studies in these areas to
assist the clients to formulate their strategies for growth, particularly through nil
or low capital investment.
With thousands of successful projects worldwide, KBR combines its technology expertise with full engineering,
procurement and construction services
to help clients maximize the value of
their assets.

KBR Technology
Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 122 002
Haryana, India
Tel: + 91 124 455 7600
Fax: + 91 124 455 7620

Company Profile KBR

ble of utilizing mixed butylenes and isobutane feed stocks, and features eight
large reactors that incorporate the highest unit capacity design in the world.
These large trains provide economies
of scale that reduce capital expenses
and operating costs. The EMRE sulfuric acid alkylation is thermodynamically
superior over other competing options
and the process has been operating in
multiple units worldwide for more than
50 years. New plant designs, such as
Jamnagar, benefit from significant cost
and reliability improvements developed
over the years.
Working with Reliance Industries
requires technology providers to maintain a high degree of excellence while
remaining nimble to be effective within
very tight schedule constraints. This
required a sustained commitment to the
project, and long working hours and personal sacrifices of very on eon the team.
Today, we at KBR look back with great
satisfaction and pride at our role in the
project and our contribution as a critical
technology provider to the success of the
worlds largest state of the art refinery,

Reliance Industries Limited Jamnagar

RIL Jamnagar Export Refinery: Post Treat Unit & common facilities

KBR, Inc. is a leading global engineering, construction and services company

supporting the energy, hydrocarbon,
government services, minerals, civil
infrastructure, power and industrial
markets in more than 45 countries
worldwide. As a leader in many growing
end-markets, KBR delivers a wide range
of services through its Hydrocarbons;
Infrastructure, Government and Power;
and Services business groups.
Based in Houston, Texas, KBR
provides services to a diverse customer base, including international
and national oil and gas companies,
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KBR safely delivers any project,
any time, in any environment for the
benefit of our customers, shareholders,
employees and the communities we
serve. The size and scale of our worldwide operations allows KBR to deliver
services even in the most remote and
challenging environments. As a result,
oil and gas customers increasingly
make investment decisions to monetize
energy reserves located in such environments around the globe and are able
to take advantage of current crude oil
and natural gas prices that make these
investments more economically viable.