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Nothing but good news and good people doing great things

from the Arlington, Cherry, Ladd, Seatonville/Hollowayville, Spring Valley, and Dalzell area

A John the Barber Foundation Publication


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Local Farmer, Cherry Scouts

Team Up to Feed the Hungry

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over being
right, and
youll be
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What does 5,000 pounds of potatoes look like?

LaMoille farmer Greg Fischer and the Cherry Boy
Scouts know. No matter how you make them....
mashed, baked, au gratin, french fries.....that feeds a
lot of people. This fall Greg donated his crop and the
Cherry scouts took care of the gathering,
cleaning, and bagging. All ended up at local food
pantries and went on to feed deserving folks in the
area. What an awesome example for others to
follow! Thank you Greg for the great idea and
awesome gift!

Olie Freeburgs Story in Up Ravioli Alley

Inspires Reader to do something Great!
We posted last months article from URA about unknown Cherry Mine Disaster hero Olie
Freeberg onto the Cherry Mine Disaster Facebook page. We couldnt help ourselves
and mentioned that it would be great if an organization of some kind would provide Olie
with a nice marker (he lies unmarked in the Cherry cemetery). It was mentioned that
Olie himself might appreciate if more if someone assisted the needy a bit during these
rough times. Obviously , that was a great idea! And can you believe this? Gary Gapen of
Verona, WI, formerly of Peru stepped right up and made super donation that will get the
Holy Trinity Cherry Christmas Milk and Cookies Fund raiser over the top!
Soits official.In the name and spirit of Cherry mine hero Olie Freeburg this donation
is helping the needy TODAY! Funny how God works isnt it?
Olie indirectly helping again! Great job Gary! Way to go Olie!
If your non-for-profit organization or church needs
ANYTHING, please let JTB know!
We are now in 2,000 Ravioli Alley mailboxes!
We can get the word out about your events,
need for volunteers, need for donations, etc.

'The John The Barber
on Facebook


Dont Forget:
Cherry United Church of
Christ/Holy Trinity Cherry
Pie & Coffee Social Hour,
first Thursday
(January 2nd)
of each month.
1:30 3:30
at Cherry Church Hall.
Bring a friend!

Legacy Girls
presented by the
Ladd 125th
March 30, 2014
Just a reminder, dont miss
the chance to see this great
act at the Ladd Grade School,
2:00 4:00 p.m.
Saturday March 30, 2014.
The Legacy Girls solute the
Andrews Sisters and other
great artists from the
40s 60s.
For tickets and more info call
Sandy Galetti
at 815.894.2954.

Ladd Grade School Library Renamed in honor of John Piccatto Sr.

A follow up on our article from a couple of months ago honoring long time Ladd
School Board president and community leader John Piccatto Sr.. Following the lead
of John himself, Ladd Grade School leaders have forever renamed their library after
Mr. Piccatto. The very best leaders, like John, not only lead but mentor others to
lead on after they are gone. Super job Ladd School Board!
Matthew 18:21-22 Then Peter came to Him and said "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him....up to seven times?" Jesus said "I do not say to
you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven!" "Ravioli Alley Translation:"
Hey pal, acting in a Christ-like way is not easy. He said that you have to forgive folks
in your neighborhood from the day you go to kindergarten together till 80 years later
when they bury you both. When you think about it though, normally you can forgive
your parents and your kids forever in that way. Just think of that neighborhood fella
as your high maintenance son!

Cherry United Church of Christ/Holy Trinity Cherry

First Thursday Pie & Coffee Social Hour Hits High Water Mark
In case you missed it, the CUCC and HTC
monthly Pie and Coffee Social Hour finished off its first calendar year with a big
BANG! Over 30 guests attended the
Christmas themed event including Santa
himself! Santa Kos Keith Kostelecky of
Lacon was a huge hit. Everyone got a
chance to sit on Santas lap and he entertained the crowd with a beautiful reciting
of The Night Before Christmas.

