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Before :1'<\ll- proceed \o) mark in the Answer Sheet the response to various items in th~ Teoi Booklet, you
have to fill in some particulars in the Answer Sheet ., por instructioolS sent to you with your
Admission Certif""'-te.
Aftec you have rornpletl!<l filling in all you; responses on the Answer Sheet and the e~arnination has
eonduded, you Should hand over to the lnvigibtor only the AnsW<!r Shut. You are permitted to take
away with you the 'rest Booklet.
Sheets for rough wo'k are appended in th" Test Booklet at the end.
Penalty for wrong answers:
There are four altentatives for the answer to ,;ery question. For each question for which a wrong
answer has
given by the candidat-e, one--thio'd j0·33) of the marks as:ligned to that question
will be dedud.od. as penalty.
If a oandidate_ gives more than one 'lUSWer, it will be t-reated as a wr~ng answer even if one of
the given answers happens to be oorreot and there will be ..arne penalty as above to that que:ltion,
(iii) lf a question is left blank, i.e .. no aru~wer is given by the candid'at.e, there will be no penalty for
that question.



AU items ca.rry equal marks.





You have to enter your Roll Number on tbo
1bt Booklet in the Box provided alongsi(\e_
DO NOT write anYflrlng_ else on the Test Jlooklet.
This Test Booklet contaffis ll!O items (queo;tioru;;). Each item is pdnte<l both in Hindi and English.
B8ch irem comprises four resj\<>n..,s (answecs)_ You will s~lect th~ tesp«nse .,.hich you want to m~rk on
the Answer Sheet., [n case you feel that there is more than one correct re~ponse, mark the response
whioh you consider the best. In any ea•e._choose ONLY ONE response f<>r eaoh item.
You ha"e t<> mark ~~~ your rcsponS'Os ONLY on the '*'~"'rate Aioswer Sheet provided. See directions in
the Answer Sheet-




Marks : 300




.ihation (rl) f w w The kind ilf inversion confined to a oingle nnn of the chromosome.:iating tile _gynoecial ti&Sue altogether"' employed during --int!aovalian pollination {' (a) tost-tu e crt! nation egg. i. An intraspecific r~produd.> r~cognize and reJ<><:l pollen lrurn genetically related individual.ultucing m b Ull:giOS]W!laa.c 'y .Y dNormined self-rccu~nition self-rejection mechanism.:dge~ lS -· \ Jkf3lvpogeal (h) epigeal (c) cryptogeal (d) mesogeal 3. the epcry of pollen tube in\"1_ th<· embryo sac at the micropylar end is "· ~----·-between and centr~l xa -- ..' ~c '·/ paddy ~low-m~ntioned ~ramo prote>n predommant quan.JvP >~ITiol' whore cell-to-cell recop1itiou allow& the pisdl t-.zygotic harrier to <'df-hrtihzation in planto chat othorwbo voduc~ fully functional garnett'"- ''1"" rn ~- ~ r---. w ' (b) "' ind.. when b<•th the 8{ ()lr_51rophytic oelf-inrompatibility .examrace.e... .-- 4..ded I -- 1--:- I> ) - (b) ~ (d) Liliaceae .bud pollination r1mlhlP fprt. A pre--zygotic barrier to sell'f•rtjh"ation '" pbnts tbt rrodute non-furctional male ce .._. common in inversion breakpcints are located in tlw same c a-<arm. om I 2_9 intraspecific reproductiYe barrier by geneticall. '" terme<l as (nl Poaccnc \ "p- '"' yericentric i<) independent paracentrk .:~\..c- >egul~I••<J ~· _.. 3 and 4 (a) -2l-V L ra only (d) -:.ain fraction / ) ' ' c~noider the followmg statemen:s : m S"lf-incompatib!lity is defined as L A . (d) and 3 onjy and 4 only c '""' ~ (!).tio. An garaetes.:'(.- wnt. 2. ( Astoraceae \ -.f - Solanaceae N·DTO-K-OOV www. Ml!_~n of both----uvules and __ ii1 nn artificial medium eli~l. An ac<Oesoory fl~•lq •trmlure present on C>r Wh1ch of the statements given above i->iare correct ? around the micropyle of "~ed '" called (a) aril (c) arill<Jde (d) operculum 1.. S<>ed !(ennmailon rn gra"_•!'~ ~n~_.e <lir<ltUy into tho egg.