Al Pottinger gave an awesome accordion

performance of favorite Christmas tunes.
Hats off and THANKS to Keith and Al for
the great show! Cheers to Alice, Bonnie,
Karen, Dawn, and anyone we have forgotten for making this monthly event
such a great and GROWING success. If
you would like to attend and would like
for us to coordinate a ride, please call
Alice at 815.303.7551.

Hey parents and grandparents!

Sign up the kids for St. Pats Arlington/Holy Trinity Cherry
2013-14 Religious Youth Education!
You are doing a great job ensuring that your kids and grandkids physical, social, and educational health is in
good shape. Dont forget their spiritual health! All faiths welcome. Classes on Sunday mornings. Please email
or call Julie at /815.894.2006 (mornings Tuesday Friday) to register your child.





Great comments received about Up Ravioli Alley

Beth Templeton Ruble commented on the John the Barber Facebook page I love this little paper!
Joan Koyak Pacifico Ravioli Alley Alum from Spring Valley now of Stewartsville, NJ said
Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading this very much!! Have to have my mom go buy some of the Ravs in
Dalzell so when I come home I can enjoy!!!
Julia Mautino Messina of Spring Valley says about Up Ravioli Alley:
Charming, upbeat and informative. Bravo!

Hummingbird cake..
A URA reader writes, I was a bit down as I tried to
make conversation with my teenage daughter Friday
evening. She was really giving me a hard time as I
tried to make a bit of conversation. When I asked
what she might want for Christmas I was given a dirty
look and a sarchastic response. Again trying to make
conversation I joked, I love baked goods, I wish
someone would make me a Hummingbird cake for
Christmas. Again I received that same look and
similar comment in return. The entire weekend was
filled with similar little exchanges. By Sunday night I
was truly down. I must really be a bad parent, I
thought. Ive tried hard but I have just not done a

good job with her, I continued. I prayed that the

coming week would be better somehow. Late at
night after she had gone to bed, I began to clean up
the kitchen table
where she had been
doing her homework.
There sitting open in
the book, like a book
marker, was a
handwritten card.
She had been on the
Internet looking up was a recipe for a
Hummingbird cake!

Here is a super easy way to help your Ravioli Alley town

..just wave!
Folks that move away from Ravioli Alley and now live in big cities in various parts of the country will often
warmly and affectionately describe how great it was to grow up here. Among the many great memories
they have is the fact that people in Ravioli Alley will wave all the those they know, those they think
they know, those they dont know!
They often wave while walking or driving down the street. Other
times via an open hand raised up from a steering wheel. A simply Great thing you can do to help your
Ravioli Alley town today is to keep this tradition alive and simply WAVE.
It is the quickest, easiest, and
least complicated way to reach to strangers ( a John the Barber daily goal). Following is a quote from author Jackie Lee Sommers: I grew up in a town of 700, Kimball, MN. We wave alot. A lot of farmers do the
cool thing and raise just one finger from the steering wheel. If I am in any small town, you can see me waving at all the people as I drive by. People will wave back too. It warms my heart.


Eileen Pinter Makes for a Great

BCR First Person

Note from a Dalzell

reader: I'd also like to
thank the John the Barber
foundation for donating
gifts to the children staying at pads! I just learned
that the 14 yr old girl and
her mother were given a
home to move into this
morning!!! Thank you
Jesus! She will still get
her gifts for Christmas.
I'm so excited for them!

Please send on this to

former 'Ravioli Alley'
folks who have left the
area. Get us their email
address and we will
email to them
every month!

What an awesome interview and set of answers Eileen Pinter of Cherry gave
when she was honored as Bureau County Republicans First Person this week!
Among her many excellent comments and answers, when asked what she would
do if someone handed her a million dollars to spend, in true John the Barber
spirit she answered .and the rest would go to the Cherry United Church of
Christ, the Holy Trinity Church, the fire department and the library. Hats off
and THANKS to Eileen for all her great service to the community especially all her
tremendous efforts at the Cherry library over the past many years. Next time
you see Eileen make sure to give her a big thanks for all she has done!
Good people doing Great things!