Plex and are thought to mediate crossing-over .udo ~mbryo s~c Myoorrhioal assoo:tatwn Chlorophyllous (b} (d inte~uments 10.. is a baas analog ! (<) intercalating agent (d) fluorochrome f<PA!lop<>lypl<>id 1 dary metabolites DNA •ynlbe.e:'Endopl~smic reticulug.../-· The f>rst diY1Slon of tbe zygot" in angjuspcrms '.B ) N OTQ K OQV pericentt·ic inve>sion Doubling of chromosome number of Fl hybrid derived from l~UU. ~he ~-phase J!_c)iy./ nutrition of ell!_bryo in the family Podn.._.examrace. one of the following properlie./ Dip'oten<> ce . JJ:.j J"Jar ~mym<>R hydrolyhc lipids deletion ra Hydr-ophob-Jc only . (d) Gulgl apparatus /---~ .....:enc. m (a) / 17..lcd~):w~o1'~'i'~"~'~c...Qr" found m S-phase of .nd appear i!l!=vals on the s_ynapJ1J1.e (b) uplication 8!--/M~thyl m~than~sulfonat.~iiferen't""Speci"'!_S results in lipid synthes's synthesis of s parncentric invers•un h~alkyl8ting agent xa (c) m prokaryotw . y' ln is usual! which stage of meiosis arc fo.!:i!JE_.i of 1~Which '----.._./ mitosis is re>ponoible fo_s (a) memlwan~ >}nll> .....< of pbospholipi<U is the b-ari" fu...!'1lli'l •.ernacoae ? (a) [P (o) Poliovenn (a} I P.!!_l.:Y 'Zy~otene \ Mitochondnon Chloroplast { .I:'9d ll l~s___U>at lbl AutopOlyploid (d Euhaploid (d) Polyhaplnid I 4 --.the fonnation of biological memhran0s} (b) Al!osteri< (d) Amphipathic \ Hydrophilic only tW G~·. "'"' '" transvec•c and asymmetrical vertical and "ymmetrical \'erlioal ~ncl asyn'm~'ricdl J' place (a~ Leptotene (b) Pachyteno (.Yn.J The perip\asmic sp~ce "' fo~nd (d) \ polysaccharides cytoplasm 19 w w (h) w indudn~ (a) commonly used lOT chromosome aberrations./- ".c (d) '"'" om ~::e~~!':'-~!lli!.ti.-//~\ change n tho po51t!on o(a -V effect") is a oonseq-.9 " / Wl<at io the onbstl:ute of endosperm fur th" '.

.c Soled" hi<• marKe r lhBt provide:< resisla me to the antibiotic ~amy0n is (n) l1 !Scient ist assadaU>d with tM disoavery) A. Kuwad a D.~H uJ<ing the code given bdnw the lists . .ist Match List answe r \ll>ing lAst f endopl asmic reticu lurni / ra (d tit ci£? pls8ma memb rane ce .G.. mat<rrial F.a (d) Proton ation (b) Strepto mycin phosphotransferas<• Neomy<:in phosph otransf erase (npt lf) ' m xa ' ' ' ' " Code : . Transp osable elemen ts ' Code: --· . ' I ~ I .. Kl>orana et al Pr~sence w w I " (l)isL"iJVe!JIJ A '' ' l..T. ! I l \ <M .ieh nf the following is a c./ post-tl'anscrioticn~!. Spht gem· Howar d 'Temin ' " ReverS e ' transcr iptoon c.accoun ts fm· ihe Ascml rnicrot ubuleo (c) Kinetocho-re microt ubules Chrom osoma l microt ubules (cl Polylin ker ineerti on Ligati. Hygro mydn phosph otransf erase (hp\) om zV W~.. Supern umera ry chromo somes . A B D N-DTO -K-OO V L.~5 w ' ' .. Avery et al B. DNA polyn1e~a•e D. /'}? (Scientl ( c m1tochn~drial 26 /Mate h List I with List II nnd odect th<> Wn<>d : ans...!w!<lifLClltion of n~? t £?' "Polyadenylabon I (b) bulk (b) J)uublc rnor10somics (d) which mito...e \ (d) -1: E... Heitz of nucleic acid in ce\!s O.j ' ' '"' ' ' ' ' membr ane Lisl 1 dixovoryJ.. DNA is a g<'netic )_. ' A [ ('l (c) ' ' j. H.tamycLn acetylt cansfc rase (b. Mieschcr c Artificial gene o: sis synthe Y. During ' ' " ' ' Phillip Sharp Richar d Robert s . -a McClin tock Arthur Rombe rg Walter G1lhert B c D ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ") ' ' 'I ' """ " ' www..

.·:~~:'.ider the following '" \"(d)"' ~ -.nade fa<9-ous by Darwin? xa V I I :.<>mcrco 51 f 18-l:ll www.'.y/lletwo~~ltiosis (d) I ce . for the production of monoclonal antibodies ? Tranafc.e Saturation hybridization -•.! the across as the w w snapha"' ends in J>Y w I T•hiti and New Zealand (a) (c) ~A layer ~f I I (d) m (a) \ I Ne<ther 1 nor 2 some important to particLII..rrna:ion ~Aybridom~ I found CaWtropr"s -f phragnoplast \ \a) "'ifeii?entromeres 10) middle lamella (0) Proto~e\omorcs lo) cleavage Eutelomcrcs (d) conlraotilc ring '" "' (d) Southern blotting . of of """lution..c ) ~: T' c Deccan Trops of India were forrr •<I during the P~an Period 2_ om "" : L termed {b) st..Coru. ••<'I 29/ Which one of the fOllowing ~lmle••~ . pl>!Se.s given above is/an correct ? ] • ¥/hich one of the (o) 1 onl_y lbl 2 onl}· (c) Both l and 2 [(d) ) HeterostS Y {b) V>Xuriance ra Average heterosis.!" r \.:::"~ chrornao'd interference Chromosome interferen<e . '6:as the.~temeuts N-DTO·K-DOV Chco. finches .::\~~:~·i':' place · of SJ>Ocies and t\:1~..examrace.'~""~ position interference chiasma mterf~rence Which of tl1e statement.

\____/ Its prot.ifio ation'" •tem o II hinson's Dicot)·ie Jons Gre divided ir•• o and Herbaceao..-rred (b) the R»t<:>macean and Alisniata ceae are the most prfmitive among..of 40. /The_ family Gramn~eae i~ beli~veJ W have ~rigmated fw<" .!!_0 ovary w1th p acentatio o is foun<i Lr \R (b) Brassl<aceae • J v ? : Cucurbit aceae .I'Dit<l•rens om (d) La) 7 Ehenace ae '" www.. it is . must Jf a plant's n3ffiG :s rejeetod wb...f D.examrace.~ae. more winter hardy ~~ tri<arpellar. .y ovary and condition ar~ mostly f<»ud in w w 39. one c:' tl>e the' fu!lowing is regnrdcd ac an advanced foa\ure o! Graminc aa ovec 1-l!~~-"2'" ·1 • J 36? --.en th~..e (d) Au\onym (b) Typonym »ni•exua l €syno nym (d) Tautony rn tit Engler (b) Besoey <bl CncurbJt aceae (<) ..:. of carpels ] notewortb.monocob c Musares e \ Li@•Ood~ ra .. an olde< valid name hMed on !he__same type..:r mcri.hat primiliv ! angiaspe rmuus flower is unise~ual..~ ce .- (a) w I "t" tn as (n) m Wh:ch cimteot is higher than that of Triticum aesthum .( (d) Liliacese 0 L xa It h. HoGk<< (d) Hutcb. ./ niCatJ!:<~S~UCa'.__/ / l'oac~at -~ A prlma. :~_..c (d) tlle_ugm_\~I.~ which unrlergoes diffcrcnt iatwnl'O Torm the primary vascular tisstw>.<:" of ch€ following statcmcn tll about Triticak (man-ma de cerenll1s twi correct? (a\ h.~f.c) Voocular cambmrr Lateral menSt»m Grasses are regarded "-' adnnoed anwag •nonoootll.y demerit£ One of the of clas.ll . .com . a hybrid betNeea ~and rye..F . 1s <'911~d (a) Protoder m 1 Hypogyn y -{ (b) Aclinom orphy -f (c) Reductio n m -&?Coa lescenc e. 'if·J'roc amblum •..on 2 "' J J Urti<ace ae Euphorb ioceae I gave the concept !. Whicb..:E9. naked and b"Mne in catkin·li ke w~renoo? .~J of Monophy letic origin of angiosperm>. -r.