St. Thomas More Dalzell Promises Great Time and

Fellowship at February 14, 2014 Wine Tasting Fundraiser
Get ready! Escape those late winter doldrums a the St. Thomas More Dalzell
Wine Tasting fundraiser at the church hall Friday Feb 14, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. til
8:30 p.m. Lets hear it for Rudys Liquor of LaSalle for sponsoring the event! A
great selection of wines and domestic beers will be featured along with a wide
array of appetizers and desserts. Tickets are $15/$20 at the door. Enjoy the music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and other stars who will be there IN PERSON!
(Bless me Father for I have sinned..we stretched it a bit at the end of that IN
PERSON part) To order tickets ahead call St. Thomas More secretary Kathy at
815.663.6201, Holy Trinity secretary Julie:815.878.8205, committee volunteers
Nicole Molina 815.579.2431 or Dawn Patenburg: 815.228.4857. If anyone interested in donating raffle items or appetizers/desserts for may also call
committee volunteers.

Ladd American Legion Impresses with

Busy and Thoughtful Holiday Efforts
Wow, Jim Dunseth and his team at the Ladd American Legion didnt relax this
Christmas season. After completing a successful blanket, socks, gloves, and hats
drive to benefit the Operations Warm Troops campaign, the American Legion
gang headed to the LaSalle Veterans Home to provide the residents with bags of
personal items that they required. Before they left the Ladies Auxilary assembled
beautiful Christmas centerpiece for the dinning. Not done yet, the auxiliary also
purchased pocket flags for the deployed troops and lead students at Ladd,
Dalzell, and Cherry in assembling them. If you see an of the Legion or Auxilary
members here this month, make sure to give them a pat on that back! Good
people doing Great things man!





Heres a few quick Rav-notes...

Second year in a row for the overflow crowd at Holy Trinity Cherry 4:00 Christmas eve mass to take in a complete
LIVE virtual mass at the church hall. Awesome mass complete with music, communion, collection, wow! When
you see Mike Klein from Cherry, make sure to thank him for installing the huge screen that made it all possible.
Thanks Mike!
The John the Barber Foundation would like to thank Marty Klein of Cherry for saving and providing us with
some original antique door and window crowns that we will need for the upcoming restoration of the Walter
Waite home. Thanks Marty!
The Cherry Booster Club again this year donated several Christmas dinner baskets to folks in the area who would
appreciate these tough days. The Booster Club has done so much for so many! Good people doing Great
In case you missed it, WOW, the JFK Spring Valley School service day honoring President John F. Kennedy was a
tremendously impressive effort huh? Ask not what your community can do for you. Ask what you can do for
your community. Each class K-8 took on unique community volunteer efforts from raking leaves throughout
town to creating Christmas decorations for the Spring Valley Nursing Home. Teaching our children the tremendous importance and benefits of helping others is likely the most valuable lesson we can give them. John F. Kennedy also said Children are the worlds most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. Kind of one of
those obvious but very important statements. JFK school is hearing it and acting on it loud and clear!
Am sure everyone read about the Project Success Santa Workshop Toy Store Benefit. What a tremendous regular
event that is! This year 200 families and 450 children from all over the area benefited from Christmas gifts of
toys, coat, bicycles and other items that will make their holiday season SUPER bright! Dozens of for profit and
non-for-profit entities collected items and made donations to make the event a huge success. The event was held
at Ladd Grade School. Thanks to Project Success and Ladd Grade School and all the entities and individuals who
helped out and donated!
Cool idea by Dakota Street Insurance in Spring Valley! Throughout the year employees are allowed to wear jeans
every friday and a $2 donation goes into a fund. At the end of the year, Dakota Street Insurance matches the total and it all goes to Project Success for their holiday diners. Way to go Dakota Street Insurance! What a great
idea for other local businesses to copy!
Missed this one last month..congrats to Nathan Tonozzi and his folks Don and Lori of Spring Valley for Nathan
being named the recipient of the Hall High School Daughter of the American Revolution Good Citizen Aware and
Scholarship. Nathan has a long list of accomplishment and activities and, even more important, and even longer
list of folks that confirm what a sharp young fella he is! Go getm Nathan!
St. Bede Cheerleaders hosted a Breakfast with Santa for children from around the area recently. Kids and parents enjoyed food, fun, and friendship and a great time was had by all. Charles Tieman gave everyone a ride in his
street-capable vehicle that looks just like an early Santa Fe railroad locomotive. Great job St. Bede Cheerleaders!
Great job Charles! We appreciate what you are doing!
Heres a big cheer for Hall High School students and their leaders including Joe Panzica for the tremendous job
they do purchasing and assembling bicycles that make their way through Project Success to deserving kids around
the area. And we arent talking 2-3 bikes.we are talking 62 bikes! Can you imagine? Although you young folks
are helping those in need, you are also indirectly helping adults all over. It does their hearts and minds great good
to know there are GREAT young people out there like you! Good people doing Great things!
Hey Spring Valley Knight of Columbus Chapter! Way to be Good people doing Great things! The K of C chapter
donated the $3,000 from this years tootsie roll drive to the Spring Valley, Dalzell, Ladd, and Depue schools. Awesome effort guys! Key players that lead the the K of C team were Pete Moreno, Tom and Francis Piano, and John
Micheli. Next time you see a K of C member make sure to say we appreciate what you did for our schools!
The John the Barber Foundation helped out at the Christmas in Ladd event recently, managing a bake sale that
was needed and raising $150 that will be used by the Ladd 125th Committee. If your organization might need
some assistance, make sure to ask John the Barber for help!


In a recent
interview when
asked to describe
himself, Pope
Francis simply said
I am a sinner.
I am a sinner whom
the Lord has
looked upon.

Good People Doing Great Things in the military

The next time you are afraid and concerned there is something
you cant overcome, think of Lester Pinter of Ladd. In early 1945,
this sharp looking young man from Ladd leaped out of a plane
over the tremendously important and dangerous island of Corregidor in the Phillippines. Corporal Pinter, a medic, fearlessly
crawled through enemy fire to treat and retrieve wounded soldiers. For this act he was awarded one of the militarys highest
medals, the Silver Star. Later in the battle, he volunteered to go
on patrol to continue to assist in the effort to recapture this strategically important island and was killed in action. Always reassuring to know that the same blood that flowed through this
brave Ravioli Alley heros veins is the same that flows through your veins today.
Look up now and thank Lester for all he has done for us! And tomorrow when something daunting is before you, remember him and GO FOR IT!

We need your input for Up Ravioli Alley!

Little birdie told us a
good hearted
Ravioli Alley person
recently secured a
Christmas tree with
lights and took it to a
deserving family with
kids..really made
their Christmas!
Good people doing
Great things!

Folks from all over Ravioli Alley are saying we want more! can help us!
Please send us your stories on good people doing great things.
Also send us information on upcoming events your non-for-profit group is having.
Dont be is also your chance to ask for help.
what does your organization need?
Please drop in the US mail or email to

Holy Trinity Cherry Needs Greeters for

Saturday 4:00 p.m. mass NOW through Spring:
HTC needs a couple of pre and post-mass greeters to welcome mass attendants
NOW through early Spring. Regular greeters are off for some go-south winter
vacation time! Hoping you can do a little something Great! Contact Julie at or call weekday mornings 815.894.2006

Ladd 125th Anniversary Committee Fund Raising

via Exciting 50/50 Ticket Sales
Total for 2015 Ladd 125th Anniversary 50/50 currently stands at $1,130 (winner gets
$565). Tickets now available at North Central Bank, Special Effect Barber/Beauty
Salon, A Vintage Venue, Softtails Bar and Grill, Lanutis Restaurant, and the Ladd
Village Clerks Office. Winner will be drawn at the Ladd 124th anniversary this
summer June 7, 2014. Proceeds will help make the event in 2015 a memorable one!