in ali•v c>~~" ~it= mc.e 1.~ncee'.!Oj..cus F.? .._......ent """""" I<> Wln~b :>f u-. ...m. - " . poric"'f' is f~ w.yU.o L om IJ.:L<.- fnmili"" cee plan~ f. ' f (c) di<:Cno= In .~m1l"'" >e chara::ternxd by the absenee _.or Z 2 ar.['.hnt fi_J.<i 4 xa (cl) m ra :<Jl C6m.:. 1cr • nO< ' '\ o/ Whkh l 1 I .~ita.m~us Nei~ 1 r.\ure .c.h. ~~ (a) 1 mly (b} "~' 2 w """ ' (t\ ~~-d z c.~.btemcrrL~ giwn alwe~ . ( (a) only &nc plant :~rrnly (b) ~=>p. 'i'lhicll a:_' the :.. Wmat. ~ Br<njd..examrace.-.:-.'"J. ~ ""-Uhfk-wff.-q--1 - .hk< t....c (a) o.. "" 1 : and ..e folk wing The mnhw pL"t i• ' .a\an>ent..'"t.z u.wmg ?!ants : Pw.>a"i~n f'"""-'''" ce .m>pylu\ropous -· ~- ---_:.. ~:.em:.ato:opuus • (d) C-.~ statem=cts given ~"""'" '"""''' correcl? U.-- &v oou.Chk-<urhY*~" (d) celk ><:m.-----"--:..mities (c) w w L"bta.-..ize kemc:.r~nJ~.:e~~ (b) ~-ubaccae rw~HJaocae} (d) }'"""""" N-OTQ-( DOV www. ~~--lcUuc• MJ ~m•~bfu... --- CcnsiMr the fo!\c. of the fdk"'-·mg ....a. 1 "'"d 21 Pi..i~ve dorn.

.r-.3· ~mym~o (a) om - ce .-ygen (d Pyruvate and . Chcrnioally.ider the following p~thway ra ' forth....._!drtt_DJPS !~ta_Uo_n ar1d rcopcccivcly are akuhol (!>) Pyru.~tabolism / in both pl~nts llnd animals is called o~idativ~ pentose phosphate p~thJYJ!-Y._. m . Corymb Q~<ercu.ts ' 56.. - (c) Sfuklrnato pathway (d) CAll'! cycle 11-1 www....~~' root hairs. c) (d) 59. r.... . LilChi \ / ' " Nutmeg W•t~r lily In whicr_ of the above is aril found? I only . Nod factors are A~nrcznthus Whioh of the pairs correctly matched ? M..In plaRts:th{..c : 52.:ry.' I in Ja.J. pochilo-o! ig osacchande!J .·atc and sulphate (b) Oxy~en ~c) Acetsldeh de and o.imilat.h.hibolic ( ' t it has a •·elottvely high free energy o hydmlysis.e r(c) xa '" Flavonol<!.ducts nf the ~nzymC:-sucromet:~-~iit"" 3:-e known as and 2 only [a)· Kinases '" is/are onl~ l. . d) t.. frerl....bY I <>ml .~boHtes which resemble neither 8Ub>tra\€~.o Catkin (a) 1 given and 3 only HCO:J only (d> C0 2 and HC0 3 ~-/ \ HCOOH w w Sucr<Jse is a preferred molecule lOr the translocation of photom.--.liiCof]:ioi-ibOn intn G_ah>n!~:crer.?~. c- .e" because . accepto!:J of . .-bon is t:. . 60. rnit<ochon..tiWli!i rr. 1t " a reducing sugar.a<>etaldeh de and in_ lacta_te fenneiltation ao~tal.:-'prt.t.rog. ~ Consider the following plar..:._/ (e) it has greater chemical stabil.ken up by marin~ coi only cyw><oi Th" cata!ylic efficiency of S!lYN~_l enz:rmes is nmtrolled by certam met.-!ehy<le one of the following biodemkal patfnvays cart be said to be an !!_mt.'"' .y it has expos~d aldehyde groups. N-DTO-K-DQV :--Jcutrai lipids J.2and:l ' loflo' """"'""' ' " Ibe•i.'< 'J.examrace.~ -n~ ~ -r.·-'0 (b) (a) Which fcnn ~r ca. /Which (b) """·Jedudng sugars./ Tlm ~hem~tive route for glucose n.2and3 ""d (a) r:.watcr-cr-giliiiiim:<i·. p<"roxisomes I 57 /The Plm>t (d) (b) /pJastias<i <nc Rhizobia synthesize species specific nodulation factoro (Nod factors) for the ~..y than w focdhack inhibitol'S allo<terie effectors competitive inhibitors n<>n·compotitive inhibitors ----·=. Spike ' locc.Tiw .tids v.:_) - (o( 2 only 2and3on (d> l.