Dalzell Tortellini Volunteer Among many Good people doing Great things.
Received an interesting article and letter from a Dalzell reader discussing a number of up-beat subjects. To receive
a copy of the letter in its entirety please email or write to Box 88, Cherry,
IL 61317 and we will send you one. We hope to publish it in its entirety in the near future. This month want to
touch on one piece of that letter. In discussing St. Thomas More Dalzells current tortellini fund raising effort the
author writes of just one volunteer, Darlene Klukaczynski is one that commits herself to a greater personal involvement in meeting the needs of others. Later again they write, Every time we have a day set aside for making tortellini she comes always with another friend, Gerry Vacini , in helping making the many pounds we are producing. Darlene was born, raised, and married in Dalzell and still has a warm place in her heart for the people and
the church which was hers for a long time before she moved to Dimmick. Please thank Darlene and Gerry for all
they are doing in Dalzell! Next month: cute story about Darlene herself experiencing Good people doing Great

Remember Elsie Kolb on her birthday January 24th!

We have received numerous suggestions to run an article on Elsie Kolb of Cherry.
We plan to do in a few months when we have had the time to put a good article
together. As those of you from Cherry and other part of Ravioli Alley know, Elsie
was likely one of the most well known Good people doing Great things especially for children that anyone has ever known. Her gas station, lunch stand, candy store in Cherry was the home away from home for many kids in the 1950s
1970s. Look for an article about her in the near future. She passed away in
1990. Her birthday is January 24 so remember this month to say a prayer for
Elsie and say THANKS Elsie for all you have done! Following is a very cool and
rare shot of Elsie with Maureen Baldini.

Big Truck Shout-out to the Hockings family of Ladd!

If one were to take a Good people doing Great things poll in Ladd, Mary Ann and Phil Hockings would be names
mentioned by many. What an awesome late afternoon Christmas scene at the Ladd Christmas Walk this past Saturday December 7! Mary Ann and Phil were among the very key drivers of this wonderful event. YES, this is the same
Hockings team that has been driving Relay for Life efforts for many years , primarily revolving around what was this
years Tenth Annual Convoy Against Cancer Big Truck Show. This event is awesome and is getting attention well
beyond the Ravioli Alley and the Illinois Valley. John the Barber tips its hat big time to Mary Ann and Phil!
Please go out of your way to say thanks for Mary Ann and Phil for all they do! Good people doing Great things!
In this case, lets go with Great, Great, Great!

So sorry.Mary Jean Goodrick of Dalzell on misspelling her last name. Wow, not even close! Sorry!
Hats off to you and your crew for all you are doing for St. Thomas More!

Holy Trinity Cherry Virtual Overflow

Mass Leading Edge but still recalls efforts and successes of earlier days
As you may have heard, Holy Trinity Cherry for the second year in a row creatively addressed the overflow
problem of their 4:00 Christmas eve mass by holding a virtual internet mass concurrently at the Cherry
church hall just two blocks up the street. Approximately 130 mass attendees watched and participated in the
mass LIVE over the internet including singing, communion, etc! Although leading edge and highly techie
this effort actually is reminicant of earlier times. When Cherry was first incorporated and prior to the first
Catholic church being built, mass was held in the upstairs area of Ryans Dry Goods Store which was located
on the east side of main street across from what is now Illinois Valley Agri Systems (former Bill Waites Service). In 1919, after the wood framed Catholic church on the west side burned down, mass was held upstairs
of Rabens store which was on the east side of main street from what is now Dimond Brothers Insurance
(former CBW Insurance). Hats off to Father Pat Fixsen for this creative effort! Also, heres a big shout out to
the many folks from Ladd who were in attendance at the hall! St. Benedicts Ladd drove Holy Trinitys earliest
efforts with HTC being a mission out-post of St. Benedicts for many years. Awesome to see 100+ years of
community fellowship on display! Wow!

Keep that Ravioli Alley Alumni contact information coming!

Wow! Thanks to everyone for sending contact info for Ravioli Alley Alumni
(people who are originally from Ravioli Alley who are living somewhere else).
Please continue to send their email address and/or U.S. mailing address.
One reader wrote I mailed on the last issue to my out-of-state friends and they loved it.
Please email that contact info to
or via U.S. mail JTB Foundation, Box 88, Cherry, IL 61317.

The John the Barber Foundation

Box 88
Cherry, IL 61317