H."'.__ N·OTO·~>>DOV 1 only . chromo. Creigh ton 11931) • '"' '" (d) H N1lsson-M1le ' (1909) ( FA Jan. (d) Vl1'us r om 61j.ome 1S (a} jumpi ng gene (b) supple n.examrace.l.o Match Liot [with List 11 and rolecl the co... oi_luaw homolog..Y>' xa B.2an d3 ( groun dnut 'fh tikka dlsease. Multip le factor h.der the follo" ing statem ent" ...US<l£ the ratoon st\lnti n disca e of 1m arcan e? terme d as - epista tic gen (a) Bacte rium (b) Fungu :.2!.me n\o (c) FB eleme nts ~retroposons 2.-. Crick (hl66) 2. C.±l::~:~r .. Late blight \ List// L<st l :Til£or y I HypotlU<sis/ (Scknt ist) ~ A. Ledcrb org (1955) w I 2 and 3 only 1 and 3 only ? l. Cllpy·ciloice· ( hypoth asis - matd1 ed ? m ilim Albug o oandi4•• Whtoh or" the above pairs is/are correctly ra Model s) 1 -::p poldl.~"-.i&ses tho acti..ype L F.~~·(&9 ~ ~e:e.which s_gtlill l at th~ same locus of the --" gene no(. fungi nt differe Ulree caused by " ' Too w "' '"" ( WhCeh of the stat<Jm<mts given above Wan curred '! " (a) l only (b) 2 only (<) Both 1 •and 2 ( t:~~~t::. in wheat ce .c \ (a) \~----Neither 1 uor 2 '" " ( www.ypothes1s I . . Chiasm a (. Wobble hyp9th esi.Cnnsid er th~ folhw mg pair" : \. Powde ry mil<lcw IS demen ts (b) copin-likc dc.enta ry gene (c) ciomin ant eno W\Uch one <>f the fol!owmg C9. answe r using the code given t>elow the li•l.. v__...": C.--'"' Cono..~:~::~. ns (1909) w w ' B ' c ' J.e .>.

._- pungco>cy in .~---------. umu!us lupul<u. 73 .lven above "'lare correct ? [.v- Cyanc::.) I' I 18 ~ B J www.ther J noo· "" ~ Which uf lh" otatcments ...examrace.e il\ I N-DTO-K-DQV dihydroast'tsin~. 'raxol 4 hothiocyanato Which of the above i '"" 72.a{(b) Niuea rorymbMa 3 and 4 only (c) Cannabis salioo I and 4 Qn]y (<li Datura stramonium and 3 w I .. vulgaris (b) p (d) th~ oslemon perilloides A net '"" graveo ens Which one of the fol!cwi11g halll!doog~nic plants ba• l. 0 t.l a><: nen> .c '"' t)ci} Cydin ..C~'-'~-'-~':~q. ingest.With rcfo.ncc \o 'he bidogi~al oontroi of planl diseaoeo..cnic 3. 2 and J aBly j (d ~ 3 and •l only xa 1. oonmder the following of the e_rot-ein responsible ------- ------~-~ •tat<!menti< ' R(tt'i!l.oloidn \ @)__i\!~. 2 and 4 only o Tartaric acid Select the correct answer us1ng f::iven below (a) 1 and 2 only (b) I.. (c) W!!Monia sonmi.~ (c) ' (d) .o~ io due to a \'Olat:le oil chemically called 1 only only Both l and 2 Ne._!~-n~4_) Acetic acid t1 Y'oc'·'~ n-propyl disulphid" ra t-:ic-utine • (d) (b) ~I hete•·>stine 1<\"d hetisine are obtained from 2.ed : y pro[(lz{)a_ 2 I Mereaptan t cp.i. ) The (a) dr~gs =e claozified. Apium gnwcoiens -~--."' a~ m l.\io ilavour and aroma of apple is due "'arayl esters of Funnic add L ' aE..lhomonas ca>np€>1.. '(b) Allicin (c) ~Consider the follOWing drug") I_ Caffeine· allililuidB (a} om (c) ~ ce .udeo aJJd eventUally kills them.H.p 1./The drie<l female inllMoscences of ~ps a!e used directly for flavooJri!\g and gh'mg 'spaok)~' W <h~ !Jeer What is lh~ botanical Tho_ohrlr<><:teri.~l. penetr<ms parasitbeo root knot 2_ Cells of Xo. Caproic acid w w ! ''· Mtiaine.'er-a ~d) Aconitum h'ct:croph)•IJ1PJ aam~ ofho~-'? (a) 1'hymu_.SD (d Lyocrgic Acid Diethyl Amlde) as its active constituent 1 oode \)ca@memia muscar.

.h aom atox vlin ....xyloa camp ochi cmum '! _ L_e_aves (~) fy/ Hnar twoo d (c) Flov ..ctw a protopla<>t 78 dye. Stovio..2n nd3 tnm•po~ons thP atc.d 1- om --.. "' List II L!st I \..c ~. Papa oer som nifer um 4.dia na -~·- H_ Co/eu_< blum m glyco sylat ion hydr olysi s 2.sess the abili ugh thro tin' conv ert 'hydroquinon~' into 'arbu the proc ess of . 75.e fuoio-. reb.~2 and 3 only 1.--- (Pla nt species) ~r..e ty to Datu ra cell cultu res pu:. Gibb ecelh n (b) -'' ra 1 and 2 on!-. w I "'. B ct. .. Room ..eel> Tb. ': '' ' ' ( "' ' ' c ' ' ' ' D 2\ ' ' ' (20~81 www.examrace.e prod uct arish lg uut of tb.rini c acid 5.ers (d) IWots l (bl Hyb rid (d) Gra ft \a) Abscisic ?..-/' retro dem e"ts ~· (d) (a) plas mids ce . Chb roph yl! pigm ent 3.h Llst I with Lis~ 11 and sekc t the corr eet answ er usin g the cude giv<lO\ below Whi ch oT the abov e is/ar e terpe noid s ? (o) inso rtion sequ ence s 'J_c. Datu ra slran wniu 1n phos phor ylati on o~~dation --\. MorphinE/ /3- D. b. a yello w-or ange ~ e~tracted from whi~h pan of the plan t Hematr. Scop olam ine Rese rpin e C<>do : A I Stev io<id e C.J.· lists ' m xa l and 3 onl y] w w ._da!}' nwtob~ A.

\Vhich of the statements given above is/are correct 'I (a).}1ajnsthan" Which nf the £latement• given abuve (b) correct? {OJ '"' 2 only (<-) Both 1 and 2 tdJ Neither 1 nor 2 1 In tropical rain fore•ls. Which of the statement..>r~ typically "xides..~ No alterations are made in OOundaries of a National Park e>:oept through a resolu:.-~~Sii1viUiOf.m~nk g:ivmt above rorrect? I .ion by the ~. oattl~ t<-ui«~ io National Park.!~:!~~·.c ' 82. Which of the stat<. 2. Mer<:uq is poisonous i~ ir. 2..f' Ox.e Limited. Which of the correct ? 1 only I (b) (J) '" xa {6) "''''I I The trop1cal rain for~sts occllpy 11% of the land surface of the planet.Cl1p[mris aphylla than <~·.lature_ of the State. the "''''''m"'''' ( soils . r Consider the following statements : 1...1 only ra . w•_.c"~'~"i"~"~·~··:... o.examrace. NlV'ronm~nt of forest canopy.. the lf"ss numlH>r of ecological niches it would hJve.~~~. w w '"' form only and not in organic form. given above is/are correct? '"' (V'J I (0) 2 only l _·r:. Fluorine iri nature is foand as fluoride. s onlv ~1. Which of the above is/are likely to be found in !he desert regions ot . des of nitrogen c~n dcpkte the ~~~no in the stratosphere. stateme~ts (d) Both I and 2 Neither l nor 2 w 2 only N-DTO·K·DQV Both 1 and 2 N~ither •• l nor 2 of water bodies is mainly "' (a) Carbonates and oxides (h) HydrocarOOns and metals Consider the followingc statements : l.2and3 Consider the following statements : ·~· 2 and ce .a"""'.. The more advanced an e<oosyslern. J m 2 only With refer€n<~ to a 1\alional Park in India. given above is/are (o) "' I 77 - O•one cannot entel" plants through stomata. Vel 1 udy 1 and 3 only om 1 l only 2 only \ l3o!h I and 2 Neither 1 !lor 2 R \ www. consider the following 8latnments · v~nnilt~d in a .iersJW.

. Which of tl.. Volcanic en.}lions olehydmgenase and malate synthase (a) 1 and 2 only' (b) 2 k) 1 and (b) (d ]~ads to a reduction ...tio[i-=<in€a~~~.4-Glucan a-1.%>li. 2 oncl3 C1trate source(~) ufi. ·w1\iC'fi: mav bem•lform~cl and may contain small o~ots of d~acl tis:.c)V l'hytotropins ~­ '" ' www... \ (d) .s~ om _ '! g~~j-~ _!h_!t.e Which ~ Malate (dl J... (a) 2_ Sewecs 3.illg of stomata? w w (a) (uy" synthetic seeds w (l>) .Cin ce ..e_nvi_r{}!!!!J-~nt the of the above h/a..i_Ur»..J~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ only r »nrl citrate syntlm.·1 Glt>ea!l xa [YJI-1.le following elements is not involved in l"ed~x r•actions in plant calls ? (b) Y-1.examrace.-·m'·t<· 1ncl synthase Isocitntt~ ly>o.3-Glucan fron m (a) (a) (a) Ion transport (b) Photosynthesis '-' (c) Blu . the ~~ only (c) lsopentenyl adenine ze.e Sodium alginate is a chemical u=d in preparation of Zin~ aga!'agar (b) agarose (c) synchronous cells Deficienry of winch uf lh~ following elements W koown to cause stunted growtb m young plants and dark~!l!!.3!e? (a) 1\itro en (b) Phosphorus c otassium ~ Magnesium Which of the following facrors/proccsses is not associat>)cl with the opening and do.4-Gluca. ra !'-1.c \)W' .Consider the fulluwing.

. 4-nuclca~e (d) 4·cetl~d.g pbnt hm monc 1 nl seen typ~ VlVlparnu< ~~wls undorg<> photo-m~dulMOir-ro~pon>o / td om !~ l~r~ ol hyp<:cot.. --'TJ<"> r~.. Jbl\nwmg ~ompour>ck 1~ nol 10 \" .____. to7!'Whkh una u( tho corr~ct 7 . l'hototru i (a) c' ah (c) · thr_Qe __n. -5·mwl~lM A rrmtur<' (a) extensibility ..yrk m'ld p!lciod th \ m~t"h~ ~f -- .. (a) . GA J1.•m•~tivn ~f bmakug~ nun. ..ing_porlod "" ( rbr .~ ~ .y\ phtbtbmie acid (NI'..c ryotinasty lHly-1~1~~ t:1p~t11m m ~"the-r lrrieinntee fJ'Ilm iiMbt soid (>JAAl N-J.thyl~ne inhi~it nt>t gmc ~u wall cdl wall titmue und ayer and <~!Ill of th" <<mn~!:rlv~ ~dl wall M:m·• tlnnur.t.e ~ll!l<eosion.nt.J:. w eo.. vf the microf<bnh !'_l·nvd~ .1\be odl and 2 generative c•ll• 12S·.Qnth• '""tJ"g- t>< >-o-@llng.mie.examrace.h And rd.iy~ . ___/ layer and .'·~ the ~t!OliiW<I Glc..-fuclolo-'H>'>I...~ollulo~..yl~ m r~spnn•e <a"' ~·. w~kh ct~"»-ll"k th~ Nllulu.o Loooemm..f q>Ot\lgon~~~w.-.l) of lh~ abwn ia/aro tlOimplf/m<WPpk~ ""' ' ' (~) Naphlh~IH>q c l aud 3 ouly an only t~m'ietal (c) cello f~iluwing •Wt~m~nt1 ~~ xa ~~ AM l'lpr~s~~~ a-amylaoe ...'. .. l 1.\) 2.._ tim~ of r~rlili"ation..u:n and downWard ourv. TO~ ~!'L>i""l"'"m.p\dem•i~ m llo) (b) ra nuril\ tmnqx•rt inhibitrrs? (a) l only .::?1 a nat~tully ''"tUttir.r)c r&lf'l'""" ce . w w ABA m•d tho of S!>'>rog~nous ti~"''" t q. a Jrpical fornale gamet<Jphyte / "' "t q.5/l'n-a><lo benzoi~ acid (TIBA) 4. gpncratlvP wlls (b) . .~ 11 t:..ting l~"?\ Whkh on~ of !h.___ ·-\lbj/"7·od kd.:. ~>eia>tdhJhty..!-'~phU..t• (c) 4·c~lled. ~ n.riml veriod mthyl<JM·•t•mu!at"d ~~~Ui_?Ld~(.ulat« '" (b) Auxut .to and ~f re~tif>a twe!vQ m.tuto of~''""• it! r~ft'l'~d to Absoie•c z.1.guiRte~ ~Y \ho ~-'." i._..o t•olyuodmdf\~~' c~ll~~ n• e>:pdnsint...rmJn<J~Jon.mcM.~ "r•nMg dinnct.-~.l<:Jl~iii~ly (ll) Cryptodmn ne (b) _. Whi<.1 ' \ g<e-.. pnll~tl 2 tubo t~ll< gemn oootatn~ and ?. HIH.\n._.ellf.8J www..~.hs o( rMj.j' lriple Phenylaoet.

\h) persistent nuce!lus.. om r"113. pollination xa chromOS<>me number (b) stze CO" emb"i"'~' •· Biosafety Ust I with List II and select the correct anower using the rode given below the lists : List l Ust II (N"nto of....!~-~ plant) (Type of seeds to which lhe given plrznts belon/{l A Mango J.. exalbuminou" c .1 1.. Monocotyledonous. (d) Ozone layer ra (c) .com .(a) ''''""''"dJ<~J>r1l<< "''"''holo<<<><oo"u' refers to the basal region {hl :he apiCal region & Ia) absence of endosperm./ to the - I 30 I " www./' TIH> rapid growth of pollen tube is \.. exalbwninous 4. Monocotyledonous._.examrace. Dicotyledonous. ce . Dicotyledonous. rormnent tissue fonned bv the nucellar cells above the vasca!ar btmdiF. Barley ~ ' 2. and arising from chalaza) re&-ion of ovt::le.c lJ. Cmle: A ""' ' B C D " 4 .e (a) Orchid w w D.<l-Y confined W micropylar Rkt6h 1 deavage and proliferation of embryo.' ' "' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'W w adveutive embryony (o) v~getativ~ pmp~g~tion N-OTO-K-DQV (b) (<')~ m flow en. albummous " Castor i 2. I Cells of the egg apparatus have eel! wall (a) all <>ver (b) (c) confined to chalaza! end ronfined to middle region ' '"' • \-l (d) between two flowers lxlrne the same plant_ pollination between lwo flowers borne by two different plants of allied speoi~tr or genera. albuminous 3.